Latowski Chastity Belt, Mistress Marlene & Bondage Bed



- Play Done in June, 2010: Uploaded - 20th February 2015 -

It takes me years to accumulate all of the kit needed to do a photo-shoot as seen in the pictures that follow, and that's due to the cost.  The AXSMAR cuffs were purchased quite a while ago and the other pieces came along in dribs and drabs.  Some of the restraints I've made myself, but things like the gas masks, the rubber cat suit, and the bastardized Massage Table needed to be bought.  Why re-invent the wheel?

- Setting the Scene & The Equipment -

I've modified my AXSMAR cuffs somewhat, so that they can be joined directly to Separator Bars, these being stainless steel, marine use, tubular turnbuckles (bottle screws), then these in turn were modified to work with the cuffs. Of course with a lock, the cuffs can be joined directly to each other, as well.

The 5 cm wide straps for the Bondage Bed were created by me, then a quick trip to the hardware store was made to get the hardware needed to mount them to the underside of the Massage Table/Bondage Bed.  The basic restraint set-up can be seen in the pix above and below.

At the top end of the Bed, there's a leash/tightening strap for the back ring of the collar; this mounted under the table also.  Moving down along the length, next there's a cross strap and locks available for connecting to the above-the-elbow cuffs.

Below that is one for the side rings of a belt, then yet another for the wrist cuffs and their separator bar.  Next is one for the thigh cuffs, these held apart by dual separator bars.  At the bottom end there's a cross strap to connect to the outer rings of the ankle cuffs and these in turn are kept securely apart by a separator bar.  There is also provision at this end to apply tension to the ankle separator bar, by means of an end leash/tightener strap.

- Mistress Marlene, Dressing & Preparations for the Session -

RUBBERT accompanied by MISTRESS MARLENE, who unknown to me until I picked them up at the ferry terminal, had made arrangements to come over from The Island and 'assist me with my explorations'.  I was MOST pleased to do a little play with her again while getting in another photo-shoot.  She wore a rubber cat suit and corset combination that, together with her boots, was really impressive.  She looked and WAS every part the Domme :-).

Once I was fully suited-up, dressed in my rubber cat suit, breast cups, helmet and LATOWSKI  chastity belt (complete with its internal e-stim contacts), Mistress Marlene proceeded to fit the various cuffs and their separator bars, then the collar.

There was no way I could release any of the equipment myself, thanks to the rubber gloves, the wrist cuff/separator bar combination, and the elbow cuffs.  The separator bars between my thigh cuffs and the one between my ankle cuffs almost stopped any kind of walking. 

You'll note in the above pic that there are two amber-coloured tubes in the nostril holes of the helmet.  These are inserted quite deeply are used to ensure an easy airflow once a gas mask is fitted .  After a few moments the sensation of their intrusion disappears.

Marlene inspected her work with a critical eye, ensuring that all cuffs and separator bars were secure and rendered me quite unable to escape.  She added an inter-connecting chain between the front ring of my collar and the central loop of the wrist bar, then decided it was time for me to lay down on the bondage bed.

As is her wont, she proceeded to enforce her dominance by grasping the front chain and gave it a few hard jerks, then it was time to get me onto the bed.

On one hand I really wanted to experience this type of bondage, but on the other, I was a little scared to do it, for Marlene, when she feels the urge, can be a cruel and harsh lady to play with.

Being kept as helpless and vulnerable as I was by the separator bars, it didn't take her very long to get me down on the bed, then she began the securing process.

The very first  thing to be connected was my back-of-the collar leash and this she immediately tightened so that I was unable to sit up without choking myself.  Listening to the lock click closed, then an abortive attempt to sit up immediately convinced me that I was her prisoner.

When that was done, she moved to the foot of the bed and fastened my ankle separator bar's central ring to the tightening strap, then immediately applied a strong tension so that I had to wriggle downward and position myself properly for the rest of the restraints to be connected.

There was little I could do but lay there, unable even to kick, while she took her time to slowly and methodically lock me down ever more thoroughly.

The various cross-straps were tightened so that I could barely twitch, unable to twist from one side to the other and thanks to the arrangement of the restraints, my hands were kept held up and away from my body, thus preventing any access to the e-stim cables and vacuum hoses connected to my breast cups.

As soon as the elbow cuffs were secured, she again checked the security of the wrist separator bar, getting ready for the next phase.

She easily located the wires for the e-stim electrodes: both those locked in place by the LATOWSKI CB, and those for the breast cups, then clicked the connectors securely together.

With all of the electrics now hooked up, it was time for the isolating and confining gas mask to be prepared and applied.

Because I was kept laying flat, I could see only a very little of what she was doing, but then felt vibrations on my chest when she connected the vacuum hoses and shuddered as much as I could against the straps and cuffs.  The cups were also now ready for use.

Being the ever-thoughtful and thorough Domme she is, Marlene ensured that the breathing tubes into the nostrils of the mask remained deeply-seated, then picked up the mask and moved it over my already rubber-encased face.

Before applying it though, she fitted me with a gag; this, of course, to aid in suppressing any howls and perhaps creams for mercy that would soon come.

This particular gas mask has been modified so that there is a thick, neoprene rubber black-out/blinding panel on its inner side and so cannot be touched once the mask's head straps are fastened and locked.

She took her time while fitting the mask, then tightening and locking all of its harnessing straps.  As soon as it clamped against my face, all light was immediately obliterated and all I could sense was the pervasive bondage and then the abrupt tightening of the straps that fastened it over my head and held it tightly against my face in an air tight seal.

