Event: 26 July, 2007 - Upload: 21st Sept., 2007

My very good friend Rubbert came over from Vancouver Island to help me take the adventure you see depicted below and I owe him a considerable debt of gratitude and thanks for the opportunity I enjoyed. Not only did he help me into the Sleep Sack and do the final add-on's and chain-down, but he also took the pix you see below. Without his able and willing company, I'd not have been able to manage any of it.

The Sleep Sack ... I had it made a couple of years ago and have only played in it infrequently, so, to both anticipate it, then to actually do it again was a lot of fun. The last time I tried it, it was a multi-layered session, first putting on the cat suit, then sliding into the Sleep Sack, but it was a very tight fit. This time I did it without the cat suit and entry was a lot easier because I'd also pre-lubricated the inside and myself with a lot of silicon oil.

To start the dressing process, I got myself into the thick, neoprene rubber belt/chastity jock arrangement, but before doing it, the inner side and electrodes of the vacuum/electrical penile tube were coated with contact/lubricant gel, then I slipped myself in and added the single pole butt plug. With this arrangement, the current flow is through the prostate then out through Mr Happy, adding to the sensations.

With the lower body harness fitted and fastened, the feelings of being protected yet at the same time made vulnerable were an interesting phenomena to contemplate while I put on the thin, inner rubber helmet. It was time to do a systems check and as soon as Rubbert and I had established that all e-stim circuits were on-line and operating as per design, it was into the Sleep Sack itself. This went very quickly, thanks to the abundance of silicon oil I'd used, and so my hands and arms slid all the way into their deep, inner pockets, becoming utterly useless from that point on.

Now, there was no way for me to get out of the Sleep Sack without assistance. The shoulder entry zippers were closed over the neck tube of my helmet so that the Sack’s collar snugly encased my throat, adding even more to the sensations of helplessness and enclosure, but then the vacuum/electrical breast cups were fitted and all of their connections were checked. Wow!

Of course I needed assistance to lay down, and as soon as I had done so and was centred, Rubbert connected the side, foot, and shoulder tie-down chains to their loops on the Sleep Sack, then to the deeply anchored floor rings. These were tensioned so that struggle though I might, it would be impossible to thrash around. Next came the vacuum hoses and electrical cables to the breast cups and penile tube, then it was time for the helmeted gas mask and ear defender head set.

Damn, what a feeling it was to have the inner mask fitted over my face! It was wriggled into a snug, air-tight fit, then Rubbert pulled the thick envelope of its attached helmet back over my head and zipped it fully closed. I was immediately plunged into utter blackness and near silence. Without sounding too melodramatic, my anticipation and nervousness about what was soon to come made me begin to hyperventilate.

The last time I'd done any play was back in April, so I was definitely ready, I thought, for what was to come. I faintly heard the ventilator turned on, and the next thing I knew, my breathing was being controlled by the machine, leaving me no option but to breathe the volume and in the pattern it dictated.

That in itself was quite a rush, for breathing is something we all take for granted, but when on a ventilator and so being forced to inhale and exhale to its command, that adds yet another element to the whole environment of losing control. The volume of air supplied for each breath can be strictly regulated (or stopped) and I wasn't getting quite enough, I felt, although the supply was adequate. That led to an increasing feeling of panic, adding substantially to the edginess of the session.

Then, the true 'fun' started ... first there came a mild tingling of pulsing shocks from the penile tube, but they quickly turned to a throbbing and stimulation, becoming stronger and stronger while I shuddered with reaction from their unceasing assault.

It's hard to put the sensations into words, but let me try. First came the mild electrical pulses... Throb-throb-TTTHHRROOBB... Throb-throb-TTTHHRROOBB... Throb-throb-TTTHHRROOBB. Throb-throb-TTTHHRROOBB ... then, the vacuum started with a strong, leech-like latching-on ... sucksucksuck-sucksucksuck-sucksucksuck ... never stopping, but then, the e-stim got a lot stronger in combination with the suckling, and felt somewhat like this ... Throb-sucksuck-throb-sucksuck-TTTHHRROOBB ... and it went on and on in an unceasing rhythm that soon began to make me crazy and writhe around inside my encasing rubber envelope, surging against the tie-down chains when the suction and e-stim increased. It was impossible to ignore.


