An Interview with PeterPD


- 20th February, 2012 -

I've always been fascinated by the concept of a human being becoming an animal, either voluntarily, or in a coercive situation, and that can be seen in the Human Equine and Human Bovine version of my harness creations.

A few years ago, I came across the first illustrations by PETERPD, of 'Cow Girls', or as he refers to them, Hu-Cows, and was instantly a fan of his art.  I'd wondered about the artist and where he got his inspiration to create the striking images he's done over the years and so finally I gathered up my nerve (not a hard job, apparently), and sent him a message on the RENDEROTICA web site, asking if he'd be interested in doing an interview.

Peter graciously agreed and to my surprise, in conjunction with the lady who inspires much of his work, PETRA, Who has also agreed to be interviewed.  She has also been most helpful and open about her interests and dedication to her unique role as a Hu-Cow.  Her own interview (and pix) will appear in Part Two at a future date, yet to be determined.  Both are German and have created some astounding imagery over the past couple of years.

I hope you'll enjoy the words and images that follow.


JG-L:  OK! First things first. What does ‘PD’ stand for?

P-PD:  My name is Peter Daeubner ,  but now I use PD for my web site identity and it's the shortest.

JG-L:  Where were you born and raised and how old are you now?

P-PD:   I was born in Lich, Germany, a small city in West Germany with GOOD Beer! I turn 63 years old this year.

JG-L:  Did you have a happy childhood? Was it in East Germany or West Germany?

P-PD:  My childhood was OK, but my father was an alcoholic. Even so, I made the best of my youth.

JG-L:  Do you have any brothers or sisters?   Are your parents still alive?

P-PD:  Yes, a brother and my Mother is still alive.

JG-L:  Are they (siblings and/or parents) aware of your illustrations hobby, and the existence of the web site?   If so, how do they feel about it and what you do for a hobby?

P-PD:  Oh yes, I have no secrets, but there is no big interest by my brother and mother.

JG-L:  I know there were for me, and so must ask, were there any signs of your liking for kink during childhood? Were you aware of the scene in general?

P-PD:  HHHmmm ... in my youth I had little contact with females, but now shiny skin and tight clothing is attractive to me

JG-L:  Did you play the usual ‘cowboys and Indians’ type of games, where young women got tied up and hauled off to the dungeon for arousal, torment or torture?

P-PD:  In my youth I was the unknown, and so I only started these sorts of games later, but then more intensely.


JG-L:  Many scene ‘analysts’ tell us that what we do for entertainment and play is 'perverted', and that our illustrations are the result of some sort of childhood ‘trauma’.   I disagree, but would ask what your opinions are?

P-PD:  I disagree also.   I do not recognize that a single trauma begins the journey into the fetish.   I think that trauma is a terrible thing ... and fetish has a completely different cause.   A good fetish results from sexual experience, a healthy appetite for sex and an intact mind with imagination.  It’s a way, a nice way.

JG-L:  Have you ever been married? Are you now? Any kids?

P-PD:  Yes, I am married (still) and I have a dear daughter 38 years old .

JG-L:  What sort of education do you have? I.e. area’s of specialization, etc.?

P-PD:  First I started in retail food sales; second, I was an electro mechanic, third, I was a computer technician, and fourth: as a video software developer specializing in motion detection and alarm systems.

JG-L:  Did you do any time in the military, and if so, what branch and for how long?

P-PD:  I served in the German Navy for 8 years and while there I re-trained in electronics, then I drove two years and spent another 4 years working as an electronics instructor.

JG-L:  Do you feel that your time in the military, if any, influenced your art?

P-PD:  I can't deny it.

JG-L:  How about any employment with law enforcement agencies?

P-PD:  I had no service with any law enforcement agencies.

JG-L:  Do you have any sort of medical training, or have you been involved with any areas of health care?

P-PD:  I've learned first aid.

JG-L:  Peter, how, where and when did you get started in ‘the scene’?

P-PD:  With myself at first, and with women relatively later.   I think it was at around 25.

JG-L:  Who did you get started with (i.e. with a girl friend/wife, whatever)?

P-PD:  With a young woman and I think she was 24 years old.

JG-L:  Were there any seminal people, places, scenes, movies, etc., that inflamed your interests in the scene?

