- 13th November, 2006 -


This interview was conducted by e-mail between Dee and Mick Luvbight and JG-Leathers, during October, 2006. They've been around the fetish scene for quite a while and are folks who are at the very top of the list of those who enjoy kink in all its different forms.

Mick is an inventive and inspired guy and has some wonderful equipment and interesting places to play. Dee and Mick are a couple of those lucky people who have been able to follow their passion, and this is readily apparent in their site: http://luvbight.com. Dee is a mature, intelligent, well-spoken and happy correspondent who has recognized that she has a decidedly kinky facet of her personality, then, has acted to make things happen.  Don’t get the idea\that she’s broken or abused ... far from it!  Dee has had the good fortune and smarts to recognize who and what she is, and not to quibble or worry herself about her deepest feelings and needs, despite all of the strident, tiresome howls from the Feminist Movement.

Note from Mick: Actually, we’ve never had any complaints from the Feminist movement.  Neither have we received any complaints from the conservative movement.  We get a steady stream of encouraging and grateful emails (at least one a day) thanking us for being open about our lifestyle and often telling us that we have helped their marriage or relationship with our site.

They have been fortunate enough to find, marry, and STAY married to each other, recognizing these attributes and desires within themselves, to say nothing of their innate intelligence and potential.  Dee, over the past years has begun to take advantage of, and been encouraged to explore evermore interesting excursions along the path of domination, submission, piercing, suspension, and steel bondage, all in combination with a fascinating desire to experience the more and more powerful orgasms that can be generated  by employing some or all of these in combination.  Dee has been rewarded with sensations and situations that few can imagine in a daily, humdrum life, to say nothing of her adventures when they travel.

She enjoys a life that many wish desperately to partake of; living, sleeping, shopping, and travelling in her chosen style.  As can be seen on her site, they live in the country in the north central part of the USA.  Both she and Mick certainly enjoy their explorations and they’ve immersed themselves fully in some incredible play endeavours.  All I can say, cheering from the sidelines, is “Well done!” 

Their own site is a free one like this, with an incredible library of images to keep you interested. Mick has very kindly consented to the use of the images below and they are but a very small sample of what awaits you on their site. You'll NOT be disappointed. A photographer friend of theirs, Michelle Wild has kindly consented to also allow the use of some of the images she has taken of Dee and these images have been hot-linked to her own site.

The interview that follows is an interesting look into their lives and will, hopefully, give you a clearer view and perspective on a couple of real stars in the scene.

Enough babbling from me for the introduction and on with the interview! I hope you’ll enjoy what follows, and so without further ado, here’s the incredible, and incorrigible, Dee Luvbight.


JG-L:  I know it’s completely improper to ask a lady her age, but damn it, I’ve seldom stood on convention, and so, how old are you?

Dee Luvbight: - I never mind revealling my age, which is 45 … it’s my weight I never give out.


JG-L:  What are your ‘vital statistics’, if I may be so bold?

Dee Luvbight: - 36-26-38


JG-L:  How old were you when you felt the first stirrings to lead you to this place in your life?

Dee Luvbight: - I was 37 when I was first introduced to it.


JG-L:  Where did they first come to light?  Did Mick instigate it, or did you?

Dee Luvbight: - Mick introduced me to the BD/SM lifestyle shortly after we met.  I never knew any of this existed before him.


JG-L:  Did it take you a long time to accept that what these deep, perhaps hidden desires were OK?

Dee Luvbight: - No, I never had a problem accepting that I enjoy the things Mick and I do.  It may have helped that I was older when I first discovered the lifestyle.


JG-L:  Did you feel that you were the sole occupant of your own universe?

Dee Luvbight: - No.


JG-L:  You’re married, and for a considerable length of time (congratulations!).  Was Mick aware from the first of your interests, or was it a process of gradual revelation to him, or him to you?

Dee Luvbight: - It was a revelation that Mick made to me.  He has said that I was “primed” for BD/SM.



JG-L:  When you first met Mick, did you have any recognition that he was the one who could and would take you to your current mind set and the things you do?

Dee Luvbight: - I had no clue, but am very happy that he did.


JG-L:  How long ago did you first really begin to play serious bondage games?  Were you married to Mick then, or did it evolve in your relationship?

