- 1996 -


Some of the more recent photographs contained in this section already appear on the seriousbondage web site, but the earlier stuff has not been seen before. It's a pretty general once-over-lightly selection of images from the assorted trips I've taken over the years, and will be expanded upon as more trips come along in the future.


- JUNE: Minneapolis, MN -

THREE ABOVE - I'd made a number of trips to visit Mistress Amanda Wildfyre in Minneapolis, to exchange notes and ideas for she's a dedicated, techno-bondage person - rare with ladies - with an incredible dungeon and set of toys. We had met each other fairly frequently at various events and always managed to find some time to socialize. Amanda is an accomplished Domme with many years of experience, but most importantly of all, she has incredible empathy for those she plays with. We've never truly gotten into a full-on scene, but on this particular trip, she transformed me into an appearance I never thought I'd attain. Frankly, I couldn't believe it was me when I saw the pix above!

- 1997 -

- APRIL: Phoenix, AZ -

TWO ABOVE - I make a fair number of trips to Phoenix, AZ to visit friends and occasionally do presentations about TC and the human equine side of the scene, but this time I also managed to get in some 'play time' with a very good friend, and she was kind enough to take some pictures. The two immediately above show the chain-suspended, bondage plank all set up and ready for use.

THREE ABOVE - Well, I think I'm ready for what is soon to come, and given the way she's dressed me, I cannot escape from this gear until she decides it's time. The session was a gruelling one, but in the final analysis, an incredible voyage of discovery.

- 1998 -

- APRIL: Phoenix, AZ-

FIVE ABOVE - On another Phoenix trip, it was time for bed, and this was definitely going to be a quiet night, in all respects. The basic night time restraint set can be seen in the top left picture, then things got a little more interesting. Mr S bondage mitts prevented any attempt at tampering with the restraints. To ensure minimal arm mobility, above-the-elbow shackles and hand cuffs (these linked together and to the chastity belt's waist cinch) were used.

Leg mobility was also a requirement and so both thigh bands and ankle cuffs were used, both cuffs of each set were locked to each other and also to the bed chain. This was tensioned and locked to the steel bed frame, well out reach, then at the ankles, thighs, waist cinch, elbow-to-elbow chain, and finally, the collar. The collar was locked over the neck tube of the helmetted gas mask, ensuring that removal was possible only with the key, and so I was rendered sightless and and mostly deaf, as well as also being unable to stop any breath control games.

TWO ABOVE - It took a long time to settle down, for, as with all bondage, the restraints and amount of their restriction is automatically fought against. The whole thing was not helped by the aforementioned breath restriction play taking place on a random basis for a couple of hours after being put to bed, but at last a semi-sleep came. In a situation such as you see, full unconsciousness never truly comes, but the dreams that night were incredible, and it was more than a little terrifying upon swimming up to a half-awareness.

SIX ABOVE - Later the same year, I returned to Phoenix to do a presentation on Horse Women and The Creature at APEX (Arizona People Exchanging Power). My 'victim' was a wonderfully willing local lady who cast herself into my hands with happy abandon and then of course, got taken on a 'ride' I don't think she'll ever forget.

- 1999 -

- MARCH: Vero Beach, FL -

TWO ABOVE - It was more or less a vanilla recreational trip to see my friend Bill Jones (owner of La Ceinture de Chastete - the only North American manufacturer of stainless steel chastity belts), but during it I took some pictures of his currently available female chastity belts, complete with fore and aft plugs. From what he's told me about customer comments for those who purchase this set-up for their ladies, the arrangement is somewhat of a mind-blower for the wearer, especially she realizes that everything you see is locked on and in.