P-PD:  Yes, the movie "The Story of O" inspired me greatly and also, the costume of Barbarella and her "pleasure machine".

JG-L:  Before the Internet did you just play privately, visit clubs, etc.?

P-PD:  I was a loner.  My wife stopped after a while because fetish was not her cup of tea, but my fantasies were always there and they cannot be suppressed.

JG-L:  Do you know why drawing women in your bondage illustrations appeals to you to the extent that it does?

P-PD:  I don’t need torment and pain, but I do like to see them feel the helplessness.   It is also important to me to show the trust from a slave to a master.   Many of the things that I think 3D slave girls "feel" could never be done to real slaves, but the thought is appealing.

JG-L:  What do you think of the gay/lesbian S&M/B&D scene? It would seem to me that those of the same sex that play these games can be much more evil to one of their own sex.   Agree? Disagree?

P-PD:  That's a complicated question.   I believe all people have the right to live out their fetish, but the gay scene is not my thing.   Lesbian games are part of my fantasies with my slaves and so I am tolerant.

JG-L:  Did you have any misgivings about your interests?

P-PD:  Not at all.   They are not commonplace, but they are not perverse, as far as I'm concerned.

JG-L:  Similarly, did it take you time to accept that your ideas and likes were OK?

P-PD:  Yes, of course.

JG-L:  Obviously, you’re a ‘Top’.   That being said, have you ever tried the other side of the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ coin?

P-PD:  Yes, I am a Top, but I’ve also tried bottoming because I want to know what the effects of my actions are.   So, yes, I have tried the other side.

JG-L:  If so, how deeply did you explore that aspect?

P-PD:  As far as I allow, truly not very deeply, but it is not my thing, to give up control.

JG-L:  This is a little self-serving, but how, where and when did you hear of me?

P-PD:  The first I saw any of your work was in a B&D/S&M magazine called Hogtied, showing your creature. I was thrilled (and still am).

JG-L:  Peter, you’re well known as an illustrator.   Does it tend to ‘get old’ after a while, or is there always a thrill of creating a new scene in your drawings?

P-PD:  Never.   First I showed Pony-Girls at RENDEROTICA, then the slave girl Tina had to endure much.   I've also set up (live)"The Baldies" and it is a very popular series. The emergence of Hu-Cow is a symbiotic relationship that we jointly developed.   Sometimes I create an image, then a few days later I get a real picture from Petra, showing the realization of my fantasies.   I can say without arrogance, that I've created the Hu-Cow in my pictures and a little bit in real life as well. (grins) and I still have many ideas in my head.

JG-L:  Other than the rush we all get from being in a position of total control of a willing (or perhaps unwilling) female when a drawing or story is created and develops, are there other parts of a scene that interest you? (her feelings and desires, perhaps?)

P-PD:  Of course.   Behind every slave and every object is a human.  I respect and agree with her dreams, fears and fetishes and often my "slaves" tell me about their desires, then I put them into my paintings.

JG-L:  What inspires you to create a drawing/illustration?   Does it just ‘pop up’ or is there a specific trigger?   Does Petra inspire you?

P-PD:  Behind my paintings is the joy and pleasure of fetish.   I do not need a special trigger because I think and feel in fetish categories.   Of course I was very much inspired by Hu-Cow Petra because then my fantasy is beautifully designed, but sometimes I have trouble to immediately put everything I envision in my pictures, especially when I begin a series.

JG-L:  Speaking for myself, I like to “watch the lights come on” in a play partner’s eyes when I take her to “the undiscovered country” right there between her ears.   Do you find that something similar brings you pleasure also?

P-PD:  Yes, but only if this "light" is on, then we are on the right track.

JG-L:  What about ‘progression’ or, if you prefer, ‘process and ceremonial’?   It’s been my experience that these are important to a successful session and I see in all of your image series.   Have you created a set of illustrations to show the full journey a woman would take to become a Hu-Cow?   I.e. a ‘comic strip’?

P-PD:  The basis for a good session is a procedure known on both sides.   This builds confidence and makes both parties still curious for new things to come.   I show the Hu-Cow in diverse situations, but always with her beloved cow-mask and often in a latex outfit.  This is a ritual and I know that the Hu-Cow need this for her own excitement.   I show viable processes in my pictures and mostly leave the end open so that the viewer remains curious.   It is exciting for the viewer to look forward to the next picture.