Dee Luvbight: - It was in the spring of 1998, shortly after I met Mick.  We got married 2 years later.


JG-L:  Did the fact that he showed you this ‘other universe’ influence your eventual decision to get married?

Dee Luvbight: - No, we would have 'tied the knot' anyway.


JG-L:  Many people say they are submissive, but you appear to revel in it.  You’re obviously an intelligent and very self-aware person and so that is a seeming contradiction to many.  Why do you do it?

Dee Luvbight: - Because it is fun, exciting, and addictive.  I don’t think being intelligent and self-aware is a contradiction.  I think it is the reason that I do not have trouble accepting that I enjoy this lifestyle.


JG-L:  Do you know why being completely bound and controllable appeals to you?  And, really, do you care?

Dee Luvbight: - When bound you can be free to do and enjoy everything the dom does to you.  It’s all his fault.



JG-L:  Do you have a big family; i.e. brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles?  Are they aware of your interests and how far you’ve proceeded to enjoy them?  How about parents and their awareness?

Dee Luvbight: - I only have one sister, so I’m from a small family and no one in it that I know of is aware of my interest in BD/SM.


JG-L:  If your family is aware, do they understand and accept why you’re content to live this life style?  Do you care?

Dee Luvbight: - I don’t care if they accept what I do.  Since they are ultimately not into this lifestyle, I feel no need to make them aware. 


JG-L:  Do you suffer any pangs of guilt for liking and living the life style you do?

Dee Luvbight: - None.                   


JG-L: You’re American, but do you think that there is any sort of ‘genetic heritage’ that predisposes you to your chosen life style and the things you do for fun and games?

Dee Luvbight: - I don’t think so.


JG-L:  Were there influences or circumstances you can think of that really sparked your interests?

Dee Luvbight: - Mick sparked my interest.  Looking back, I now understand the appeal that western movies, historical romance novels and The Phantom of the Opera had for me.


JG-L:  Many scene ‘analysts’ tell us that what we do for entertainment and play is the result of some sort of childhood ‘trauma’.  I strongly disagree with that view, but would ask: did you have a happy childhood?

Dee Luvbight: - I think I did.


JG-L:  Do you worry that perhaps your enjoyment of the BD/SM life style you live is an addiction and one that you’ll not be permitted to escape, either by yourself, or through external forces?

Dee Luvbight: - I know it’s an addiction for me.  Who says that an addiction is always bad?



JG-L:  How deep into these experiences and situations will you go ... or do you know?

Dee Luvbight: - As deep as Mick wants to take me.


JG-L to Dee’s husband, Mick:  Mick, how far will you take Dee along the path you are now so happily following, or do you know?

Mick Luvbight: - I don’t know.  It’s not like I plan this ahead.  At every turn I say that looks like a neat direction, let’s go that way.


JG-L, back to Dee:  You would appear to enjoy his desires.  I assume that you are not just doing this not to just please Mick, but because you actually want to do it.  True?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes that is correct.  We do it because we both enjoy and get something out of it.


JG-L, back to Mick:  From descriptions on the site, you travel widely and frequently, and while travelling you actually have her in restraints sometimes, where it can be done with reasonable chance that it won’t be discovered.  Do you have any plans to increase the security of her confinement/restraints and perhaps a more pervasive control?

Mick Luvbight: - Not pervasive.  We go in phases and will very likely have some point where we may experiment with extended bondage, but restraint is just one of many aspects of our BD/SM relationship.


JG-L to Mick: If so, and the opportunity arose, how would you do it?

Mick Luvbight: - At some point I just have to weld something on her so that it would have to be cut off.



JG-L:  Before you and Mick met, what sort of work did you do?  How old were you when you met him?

Dee Luvbight: - My ex and I were self-employed and I was 37.


JG-L:  Did you ever spend any time in the military?  How about the medical professions?

Dee Luvbight: - Not in the military, but my ex was a doctor and we ran the office together.


JG-L, back to Dee:  Did you, like the rest of us poor buggers out here in the rest of the world, have any type of employment outside the home?

Dee Luvbight: - I do not work outside the home any longer.


JG-L:  Very well.  Being a stay at home Lady, what do you do to keep yourself amused, and continue to be an interesting person?

