Event:22 Aug.,2007 Upload: 13 December, 2007

Rubber ... what an interesting material!

I'd again like to thank Rubbert who came over from The Island towards the end of August to help me do a photo-shoot about encasement, both out of doors and inside. Sure, it's much of the same-old, same-old, but I had fun and that's what it's all about. Here's a selection of images from the silly stuff.


First. of course, being the neat freak I most definitely am, I wanted to lay out all of the gear that would be used and ensure that it was all polished, in full dressing order and otherwise ready for me.

Here's the usual set-up in the Whine Cellar, showing a little detail of the interior 'appliances'.

On the left is the business end of the crotch piece, while the centre and right pix show the new cup mounting harness and chastity, all made of 1/4" thick neoprene rubber.

Neck corset and rubber helmet, the gas mask, then again with the electrified breast cups.

Middle and right pix show the cup mounting harness and the bubbler bottle.

On the left, the shoulder length gloves and arm corsets and in the middle, the torso corset. The right side shows the rubber stockings (with individual toes!) and my platform sole, thigh high, lace-up thigh boots.

The whole ensemble is quite impressive, especially when I considered that it wa soon to ALL be fastened around me.

Ready to go, with TC keeping an over-watch and it was time to get on with the dressing, the the equipment systems check ... always an interesting time.


First came the stockings, then the lower portion of the cat suit and before going further, the thigh boots went on as well. Getting the tight and wide rubber belt secured too some doing, and then with everything mounted and inserted, it was time to do a circuit check. Yep! It all worked as per design!

It was time to try out some options ... the neck corset was just a little too long, damn it.


Walking in high heeled boots across a lawn is difficult at the best of times, and the hobble chain added yet another element of difficulty to the my trip out to the leash, but the hobble was soon to be made even more effective.

Once the leash had been threaded trough the central ring of my hobble chain, the gas mask was fitted then connected to the bubbler bottle. Breathing became difficult but not impossible.

At first it wasn't too bad, even though I had to make a distinct effort to breathe against the restriction imposed by the bubbler bottle. I really couldn't move that far or fast, thanks to the limitation of the four metre long chain running leash threaded through the central ring of my ankle hobble chain.

I was fully-encased: removed from the world, isolated within my rubber cocoon, but unable to escape it.

The problem with being on a leash and unable to get off it, is that there is nothing to do, other than walk as best one can along the length of chain. I dared not kneel, for I'd probably been unable to rise again and even if I got close to the anchoring points of the leash, it would be impossible to manipulate even the simplest of closures.

The shoulder length under gloves, covered by first the sleeves of the cat suit then the gauntlets of the inflatable mitts and all over lain by the arm corsets made even thinking about getting out a ridiculous exercise. Then too, the locked on wrist cuffs and their joining chain added yet another layer of security.

It was boring, to say the very least. The only entertainment, if it could be called that, came when the e-stim went active and then, I wanted an immediate return to my previous bored state!

And so there I stayed for the next hour, slowly being broiled inside the suit and mask. I retreated to the shade but was soon driven outward along the leash by encouraging shocks from the e-stim gear,. but at last it ended, just before I collapsed, and I was taken inside to the Whine Cellar for more fun and games.


The bubbler bottle remained fully connected and began to get more than a little worrisome when I had to struggle for each breath, but fastened as I was, I couldn't get away from it!

The main e-stim units were soon connected to my ensemble and I was held securely by the chains to my wrist cuffs, with the hobble chain being locked to a floor ring. Damn this was intense!

Down below, the twinned vacuum hoses were connected and I soon felt the at first welcome tugging and draw on my body. It was OK, at first, then began to get distinctly uncomfortable, and that was added to when the e-stim changed and grew stronger and stronger.

I desperately needed a drink, having sweated buckets inside the suit while out in the hot sun (you can see the condensation from just my face, on the inner surface of the mask's face plate), and so the drinking bottle was attached to the mask and I sucked greedily on the interior drinking tube.

I started to get bored again, but once more that was eliminated when the e-stim power was turned up to indescribable levels. I danced as best I could against the anchored hobble chain, gasping frantically for breath against the resistance of the water bottle.

It was time for a change, and so my regular mask was exchanged for the respirator adapted one, vastly increasing my sensations of being controlled. Oh Damn! What a wild set of sensations! But then. the e-stim was turned up again and i tried to cross my legs protectively against the ravaging electro-stimulation, but could do nothing to escape it!

No matter how much I struggled, twisted and shuddered, I couldn't get myself loose in even the smallest way. My head was doubly encased, I was blind and deaf, being forced to breathe to a mechanical cadence and utterly unable to free myself. It was a wild and wonderful voyage of sensory discovery, but soon, the cumulative effect of the out doors exposure and heat, the continual effort required to breathe and the gyrations I'd been performing inside had worn me to a frazzle and I needed to be released.

Definitely a wild and wonderful day!