- 24th October, 2007 - Uploaded: 20 December, 2008 -

I have a lovely lady friend here in the Lower Mainland of BC who is not only adventurous, but also incredibly curious, and, upon her first meeting with The Creature, soon came to want a ride in it. Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige :-).

We set the date for her session and on the appointed day, began with the basics ... the waist cinch and then the shoulder harness.

After we'd gotten them organized, then came the vacuum/electrical breast cups, then the bipolar butt plug, followed immediately after by the electrical dildo. She was beginning to get some idea of what was to come, just from the physical sensations generated by the application and insertion of the various equipment and there was a lot of nervous laughter on her part.

It was time to test the hoist and when she was drawn off the floor, all the gear came into a more firm and relentless contact, generating some pretty interesting expressions.

With the breast cup vacuum cup hoses connected and a short test, Felicity was then ready to be taken up into the position she'd be kept in for the next couple of hours ... floating on her back at the ends of the springs, legs vulnerably wide-spread and pretty much readied for what was soon to come.

As always, I did my version of a 'walk around', ensuring that all was as it should be and checking with her for areas that were uncomfortable, for there is good pain and bad pain, and I insist on inflicting only the good kind :-).

It was time for the finishing touch ... the breath-controlling gas mask, and, fastened in the manner she was, she couldn't resist it being strapped into place over her face. She struggled a little while it was sealed on, but soon calmed down when it became apparent that she could breathe easily.

The bubbler bottle was used this time around and although it looks fairly innocuous, breathing through it requires a slight but constant effort, and with every breath taken, a very distinct noise is created, adding even more to the whole session.

Felicity writhed and yelped delightfully, then, as can be seen, I added a tensioning spring to the tip ring of her Inhibitor Bar. With her every twist, bounce and for that matter, any other movement, the spring dragged on the IB, making the rigidly attached internal dildo move also, at the same time the electrical impulses surged through her loins. It was a sort of perpetual motion machine and she soon couldn't stop herself.

And there she stayed, attempting to get used to her situation. I encouraged her to try and escape and she did, but without assistance, there she stayed. It was almost time to begin ...

With mild e-stim being applied then a little vacuum added, it was time for a bit of 'vibration therapy' and this was done by using a vibrator sander on both the short Inhibitor Bar and the leather crotch shield. Felicity made some pretty interesting gyrations and wonderfully erotic sounds when she moved, for the IB was spring anchored to the floor. Every time she began to thrash about, both the IB and the mechanically attached dildo changed their alignment, adding yet more sensation, as intended.

The gas mask became really oppressive after an hour or two, and so it was removed and her ride in TC continued.

The vacuum was turned up (as can be seen from the deformed shape of the cup) as was the e-stim and Felicity soon found that the sensations she was being forced to endure were, to say the least bloody intense.

A ride in TC is a lot of hard work, for the sensory overload can be mind blowing, as can be seen from the expressions in the right and centre pix, and then when I told her that we'd reached the end, she was a most happy camper.

We had a lot of fun that day and remain good friends, with plans for another ride to come.