The Training of Angel - Part One

(Angel: A Horse Woman In My Back Yard)





- LOADED 10th AUGUST, 2010 -

Angel is a lovely and vivacious lady in all respects.  We've known each other for a few years and have always enjoyed each other's company.  I knew right from the beginning that THIS was a lady with hidden and ferocious depths, despite her sweet appearance and delightful persona.  She, I suppose, sensed that there were (and are) hidden reservoirs within MY personality and so for a few years we sparred back and forth, teasing and getting to know each other better, but the challenge was there, and instinctively we both knew it.

I'd told Angel a little more about The Creature and its capabilities each time we met and thought that I detected a flickering interest, but it took a while until we really began to chat, casually at first, about her actually taking a 'ride' in TC.  Angel at last decided to take the plunge and so it was arranged that she and Mistress Marlene would come over on the 14th July, 2009 for a full-on set of shoots.

Before going for the whole enchilada though, we agreed that it would be a good idea for her to become familiar with the feeling of wearing the harness, and so we were soon engaged in getting her into it.  Angel has a real horse and happily rides it when she can, so this transition was an interesting one for her to undergo.

The bit, bridle, blinkers and reins are the primary means of controlling a Human Horse Woman with full authority, but a horse doesn't have hands and so I immediately took them away from her.  A collar and ankle cuffs definitely added even more to the message that she was no longer her own person, but now an animal to be controlled firmly and perhaps cruelly.  Being the person she is, Angel instantly recognized that I WOULD treat her with great firmness and authority and be as cruel with her training as I felt necessary.


Whenever I deal with a horse woman,. particularly one as strongly-spirited as Angel. I insist that she wear a full and REAL horse's bit.  This is done for a couple of reasons .... 1 - the bit provides instant directional control, no matter how much she may not want to go where I direct .... 2 - The bit can easily be employed as a disciplinary device and, 3 - perhaps most importantly, it partially gags her and renders almost all of her attempts at coherent speech impossible.

Certainly, Angel could scream and try to talk, but all she managed was to make horse-like noises and drool uncontrollably.

I clipped her reins to an overhead ring so that she realized that she was most definitely my possession, and, with her hands locked to the waist cinch behind her back, she was utterly unable to escape.  I told her then that this would always be the case when I dealt with a female, human equine.

The weather that day was wonderful for out of doors shooting and although she was a reluctant to be taken out into my back yard, the demands of the reins to her bit permitted only the very smallest of resistance and after a couple of vigorous snaps of the lines, she followed me out onto the grass.  Her ankle shackles ensured that she was careful of her footing, but I permitted her little time to become accustomed to them.

As mentioned above. one of the lovely effects of the real bits I employ, beside their capacity for firm and sometimes painful discipline, is the fact that they prohibit any sort of clear or intelligible speech.  Angel immediately discovered this when she attempted to tell me that her hobbling chain and ankle cuffs were becoming painful when I forced her to walk at any kind of speed.  Of course I heard were bit-strangled gasps and whinnies when she tried to get me to pay attention to her, but she was my animal and possession and I intended that she should recognise that as quickly as possible.

Although she was worried that my neighbours would see her in harness, on a set of leashing reins and being trained, she soon forgot her useless concerns when I snapped the reins repeatedly.  The bit flapped within her mouth when I did and even though she attempted to bite down on it to stop it from happening, it was useless and so she had to concentrate on the task at hand ... some strict dressage and rein acclimatization training.

Occasionally, she forgot herself and wanted to go HER way, but all of these desires and attempts came to nothing, for the reins jerked on her bit, demanding that she follow their guidance, no matter what SHE wanted.  She had become my animal and was treated as such.  I wanted nothing more from her than unquestioning obedience to my demands and standards and was prepared to use whatever means was necessary to get what I wanted.

It was a hot afternoon and about an hour after we'd begun, I led her to the fence for some rest; tying her reins off to rings set in the posts for that exact purpose.  Kept without the use of her hands, Angel felt her captivity deeply and her submissive side came into full bloom.  Even so, she fought the captivity of the sturdy reins, snorting and gasping with effort to escape them.

