- 20th March, 2012 -

In Part One, I interviewed the artist behind the astonishing illustrations of the Hu-Cow part of the scene and found it to be a most enlightening communication.  I've always had a very strong interest in this area as well and that can be seen in the type of equipment I build, to assist in creating the vision of a woman becoming a dairy animal.

What I found to be even more interesting, was that Peter has made a connection with a mature woman who shares his passion in a BIG way.  Her name is PETRA and she truly loves the role of being a Human Cow, to the point that she excites both Peter and herself by assuming the role in all respects, then combining it with her own sense of eroticism.

The pictures and illustrations embedded in the interview that follows show her dedication to the role that she so loves to play and so without anything more being said by way of introduction, here's PETRA.


JG-L:   Petra, where were you born and how old are you now?

PETRA:  I was born in Berlin and am 40 years old ... and married.

JG-L:   Did you have a happy childhood? Where did you grow up?

PETRA:  I grew up with my grandparents because my parents were working abroad.  My childhood was very sheltered, on a farm in a small town.

JG-L:   I know there were for me, and so must ask, for you, were there any signs of your liking for this type of kink interest during your childhood?

PETRA:  Maybe it was my constant contact with the animals on the farm. It is interesting to observe the hard work in animal husbandry, but I do not think that those experiences produced my fetish.  That came later.

JG-L:   How and when did you discover the role of a Hu-Cow?

PETRA:  Let me think ... I’ve had my latex fetish since about 20 years of age.   I personally like to wear latex and like it also when men wear it, but my Hu-Cow fetish came later, and as well, you should know that I am submissive with masochistic tendencies.  After my pregnancy I noticed that my nipples were very excitable and I could reach an orgasm when they were suckled hard and intensely.  Only from this.

JG-L:   Petra, above, you say “only from this”. Could you clarify that for me please? Does it mean that you only achieve a full orgasm from having your breasts milked strongly? Or, does it mean that the milking and sexual intercourse combined need to happen to have a full and satisfying orgasm?

PETRA:   What that means is that I can obtain an orgasm just from the act of being milked only and do not need any other stimulation.  Of course I love other sexual activities as well and can reach an orgasm while fucking or licking, but the very best ones for me are when I am getting milked and fucked from behind (happy smiles).

JG-L:   What is the attraction for you to be a Hu-Cow? Many scene ‘analysts’ tell us that what we do for entertainment and play, and our desires to be something we perhaps should not think of being, are the result of some sort of childhood ‘trauma’. I disagree, but would ask what your opinions are?

PETRA:  The “childhood trauma” argument is nonsense and I think that the desire to explain fetishes in this way is Backwoods Science.   (Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar)  I am well cared for and grew up in a happy atmosphere, so I feel that my fetishes are not a disease, but act to create enrichment in my sex life.

As a Hu-Cow I can wear my beloved latex, the Master devotes his full attention to me, and I can drop completely out of the everyday roles that we all live.   We live in a complicated world with so much damned input ... financial crises, job worries, and the always ready elbow. For me, it's a fantastic feeling, to be able to shut down an overworked brain for some time, and then just feel like a dog, pony or even a cow.  Many women go shopping shoes when they are frustrated.  I go on all fours, but not while shopping (grins).

JG-L:   How long have you been a Hu-Cow?   Do you take this role and show it off in public as your scene ‘persona’? Have you ever appeared at a scene event or party as a Hu-Cow?

PETRA:  I've enjoyed being a Hu-Cow for the last 10 years and have developed it into a deeper role, together with the images created by Peter.   I am unknown in the wider BD/SM party scene.   I like and respect this scene, but do not think I would find a place there.   If I could find a very specific group of Pet Players with Human Pony’s, Human Dogs and other Human Animals, I would be thrilled.

JG-L:   Would you consider experimenting with being a real Hu-Cow?   This would mean that you would be kept in a cow’s head 24/7 for a week or two, physically restricted so that you cannot remove the head, or to evade what is done to you.   Of course you would remain in a barn or a cell and be milked by machine every day.   Does a situation like that have any interest for you?

PETRA:  This is my primary fantasy!   For a holiday of 1 or 2 weeks, I could imagine it very well and also in a 24/7 environment.   If possible, but it truly isn’t, I think I could do it for the rest of my life.   Of course this is impracticable, but it's a wonderfully erotic dream for me to think about.

JG-L:   Why, or why not, is this an attractive concept for you?

PETRA:  I can not imagine that a lifelong 24/7 BD/SM relationship really works, but if there is such a thing, it is fascinating, but it’s not my cup of tea.

JG-L:   Do you know of other women who have the same interest in being a Hu-Cow that you have?

