Play With Mistress Marlene: 10 July, 2008


- 10th February, 2009 -

Over the past year, Mistress Marlene and I have been slowly exploring the capabilities of The Creature and how she can make it do what she wants it to. It's been an interesting experience for us both, needless to say! Mistress Marlene is not a gear head, but is intrigued with the manner in which technology (i.e. The Creature and all of its associated equipment) can be employed to heighten and enhance a sensory experience, as well as to control and subjugate the person imprisoned within it.

I, being the person I am, and having created it for my own 'entertainment', want to experience TC's capabilities as frequently as can be managed, but those times are rare, unfortunately. However, we have plans for further explorations with TC in various configurations and situations and then we'll get down to some pretty seriously-intentioned play, but that may not be recorded, and if it is, may not be made public.

We set up a photo and video session for the 10 July, 2008. Rubbert (my tech support guy and still photographer) came over from The Island with Mistress Marlene and her videographer friend Christian and away we went after first sitting down and going over the plans for the day.

Pretty soon thereafter I got into the rubber under suit and a rubber skirt, then was leashed and chained to present the proper image of a 'subject' waiting for the arrival of 'The Mistress'.

The day was sunny and hot and so being fully enclosed in a black rubber ensemble, complete with helmet, the skirt, over the suit and thigh boots, gave me only a limited duration outside. Upon looking again at the middle picture (below), it's apparent I should have also worn a rubber corset!

Mistress Marlene 'arrived' and so it started. I met her at the door and was soon taken down to the Whine Cellar, thanks to her having a firm hand on the chain leash to my collar and belt.

Although dressed as I normally prefer, Mistress Marlene required a change to the costuming and immediately made me very aware of her newest demands.

Her instructions were specific and strongly worded, then she sat back and watched while I did as she required.

The first parts to be changed were my boots, exchanged from the zip-up to the fully-laced thigh high ones. This took a while, for there is no easy way to get into the lace-up boots, then it was time to fit the stirrup-type ankle cuffs.

The Waist Cinch was next, then came the crotch piece with the vacuum-electrical penile tube and bi-polar butt plug. To ensure that I was fully inserted into the tube, the end cap was slipped on, then the vacuum pump was activated for a couple of minutes, sucking voraciously and pulling me deeply into the contact gel-lubricated interior.

The sensation was pleasantly intense, but it was time for the next parts of the ensemble to be added: the shoulder harness and vacuum-electrical breast cups.

The electrolyte contact gel was quickly spread around the rim and onto the nipple electrodes, then each cup was slipped into its aperture in the rubber cat suit and the holding arrangement on the chest harness followed immediately.

Once the breast cups were properly positioned, the shoulder harness was tightened to ensure a solid, air tight fit.

It was time to get serious and after being re-collared, she fitted me with the urethral electrode version of the end cap, ensuring that the full length of the intrusive shaft penetrated me fully. It doesn't hurt to do the insertion, but when someone else does it, then the whole scene dynamic changes dramatically.

I climbed onto the stool and began to get hooked up to the suspending springs.

Connecting the springs to my harness went speedily, then I waited for the next part of the bondage process to be enacted. Already knowing a little of the depth of Mistress Marlene's cruel streak, I was beginning to get more than a little nervous about what was soon to come.

The vacuum hoses and e-stim cables were rapidly connected to my breast cups, butt plug and penile tube, then came the wide thigh cuffs.

She then brought over the first gas mask I was to wear and I fitted it to my head and face, ensuring an air tight seal.

We tried another, just to ensure that all would work, then it was back to the first one, and this time it was locked on.

It was time to get fully positioned ... this time, laying on my back, fully-suspended and with legs held wide-spread, adding incredibly to my sensations of helplessness and vulnerability, even though ... for the moment ... I could still escape the bondage. THAT was soon to change!

I was getting closer and closer to the point of no return when Mistress Marlene lifted my thighs and hooked on their suspension springs then fitted me with thick, black rubber gloves. To ensure that I had no chance of getting at any of my fastenings, my hands were slid into tight, heavily-padded rubber isolation mitts, rendering my already tightly gloved fingers and hands utterly useless.