JG-L:  Do you get much fan mail that asks for certain things?   How many of the suggestions did you use?

P-PD:  Yes, I get a lot of fan mail and it is frequently from women who tell me of their fantasies and desires.   That's interesting and you can believe me ... We men have a minimum of the eccentric female fantasies (grins).   Of course, this is fantastic input for me.

JG-L:  Peter, your Hu-Cow illustrations are very striking.   Why do you like this area of the fetish/S&M/B&D scene?

P-PD:  Normal glossy pictures with sexy, stylish women can be purchased anywhere but those are not my cup of tea. I like the unusual because it is a game full of fantasy and reality.  I know from Hu-Cow Petra that she is predisposed to be both masochistic and exhibitionistic.   Enhancing these desires, Petra often has wild fantasies and then (believe it or not) with my pictures, I'm the calming part in our relationship.   I like to play with the dreams, fears and erotic fetishes of my "victims" and although good sex is a fine thing, I can also feel pleasure with the creation of my pictures and I know it's not just me that feels this way (grins).

JG-L:  Do you have other areas of interest within the scene?

P-PD:   Of course.   I like your creations and especially the e-stim, which, if you can handle it, can be very pleasurable.   In addition, even power-vibrators.  You see, I consider myself to be happy in B&D/S&M and am open-minded about each variety.   Incidentally, I am in agreement with Petra, that your "Creature" videos are our favourites. In them, you connect many fetishes: Latex, Leather, fucking machines, and electrical stimulation, and sucking/milking.

JG-L:  Peter, it appears as though you can do almost anything you wish in your images.   Do you feel you covered all the ground available to you?   Is there something else you’d like to do in the scene area?

P-PD:  Yes, I would like to use some of my artistic creations as an inspiration to perform real long-term restraint and/or stimulation over am extended period; perhaps 24 hours or so.   Unfortunately, I don’t have a slave girl who would serve as a pleasure object a situation like that.

JG-L:  How about vanilla hobbies like golf, travel, cars, etc.?

P-PD:  Not much, really.   I clearly like cars, and so will soon have an Audi a5 coupe (of course, complete with the most current technology like 200 hp and automatic variable transmission).   I also like music for household use, harmonica, keyboard and bandonium, for relaxation and gardening are also a hobby.

JG-L:  Are you a breast or butt man?

P-PD:  That depends on the proportions, but I tend to “breast man”.   In the case of Hu-Cow, I am her “Udder-Master”.   You should know that the Hu-Cow Petra hates terms like "Tittys, Boobs or Breasts", preferring instead the term "udders".

JG-L:  You have told me that Petra has a very strong interest in being a Hu-Cow.   How did you find each other?

P-PD:  We have known each other on the Internet for years, but there without taboos or judgment.

JG-L:  Peter, I can’t help but notice that many of your scenes are conducted in what I would call pretty ‘grungy’ settings and environments.   Is this intentional and if so, why?

P-PD:  That’s true, because I feel that the sharp contrast of an immaculate slave or object in a shabby environment focuses the view on the body of the object.   I support this effect even more so with the lighting of the scene.   I create my pictures in very high value on the wealth of detail.  Can you imagine the Baldies or Hu-Cow in a plush, pink atmosphere?   Not really, right?   Part of the attraction of my images is precisely through this contrast, by visual contradictions.   I imagine the viewer feels cold running down his or her back when he or she sees the locations I create for my slaves and I know that the eye of the beholder is then focuses on the naked or rubberized bodies.   Anyone can create ‘soft rinsed’ images, but I like striking contrasts that provoke further thought.

JG-L:  Where do you do your illustrations? At home?

P-PD:  Yes, I have a powerful PC there for rendering images.

JG-L:  Did you look for a particular type of setting for your illustrations? Barns, ‘institutions’ such as hospitals, insane asylums, or prisons?

P-PD:  If I have an idea, then the setting must be adapted to the story.   I always search for the suitable environment for the picture, looking for props on the internet or producing them myself with Cinema 4D.

JG-L:  How about out of doors scenes?

P-PD:  I've also made outdoor scenes, but nature cannot be made simply, like a body or a building or a room.

