- 20th February, 2009 -

I've had the good fortune to meet (but not yet face to face, although soon, I hope) another of the icons of the UK fetish scene ... JULIE MORGAN and SHE is a lady that is so adventurous and willing to try stuff, that it's incredible. Julie and her guy, John, obviously get a lot of joy playing and below, you'll see a selection of images that show how much fun they have :-). Enjoy!

The pix immediately below certainly fit the description of a "wall flower" , but definitely not in the classical sense of the term! The potential here is pretty mind blowing from both Julie's point of view and anyone who might happen upon her in this situation.

With silence being golden, Julie just has to endure until some kindly soul happens along to relieve her distress by any means that come to mind.

A little variation on a theme here, where Julie gets to experience another form of body and breast restraint. Although nicely ringed nipples can be fun things to possess ... they're NOT ... when their chains are used to control their possessor.

Julie has been fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on you being put in the situations pictured below) to be well-endowed by Mother Nature, but her attributes are used against her as can be seen. With the application of ring/gear clamps that were then mercilessly tightened until they couldn't be removed, she finds out just how much trouble large breasts can be.

With the addition of her full body, metal chastity harness over the severely tightened breast cinches, she's not getting out of her fix any time soon. Talk about sensory stimulation and then limitation of movement!

Despite her growing distress, a head cage gag and collar arrangement is soon fastened in place and she is pretty much done for the day.

Continuing with the theme of silence, Julie gets fitted with a gag that prevents her from sticking out her tongue, but at the same time though, it prohibits the insertion of a mouth filling device of whatever ilk :-).

AH! My favourites ... a collar, leash and hand cuffs. What more can one ask for and then use upon a favourite lady?

Gas masks are an added facet to Julie's travails, many times worn over a locked in place gag. She is not a happy camper when suffering this kind of session ... but then, a little breath control makes it even more fun.

Here's a few miscellaneous situations for your beady little eyes to devour :-).

Duct tape is quick and dirty for any type of gagging situation, but damn it, it works like stink! Julie discovers how effective it is when her breasts receive yet more attention. A little constriction and some compression certainly get her attention.

Ah yes ... email and getting it answered in a timely fashion ... You can see below how Julie is set up to answer any of your letters, should you feel the urge to contact her (juliel8x@fsmail.net), and I know she'd like to hear from you all.

It's amazing what can be done with a plastic bag, as Julie discovers while rooting around in the kitchen one day.

The Not So Tender Trap ... with such lovely large breasts and their ringed nipples, a little special treatment is required to enhance her awareness, and it sure as hell does. The damned things REALLY smart, even if gently applied, and when the traps tug and flop back and forth, well, it's time again for a gag ... and to tie her hands behind her back.

Suspension by her breasts is always a visual treat for we observers, but not quite the same thrill for the one to which it happens. Julie spends a little time preparing herself for what is to come, but is not truly ready for what happens when the ropes tighten.

Lawn Ornamentation wasn't really on the agenda that afternoon, but John had other ideas and Julie was soon staked out in the front yard, getting a sun tan.

A-frames are normally associated with some sort of dwelling, but in Julie's case have another application. Of course, she's unable to go anywhere when fastened like this for the night, but she IS ready for any attention her husband may wish to render.

As can be seen in the pic, right above and left, below, Julie is trying out a new Head Box and seems to be somewhat anxious about it.

Below, Julie tries out a more mechanically oriented gagging system. A nasty piece of work to be sure.

Here, Julie gets fitted with a different type of restraint, and seems to find it of interest :-).

Pump-up gags are also employed to keep her in tune with a peaceful environment and she knows that the more noise she attempts to make, the bigger the gag will get.

A collar is always a definite asset, especially when the lady to whom it is applied cannot get it off all be herself. All that's needed, then, is a leash :-).

A new pair of ballet-toed boots is an opportunity for some more pix and Julie shows them off as well as a full-body strap ensemble and her spiked collar. Being locked on, she isn't going very far very fast and so a trip to the shops is definitely not in the cards.

Some days are just a bitch, through and through. One too many complaints about having to make dinner put her in this fix.

Once collared and leashed, Julie was taken out to the back patio and fastened to her ring on a short leash, given her bowl of gruel and informed that that's where she's spend the night.

And that was it for her until the next morning's frolics began.

And ... one final thing ... Julie is not only a bondage model, nor just a pretty face, but she is also a lady who creates both BALL GAGS and her own brand of SHOE RESTRAINTS. If you'd like to get some of these for your own Toy Collection, Please write to her at: juliel8x@fsmail.net

Here's some pix of the equipment she creates and models so well.