Seconds later tingling shocks began to assault my breasts and nipples, then the power there was turned up, together with a continuing rise in the power levels down below! At first it was bearable, but soon, the two areas began to peak close together and made me struggle frantically to escape the violence of the sensory overload. Of course, fastened and encased as I was in the Sleep Sack, there was no way to avoid the shocks. Let me try to describe the sensations passing through my breasts and nipples ... zzzzapp-zzzzapp-zzzzapp ... zzzzapp-zzzzapp-zzzzapp ... zzzzapp-zzzzapp-zzzzapp.

To add to the intensity, the vacuum breast cups came on and the strong suction both above and below was incredible, but too, it also made the e-stim more intense. It felt sort of like this ... ssssuuuccckkk-ssssuuuccckkk-ssssuuuccckkk and when the cups sealed themselves in place, the vacuum got a lot stronger ... SSSUCKK ...SSSUCKK! SSSUCKK ...SSSUCKK! Of course once they became fully air tight, then the E-stim power was boosted yet again so that the combination felt like ... SSSUCKKzzapp-zzapp-ZZAAPP! ...SSSUCKK! SSSUCKKzzapp-zzapp-ZZAAPP! ...SSSUCKKzzapp-zzapp-ZZAAPP!

When the combination of the sensations from down below and those on my chest began to peak closer and closer together, I couldn’t control my automatic yelling and struggling. I tried to take more frequent and deeper breaths, but, the ventilator kept me at the same pace and volume, and this resulted in me feeling even more strongly as though I wasn't getting enough air, adding more panic to the wild mixture! Oh man! What a trip!

At this point the whole thing became almost unbearable, but truly, that was what this exploration was all about ... How far could I go?


Busy taking pix, Rubbert ignored my frantic struggling and so it went on for an eon (for me), but then I had to have a break.

The mask came off and I lay there still chained to the floor in my rubber encasement, gasping for breath after my struggles. Being freed from the limiting of the ventilator and helmeted, sealed-on gas mask was wonderful, but soon though, my rest was over and a different mask was placed over my face then cinched to an air-tight seal.

I waited a few seconds, then the e-stim and vacuum were ramped up once more until I was soon writhing frantically as a result of the overwhelming sensations of the electrical pulses zipping through my now distended and sensitive flesh. Even though the e-stim had to be backed off occasionally, it was always left turned on as a background, so that I was continually aware of the zipping shocks.

Oh wow! I loved every minute of it (being the nut case I am) and I want to try it with one or more of my evil domme friends at the controls, for I know they will have no compunctions about making me go crazy in the Sleep Sack, and enjoy every minute of their fun.

No matter how much I struggled, there was no escape from the cloying rubber envelope and with the tightened chains between the Sleep Sack's loops and the floor rings, it was almost impossible to move more than a couple of cm in any direction. I could not get up, bend my knees, or even twist from side to side!

All the while, Rubbert was taking pix but I was getting tired, so we called it a day around 13:30. I was freed first of the gas mask, then the shocks stopped and the vacuum was turned off. Soon, all the chains that had held me down were released and he assisted me out of my imprisoning rubber cocoon.

There was no possible way I could manage the initial stages myself, but once my arms were free, it went very fast. I still wore the inner rubber harness, but that was quickly removed when I went for a well-needed shower and within fifteen minutes we were sitting out on the back deck while I enjoyed a couple of beers and cigarettes. It had been an outstanding session.

The images were transferred to my computer's hard drive, then I began the editing process ... a long and tedious job that needs to be done fairly soon after a session. All in all, it was a great day for me ... one that I'd anticipated for quite a while. I want to play again, and soon, but that probably won't be for at least a month.

Soon, Mistress Marlene, who wants to learn more about TC will be coming along to do my 'therapy' and so Rubbert will be able to do all the tech stuff and pix, leaving her free to twiddle the dials. She's quite looking forward to making me push the envelope and I can hardly wait for her to make it happen.

When Mistress Marlene comes again, my concept is that I'll do the full Creature, fully suspended on my back, legs and knees kept separated, using a double-pole (and thus separately controlled) butt plug, together with the separately controlled breast cups and penile tube. It's gonna be a wild ride!