(Uploaded: 15 May, 2013)


As most of the regular visitors to this site have recognized, there has been a substantial lack of updates over the past nine months or so.  This happened for a number of reasons, but I hope to address the lack of eye candy that you have all suffered through, with this article and the images below.  It's sort of a compendium of all the things I've been busy with during this period and I hope you'll enjoy both the pix and the descriptions :-).


- Mspentyouth Adventures -

MSPENTYOUTH is a good friend and we occasionally manage to get together for some fun and games that are MOST enjoyable.  In January, she came to check out some of my newer toys and equipment and in these pictures, can be seen wearing the smaller, female-sized Horse Woman harness.  The boots were created by my good friend GRIMLY_FEENDISH who has very kindly loaned them to me.

MSPENTYOUTH is a beautiful, smart, mature, creative, curious and decidedly kinky lady and we very much enjoy our infrequent play times.  Here, you can see that her harness has been connected to the electric hoist and she soon became airborne, much to her (and my!) delight.

Of course suspension requires bondage, at least in my book, and so she was quickly fitted with AXSMAR ankle and wrist cuffs, then the wrist cuffs were connected to smaller but very strong springs.  MSPENTYOUTH bounced lightly on the main springs, struggling valiantly to free her wrist cuffs from their restriction, but of course, could not.  The springs ALWAYS win, no matter how strong you are.

Over the past five years I've purchased a number of lovely pieces of leather restraint gear from TOP-TO-BOTTOM LEATHERS, a UK firm that makes some of the very best kit of this kind.  I had the good fortune to meet the owners last summer (2012) and found them to be great people, dedicated to quality materials and craftsmanship.

In the two pix above, MSPENTYOUTH wears a wonderfully restrictive neck corset and head harness arrangement, and below, the JG-L waist cinch and crotch cover of the main Creature harness.

In the above three pix, she's wearing another TOP-TO-BOTTOM creation ... the leather hood.  Sometimes, this piece can also be worn together with the neck corset and THAT arrangement is damned intimidating, especially if there's any sort of gag arrangement.  Of course, being the experimenter I am, I wanted to combine the helmet with a gas mask :-).

She's wearing a stainless steel bra I purchased quite a few years ago while at BOUNDCON, in Munich and now, it was time for more experimentation ... this time with the SYBIAN.  Initially, I decided that she should have access to the SYBIAN's controls while I jacked it up on its pedestal.  She enjoyed the device's amazing capabilities, needless to say.

The effect of the SYBIAN on the female metabolism and nervous system is pretty strong and I decided it would be a good idea to add some stabilizing springs to her waist cinch.  It was at that point I also restrained her hands and took away the remote control, so that **I** was the one to use both the vibrator and twisting functions ... not her.

I then attached more springs to her ankle cuffs and connected them to rings on the pedestal legs, thus preventing her from kicking too violently and at the same time holding her firmly mounted.  Together with the fore and aft restraint straps hooked to the waist cinch, MSPENTYOUTH was anchored and utterly unable to escape the stimulation that I ensured soon teased and tormented her.

After the SYBIAN experience we took a short break, then she was fitted with my newest piece from TOP-TO-BOTTOM LEATHERS ... their 'Oblivion' helmet.  The security cage for the helmet wasn't used THIS time, but it will be in the future.  The helmet is actually quite comfortable and can be slept in, believe it or not.  With the Security Harness added and the locks fitted, there's no way for the wearer to escape it.

Then, it was time to try my newest gas mask ... this purchased in Amsterdam, during my trip there in the summer of 2012. In the right side pic, you can see that MSPENTYOUTH is wearing a spike equipped chastity belt, made by Henry, that definitely discourages any sort of touching or other intimacy.


- Equipment Developments & Tweaks -

Being the person I am, I continue to tweak and mess around with various arrangements in my Whine Cellar and of course am always trying to improve or enhance the capabilities of the various pieces of the array of devices that make up The Creature

The above three pix show one arrangement of the breathing air set-up.  As can be seen in the middle pic, the intake part of the breath restriction system are the bubbler columns and the pre-filter. I have also added the re-breather bags and in the left pic, the re-breather connection fittings can be seen.

In the three immediately above, are the two main devices of the vacuum/electrical stimulation equipment and on the right side, the new 19" TV that acts as my ' field' monitor, when I do self-bondage and want it recorded on both video and in still images, and too, if I want to see what I look like ... being the ham I am.

In the left image above is another arrangement for the re-breather bags, then in the other two, an overview of the Bondage Bed, it's restraint set-up, the hoses, wires and suspended E-stim units, ready for use.

