The Training of Angel - Part Three

(Angel & The Creature: Training & Discipline)





- SHOT 15-125 JULY, 2009. - UPLOADED 20 JUNE, 2011 -

Angel's nose jewellery remained securely fastened and once inside again was immediately connected to the overhead line.  This allowed her to move around, but only under my direction.  She quite hated it, but could not escape its strong control.

She needed to do a little maintenance of her hair and so I released her handcuffs and allowed it to happen, then it was time for her to begin the process of getting dressed.

The thick, heavy rubber cat suit was the first thing I required her to put on.  The suit acts to encase and isolate the wearer and being as tight as it is, also ensures that she constantly feels bound and restricted.  She remained leashed while being dressed in it, of course.  She hates the nose clip and complained constantly about it, but I insisted that she had to wear it.

It was a pleasure to ensure that the suit fitted her properly and the undersized, reinforced edged holes on the chest ensured that her prominent breasts popped out, being slightly garroted around their bases.  This made them ever more sensitive and ensured that she was extremely conscious of her body.  Certainly, she could have attempted to escape, but with the nasal tethering in place, she was utterly vulnerable, and knew it.

It was time for her to accept one of the most important parts of the female version of The Creature ... the rigid, electrical dildo and its associated, external Inhibitor Bar.  She saw it and shuddered, knowing without me having to explain, where the thick shaft was going to be placed.

To ensure that she knew what was coming, I handed the crotch assembly to her, together with the tube of contact gel and told her to get busy.  Her hands trembled a little when she squeezed out the slippery compound, then slathered it all over the dildo.  She stared at the device with apprehension, but there was no way she could avoid it.

The moment of its insertion was at hand and if she rebelled, a few quick tugs on her nose leash would ensure obedience and so she bent to her task.

For a moment, she forgot about her nose leash and concentrated on the task at hand.  There was no avoiding it.

ANgel took her time but soon the full length of the dildo had sunk slowly upwards into her body.  She couldn't help shuddering and grimacing from the sensations of being so deeply and rigidly penetrated and within short minutes, it resided deep within her belly, then it was time to secure the crotch harness, locking the dildo and its short (for the moment) Inhibitor Bar securely in place.

For this occasion, I'd decided to use only a mid-thigh length Inhibitor Bar, but it is a normal requirement of mine that a female fitted with this controlling and invasive article of restraint equipment, be worn always equipped with a leash connected, thus allowing instantaneous and full control by the most intimate means.  ANY movement of the exterior portion (the Inhibitor Bar) results in an equal and opposite movement of the dildo within the female's loins and so she is compelled to obey.  Perhaps in the future, Angle will wear a longer IB, maybe even ankle length.

And so there she stood ... doubly leashed with devices that would ENSURE she remained docile and always fully controllable.  By this point, the constriction of the rings around the bases of her breasts had made them extremely sensitive and she was constantly aware of their projection from her chest, and any movement.  Even my lightest touch made her jump and grimace.

Now it was time to add the next parts of The Creature ... the vacuum/electrical breast cups.  Angel looked at them with apprehension and not a little fear, knowing that they'd soon be clamped over her breasts and she'd be unable to escape what they would do to her.

She knew from my description, that e-tim would be applied to her vacuum-enhanced breasts, moving from the base rings to her rampant nipples.

A few minutes later her breast tormenting devices had been fitted into their mounting networks, then the chest harness was tightened fully so that the cups clamped down onto her chest, forcing her breasts deeply into them and ensuring that the electrical contacts were all properly made.

It was time to demonstrate just how effective her double leashing system was and so Angel was once more led out into the back yard for walkies, and again, to prevent her from being able to touch either leash, her hands were cuffed behind her back, and to the waist cinch.

The weight of the nasal tether ensured that she kept her head bowed submissively, and for the moment she'd forgotten about the other tether that could so easily, and so intimately, control her.

A quick snap of the leash to her Inhibitor Bar leash made her suddenly concentrate on the dildo and it's inescapable presence with her loins and again, reinforced her feelings of being totally controlled ... or so she thought ... at that point.

Once she was back inside, and in the Whine Cellar, Angel's leashes were left to trail, but of course were instantly available if needed to restrict her movements.  Another 'benefit' of the Inhibitor Bar is that it prevents its wearer from sitting down normally.  She has to either perch on the edge of a chair, or other arrangements such as a split seat have to be made.

