The Training of Angel - Part Two

(Angel: A Prisoner, Delivered for Discipline)





- SHOT: 15-16 JULY, 2009 - UPLOADED 20th DECEMBER, 2010 -

The next day, before things REALLY got going, I decided to first treat Angel to a drive around town, but one that she would be unable to enjoy in the conventional sense.  She was fully-chained and locked down to the rear seat floor mounts in the back of the van: collared, hooded and gagged.

I have to tell the reader/viewer of this page and the images that follow, that it is a great thrill and very satisfying to have a beautiful lady such as Angel in one's total possession, even if only for a short time.  As you can see, she's helpless.  With the heavy duty steel belt and collar locked on, her ankles and wrists cuffed together, then with the collar and ankle hobble fastened to the floor ... well, it's a sight to gladden the heart of any kink that **I** know :-).

Being helmeted, gagged and blindfolded added even more to her feelings of captivity and helplessness (always a good thing!) and all I could hear while we drove around was the rattling of her chains and the occasional muted yelp when they snapped tight, immediately stopping her struggles.

After the 15 minute ride, I returned to the house, then locked a chain leash to the front of her collar.  Angel was quickly extracted from the back of the van, but kept always udder a positive control.  She's a feisty, tough and resourceful woman and so needed to be constantly reminded of who was really in charge.

Being fully restrained ensured that she remained docile and obedient, as, once again, she had been fitted with snugly cinched ankle shackles and these made any of her attempts at rapid walking or ANY kind of kicking or other rebellion or reluctance very painful.  You've all seen 'the prisoner shuffle' ... well, there's a damned good reason for it, and she was learning very quickly to do just that.

I took her down to the laundry room and connected her leash to an overhead line, then left her to stand there, alone and still bound while I made preparations for her coming lessons, training and discipline.

Being the person she is, and like all prisoners, Angel soon began to test the limits of her freedom but quickly discovered that she wasn't going anywhere, unless I permitted it.

I returned some minutes later and found my delightful prisoner just as I'd left her, then, while she was still hooded and gagged, I explained a little of what she had in store.

The hood and gag came off and she was made to kneel, then told to hold still for the next control device ... the AXSMAR nose clip.  She looked at me with huge apprehension when I produced it then told her that she WAS going to have to wear the device for the remainder of her time under my care.

  Very reluctantly, she tilted her head back and waited while the clip was fastened and tightened, whining with misery when it took a really firm grip on her septum.  I immediately connected a light but strong leashing chain and its added weight made her gasp at first, then begin to complain even more.  I ignored the whining and bitching and told her to get undressed.  It was time for walkies.

It was my intention to show Angel just how controlling her new nose clip and leash were and even though she couldn't remove the nose clip with her hands free, I didn't want her to be able to touch her leash, either, and so her hands remained cuffed securely behind her back.

She was instantly obedient to the gentlest of tugs on her tether, but still continued to try and alleviate the discomfort of being led about, quite literally, by her nose.  What I waned her to do ... she did, and damned quickly too, for fear of what COULD be done if she decided to become difficult.  Her constant small gasps, moans and yelps were a delight.

You can only imagine what it is like to have such a lovely woman so thoroughly under one's control, I'm sure.  Watching her eyes, I saw the fear in them when they followed the chain from her nose to my hand, for she KNEW that she could be instantly brought to her knees if I decided to snap the leash.

We did a couple of little strolls around the yard and she kept very close, constantly in terror of any sudden tugs on her controlling leash.  The nose clip and leash combination are wonderfully effective at controlling a rebellious and strong person, particularly one such as Angel.

Angel didn't even attempt to shake her head, once I let her leash out to its full length.  The weight of the links is not truly substantial, but when fastened to a nose clip, it soon becomes a real trial to suffer and so she did her best to avoid making the chain swing back and forth and tug even more than it already was.

I wanted her to fully understand her vulnerability and so took her back to the fence post and clipped the leash to an upper ring, doubling it so that she could not sit down, but had to remain standing with no possible way of escaping.

What a sight she was!  I know I'm very fortunate to be able to play with this lady and so enjoyed the time I had her.

Angel is nothing if not resourceful, and had soon figured out a means to prevent the annoying and constant drag on her septum, by leaning her head back, then grasping the chain between her teeth.  Nevertheless, she remained securely tethered.

I wanted her to have some time to think about her situation and so went off to water the flower pots and plants.  It was a nice day and she certainly wasn't going to stray from where I'd left her.

Pouting at being ignored (and THAT was hard for me to do, I gotta tell you!), she stood passively at the fence, but then, I thought it might be a good idea to hose her down, seeing as how it was pretty hot, even in the shaded area she was in.

When I approached with the hose, she shuddered and backed away as far as the leash permitted, then I gave her a quick initial spray.  She jumped and yelped most delightfully and I decided that more of the same was needed.

By this point, all of the sun-warmed water in the hose had been used and what now came out of the nozzle was quite cool, so, when it hit her hot skin she gasped and shuddered, displaying her beautiful body to its best.

Angel is a delight to the eye at any time and so to watch her shudder and struggle, gasping and yelping from the impact of the cold spray, was a visual treat that is hard to find an equal to.

I varied the types of sprays and watched with interest while she twisted and turned her torso attempting to somehow get away.

No matter what she tried, Angel remained securely leashed to the fence post and at one point slipped a little on the wet grass, jerking very firmly on the nose clamp.  Of course this elicited a short scream of pain and continuing gasps and sobs while  she struggled to find a stable footing.

There's no doubt that she was unhappy with my antics using the garden hose, and I have little doubt that had she been free of her restraints, I'd have been in a bad situation and soon have had some body parts that I am particularly fond of removed.

Her displeasure and dismay at being treated as she was, was pretty evident, both from her yelps and occasional snarling responses to the cold water hitting her wonderfully prominent and beautiful breasts and body.

There was no hope of evasion for her and I continued to play the cold stream of water over her skin for some time , making her fight to get away from it.  She couldn't ... of course.

This was just the first act of the day's play though!  I kept Angel on her leash, fastened to the fence for quite a while then it was time to get her inside and begin the preparations for a full and comprehensive enclosure and imprisonment in my creation ... The Creature.

I easily and quickly disconnected her from the fence post (something she was incapable of doing herself), then led her back inside for the next phase of her 'training' and torment.