Dee Luvbight: - I’m easily amused.  I love to travel, read, movies, TV, exercise, and am on my computer way too much.  Not to mention the kids, animals, homes and, of course, Mick.  I keep pretty busy.


JG-L:  How often do you wear a chastity belt, as there are a LOT of folks out there who’d like to know?

Dee Luvbight: - The chastity belt is just another toy for us and is also part of my pony costume.  I do not wear it that much.  Part of the reason for that is that I do not react well when in the belt.  Mick knows this.


JG-L:  Do you enjoy wearing a chastity belt?  Why or why not?

Dee Luvbight: - No, and I don’t really know why.  I think it may have to do with not knowing how long I will be in it.  I also don’t react the way Mick was hoping.  I shut down and get moody when in the belt, unless I know it’s a short-term situation or part of my pony costume.  I am trying to not be so moody when in the belt and I think I’m succeeding somewhat.  I do like the way it looks and the attention it gets when I have it on.  That does help a lot.


JG-L:  If Mick decided to impose the wearing of such a device on a full time basis, how would you feel about the requirement?

Dee Luvbight: - I would obviously do it, but it would be a very difficult thing for me.



JG-L:  I just have to ask, seeing as how I sort of brought the idea into the modern age ... how would you feel about being fitted with different lengths of Inhibitor Bar, and being so intimately and strongly controlled by it, when you’re out in public?

Dee Luvbight: - It is not something that seems appealing to me.  I’m a very sexual person and anything that inhibits that is not something I would want.


JG-L:  In your images on the site, you are often seen wearing the circular cuffs and collar.  Are these a permanent part of your life in that they are never removed?  And the ancillary question is, of course, can YOU get them off by yourself, or are you permitted to do so when you wish to?

Dee Luvbight: - I wear the collar all the time and only Mick can take it off.  He has the key.  The cuffs are not an everyday item for me.


JG-L:  In one of your most recent articles, a very beautiful bed is shown with you sleeping, in chains, upon it.  How often do you, in fact, sleep chained?  Do you prefer it?

Dee Luvbight: - I sleep in some form of bondage all the time, but not usually that elaborate.  The normal is my wrists cuffed and chained together, but it does change, based on Mick’s mood.  I do prefer it.  I’m very use to it and it is comforting.



JG-L:  Do you enjoy sleeping in restraints?  Is that condition imposed as a daily thing?  Not often enough?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes I do.  It’s every night.


JG-L:  Can you escape from them, or must you be freed by Mick?

Dee Luvbight: - Mick has the keys.



JG-L: - How much of that equipment is fastened upon you for real, and then you are left alone to live with it?

Dee Luvbight: - If I’m in bondage, it’s real.   Usually only the collar is an everyday item for me; if you don’t count my piercing's.  If I am locked during a scene, it also is real, but Mick does not leave me alone in any type of situation that could become a problem unexpectedly.


JG-L: What emotions do you feel in this situation, knowing that you may be left fastened as you are for a time to come?

Dee Luvbight: - Curiosity usually.  Wondering what he is thinking, planning and of course excitement and anticipation.


JG-L:  I know quite a few couples that are deeply committed to their own particular brand of kink, but how ‘serious’ are you with yours?

Dee Luvbight: - We both have many kinks and we are “serious” about enjoying all of them together.


JG-L:  Let me pose a hypothetical question to you: If Mick told you that he was going to take additional, but as yet unspecified measures to ensure your continued submission and controllability, would you accept that?  Would you do so without question?

Dee Luvbight: - I accept anything he wants because I do trust him 100%.  That does not mean I won’t question him, but ultimately I love to please him and make him proud he owns me.


JG-L:  Have you ever used ‘safe words’ or ‘safe signals’?  If you did, have you retained any of these?

Dee Luvbight: - I do have safe words and signals from when we first started playing together.  They are still there, but I don’t find them necessary in our relationship any longer.  We both know each other very well and communicate a lot during a scene. 


JG-L:  Do you have other areas of interest within the scene?  Can you tell me about them?

Dee Luvbight: - Not sure what you mean.  We have lots of interests: bondage, suspension, whips, floggers, pony play, mummification, electrical play, forced orgasms, just to name a few.



JG-L:  How about ‘external’ hobbies such as golf, sewing, travel, etc.?

Dee Luvbight: - Travel, reading, horseback riding, animals, movies, TV, dancing, dining out.