Rubber thigh boots were the next items to be added.  These also act to control the mobility of their wearer and add to her feelings of restriction.

Angel was made to place her hands in the Isolation Mitts and once these were fully fitted, with their long gauntlets slid under the fore arm sleeves of the cat suit, thus holding them securely, then I affixed the heavy duty wrist cuffs.  These doubly ensured that she'd be unable to get out of the Mitts and also allowed more easy restraint of her hands and arms.

A moment later, the suspension chains for her coming 'ride' were clipped to their rings on the back of the harness, then I briefly tested the electric hoist.

With her movements so restricted and the helplessness created by the Mitts, it was easy to fit Angel with the helmeted gas mask.  She'd not had any experience with one until this point and so once it had been completely fitted and closed up, she was totally sealed away from the exterior world.  Basically, she was now the wearer of a specialized 'space suit' that was designed to discipline and train he, utterly unable to escape it and almost silenced inside the gas mask and thick rubber helmet.

She began to panic a little, even though the ventilator was supplying a constant, forced stream of air to the mask.  For a few moment she struggled frantically against the pervasive, inescapable restraints.

Realizing that she could not escape any of the devices, harnesses, or other restraints she wore, Angel eventually stood passively, waiting.  I tightened the gas mask's harness strap a little more while she twisted a little from side to side, making muffled noises of terror about what was soon to be done to her.  The mask became clamped into an air tight seal around her face.  What a sight!

Her Inhibitor Bar leash, until now left to trail freely, was quickly connected to a 12 kg lead ball so that when she now moved or attempted to walk, the chain jerked firmly on the short Inhibitor Bar, making the locked-in dildo move erratically within her body ... a most subduing and disconcerting sensation that she couldn't evade in any way ... unless she stood still.

Again, I left her alone for a few moments to try and acclimatize herself to the almost overwhelming sensations of captivity she was now beginning to experience, then it was time to begin connecting the hoses and cables that would tease and soon, torment her.  Once they'd been affixed, I added the sound deadeners, isolating her even more for the outer world.

She looked out at the dungeon from behind the clear barrier of the mask's face plate, wondering what was going to happen next, seeing the swaying cables and hoses connected to the intimate and most sensitive parts of her body.

I began her torment by applying a little light e-stim to her breasts and nipples and surprisingly, Angel stuck out her chest to more fully enjoy the light and feathery touches, writhing her upper body as much as she could.  Once fully fastened, the harness permits little twisting and certainly no escape.  Her gasps of pleasure made the Ventilator make strange noises and she writhed and shook with the sensations flooding through her breasts.

I increased the level of e-stim to her breasts slowly, until the levels were at about 25% of the total shock capability of the e-stim units and she began to cry out from their assaults.  It was time to distract her with yet more shocks, but these from the dildo.  She instantly became much more animated, writhing her hips and shuddering from the intimate pulses flooding through her loins and I soon heard faint gasps, then increasingly loud howls and screams from within the gas mask while she tried to accept the pulses through her most sensitive flesh.

This was just the beginning though.  Leaving the e-stim at the same levels so that she was continually subject to them, I turned on the vacuum pump for the breast cups and a second later she screamed loudly when they sucked themselves very harshly onto her by now super-sensitized and electrified breasts.

Angel could not stop the automatic, frantic shaking of her chest (as much as the harness permitted), for she desperately wanted to escape the strong, leech-like grip of the cups on her breasts, and the deep, flesh curdling electrical pulses transfixing them.

Angel was in a quandary ... what was worst?  Her breasts being suckled and electrified without a stop?  Her sexual organs being made to constantly convulse?  The fact that she HAD to breathe to the cadence dictated by the ventilator?  The complex and totally effective bondage?  This is precisely what I demanded of her ... the lack of ability to comprehend or withstand all of the sensations being forced upon her mind.

Now, each time she moved violently, the IB chain leash to the lead ball snapped tight and made the dildo move within her body, adding even more to her sensations of captivity and at the same time reinforcing the fact of her unavoidable femininity

It was time for the next sensation to be introduced ... vibration.  A vibrator sander was just the answer and when the pad was held against the exposed length of her Inhibitor Bar and the power was turned on, Angle began to dance, writhing and twisting in futile attempts to escape the insidious sensations, even while still being electrified and leashed.