JG-L:  You appear to have a liking for metal restraints and garments, as do I.   Any idea why?

P-PD:   Metal bonds can be created very quickly as opposed to cable or rope.   I must also say that it is far easier to produce metal shackles in Poser.   If you have followed the development in my pictures, you'll see that, specifically, my Hu-Cow pictures get more "mechanized" from year to year and this is partly because I know of Petra's fascination for metal shackles, fucking machines and pumps.   Have you ever met a woman who loves the sound of a servo-motor and gets horny from this?  I already have (grins)

JG-L:  Which drawing was the most difficult to create? Has it evolved into other drawings since it was completed?

P-PD:  Images are complicated if too many details are in them.   Unfortunately (grins), I have many such pictures. I rarely use only one image for one sequence and the last Hu-Cow picture has many details, so the lighting requires a lot of time.   As to the total time ... it can take up to 20 hours or more until I am satisfied with the picture.

JG-L:  Do you like to use images with body jewellery?

P-PD:  Of course.   There are also pictures by me using it, especially in the Renderotica series “The Baldies”.

JG-L:  Speaking for myself, body jewellery is REALLY meant for sensual restraint and control.   Agree?   Disagree?

P-PD:  I completely agree!

JG-L:  Have you had women who want to be your real life, full time slave?   Have you contemplated any such offers?

P-PD:  Yes, I did and it was a pleasant time for both of us I think.   I have not had any requests for a long time and truly, I am not actively looking at the moment.

JG-L:  What was the first piece of really interesting bondage gear you have ever illustrated?   When did you create it?

P-PD:  I think it was a slave girl illustration and she was chained to a chair, wearing a chastity belt. That must have been at the beginning of 2003.

JG-L:  What are your views about employing pleasure at the same time you’re showing evil things being done to your (illustration) victims?   Can you give us an explanation?

P-PD:  As I said earlier, I like to attract the viewer to my pictures.   It is not my intention to show violent, brutal torture, but I show scenes before or after.   So, I give the viewer a lot of room for imagination to be used, and this has been confirmed to me many times in fan mail.

JG-L:  Most if not all of your models appear to be brought to orgasm at some point in the drawings.   Is this planned or hoped for, or just an added benefit?

P-PD:  It is planned in any case, and I also hope that it happens, but a picture cannot depict anything about an orgasm, because the picture is just a snapshot.

JG-L:  OK, given those thoughts, what’s your philosophy on B&D/S&M and the emotional relationship between partners in a scene context?

P-PD:  Even here there is a difference between a lasting relationship slave/master (24/7), or a time-limited session. The most important thing is always to trust each other and observe rules of respectful interaction.   In both cases it may get down to hard business.   I think total enslavement is feasible only temporarily, everything else is too stressful.

JG-L:  The very intensity of B&D/S&M scenes, particularly as you draw them, appears to touch on something primeval in the human mind, for both the male and the female.   You have obviously tapped into that aspect of our supposedly civilized, but thinly-veneered human nature.   Any comments on that view?

P-PD:  Only one: in each human is a slave, a master, a devil, a pig (or a cow) and an angel.   This is the life.

JG-L:  Do you have any observations on the reasons why people have an interest in really serious and strenuous situations, such as the ones you show in your illustrations?

P-PD:  That seems to be dependent on the curiosity of the individual.   There are very many who have little or no curiosity and I think that those people must lead a joyless life, because they have no experience.

JG-L:  Is it just the male that has the interest, or did you find a lot of women with that same mind-set also?

P-PD:  If a man is interested, there must be at least one woman with the same interest.   I can only conclude that women, like men, are interested, perhaps even more so than men (grins).

JG-L:  We’ve all heard the expression “Deadlier than the Male.”   Do you feel that women can be more sexually cruel than men?   If so, or not, do you have any idea why?

P-PD:  I've just spoken about the interests of women, and yes women are cruel ... and their fantasies much more perfidious and more detailed.   I do not know why, but they also absorb more than men ... I mean, verbally and physically in B&D/S&M-games.   Women are much harder to impress sexually than men and their cruelty (also against themselves) probably results from their imaginations, their sense of detail, and the female flair for verbal and non-verbal B&D/S&M games.   Believe me, some of the fantasies from Hu-Cow make me sweat buckets.   Women are most cruel to each other.

