- 19th Nov., 2006 -

I've waited a long time to get the new steel belt and thigh cuffs from Axsmar, and have now, pretty much got them integrated into a secure whole. It hasn't been cheap, but the outfit is incredible to be locked into, especially with the knowledge that it's totally secure.

Next will come the creation of a crotch piece for the belt, and the Steelwerks chastity cage will lock into that, making for a full and utterly inescapable chastity belt. I'm also in the process of creating the patterns for the below-the-knee cuffs and hope to have them done and shipped off to Axsmar fairly soon. I'll then be able to fully recreate the Spanish Trapezoid that 'Sabrina' wore/wears.

My good friend, Rubbert, came over from The Island on the 17th and we did some images of the gear being worn in a couple of situations.

Above, this how the table looked before I began to get locked into it all. If you're wondering what those black strips are on the inner sides of the belt and thigh cuffs; they're sections of tape to prevent water blisters from forming when these restraints are worn next to the skin (frequently!) and will soon be replaced with full neoprene liners.

First came the Lycra cat suit, then the well-tightened corset, and over that, the steel restraint and security belt. The corset, just on its own is a firm and wide area restraint, as anyone who has worn one knows well. Mine is not overly tight, but when fully laced, is definitely there.

And so it began.... Above me is the 'Slave Swing' Suspension Bar and from its ends, two chains descend to be locked to the rings over my hips on the Restraint Belt. My wrist separator bar has been fastened with separate chains to the ones from my belt to the bar, preventing any attempt to get at the belt. Behind, three sturdy chain leashes lead from my collar, waist belt and ankle separator bar to a securely mounted wall ring . Security IS paramount after all!

The next part of the ensemble to be added is always a little scary and I normally don't do it, but wanted to this time: wearing a gag under the gas mask. The Latexa gag is certainly effective, for although I can force it partially out of my mouth, if I relax for a second, it pops right back in! As a safety precaution, the ventilator is already operating, forcing air into the mask when it's fitted onto my face, then sealed tightly. The goggles are blacked out, adding even more to the whole effect of disorientation and helplessness.

The suspender mechanisms for the thigh cuffs to the restraint belt can be seen in the above pix. Once they've been adjusted and the lock nuts have been cranked down, this arrangement cannot be escaped. The joining bars for the thigh bands (front and back) permit restricted locomotion and slow stair climbing, but they too are utterly implacable when it comes to keeping the thighs and legs securely separated.

I'm in! No matter what I try, escape from this bondage and the restraints without assistance. In addition to the wall leashes, the 25 pound 'restrictor' ball on its short leash from the middle of the ankle separator bar stops any kind of rapid locomotion immediately.

With this arrangement of restraints, it is impossible to reach the gas mask and it utterly unable to get at its fastening harness, no matter what kind of twisting and turning I attempt. There is no choice but to accept the ventilator's forced breathing cadence and learn to live with it. Hhhmmmm! Interesting.

As can be seen in the above images (and these would not be readily apparent if a cape is worn), the above-the-elbow cuffs are also rigidly connected to the belt, further restricting the range of motion and the use of my arms and hands. With the wrist separator bar locked to the cuffs, there is absolutely no way to remove this arrangement on my own. Sure, I can do simple things, one-handed, but that's all.

That damned lead ball is miserably limiting and awkward. Even though my ankle cuffs are quite snug and reasonably comfortable (although I'm ALWAYS aware of them), and I can walk slowly with the separator bar, they bloody hurt when the leash to the ball snaps tight.

I stood quietly for a few moments, then tried to somehow escape the pervasive control of my restraints. It was impossible, of course, just as I'd designed the system to be. It may look like I'm some kind of Kinky Woodland Sprite cavorting in the Whine Cellar, but this was a serious test to find out how well the belt and corset combination would support my weight. They did, just fine.

In the pix below, the mask was removed, then the gag, and the mask was immediately re-applied and sealed once more. The watering bottle was connected to the mask and if there'd been any in it, I'd have easily been able to drink. Although there was no e-stim involved in this session, the fluid would definitely be necessary to assuage my throat after any howling that might be elicited by a nasty Domme :-).

My arm bondage was also changed with the wrist separator bar now being fastened directly to the steel belt, limiting the freedom of my hands even more.

And so it was back to more struggling to escape. No luck whatsoever. As can be seen, the belt has ridden quite high above my waist, but this issue will be resolved once the crotch plate and/or Steelwerks Chastity device are integrated.

Next, I wanted to try a forced kneeling position, with chains from the belt connected to the outer rings of the ankle cuffs. This too proved to be impossible to escape from. In addition, I thought about doing this combined with full suspension, but it didn't work out ... this time.

Implacable bondage ... that's the name of the game, and so there I knelt while Rubbert shot the pictures, unable to move away.

All in all, it was a lot of fun and a good day's work for us both. Hopefully, we'll do it again soon and get more pix with the full chastity ensemble added in.

Hope you've enjoyed the imagery :-)!