JG-L:  From the images I’ve seen of you, do you have any particular preferences as to styles or restraint types?  Are you permitted a choice in what you wear each day?

Dee Luvbight: - If you mean clothing.  I normally choose what to wear unless Mick is planning something for that day.  He would then tell me what to wear.  As for restraints, I don’t wear any on a daily basis, although for a bondage scene, I do love rope.  Especially hemp.  It smells and feels great.


JG-L:  Has any situation ever led you to emotional upset and anger?

Dee Luvbight: - We have had a few through the years.  When you play the way we do, I think it would tough not to.


JG-L:  And, what was the end result?  Was there a temporary cessation, or an enforced commitment to stay as you were?

Dee Luvbight: - We never cease.  More of a slow down until we/I am able to figure out what the feelings are from and why. 


JG-L:  Would you please describe your emotions and sensations when you are first locked into any restraint and realize that you cannot escape?  How does this make you feel ... particularly about getting yourself into the fix in the first place?  Do you ever panic?

Dee Luvbight: - When I am first locked in, my instinct is to make sure I can’t get out.  Then, I’m usually happy that I am very secure.  I very, very seldom panic.



JG-L:  After being confined and controlled for however long, do you enjoy the events that follow your release?  Do you think that this kind of foreplay enhances your sexual experiences?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes and Yes.


JG-L:  Do you enjoy or thirst for sex, while bound in some of the gear shown in the images?

Dee Luvbight: - Usually, it is a very powerful form of foreplay.


JG-L:  Let me set another scene for you: suspended, gagged, blinded, deafened, legs spread wide, bound helplessly and suddenly, a sexual episode begins ...  Is that an erotic thought or concept for you?

Dee Luvbight: - It got me excited and wet.  Now I have to finish answering the rest of the questions later.  Where is Mick when you need him.  J.


JG-L:  Do you wear any sign of ownership and/or control other than a wedding ring?

Dee Luvbight: - My collar, my piercing's, my tattoo.



JG-L:  Are you required to wear a collar?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes.


JG-L:  If Mick informed you that he wanted you to be fitted with a permanent, i.e. non-removable collar (a close-once only type), of the kind made by Axsmar and complete with prominent restraint rings, would you do it?

Dee Luvbight: - Sure.


JG-L:  OK, let’s take it as a given that you have now been fitted with that kind of collar.  How would you feel if he next decided that you were to also be chastity belted, and to wear similar, permanent, ankle and wrist cuffs for the rest of your life, thus rendering you totally and easily controllable, would that frighten or intrigue you?

Dee Luvbight: - If you forget the belt…then intrigued.


JG-L:  What don’t you like as far as restraints are concerned?  Why?

Dee Luvbight: - The belt.  It gets in the way of me having sex.  It’s stiff and uncomfortable and doesn’t fit my clothing style.


JG-L:  You’ve obviously played with piercing’s.  Would you go further, i.e. a nose (septum) ring, if Mick said he required it of you, whether you really wanted to or not?

Dee Luvbight: - We get a lot of requests for that.  Luckily Mick doesn’t particularly like facial piercing’s (neither do I).  I did not really want a tattoo before, but I have one now.


JG-L:  How would you feel if you were actually then pierced, and the jewellery was made so that you could not remove it from yourself, nor could Mick?  In other words, made ‘permanent’?

Dee Luvbight: - That wouldn’t bother me.  I consider a piercing permanent and the only reason to remove it is to change the size or style of jewellery.  I may be disappointed in not being able to change jewellery every now and then. 


JG-L: Given that you already have some pretty substantial body jewellery, can you describe how it feels to have it used as an additional means of controlling and securing you, with leashes being attached to it?

Dee Luvbight: - Wonderful.  Very exciting and dangerous.



JG-L:  What is your favourite bondage scenario?  Why?

Dee Luvbight: - Favourite?  Wow, I like all of them.  I enjoy bondage that is challenging, such as suspension and predicaments.  I enjoy seeing what I can do.


JG-L:  People sometimes crave a bondage experience only, instead of a sexual encounter with their partner.  Does this often happen for you?

Dee Luvbight: - I can enjoy just bondage.  We do that every now and then, but I really do enjoy having sex afterwards.


