- 21 June, 2008 -

First, I should mention that my time of Rest & Relaxation on Tenerife in June, 2008, was just what was needed after bouncing around Germany for 10 days and beginning to feel somewhat akin to a ping-pong ball. Fortunately, I cannot just veg out as many do, for my kink creative drive never seems to rest, and so, over the nine days I was visiting my very good friend Matthias, I at last got busy on a project that has been rattling around in the back of my mind for a long time ... the creation of a Storage Case-Coffin.

Over the years I've had a few very brief experiences playing with coffins and isolation containments of various types, to say nothing of having written quite many stories on this topic (some of which I continue to sell privately: Sentenced to the Sarcophagus, Curing Kayo's Temptation, Bondage Bed, Controlling Christine, etc., etc., etc.) - and so my 'need for speed' has eventually resulted in the planning for the actual creation of a device I call the STORAGE CASE-COFFIN (SC-C). The sessions with other folk's toys were never truly enough for me in terms of duration and intensity, and thus originated the impetus to create a device that would TRULY be a mind blower.

My primary concept encompasses total isolation combined with FULL immobilization and I intend to add to the mixture (of course!). The SC-C will be as airtight as I can make it, and thus will make the wearing of a gas mask an absolute requirement. Naturally, the mask will go on over a snug rubber helmet, and a full enclosure, rubber suit and ballet boots will be worn. Over top will be the complete 'Creature' harness and ALL of it's e-stim and vacuum applications will be connected to the SC-C's internal fittings, then from the outer side of the access panel at one end to the Main Control Panel.

Breathing air will be supplied by the respirator, or through the bubbler columns, and I eventually hope to have a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) integrated to run the e-stim, vacuum, audio and visual inputs, so that the SC-C will then become a 'set it and forget it' containment/imprisonment/'therapy' device.

Once strapped down, and I mean FULLY, then sealed inside (a cranked-down latching mechanism with no internal access), the occupant can then easily be left to be 'entertained' for a day or two with no worries about escape ... or noise emerging from within the SC-C.

Speaking of noise ... as can be seen from my rather poorly-rendered sketches (please excuse the colours - I had to make my own kinky colouring book, then try to stay inside the lines :-) ) ... there will be a minimum of 8" (20 cm) of sound insulation on all sides of the SC-C. This should ensure that no external sounds will penetrate to the internal cavity and occupant, but, more importantly, no howling, screaming or pleading from within will be able to be heard on the outside.

It'll be just a big, silent case.

As well, the occupant will be fitted with a custom-created, oral cavity block (gag, if you prefer) and ear buds, prior to being fitted with the gas/air mask. These additions will also act to keep any noises to a very low level and supply sound stimulation ... or not. Of course there will be an internal microphone so that any noises originating from within can be heard, or, again not, as the Controller/Administrator/Therapist wishes.

I'm not totally silly, and so there will be a 'Panic Switch' available inside internal cavity ... BUT ... this will be made a little difficult to activate, and if used, will exact a truly nasty price for doing so ... intense e-stim and vacuum for some minutes before the Alert Indicator Light is illuminated ... a nice touch, I think, of predicament bondage and a no pain, no gain arrangement.

Video also may or may NOT be supplied to the occupant, by means of a set of video glasses that are integrated with the gas mask (my thanks to Grimly_Feendish for THAT idea :-)!) and so with all of the above being said the SC-C becomes a total control environment.

OK ... enough of my babbling and drooling for the moment... here below are the drawings of what I plan to build over the Summer :-).

And there you have the overview of what I'll soon be busy building. I enjoy the creative process a great deal and this will be a fun project, and THEN ... I get to play in it :-)!