- 2007: Part 2 -


- San Francisco Shoots (1): 20-22rd. February -

I'd like to thank Mark (www.seriousbondage.com) for his great skill with lighting in difficult circumstances to say nothing of his wonderful hospitality and willingness to allow me to experiment with his own bondage gear in combination with mine. He does wonderful work in a whole bunch of creative areas, and lighting a scene is his latest, acquired skill. Thanks for all you hard work, Mark.

Our photographer, Paul, took some great pix of Rebecca and I at play, and to him also, I extend my sincerest thanks, for he's always been there when I needed him and been MOST helpful in many areas.

Rebecca has recently started her own web site and is now doing some dominatrix sessions in The Bay Area. She's a most accommodating lady and dedicated to ensuring that her friends and associates have fun when she's around. Thank you, dear Lady, for your wonderful assistance and playfulness.


It wasn't planned far in advance, but when opportunity presents itself, only a fool ignores it, and besides, on a more personal note, I was getting pretty horny for some sort of play with the new toys I've acquired over the last months. So, when Mark called and said he had some stuff I'd be interested in, I quickly filled two bags at 50 lbs. each, and a roll-aboard bag, all full of my three wardrobes (male drag clothing, female clothing, and by far the largest part, kink stuff) and on the 20th February, headed off to SFO on the big silver bird.

It was a beautiful afternoon (rare in SFO at that time of year) and so immediately after arrival at the house, I repaired to the back deck for a cigarette, then it was back inside for a quick look at Mark's Control Centre ... see below :-).


He kept me busy right from my arrival, and we were soon preparing the play room for the photo-shoot with the stainless steel cage from Permanent Bondage.

The cage, as you'll see below, is TRULY a work of art. The vision required to create it, and the skills necessary to assemble it, are quite incredible in my experience, and for those of you who don't know, welding stainless steel is an absolute bastard if you don't have the proper skills and tools. Mark (of Permanent Bondage) has both an artistic heart and those skills in abundance.



The owner of the cage arrived a little later in the evening and was soon happily imprisoned within it, but that wasn't the end of the event, for a I had a small surprise addition for him ... to be added-in only after he was masked, caged and couldn't stop me from doing it :-).


The shoot went well and after all was said and done, we spent a couple of hours sitting around and shooting the shit about a whole range of topics, other than the raison d'etre for the evening. These 'pre' and 'apres' discussions and chats are important to me, for I'm very much a social animal, and have a great urge to learn about and from the people I meet in the scene, rather than just a "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" type of thing.


The next day, the 22nd, we got some static shots of my steel gear, then spent the afternoon getting the playroom prepared for the next bout of photographic fantasy. I eagerly awaited the arrival of Rebecca, the wonderfully free lady I'd worked with in March, 2006, when we did the Chastity Sleeping Session pix (see: JG-L Articles: Page 23).


It was a fun evening, starting off with me in the rubber suit and steel gear from Axsmar, then putting on the hood and gas mask. I got myself (mostly) dressed in the rubber and majority of the steel restraints, then walked carefully and somewhat awkwardly into the playroom to have the final additions made. Once seated on the stool, the cuffs and their tethering rods were immediately locked onto my arms, then the hoses and cables connected to the stimulation equipment. After that it was time to fit the gas mask

Of course I could not assist, thanks to already being rendered helpless by my steel gear. Getting the mask on over the rubber helmet was difficult, but eventually it settled into place, then Mark and Rebecca quickly tightened the straps, making an air-tight seal to my under-helmet and isolating me completely from the outer world.



I was ready for anything, I hoped, and for the moment just waited while the other preparations were made. Breathing immediately proved to be a more demanding experience than I thought it would be, for the 'bubbler' bottle (from Studio Gum) made inhalation of any type or volume of air a distinct effort. It took some getting used to and the noises the bottle made were a non-stop background while I sat and waited for events to take their course.



Rebecca delighted in teasing me and hauling on the various restraints to demonstrate her power, then sat me down again and showed just what she could do, now that I was unable to resist.


An overhead chain had been locked to the back ring of my Axsmar collar and was only just long enough to allow me to partially settle on the stool before the collar began to choke off my air. It was a little scary, for if I slouched at all, I couldn't breathe! In addition I was still forced to inhale through the water 'bubbler' bottle and that was a continuing chore, but could not be escaped.



The Erostek, ET-312 machine had been prepared and hooked up to my equipment and I looked on with some trepidation from inside the sealed mask when Rebecca walked over to it then began adjusting the dials until I lit up.


The sensations quickly got very intense, then stayed that way, making me gasp and struggle (I knew, uselessly) against the strict steel restraints. Some time later, it was decided that I shouldn't be able to see what was next planned and so a change to the bondage arrangements was begun.

Much to my relief, the mask and helmet were removed for a few moments, then I was fitted with a set of blinding goggles and the helmet was slipped back over my head and zipped to full tightness, then the goggles adjusted. Once more, the steel collar was clasped securely around my neck and the chain reattached, keeping me in place on the stool.



I couldn't see a thing and so just sat staring out into total darkness while stuff happened around me. It had only been a momentary relief from the effort required to breathe, but I was once more sealed into the mask and had no choice but to inhale as best I could.


Once again, Rebecca enjoyed showing off her mastery of the situation and ensured that I was fully aware of it.



As things worked out, I soon needed a drink of water after doing some yelling and the forced exercising, and so rather than remove the oppressive mask, Rebecca decided to fit the bottle to its mount. It took a little while to manage, but she enjoyed the process while I waited as patiently as I could, feeling her holding my head to align the bottle more easily.







The rest of the night is somewhat of a blur, but eventually I was done-in, and a halt was called to the proceedings. Within a few minutes I'd been freed of the mask, some of the steel restraints and the leash, then went and peeled myself out of the rest of the gear. It had been quite a night, and thoroughly enjoyable ... most of the time :-).

Part Two of this trip will be the next to appear in these pages.