JG-L:  Speaking from personal experience, many of us feel an intense ‘rush’ of excitement that seems to fill their entire body (sweating, trembling, shaking hands, etc.) when fully and helplessly bound, knowing we cannot escape our predicament.  Does this sort of phenomena happen to you?

Dee Luvbight: - Of course, isn’t that why we do this?


JG-L:  How often does Mick confine you fully?  It is an erotic enticement, or because you’ve been ‘bad’, or because he just loves to see you in bondage?

Dee Luvbight: - Never enough (sweet smile).  Our play varies because of kids and life.  I believe Mick just loves bondage and knows that I do also.  It is an erotic enticement and he just loves to see me in bondage.


JG-L:  Have you played around with sensory deprivation?  How intense are these situations and what sort of durations are you subjected to?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes, have had some very intense ones including vibrators and electrical stimulation.  The longest was an overnight, but the average is probably 30-60 minutes.


JG-L: What is your piece(s) of equipment and garments used to create the most erotic scenes for you?

Dee Luvbight: - Most of the scenes we do are very erotic and involve lots of different things.  A corset for me is for sexy and makes me feel wonderful, so I would say that is probably one of my favourite clothing items.  I love a lot of sensations.  Rope is probably one of my favourite pieces of equipment that we use.  It feels and smells good.  It’s warm and like a tight hug.  You combine that was some intense sensation play such as suspension, whips, vibrators, to name a few and I’m pretty much a very happy slave.



JG-L:  Can you describe the process of putting you into the situation and your emotions and sensations while it happens?

Dee Luvbight: - Since I seldom know what the situation is going to be until I’m in it, I would say I usually pay close attention to what he is doing, trying to anticipate and figure out what he may be planning along with a lot of excitement knowing that Mick is extremely creative and knows me, therefore I am in for a fun and probably challenging time.


JG-L:  You appear to enjoy Mick’s desires a great deal.  I have to assume that you are not just doing this to please him, but because you actually want to do it.  Your comments?

Dee Luvbight: - I wouldn’t be in this type of relationship if I didn’t want to do it.  We both do this because we enjoy it and we like to please each other.  We are very lucky to have similar desires.

JG-L:  What has been the most frightening bondage situation for you?  Why was it so?

Dee Luvbight: - I wouldn’t use the word frightening.  I like the word unexpected.  A few years ago we were at Kink in the Caribbean and doing an upside down bondage scene in the pool.  I was not expecting Mick to let the rope go and dunk me in the water.  That was a complete surprise and I suppose if I didn’t trust him and was under the water longer than I was, it could have been frightening.  I really didn’t get a good breath in before he did it the first time (but he knew that).  So when he brought me up and did it a few more times, I was a little more ready.


JG-L:  On the other hand, which bondage scenes and equipment do you really enjoy?  Can you explain your answer, please?

Dee Luvbight: - I would say that is pretty much the same as the ones that would create an erotic scene to me from above.  Although just about everything we do I have enjoyed.  It’s next to impossible to pick one or two things.  They all have their own special memories.



JG-L:  What sort of restraints are employed and how secure are they?

Dee Luvbight: - Mick likes a variety of restraints; leather, steel, rope, plastic wrap, vet wrap.  Mick doesn’t like to do anything loose.  They are very secure and if it can be locked on, it is.


JG-L:  Are you told in advance that this is what is planned for you, or, are you just taken to the dungeon then prepared, and finally, taken to your fate?

Dee Luvbight: - Mick very, very seldom let’s me know what he is planning.


JG-L:  If you are left alone, what types of safety systems are there for you?  I.e. some sort of radio or telephone to indicate that you are in distress.

Dee Luvbight: - I am not usually left alone, but the few times that I was, he has used a baby monitor, extra set of keys where he would know if I used them, or an extremely long chain that reaches to the bedroom door.


JG-L: Do you sometimes prefer to be bound and then left on your own?

Dee Luvbight: - I like having Mick’s attention.  No, I don’t think I would prefer to be alone.



JG-L:  Have you practiced self-bondage, when you can experiment with the equipment and restraints at your own pace?  Did you enjoy those times or were they just poor substitutes for Mick binding you?

Dee Luvbight: - The only self-bondage I have done is under Mick’s direction.  I have never been without a partner since Mick is the one that introduced me to this, and we’ve been together ever since.  I’ve had no need to experiment with it really.