JG-L:  It’s my view, and it’s most likely a wrong one, but I think, as do many men, that we males got ‘the short end of the stick’ in a sexual and sensory abilities.   Did you use that as one of your drawing points, by ensuring that your female models generally get an intense experience?

P-PD:  An image of a male slave is reduced very quickly to the parts between his legs whereas a female body offers far more possibilities and of course here I'm thinking of my Hu-Cow (grins).

JG-L:  Do you use e-stim very often, either in your images, or on other occasions?

P-PD:  I have a lot of experience with e-stim, both for myself and in use on my former slaves.  Therefore, electrical stimulation is often the subject of my pictures.

JG-L:  Which situations, other than the Hu-Cow one, appeal the most to you? Why?

P-PD:  As I said earlier, latex, leather, bondage and pet play are the things that excite me.

JG-L:  I like suspension scenes, as is certainly obvious from my own site.   A very hot scene for me and many others. Do you show a lot of those?

P-PD:  Suspension is an integral part of the B&D/S&M scene.   Let me answer with a quotation from Hu-Cow Petra: “ ... If my body is encased in latex and I hang helpless, without touching the floor, in a creaking leather harness ... with the crotch straps between my legs pressing on my sensitive pussy lips and my clitoris … I need only close my eyes and then I can fly ... from one orgasm to the next orgasm…”   I think there is nothing to add! (grins)

JG-L:  Do you have any ‘words of wisdom’ for people who are interested in truly strong and serious bondage?   What advice can you give those who want to try your bondage ideas?

P-PD:  Confidence in the partner is most important and the basis of any B&D/S&M play.   It is a game where the players should know what they are doing.  One who wants to inflict pain and humiliation, must also understand emotions.

JG-L:  Peter, I recognize you as a ‘top’, whereas I’m a switch (but certainly not a bottom) and enjoy both sides of the coin.   Do you think players should get a personal knowledge of both roles, or just understand that empathy is probably the most important word and ingredient in any scene and role?

P-PD:  It is not wrong to know the other side, but I do not think that a Top can be a Bottom with his slave girl.   Maybe I'm conservative in this matter, but can you imagine the Hu-Cow or the Baldies with a strap-on and her Master is on all fours, ready for ...?

JG-L:  Do you think women enjoy B&D and S&M, particularly your style, as much as men do watching them in it?   Any ideas as to why or why not?

P-PD:  The female orgasm is completely differently than the male orgasm.   A woman can get multiple orgasms and this is enviable.   Hu-Cow Petra has told me about some kind of a "head-orgasm" when she looks at my pictures.   I do not understand this as a male, but the idea that there is something like that is fascinating.

JG-L:  Peter, we’ve both been ‘around the block’ a few times, and at this point, are probably regarded by new entries to the scene as the classical ‘old farts’; best illustrated by the two geezers on the balcony, on the Muppet Show.   Do you feel that the on-line, adult industry is maturing?   Is there more room for more variation, other than the simply raw pornographic and gynaecological content that now seems to be so prevalent?

P-PD:  Unfortunately, many people cannot imagine that there are games other than the standard in and out sex, but everyone must decide for themselves.

JG-L:  Do you have any thoughts as to when you’re going to ‘call it a day’ and perhaps turn into a university lecturer about the weirdness and wonderfulness of the human animal, and explain it all to the next generation of kinksters?

P-PD:  So many times I would like to do it, and if I could only convince an indecisive man or a woman hesitant from the fact that it is fair and reasonable to live out his secret fetishes, then that would be a good day for me.

JG-L:  Of all the people, male and female, you’ve met, who was/is the most interesting? Why?

P-PD:  In this sequence: Hu-Cow, Baldies and slave Tina.   There are real females behind these fictitious persons and these women have their own dreams, fetishes and a very efficient sexuality.   That makes me proud (grins).

JG-L:  How long have you had your own web site?

P-PD:  Since January, 2003

JG-L:  Are you happy with what you’ve done and accomplished?   Do you feel that you want to do more and of different situations?

P-PD:  If I had the chance to live a second life, I would do everything just as in my first.

JG-L:  OK! Thanks very much for the interview!   We all wish you the very best and continued success.

P-PD:  I also thank you, JG.