More images of the vacuum/electrical stimulation systems I employ.  These arrangements can provide pleasure, and if desired, very intense and painful sensations.  Yeah, yeah ... I know ...  I'm completely crazy :-).

Over the years, I've collected all sorts of interesting bits and pieces, or have created them myself, and being the inveterate putterer I am, I continually look for ways to combine the various types of equipment.  Having the tooling and skills, I decided to create a system for combining the rigid, bi-polar e-stim sound (for interior, urethral e-stim) with various sizes of my vacuum/(external) electric stimulation penis tube.

Using my lathe in the work shop, the job of creating the inserts for the tube sizes was pretty straight forward, then I had to slightly modify the end caps of the tubes

What resulted from all of this creative idiocy was the dual stimulation system ... both internal AND external for the penis and when the vacuum is active, there's no escape from the electrical pulses.

A couple of years ago, I created a vacuum/electrical "Rippler Tube" ... this to be used in place of the 'regular' tubes.  What this device does is to provide a wide variety of sequenced pulses and/or waves of them that can be directed to flow from the body end of the tube, out to the outer end, or vice-versa.  The sensations range from a gentle stroking all the way up to extremely intense rings of energy moving back and forth.

In the right side pic, you can also see the connections (red & white) for the rigid, bi-polar sound that now can also be used to provide continual interior e-stim at the same time.


- DirtPrincess Comes to Call -

I met DIRTPRINCESS and her husband DIRTKING about 7 years ago , when they were just discovering kink, and then over the past 6 months, we reconnected and I got to see how far they'd jumped into the pool of kinkery, and were happily splashing around in it .

Obviously, we wanted to see what each other had been up to and so I invited them to come for a visit ... hopefully the first of many more to come.  She was soon fitted with the gas mask and breast vacuum/electrical cups and enjoying the sensations of them sucking in combination with strong electrical stimulation.

You can see the green-banded hoses for air exhausted from the gas mask and these are connected to the re-breather bags.  These continually inflate and deflate, adding even more to the whole environment.

Of course I wanted her to experience the TOP-TO-BOTTOM LEATHERS helmet and this time around, I added the security cage, making for a very secure and quite stringent confinement of her head.

As soon as she was in the helmet, I again added the breast cups and turned everything on, then up :-).  She writhed delightfully and with the top of the helmet ring connected to an overhead chain, she wasn't going anywhere.  Too, wearing the Isolation Mittens, she couldn't manage to pull the cups off her chest and so things got quite intense for her for about an hour :-).


- More Equipment Tweaks -

I suppose it's pretty obvious by this point that I just cannot leave well enough alone and so when I see or have a particular device, I always try to 'enhance' it in some way.  Such is the case with the TOP-TO-BOTTOM LEATHERS helmet and I wanted to ensure that there was a complete seal for the mouth hole with only the nostril ones as openings.

As well (of course!) I wanted to combine the TTBL helmet with one from RUBBER'S FINEST ... that one to act as an under-helmet.  This then would allow even further (and VERY effective) head encasement and restraint.  The rubber helmet is a tight fit, but too, blinder panels and assorted gags can also be employed to make it an even stronger restraint.  I machined special mouth hole plug that allows the inflation fitting for a gag to protrude, as can be seen above.

And then, just the other day, I received my next TTBL piece ... a Posture Collar, and this I integrate with the helmet as you can see in the images below.

- My Collar Design -

I enjoy creating new things and one of one of the most recent was a simplified, wide collar that has a post and shackle arrangement for the restraint purposes.  It's a very clean design and easy to create, so I use the same system for the (back) fastening of the collar, where either a lock or a shackle can be employed to secure it.  Snap fasteners are used to keep the end of the collar from sticking out and make the design look good.

- Simple Belt Design -

The next piece to be created was a simple, 3" wide belt that can be used for a number of different applications, and as can be seen in the images above, it's also a pretty clean design; very sturdy and secure.

In the two above images, you can see the now-connected crotch piece and in the one on the right, the end of the rigid, bi-polar sound's electrical connections.

Above ... fully assembled and ready to go.  This particular arrangement is quite fast to put on, and together with the electrified butt plug and a pair of vacuum/electrical breast cups, then getting everything turned on and turned up to high levels, the sensations are wild.  I suppose one could call this TC-lite.

- CBT Rings & 'Plumbing' Restraint -

I'm always on the look-out for all sorts of B&D preventable and about a year ago, found the neoprene 'donut' type of cock rings at the local Vancouver PRIAPE store, and immediately saw a lot of potential for them.  These things are pretty evil, believe me.

