-26 January, 2008 -

I'm always in the process of refining various aspects of The Creature and the latest variants to the design are the ELECTRIC ELEPHANT and the MALE MILKER. Just by looking at them, the reasons should be obvious.

Essentially, the Electric Elephant is a flexible, collapsible, vacuum/electrical, penile tube. It acts, initially, to stimulate by shrinking in length when vacuum is applied and released, thus achieving a stroking action, thanks to the corrugations of the hose. It works quite well, but can also be punitive in this action, for it tends to pinch quite nastily on occasion.

Upon close inspection of the middle of the black "T" at the end of the corrugated tube, a small white hole can be seen, and this is where the electrical portion of the device, purchased from the good folks at HAPPYSTIM, is inserted.

Vacuum is supplied by either a high capacity, Gast pump, or the Venus-2000: both selectively activated from the Control Panel.

Below is the electrical part of the device: a bi-polar, urethral electrode and I can tell you that the sensations and stimulation available with this are truly something else!

Depending on the depth of insertion, the sensations experienced change dramatically, for even a fraction of an inch of movement will vary the intensity substantially.

Above left is an over-view of the ensemble and on the centre and right, the insertion of the electrode can be seen.

Above, the inner, end, silver-coloured electrode can be seen protruding from the vacuum tube that seats against the abdominal wall.

The device has been designed so that as the vacuum is increased or decreased, the bi-polar electrode slides in and out along the urethra when the hose collapses or returns to its original length. Thus, the wearer cannot escape the intense, intimate and varying sensations of the e-stim, while at the same time feeling the external sliding and caressing of the rubber hose's corrugations. Jesus! I gotta be nuts! :-)

This isn't the only option available though! As can be seen in the centre and right images, a bi-polar, fully-insertable, butt stimulator can be seen, and, in combination with the urethral device, the sensations are truly mind-blowing.

- The Male Milking Device -

I get these occasional rushes of shit to the brain, and here's what has recently come along :-). As is obvious from the images above and on the rest of the site, I've always been interested in the aspect of non-voluntary male milking, and so, having the basic equipment (it's a REAL cow's milking tube) sitting unused in the Parts Department, I decided to create the device.

Left and Centre is the basic crotch strap design, complete with the external socket for the milker tube. On the right is the secondary shield cover strap piece, if the milker is not to be used immediately. It all snaps together or apart quite readily.

All assembled and ready for a night on the town.

Now to the business end of the assembly. It's a standard cow's milker tube that both sucks and squeezes at the same time and, Jesus! WHAT a sensation! The springs are used to keep the tube securely-mounted in the external socket on the crotch cover, ensuring that it will not come off, even if the vacuum is no longer operating.

Close-ups of the Milker Tube socket, springs and crotch cover system and how it all goes together.

Obviously, the fully-assembled unit and in the bottom row, right, the vacuum hoses have been added. Appearance wise, it's pretty impressive, and sensation wise ... well, you can just imagine. If you can't ... it's a feeling of being completely armoured, tightly-encased, and totally untouchable. About the best I can do for the moment.

On the left, the crotch cover has been added to the waist belt. The right image shows the configuration of the chest harness as well as with the gas mask and bubbler bottle integrated into the ensemble.

The next additions are the vacuum/electrical breast cups, then the hoses to them.

Nearly complete. All that's needed now is the addition of the cables for the e-stim side of the coin: breast cups and the bi-polar butt plug.

And that's the 'static display mode'. Soon enough, I'll wear the rubber over-harness on top of the full rubber cat suit, helmet, gloves, inflatable mitts, and boots.

Of course, having done one of these things for the stripped-down, rubber version of TC, the full harness ALSO needed one as an option and so it was immediately created, complete with E-stim capabilities. Here's a couple of pix of that one as well.

In the three left, above, the contact strips can be seen, descending into the tube.

And, in the four above, some images of the exterior connections of the device.

- Playing With The New Milker Equipment -

It was time to go for a small solo ride, and here's what the Male Milker looks like, once fitted. I already knew that the damned thing was REALLY intense and so with sufficient lube applied to Mr Happy, it immediately socketed itself into position, and although there was no e-stim used with the milker tube ... initially, but definitely in other areas ... the sensation was at first mind-boggling, then quickly became damned nasty when the e-stim came on-line.

I wanted that thing turned off RIGHT NOW! but it just kept right on doing its thing until I at last I managed to get over to the Control Panel and turn it off, for a few minutes, but I left it in place for a while to follow.

Hhhhmmmm ... perhaps I could sell this thing to the prison system to be used on those fucking pedophiles? Just a few all day and all night sessions with it would either cure the bastards, or kill them.

The Play with the Electric Elephant ... I'd hoped to have something a little more substantial ready for this Article, but it was not to be :-(. When I actually do it, I'll use full rubber enclosure and a different mask for the breath control system. Maybe it'll happen in San Francisco.

In the meantime though, I've managed a small solo play and photo-session. The set-up times are enormous for something like this to be done and get half decent results, when compared to the actual amount of time needed to take the pix. Here below is a selection ... a quiet Sunday afternoon in the JG-L Whine Cellar :-).

The initial dressing was completed relatively quickly, then it was time to begin affixing and testing each new component for full functionality, once applied. Damn some of that stuff is finicky.

Once everything was hooked up, the air mask was next and it proved to be quite limiting, but I knew that already and so was prepared.

Some of the settings on the various machines (vacuum pumps, e-stim, breath control) needed tweaking and the experience proved interesting, as the 'tweaking' involved some bloody intense sensations.

It's not that I wasn't expecting it, but the whole environment of being fully-encased in rubber with all of the other stuff happening was a very strict place to be. Ah, the things we techno-kinks do to enjoy life :-).

With vacuum applied to the corrugated Electric Elephant, it did precisely as designed and shrank, then, when the vacuum came off, expanded and pulled the urethral electrode out a little, changing the sensations.

After just a short time, I HAD to sit down on the Controller's Stool and attempt to settle down, even though all the evil stuff was still happening. With the breath control system, I was fully aware of the limitations at all times.

After I'd finished with the Electric Elephant it was then time to use the newest permutation of the Milker tube. I've changed the arrangement of the internal electrodes and this new version is pretty damned wild.

Is this something for everyone? No, not at all. It's harsh to the point of misery at times and can be a real challenge, even though I've played with this stuff and in these situations for many years. Nevertheless, I had fun and that, in the final analysis, is what truly counts.