- 3rd December, 2007: Uploaded 10 April, 2008 -

The last time I'd had any play time for ME in The Creature took place away back in April, 2007 and so when RUBBERT sent me an email at the end of November and said that he and Mistress Marlene were coming to see me on the 3rd December, I was a very happy camper indeed :-). Rubbert acted as the photographer, tech. support and safety person and I thank him for his wonderful contribution to making the scene that is detailed below. Without his willing assistance, it would not have happened.

I am deeply indebted to Mistress Marlene for her willingness to come and play and thank her profusely. She is a most potent personality with a wonderfully creative streak of true sadism ... one that I hope to experience more deeply as we get to know one another better.

They arrived around 08:45 and by 09:30 I was deeply involved in putting on the components that make up The Creature. As this progressed, I began to need more and more assistance, for I was almost, but not quite, able to manage it myself.

Process and ceremonial are big things in our lives, and particularly so when it comes to scene sessions, for it gets us into the proper head space ... i.e. half the fun is getting there, and with this in mind we all took a a relaxed view to getting me fully into The Creature. Soon enough, I was fully encased, other than the helmeted gas mask, then I was hooked up to the hoist and lifted into a full suspension. The suspending springs were quickly connected to the harness and I lay quietly, blind-folded, while the arm corsets and other additions were applied.

Mistress Marlene has an incredible presence and aura; easily making all situations her own when she arrives and I was no different. I willingly let myself fall under her spell when I felt her gentle hands caressing me through the rubber helmet and suit, even though her possessive grasp of my vacuum-electrical penile tube wasn't felt at all. Nor did I see her happy smile when she held it, knowing of the power she had available with a mere twitch of the control knobs.

At this point, I was still able (but very definitely unwilling, crazy as I am) to escape what was to come. That changed as soon as the inflatable ball mitts were fitted, then the arm corsets were laced closed, all the way up my arms. To add to the security, a pair of heavy cuffs was soon clamped around my wrists and locked.

As soon as they were fastened, long springs were connected to them so that no matter how much I might try, there was to be no way I would be permitted to get my now useless, ball-mitted hands anywhere near the appliances that would soon torment me.

Suspended and spread vulnerably, there was nothing I could do to avoid her and Rubbert connecting the vacuum hoses and electrical cables to The Creature and even the small, nervous struggles I made while they did, only caused me to bounce gently up and down.

Mistress Marlene spent a long time inspecting how I was so helplessly confined, moving a little in mid-air, letting me stew with anticipation. There was a final addition yet to be made ... the helmeted gas mask connected to the respirator. I shivered with some worry, for this is a MOST controlling and oppressive thing to have to wear, but she was insistent that it be done and now, I no longer had any choice.

In minutes, the helmet had been slipped over my already rubber-encased head and I felt the gas mask's inner face cup pressing firmly onto my already covered face, sealing fully. The ventilator had been turned on and when the green-tagged hoses were connected to the mask, I had to begin breathing to the cadence forced by the machinery.

I felt her touching and caressing me again and then there was nothing for long moments, until, suddenly, the vacuum to the breast cups came on at full strength and I felt them suck very strongly at my breasts and chest! It wasn't painful, at first, but soon the horrible drag began to get worse and I automatically writhed to try and escape their continual strong vacuum, but with every twist I made, they only sucked tighter and tighter!

That wasn't the end though, for, at the Control Panel, she next turned on the vacuum for the penile tube and suddenly I felt as though it was devouring me! Oh shit! Oh my God!! I thought I was going to be torn apart from the awful things leeching themselves onto me!

Just the vacuum was intense, but she was nowhere near done for I slowly became aware of the tickling of small electrical stimulations through both my breasts and nipples and through my crotch. The pulses grew stronger and stronger, making me thrash a little frantically in mid-air, utterly unable to escape the sensations she was forcing me to endure.


My wails of distress and mad gyrations in mid-air, all controlled by her, only served to ignite Mistress Marlene's sadistic side, and so she took great delight while slowly increasing the electrical stimulation. Eons later, the shocks died away to a still disturbing, but bearable level, and I hung gasping and hoarse from my exertions, yet with my breathing still controlled by the respirator. Finally, I could take no more of the oppressive machine and asked for a short rest.

She relented and soon I was free of the regulating gas mask, still suffering the low level pulsing from the two Erostech, ET-312, e-stim machines. She wasn't prepared to let me have too much of a respite though and soon had arranged to have my leg bondage changed, then I was fitted with another mask and breath control system ... the bubbler bottle.

Once she was satisfied that I remained completely helpless, Mistress Marlene returned to the Control Panel, leaving me to hang in terrified anticipation of what was coming. The new bondage position was a little less demanding and more comfortable, but there was still no possible way to release myself.

The suspended sitting arrangement is reminiscent of the kind of arrangement enforced by being in a gynaecological examination chair and I began to appreciate the sense of vulnerability that that kind of furniture imposes.

Each breath I took caused a strong bubbling noise and my breathing remained slightly restricted ... gasping slowly while I waited endlessly long minutes for it all to start once more.

With a happy and evil laced smile I couldn't see, she once more began to apply the awful vacuum and disciplining electrical punishment, relishing every frantic movement and gasping wail I made.

Seated as I was made the intensity of the electrical pulsing even more disturbing and although I attempted to close my legs and somehow avoid the suction and shocks, the only thing that happened was that I bounced uselessly within the suspending network of springs, all the while gasping frantically for breath between moans and howls of inescapable sensory awareness.

At last the whole incredible process came to an end and I was left to hang there, alone and helpless, yet still being constantly tormented by the low level electrical shocks flowing trough my body. I don't know how much longer I was left there, but it seemed forever.

Some four hours after it had begun, I was finally freed of my predicament and went for a well needed shower. It had been an incredibly strong session, but I want to do it again soon.