Normally a wearer would only use one of these rings to obtain and/or enhance an erection, but being the person I am, I went a tad overboard and eventually bought 15 of them.  Wearing 6 to 9 of these rings on the penis feels good ... INITIALLY.  However!  After an hour or so of them being on, the wearer soon desperately wants to have them taken off.

Not only can these rings be worn on the penis, but can also be used to strangle the scrotum of the wearer and now, I have enough to do both places at the same time.  As I said, initially they feel good .... but ....

The rings, once on, can easily be slid into a large acrylic tube and then have the vacuum cap attached and the vacuum turned on.  It's a crazy experience to feel just the head of the dick being sucked at and the fact that it is also encased for its full length by both the rings and the tube is pretty wild.

Over a year ago, a friend (at least I think he is :-)!) gave me a device he called "Mr. Nasty" and it is indeed that!  Just using Mr Nasty as supplied is very intimidating, especially with all the set screws turned-in fully.  A wearer DOES NOT want to even think about attempting to pull the evil thing off, no matter how desperate the desire to be freed of it is.

When Mr Nasty is combined with the neoprene 'donut' cock rings (these keeping the penis fully-inflated with blood) makes the thought of doing so COMPLETELY out of the question.   If a leash is connected to Mr. Nasty, then pulled on, even gently, the wearer WILL go where ever the controller of the leash wants.   If the other end of the leash is locked to a wall ring, floor ring, or a lamp post for that matter, the person fitted with Mr. Nasty will definitely remain tethered in place.

Of course the neoprene rings can also be combined with other devices such as my STEELWERKS Chastity Cage to make the experience of both very very intense.

- Latowski Chastity Belt Additions -

A variety of butt plugs can be used of course.  Above on the left is the lateral pole type and it is a very effective device, but in my estimation, not as good in terms of perceived sensations, as the base ring and solid plug type.  The one on the right, above, is a vibrating plug and can be worn with the LATOWSKI chastity Belt.

Above left shows the urine urethral tube fitted into the silicon liner and the right side image shows the dual (internal and external) E-stim system that can also be worn in the chastity belt.

Above are the various components that can be employed with my LATOWSKI chastity belt, and you can see that it's a pretty comprehensive collection of kit.


- Future Acquisition: A Fury-Fantasy Horse's Head Helmet/Mask -

I'm in the process of obtaining a horse's head, helmet/mask of the type you see in the images below, this created by FURY-FANTASY and although I'll probably not have it in my hands until sometime in 2014, I am greatly looking forward to wearing it.  Mine will have a white 'blaze' and a palomino mane and also come with a matching tail.  Of course I'll have a bridle made for it, complete with blinkers as well.

I also hope to have one of the bits you see below, combined with the helmet/mask and they will not only be quite severely controlling, but will also act as a gag to stifle any sounds of protest or distress and eliminate coherent speech by the 'horse'.

When the helmet/Mask is combined with the harness gear you see me wearing in the three pix below, it's gonna be pretty wild looking, damned controlling, and very strong bondage.


- Ms_Tia, Demonstrating Henry's Equipment -

I've been very fortunate to meet an incredibly creative guy by the name of HENRY who creates some of the most beautiful stainless steel gear you can imagine.  Over the past couple of years has continued to develop some wonderful designs.

Not only does HENRY make large scale bondage devices, but he also creates the more personal kind, such as cuffs, collars and chastity devices.  We obviously share a large number of similar interests and approaches to B&D/S&M and he, like me, tends to combine assorted pieces of kit to come up with some interesting concepts.

Here, you can see a lovely lady friend, MS_TIA, who has been persuaded to try out some of HENRY's kit and a lovelier sight is hard to imagine.  She is a delightful person being smart, beautiful, curious and willing to try some of the incredible restraints that HENRY  creates.

Confined as she is and wearing the nasal shackle from AXSMAR, MS_TIA is completely controllable and has no chance of wandering off to get assistance and release.

Another of our good friends, EMERALD ANGEL, happened by and was entranced by what she saw, then took control of MS_TIA's leash and had some fun making her do what she wanted.

Depending on who you are and how deeply into adult B&D/S&M games you are, the type of bondage shown above and below is not normally associated with beds, but then again ... why not :-)?

Not only is it a wonderfully enjoyable process to fit a lady as lovely as MS_TIA with a bondage ensemble, but then to be able to just sit back and watch her adapt to the strictness of her restraints and their total security is a pleasure that is hard to describe.

And so she was left for a few hours of private meditation.  What a treat and a pleasure to be a part of this beautiful woman's world of fantasy.  Thank you, MS_TIA.