There was no no possible way to escape just by my own efforts. The gloves' long gauntlets were sealed away under the zipped closed arms of the rubber suit, then snugly-closed hand cuffs ensured that the zippers could not be opened.

Ceiling-mounted chains were connected to my wrist cuffs so that my hands and arms were held off to the sides, thus making sure that I was unable to get them anywhere near my body, then she walked around, carefully inspecting the entire arrangement. By this point I was already panting with nervousness, but could only hang there in mid-air before her and wait with mushrooming fear and anticipation of what was soon to come.

Fastened as I was, I did not see her move to the Control Panel, but very soon knew she was beginning her 'therapy'! Small, shuddering and pulsing shocks began to convulse and needle through my nipples and breasts. I'll try below to give some idea of what it felt like on them,with colours denoting increasing intensity ...

Bbbuuzzz-bbbuuzzz-buuzzzzzz!!! ZZZZIIPP-ZZZZIIPP-ZZZAAPPP! Bbbuuzzz-bbbuuzzz-buuzzzzz!!! ZZZZIIPP-ZZZZIIPP-ZZZAAPPP! Bbuuzzz-bbbuuzzz-buuzzzzz!!! ZZZZIIPP-ZZZZIIPP-ZZZAAPPP! Bbbuuzzz-bbbuuuzzz-buuzzzz!!! ZZZZIIPP-ZZZZIIPP-ZZZAAPPP! and on and on and on! ... The electro-shock didn't stop, although she occasionally turned it down for a few seconds before bringing the power levels to higher and higher settings!

Mistress Marlene had just begun though for the penile tube electrics and butt plug hadn't escaped her attention and soon I felt the e-stim beginning down there. I gasped at first then began to yell from her remote disciplining, thrashing frantically against the restricting and suspending springs, but she kept gradually increasing the strength of the pulses until I was nearly screaming ...


The sensations she forced me to experience were indescribable!! My reactions couldn't be helped for over the next minutes, the sets of shocks to both my breasts and crotch electrics grew stronger and stronger, making me twist and writhe in distress in mid-air. I was unable to stop the yelps then howls they made me utter, but there was no escaping them, nor did she cease her experimentation, but just smiled happily and continued adjusting the power upward.

No matter how hard I pulled on the springs in desperate attempts to get at the cups and crotch plate of the tormenting harness, I could get nowhere near them and only succeeded in bouncing wildly in mid-air. Mistress Marlene quelled my rebellion with sharp and sudden increases of shocks, and still shuddering from their strength, I tried to settle down.

This was just the beginning phase though!

The shocks slowly died back to a level that I could handle without too much in the way of physical reaction and I was left to percolate slowly for a few minutes. Far too soon she turned on the first vacuum pump and I immediately felt an extremely strong vacuum begin to suck both the breast cups strongly onto my chest in a slightly oscillating manner that came close to releasing the cup's leech-like attachment...

SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk-SSSuuuuccckkk ... it didn't stop for a second!

Suddenly, the vacuum came on the penile tube and I felt it instantly engulf me, then begin sucking on the only moveable part, the shaft of supremely sensitized flesh it contained! I gasped from the sensation when tube sealed itself onto my belly under the crotch piece and rubber suit, driving the urethral sound fully into me! It couldn't be escaped! I was pulled inexorably further and further along the awful tube, becoming more and more impaled.

I'd almost forgotten the low level e-stim. She had not. Mistress Marlene's attention returned to the e-stim part of the Control Panel, now that she was assured by my movements that the vacuum was functioning as she wanted it to, and she began once more to adjust the controls: changing stimulation patterns and gradually raising the power levels! My spastic movements couldn't be controlled for my body automatically attempted to avoid the strong sensations.

I tried to separate the sensations of e-stim and vacuum from each other in my mind, but that exercise was a hopeless one for I was slowly but surely being overwhelmed by her evermore sophisticated torment, first attending to my breasts and nipples ...