Angel had eventually made her feelings about wearing the ankle cuffs and hobble chain quite plain, so I removed them, but immediately re-applied them to her arms, just above the elbows, cinching the cuffs into a snug encirclement so that she'd be constantly aware of their restriction.  The joining chain was connected to rings on the shoulder harness, pulling her elbows together a little, and although she grunted and attempted to protest this addition, there was nothing she could do to stop it from happening.

An additional benefit of this change of bondage for her arms was to make her stick out her breasts to even fuller prominence and vulnerability, something she didn't want, but could not stop from happening.

Angel had been somewhat slow to respond to some of my rein commands and even the explicit voice ones so I brought out the buggy whip to show her that I intended that she obey speedily and with enthusiasm.  She yelped and howled delightfully, fighting her reins and bondage to avoid the snapping little strikes of the whip

Fastened by her reins to the fence posts as she was, Angel could only twist a little from side to side in futile attempts to avoid the light slashes of the whip across her delightfully-presented and strap-enhanced buttocks.  Each time the whip caressed her, she made the most interesting of bit-strangled yelps and jumped against her restraints and harness, fighting them to somehow avoid what was coming.  She was held securely though and didn't escape.

After the light discipline, I left her to contemplate her new role, then some 15 minutes later, decided it was time to put her on a lunge rein for some additional exercise.

Being driven, rather than led, was a new experience for her as a Horse Woman and she reacted well, to the directional control instructions that the reins and bit made so easy to enforce

Being freed of the oppressive hobbling chain and painful ankle shackles, Angel responded quickly and was soon prancing at the end of her lunge rein, lifting her feet high in a proud pace.

Having the reins, from behind, directing her around the yard was quite a different experience, and we did that for about a half hour, then I switched the lines back to the front, for a more direct and even firmer control of her movements.

Angel couldn't see my eyes glittering behind the concealment of my sun glasses while I made her dance in harness before me, then, when I allowed her a rest and looked down into her lovely, widely-staring and sometimes frightened-looking eyes, framed by the blinkers and bridle, it was a true pleasure.

It was hard work for Angel.  The harness is heavy, tight and very strict in its control, so it was soon time to again take her to the fence to be fastened for another short rest, but this time it was the back fence, out in the full sun of the afternoon.

As is always the case when she was fastened to the restraint rings, there was no possible way for her to escape her captivity and that alone ensured she remained constantly aware of her owned and animal status. THAT was something I required of her and she had to accept.

For a few moments, she stood passively at the fence, then got bored and decided it was time to see if she could fight her way off the leashing of her reins.  Despite the fact that Angel is a physically strong woman, neither the reins nor any part of the harness failed and so she remained securely held as my tethered prisoner.  I left her alone, helpless and bound, harnessed securely, in the back yard for another while, just to reinforce the message that she was a Human Horse Woman, not a free lady.

The bit and rein combination kept her from struggling too much and when she tried to turn her head to the side of course they ensured that there was a clearly defined limit.  Watching her attempts to escape the controlling harnesses and the simple leather straps and snap hooks was a most enjoyable thing to see.

After she'd tested her freedom, even kicking a little, Angel eventually became resigned to the fact of her captivity and settled down, although, like a true horse, shaking her head occasionally to try and ease the constant disciplining of her bit.  The one I employed for this initial training has a deeply-penetrating mouth 'spoon' that covered her tongue and even the slightest rotation of the bit arms made her acutely aware of its power to make her do as I wished.  It either forced her tongue firmly down into the floor of her mouth, or pressed very uncomfortably up into her palate.

One last experiment was in order.  I threaded the reins through the appropriate harness rings so that when I pulled on them, they pressed firmly against and into her breasts and nipples, ensuring that she was fully aware of her femaleness.  Again, there was no way for her to avoid this happening, and thus the message of her vulnerability was definitive.

Each time I tugged on the reins, while they were arranged in this manner, Angel couldn't help making small instinctive yelps against the intrusive bit, shuddering a little and attempting yet again to escape what was happening.  Perhaps that was the most responsive she was that afternoon, for the very intimacy and impersonality of the smooth leather straps attacking her breasts must have been a shock.

Soon after, I called it a day, and we went back inside.  Angel came out of the harness quite quickly and was glad to be freed of its oppressive restriction, particularly the bit and bridle.  She soon disappeared for a shower, then we had a great dinner and talked about what was next to come, now that she had some small idea of what The Creature Harness was like to be a prisoner of.