The drawings and sketches below were inspired by the Sabrina web site, and may or may not reflect her reality. They're not the best in the world, but you'll get a good idea of how stringent her confinement is within her High Security Area (the HSA in the story).

A concept drawing for the JG-L recreation of the barred Wall of Sabrina's cell in the hidden, High Security Area of Master Thomas' home. The door is secured by both a mechanical and an electrical lock, with the electric lock defaulted to remain closed in case of a power failure.

LEFT ABOVE - The 'Washing Stocks' into which Sabrina's neck and wrists are fastened before being fully released from her Stainless Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness, and only then is she taken to the Shower Stall in another area of the High Security Area. RIGHT ABOVE - A general overview of the floor plan of the High Security Area hidden in the basement of Master Thomas' house. The pink-shaded area is the portion of the drawing supplied to JG-L by Sabrina herself and the Exercise Room/Torture Chamber is an in-scale addition made by JG-L.

LEFT ABOVE - The Shower Stall within the HSA of Sabrina's dungeon. Note the securing chains on the walls and floor as well as the multiple shower heads that provide the 'water storm' (generally cold) that are used to wash the Chained Convict For Life. RIGHT ABOVE - A rough sketch of how I envision the full Stainless Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness. Restrictor Ball and Chain, and her constantly worn leashes. The SSRDH is worn over a 3 mm thick neoprene rubber suit and she is only released from the entire ensemble for her Intense Cleanings in the Shower Stall; having to eat sleep and work in it.


DRAWINGS ABOVE - A version and vision of a secret, underground cell for a 'Sabrina' type prisoner. Full security, isolation, control, and safety are guaranteed. As can be seen, a full set of schematics for plumbing, electrical, air handling, and security arrangements has been created.

LEFT ABOVE - As can be seen, I still can't draw the human figure :-(. When she is permitted the privilege, this is how I would see Sabrina seated. RIGHT ABOVE - Sabrina, fastened between the Fixing Bars in her cell, awaiting the addition of more equipment, or being held for her morning cleaning process.

TWO UPPER & LEFT ABOVE - JG-L version of the nasal bar and U-shackle arrangement that Sabrina has been fitted with. The bar fully transfixes the nostrils and cartilage of the septum, holding the U-shackle deeply and permanently within her nose. A 50 cm long leading chain remains attached to the U-shackle at all times, rendering her vulnerable to easy control by her Jailers. RIGHT ABOVE - A drawing from Sabrina of her Spanish Trapezoid.

THREE ABOVE - The coloured drawings were placed on Sabrina's original web site. Centre one indicates the overall set up of her Stainless Steel Restraint And Discipline harness, or as she described it, her Heavy Iron Harness. The left drawing shows the set-up of the 'Restrictor Chains' that were later added in to her ensemble. These act in such a manner that whenever her legs are straight, laying down or standing, her wrist separator bar is pulled in tight to the waistband of her chastity belt and at the same time, her elbows are drawn in behind her back, thus rendering her arms and hands pretty much useless. In the drawing on the right it can be seen that I can't draw the human figure for love nor money. My leashing arrangement shown here is somewhat different than what she is actually tethered by.

ABOVE - The incredible cover art created by Geoff Ridgway. It took a long time to get to this point, but it has definitely been worthy of the effort.