- 2005 -


- MARCH: The San Francisco Fetish Ball Trip -

As is always the case when I go to San Francisco to visit Mark, we managed to find a willing model to show off some of his incredible gear. Our lady was outfitted with a Lycra cat suit and hood, then came the corset and boots for a great contrast. Luckily, we also had some of the Martin Rigidcuff toys on hand and these were also used to good measure.

LEFT ABOVE - Mark's playroom was soon put to good use and we decided to leave our model/victim for some quiet contemplation time while relaxing in the other room. RIGHT ABOVE - How we were dressed for the appearance at the SF Fetish Ball, together with our other good friends in the their gas masks and rubber outfits.

The images immediately below show a quiet time at mark's place, with a lady friend suitably restrained in his infamous bondage chair. Quite a sight to enjoy while reading the paper, and she most certainly enjoyed HER time of enforced solitude.

Of course, with Mark and I being the tinkerers we are, the situation got a tad boring after a couple of hours and so we elected to change the set-up; purely in the desire to enhance our scientific researches, of course! (If you believe THAT ... I have a piece of the Golden Gate Bridge for sale ... very reasonable terms :-) ).

And so she spent the remainder of the evening, with occasional minor change in her restraint system.


- MARCH: San Jose Presentation at smOdyssey -

Over the years previous when I've visited San Francisco, Mark had introduced me to folks that I eventually found out were the 'movers and shakers' of the kink group in San Jose. They were very interested in the kind of thing I do as a hobby and asked if I'd be interested in doing a presentation about it to their members. Things all worked and so on the 17th of March, I did my thing. The images below give some idea of what took place.

In the two pix above, some of the gear can be seen, prior to being laid out for display ... sort of my 'ready rack' if you will for the frolics soon to come.

In the five images above, it's pretty obvious that things have started to happen, and Charmaine can be seen waiting in the suspension frame, then there's me, happily mouthing off about the evil things I'm about to do to her. In the last picture, I'm just beginning the process of taking her to another world :-).

Here's a few more from the same presentation and things got decidedly more interesting, for both my victim and the audience. It was time to show the good folks a some of The Creature and what it does ... well, a little bit of what it's capable of, but enough to give the viewers quite a show.

As can be seen in the two images directly above, Charmaine has now been fitted with the helmeted gas mask, thus eliminating or at least mostly removing most her primary senses, and allowing her to concentrate on the situation she's allowed herself to be placed in.

The Inhibitor Bar is most important when I play with a female victim. Wearing it, she is aware without question that she is subject to immediate and total control, and the the fact that the internal portion is capable of being electrified ... why there's just no escaping the fact, and she cannot help but be aware of her total vulnerability. And so, the session and demonstration began ....


- MARCH: San Francisco: Part Two-

My very good friend returned to SFO and we tried a few other things, over and above being happy to see each other again. Naturally, they involved a little B&D, for we both enjoy exploring where we can each go in the process and the environment. This time it was HER turn and I made sure she was completely helpless and fully restrained.

Thanks to the availability of Mark's Play room and his on-hand stock of Martin's Rigid Cuff's we were able to manage quite nicely, and she soon found herself secured for a little contemplation time.

However, the fun needed to stop somewhere and it was time for some well-needed sleep. With a few screws, a pad eye and some chains, Mark and I soon had my lady friend properly secured for the remained er of the night. Perhaps the collar and leash may seem superfluous, but better to have security in depth than a loose prisoner.


- MAY: Australia Trip -

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

TOP TWO & LEFT BOTTOM - Taken at the manufacturing facilities of SAX LEATHER in Byron Bay, NSW with the owner Steve. RIGHT BOTTOM - My good friend John H and I getting ready for a party in Coolangatta at another friend's dungeon. Although quite small, Mark and Debbie's play room is incredibly well organized and efficient. It is the maximum use of the available space and we had a ball with it.

- Coolangatta, QLD, Australia -

And so, The Creature soon became resident and waiting its next victim. As matters turned out a petite lady associate of John H strayed too close and was soon captive and enjoying an inspection of the premises. Now that's what I call happy circumstance.

Our curious young lady is definitely too small to fit into TC, but she was not quite as innocent as she appeared, as we were quickly informed. A unique device had been fitted and John H soon had the appropriate leading chain connected to it. She DID go where that leash demanded and did as she was bid!

Our hostess required proper honour and so the leash was employed once more to obtain the proper response from our young visitor, and that damned chain worked like a charm, especially when shaken or given a little snap.

I had received some "Nasty Nipples" from an company called The Breast Form Store, in Richmond, BC (they cater to the TV/TG sector of the scene and are super folks to deal with), and my hostess appeared interested in the ones I had, and so she tried out a pair. Needless to say we all had a lot of laughs and she was quite proud of her newly prominent state. She also quite liked my pony hoof and steel horse shoe shod boots, and wore them until another lady asked for her turn.

Being a party, we of course had to have the proper foods on hand and here's the box that contained the Cheezy Chastity Cake. When it arrived it was only a plain cardboard carton, and so my hosts prevailed upon me to decorate it with the appropriate indicator. Other neat finger foods were such things as: Gagging Garlic Bread, Diabolical Dips, Orgasmic Oysters, Tortured Tidbits, Nibbly Nipples, Spiked Dicks, Viagra Veggies, Masochistic Melons and Mistress Mints.

- Sydney, NSW, Australia -

We finished off the stay in Coolangatta and spent two days driving down the east coast, stopping along the way to check out the assorted light houses, but I'll not bore you with pix of the sights, despite the incredible sea scrapes we got to see. After we'd got settled in at our lodgings, we headed off to check out the local kink stores in Sydney.

Although down under, I can assure any reader that the kink scene is alive and well in Sydney and all other major Australian cities. We hit two of the most interesting; Reactor and DR2K Design. Reactor is a storefront operation and sells the incredible hoofed boots that I enjoy wearing. Karen Kayser is the owner and obviously enjoys carrying on from where her father left off.

The next day it was off to DR2K Design, and this was something else. Not only do they make all sorts of neat equipment, but they have a wonderful set of play spacers that can be rented out at very reasonable prices. The space is fully equipped and has a wonderful assortment of gear on display and that can also be used, although they prefer that you bring your own toys. It was a candy store of the very best kind.

I HAD to buy something there and this turned out to be, you guessed it, another gas mask :-). I'd have bought a lot more stuff but my suit cases were already teetering on the brink of ALL being overweight.

A day later, we were on the way home from a wonderful time with our Australian friends. It had been quite a trip!

This is the end of my trip pictures for 2005. Other trips can be found on the JG-L Articles Pages: Page 16 and Page 17. This change has been made due to the large number of pictures and high download times involved. Please bear with me and I'll try to keep it a little better organized