PETRA:  I receive many emails from women to the Hu-Cow topic and like you have, many people ask what sort of feeling is it to be milked with a real cow milking machine.   They ask me if it hurts and where's the kick to be a Human Cow?   In some of the messages I receive, the sender is insulted, saying that I am undermining the women's movement. That's total nonsense.   In real life I am a confident and fully realized woman.  I also get very nice email from B&D/S&M couples who are very interested in this fetish.

It's nice to see their first attempts at pictures and video clips and I think that the Hu-Cow fetish and human breast milking, by dedicated, real milking machines for dairy cattle are gaining more and more fans.   I am happy if I can help with technical advice and other tips, but it's not the cheapest fetish, what with all the machinery, equipment and latex outfits, however, it is apparent to me that the popularity is increasing.

JG-L:   Is your ‘scene interest’ limited to just being a Hu-Cow ... or, do you have other areas you like to play in?

PETRA:  Mostly I am a Hu-Cow, but sometimes I milk my milk-master with a Venus-2000, or other methods. (grins). To be submissive as a Petgirl is my destiny, but mostly as a Hu-Cow.

JG-L:   Have you ever played with chastity belts? If so, what were your feelings about being so intimately controlled?

PETRA:  Chastity belts made of metal ... I do not know, but I have tight, seal-able latex clothing and I like it very much.   The intimate control can be wonderfully exciting ... especially when I'm very horny (grins).

JG-L:   As an added side to your role as a Hu-Cow, do you think that the use of a chastity belt would be a good thing?

PETRA:  To me, this is the same as being chained without the chance to touch myself and some of Peter’s images deal with this issue. To be able to relinquish control over one’s own sexuality can be a cool thing, but it requires great confidence.

JG-L:   Have you ever played with e-stim?   If so, do you feel that it too would add to your experiences as a Hu-Cow?

PETRA:  Yep. Several times I’ve had the pads of a TENS device stuck on my intimate regions, but every time my body reacted differently.  Sometimes it was exciting, sometimes it hurt.   I suspect the use of e-stimulation should be left to real professionals and it’s possible that Peter is one of these.   I do not need shocks from a cattle prod, as shown in several INSEX films, but please understand that this is no criticism of INSEX ... the videos are great!   I am an obedient cow.

JG-L:   Do you enjoy suspension in bondage?

PETRA:   For me, suspension is an integral component of bondage.   It’s a bit like flying without control, but also here, the Top must know what he's doing.   I like very tight leather harnesses between my thighs, but even here, millimetres are crucial between pleasure and pain.   I like tight leather beside my pussy and clitoris, but not on them!   It is a thin line between lust and pain and it looks as if you had found the right track in your "Creature" videos.

JG-L:   Once you are ‘in-role’, are you gagged, under the cow’s head?   If so, does the fact that you have been made into a mute animal, excite you and add to the whole scene?

PETRA:  No, I'm never gagged under the cow mask.   The reason for this is that sometimes I must use my wet little cow-muzzle to please the ‘milker’, but the question is interesting.   If there was a high-tech gag, which translated every human word or noise into a ‘Moo’, I want to have and use it. The interpretation of my Moo's by the 'milker' would really excite me.

JG-L:   Do you enjoy the sensations of the milking machine being fitted, then turned on so that it sucks strongly, perhaps painfully on your nipples and breasts?

PETRA:  This is a matter of daily fitness.   Sometimes the milking machine hurts, but after a few minutes, I enjoy the sucking.   Sometimes I'm so greedy and begging for it and I get an insane orgasm only during the process of being milked.   The clear plastic teat cups are fun for games, but the heavy metal cups are punishment, because they pull the udder out to extreme lengths and very harshly.

JG-L:   How long have you spent connected to an operating milking machine?

PETRA:  The longest milking session lasted 1/2 hour.   However, I was distracted as well, because my 'milker' took me from behind.

JG-L:   Did you in fact actually provide human milk, because of the machine?

PETRA:  Only a few drops ... Not sufficient, I know.

JG-L: Would being sexually teased by a vibrator, dildo or e-stim, make the milking experience more enjoyable for you?

PETRA:  I have a Sybian and that machine can really kill the brain (you can watch this on DeviantArt.com), but to answer your question ... being milked like a real cow, while riding the Sybian is an indescribable experience.  For me, it's hugely addictive and our electricity bill became rather large, after I got the Sybian (big grin).

JG-L:   Can you tell me of any other situations that really are of strong interest to you?

PETRA:  Let me think ... I like the fantasy of an alien abduction of human females, complete with forced breeding and milking.   I'm also quite interested in all types of fucking machines and cybersex, sexually-oriented brainwashing and body modification, latex in all its forms ... with dominant and submissive men and women, adult babies and pet-players.

JG-L:   Thank you, Petra, for being so willing to tell us about yourself. I hope all of your dreams come true.

PETRA:  I’m working on it, JG ... and I think I'm on the right track.