Next came the sound-deadening ear defenders and I was immediately enclosed in a silent, lightless sea of complete bondage, subject to whatever she wished to do.

Entombed in the mask and suit, thoroughly strapped and locked down on the Bondage Bed, I was almost ready, or so I thought ...

Marlene had me just where she wanted me (and, truth to tell, where **I** wanted to be, also), and so spent a few moments gloating while considering just how severe she was going to be.

Mistress Marlene, as I have learned, is a MOST dedicated person when it comes to dealing with those she possesses and so, knowing that, I already fearfully anticipated what she was going to do, but she'd decided that I was to be left alone for a while to let me stew (and worry) in my own juices, adding even more to the terror I began to experience.

Although I could breath easily, my air supply was routed through the Bubbler Columns.  These create just enough resistance to normal breathing that it soon became an onerous chore to make each and every inhalation, thus adding even more to the whole process of subjugation.

I could still move my lower arms relatively freely, but this situation was soon remedied with the addition of further chains to the wrist cuffs, these acting to hold the wrist separator bar down tightly against the front of the crotch cover of my chastity belt and thus preventing any unauthorised thrashing around.  Total bondage was the idea and she executed it with great thoroughness

- Stimulation & Torment -

Although it seemed like a long time later, the sensations of the intimate e-stim soon began to torment me under the securely locked-on chastity belt, but SHE was just at the beginning of the dance!  I felt a slow pulsing of the e-stim through my lower body and at first it was bearable, but the levels slowly and irresistibly kept getting higher and higher, soon making my hips lift and buck automatically against the straps holding me down.  Inside the mask I gasped and yelled more and more loudly as the pulses were gradually increased in strength: music to her ears.

No matter how I struggled, the electrical energy continued to wash over and through me!

Then I attempted to kick and jerk my legs against their multiple cuffs, desperate to try and (uselessly) close them against the intimate assaults and somehow try to escape the by now terrifying and agonizingly persistent e-stim coursing through my body, under the locked-on chastity belt.  Of course, the bondage set-up I'd created is purpose-designed to prevent ANY sort of resistance or evasion and it worked to perfection.

Even if I could have gotten my hands and fingers anywhere near my chastity belt, it was STILL very thoroughly locked and quite impregnable.  It was then that she turned up the breast cup vacuum and these devices immediately attached themselves tightly onto my chest in a leech-like, inescapable suckling that would leave me with huge 'hickies'.  For Mistress Marlene, that wasn't enough though. 

She turned on the breast cup vacuum and about 30 seconds later when the flesh contained within them had become swollen with sensitising blood, she began to turn up the e-stim through my breasts and nipples!  I was soon attempting to twist against the restricting straps, trying frantically to escape the zipping  and needling pulses and feeling the huge sucking of the vacuum, even while leaving the crotch pulses at a very intense level.

I began writhing, howling against the gag, deeply locked into the gas mask, and she continued to increase the power of all the e-stim impulses through my breasts and nipples.  Thanks to the strong vacuum, they had become suffused with sensitising blood and so the e-stim was very effective and terribly intense at even the lowest levels.

The situation I had willingly placed myself in was incredible and the sensations were mind-blowing.  I didn't know where to concentrate my thoughts (one of the basic concepts for my type of play) and on top of the now-jumbled thoughts and sensations, was the over-riding knowledge that I was utterly helpless and unable to escape, and that added even more.

I tried more and more desperately to somehow writhe around and dislodge the tormenting horrors that had now sucked themselves onto my chest with a leech-like ferocity, only to have her increase the stimulation until I thought my nipples were on fire!  For a few moments the e-stim was turned down to an almost bearable level, then it increased again, both inside the chastity belt and on my nipples until I thought I'd go mad.

Quite a while after the first mask was fitted, Marlene decided that it was time to try a different one.  It was soon clamped over my face, even while I continued to gasp and struggle against my restraints from the now slightly-reduced levels of e-stim still being applied.

There was nothing I could do to escape or avoid what she was doing and that concept, too, is another primary objective of the type of play I do, even though it can be a substantial psychological challenge at times.

With the newest gas mask fitted and locked in place, I could still see out of the face plate, but this capability was soon to change.  Marlene brought over the cover and it was soon fastened, leaving me once more in an endless sea of blackness, unable to observe what she was going to do next.

Marlene decided she needed a cup of tea and so left me being tormented at the same levels, struggling alone against my straps on my bondage bed within the locked room, for what seemed like hours.  I was left to to deal with the terrifying and now more and more painful pulses of electrical energy while they rippled continuously through my breasts and nipples and at the same time though my swollen and sensitive flesh, imprisoned under the shiny, innocent-appearing surface of the chastity belt.

No matter how much I struggled and yelled, the process continued, until at last I was utterly exhausted and responded only to stronger and stronger e-stim pulses.  When they came, I could only shudder against the implacable steel restraints and the tight network of leather straps that held me in place.

  Sometime later she came back to the Whine Cellar to turn everything down and I was very grateful to be free of the strong sensations, but it wasn't yet the end.  Over the next hours, this sequence was repeated a number of times until I was nothing more than a limp puddle of protoplasm until eventually I ended up begging that everything stop and that I be freed.

Mistress Marlene finally relented, knowing that she had deeply imprinted her dominance, and I was eventually released.  It had been an incredible ride into the realms of total bondage, once again.  I owe huge thanks to both Mistress Marlene and Rubbert for helping me do the session as described above.  It had been a most interesting and intense afternoon and a session of such deep intensity, that I want to soon repeat it.