From holding the sander against the shaft, I moved it to the tip ring of the IB and turned on the power again, watching with fascination while she writhed frantically and instinctually, wailing loudly with some unknown feminine emotion.

No matter what she attempted, there was no escape from the sensations!  Soon she was gaSping and shuddering  with reaction to what was being done to her.  The various sensations and there was no escape from being so forcibly 'entertained.  Minutes later, she partially collapsed into the harness and safety chains, her legs collapsing under her while the sensations continued to pour into her body and brain in tsunami and soon she lost control and made an emotional surrender to them, acknowledging her utter vulnerability and helplessness.

It was time to add the next part of the 'ride' ... full suspension.  The hoist was ready and waiting and so I checked her over before raising her and taking gravity away.

Satisfied that she was OK, for the most part, other than reacting strongly to the strong stimulation and vacuum, a moment later I activated the hoist and she rose from the floor.  The suspension acted to force the dildo a little deeper and at the same time, her legs were pulled outwards by the floor chains. making her feel even more vulnerable, as intended.

For the next minutes Angel swung a little at the end of the chain, jerking and writhing while attempting to get used to the feeling and her helplessness, but I was only part way through dealing with her strong, rebellious spirit.  It was time to begin the hardest (for her) part of her ride.  I returned to the Control panel and began slowly adjusting the power levels of the e-stim, moving them higher gradually, then briefly peaking them with a simple twist.  As the levels rose, Angel became ever more violent in her movements, screaming almost hysterically when her breasts and nipples, then her vagina and surrounding organs shuddered and pulsed in strange patterns she'd never before experienced. 

Between screams she gasped against the restriction of the ventilator, but that did her no good, for it allowed her only to breathe a set volume of air at a set pace and so she was kept fully aware of her utter vulnerability and controllability.  Angle swung in a frenzy, jerking madly against her chains and restraints, now frantic to escape the fierce discipline, but of course there WAS no escape, unless I judged it was time.

After some very intense periods of discipline, I sensed that she was nearing physical and mental exhaustion and so turned down (but not off) all the devices and got her standing again.  I still sensed some rebellion on her part and so decided that she'd not be freed yet.

She was left fully enclosed and sealed away, then I forced her to lay on the carpet and began chaining her to the waiting floor rings.

Of course Angel was NOT happy with this development, believing that she would soon be permitted to escape from her tormenting rubber imprisonment and isolation and so struggled to avoid the waiting chains and locks ... uselessly.

Chaining her was easy.  Lines of links were soon connected to her ankle cuffs and from the back rings of her shoulder harness.  With her hands and arms pinioned behind, she was held down, laying on her side and no matter how she struggled, she was held fast.  After a few moments of fitful struggles, Angel lay exhausted on the floor, chained securely, but this wasn't the end for her.  She was permitted a little rest, but I wanted to more deeply imprint the fact that she was helplessly vulnerable and so returned to the Control Panel.

Watching her recumbent form carefully, I once again turned on the breast cup vacuum, then the e-stim, and raised the power levels until she began to jerk and writhe against her chains, screaming, sometimes dementedly, from the shocks pulsing through her nipples and breasts.  Then, I did the same with the dildo electrics until her hips bucked and twisted while her legs kicked frantically against their short chains.

I kept her at those levels for some minutes, then backed them off a little so that she was constantly aware of the shocks and vacuum.  From inside the mask she stared fearfully at me when I came over, then she attempted to beg to be freed, but I had other plans.  I stood up and went to the door, switched off the lights and locked her inside the room alone and fully chained.  The e-stim units were on mains power and so would continue to stimulate her, while the vacuum suckled her breasts relentlessly.

Angel was left to her fate for a while, occasionally screaming to be freed from her torment, but unable to avoid the now automatic discipline process.

When she was eventually freed of all of the gear she'd been a prisoner in, she staggered off for a shower and soon enough returned to chat about what she'd just been through. It had been quite a harrowing experience she told me then and one that she'd need a long time to process.

Sometime later, Angel, Mistress Marlene and Christian C were ready to return to The Island and so we gathered for a quick group photo.  It had been an incredible couple of days for us all.