Bbbuuzzz-SSSuuuuccckkk-bbbuuzzz-buuzzzzzz!!! SSSuuuuccckkk ZZZZIIPP-SSSuuuuccckkk-ZZZZIIPP-ZZZAAPPP SSSuuuuccckkk! Bbbuuzzz-SSSuuuuccckkk-bbbuuzzz-buuzzzzzz!!! SSSuuuuccckkk ZZZZIIPP-SSSuuuuccckkk-ZZZZIIPP-ZZZAAPPP SSSuuuuccckkk! Bbbuuzzz-SSSuuuuccckkk-bbbuuzzz-buuzzzzzz!!! SSSuuuuccckkk ZZZZIIPP-SSSuuuuccckkk-ZZZZIIPP-ZZZAAPPP SSSuuuuccckkk!

... then to the penile tube ...


I suppose I became a little crazy by that point and just wailed, shuddering and writhing frantically.

I bounced madly in the suspending spring arrangement, but she, apparently, just smiled and continued to adjust the inputs, watching closely to see what settings made me jump and scream the most dramatically.

The sensations were extremely intense, causing me to fight strongly to escape them (of course THAT was totally impossible, as intended) and with the breath control that the respirator enforced, I soon began to get exhausted. Mistress Marlene called for a short rest after about 15 minutes of torment, then decided it was time I wore a different mask ... one that rendered me fully blind.

I really didn't want to be masked again, particularly in that one, but suspended and fastened as I was, I could do little to stop her from fitting me with it. To ensure that I knew I was hers, she adjusted the e-stim so that I kept on being subjected to strong shocks from the breast cups and penile tube while she strapped the mask tightly over my face. It had a sort of horrible inevitability to it and ensured that I knew she was the one in control.

Mistress Marlene is a very tactile person and so, while I jumped and yelled before her in mid-air, she adjusted the e-stim machines to a higher setting, then came over and caressed my rubber coverings, feeling the muscles beneath tensing and shuddering while the automated torment went on and on!

I really didn't want to wear the mask and be totally blind and cut off, but she was adamant that I WOULD wear it and soon, despite trying to twist my head to avoid having it locked over my face, she had it fitted while I continued to wail and twist from the strong e-stim assaulting my nipples and breast and the other strong e-stim from the butt plug and penile tube.

Being unable to see, I could only feel her hands on me, but I faintly her her chuckle when particularly strong sets of pulses transfixed me and I fought madly but uselessly to evade them.

What an incredible set of circumstances! She was the boss, without question, and a cruelly-intentioned one at that, ensuring that I knew I was hers to do with as she wished. My howls and mad thrashing didn't elicit one iota of sympathy from her while she just stood and watched me with another happy smile of complete ownership.

We both enjoyed shooting the video and the semi-serious play involved in doing it (I'm no actor and so needed the real input), but we eventually had enough footage 'in the can', and then it was time for her to play some mental games ... an area in which she excels.

The strong vacuum and terrifying shocks eventually died away and she left me to hang in blackness and solitude, slowly recovering my breath, but then, many minutes later, it all started again! This time all of the sensations became far stronger than I had expected ... and didn't stop!

I heard the door to the Whine Cellar closed, then nothing else, other than the noises of the springs and chains when I fought against them, and my own increasingly frantic howls to have the torment stopped ... but now ... I was alone in the room; helpless in my suspension and inescapably restrained while the unrelenting, pitiless torment went on and on!

Finally, she returned and shut off the e-stim and vacuum to leave me dangling in quivering gratitude, gasping against the restriction of the ventilator-supplied air flow. Soon enough the gas mask was removed and I began to get out of the bondage situation I had so willingly gotten myself into.

It had been a long, long day and I immediately headed for the shower, then got a cold beer and a cigarette.

Here below, is a link to a short, low resolution promotional clip of the session, and if you're at all interested, you can see the full, 33 minute long video via streaming video on the link shown below.

- To see both the high resolution promo clip and the Full Length (33 min.) video, go HERE -