JG-L:  Do you enjoy sex while in bondage?  Often?  Is it better than sex without being restrained?  Can you explain your answers, please?

Dee Luvbight: - I love sex while in bondage.  It’s very intense for me since I have no control over the situation and it seems to focus my attention on the sex even more.  It’s just different than sex without bondage.  I don’t think I would want just one all the time.  They are both good.


JG-L:  You live your life as you wish and not subject to some religious or cultural dogma and so, although this may be repetitive. do you feel any particular ‘religious’ need to do what you do?

Dee Luvbight: - No, religion has nothing to do with this, despite the fact that I frequently call out “God” during sex and Mick thinks I’m referring to him.


JG-L:  Dee, you have a great sense of humour and fun. I really appreciate you showing us that side of your personality. It's been my experience that a sense of humour and particularly the ability to laugh at ourselves is a vital element to the enjoyment of BD/SM. What do you think?

Dee Luvbight: - I would have to agree that a sense of humour in life is important. Even though BD/SM can be very intense, it should ultimately be fun.


JG-L:  How frequently are you fitted with implements of restraint and more particularly, devices that enforce sensory deprivation?

Dee Luvbight: - Sensory deprivation and mummification is one of the things we do enjoy, but not with any frequency.  We tend to go in phases with our play.  We do a little of this for a while, then a little of that for a while.  It could be long periods between some equipment and play for us.


JG-L:  Do they assist you to get into the head space of being submissive, vulnerable, and dominated?

Dee Luvbight: - I don’t use anything to get into “head space”.  I much prefer to see what is going on or the people if we are in a play party/demo situation.   Besides, I can always close my eyes.


JG-L: Would you enjoy having every bodily orifice plugged or externally controlled in some manner, in addition to sensory deprivation?

Dee Luvbight: - Sure, I’m a sensation junkie.

JG-L: What types of gags are used on, and by you and Mick?  Which type do you prefer, or do your preferences enter the equation at all?

Dee Luvbight: - I don’t get to decide.  I usually prefer no gag.  I like him to hear what I’m calling him.  We do have ball gags, bit gags, ring gags, dental gag, breather gags, inflatable gags, a bamboo gag, a wooden gag, and Mick’s favourite – his cock.


JG-L: A friend of mine has the technology available to create a full oral cavity block (gag, if you must), but this device will be substantially more effective than the standard ball or inflatable type.  What is envisioned is that a set of dental moulds would be made, and then the mouth filler would be created from them, so that it would fit the contours of your mouth exactly, leaving room for your tongue to rest comfortably.  Would something like this be of interest to you or Mick?

Dee Luvbight: - Gee, I hope not. 


JG-L:  If created, and you were required to wear it for long durations (weeks, months, a year?), complete with the throat tube feeding system, could you manage it?  Does the prospect excite or terrify you?

Dee Luvbight: - It makes me nervous.


JG-L: Even if long term silencing were an option for you both, would you do it, knowing that it would be very challenging for you, both physically and mentally?  Although you’re free to write or communicate in a non-verbal manner, do you feel that there would have to be a requirement for you to be permitted to speak at least once in a while?

Dee Luvbight: - I would do my best – but I am female – we NEED to talk.

JG-L:  Do you have any bondage, restraint, or other dreams/fantasies that you wish to have fulfilled?  Can you describe them?

Dee Luvbight: - Mick has gone way beyond fulfilling my fantasies and if there are any new ones that either of us wishes to fulfil, we do it.  The only one that is difficult is to find other non-smoking couples that can travel also.


JG-L:  Given that we’re only on this Earth for a finite time ... If you were offered the opportunity to actually have those made into reality, would you do it?  Why or why not?

Dee Luvbight:  - Already answered.  We do fulfil any fantasy we want to.



JG-L:  What was the first piece of really interesting bondage gear you ever wore?  Where did you find it?

Dee Luvbight: - That can be answered at many different levels.  When I think back to my introduction into BD/SM, three things come to mind.  The first time Mick put cuffs and collar on me to play; the first time he put nipple clamps on me; and the first time he put me in a corset.  Since then, he has introduced me to so many interesting things.


JG-L:  How would you feel, to be transposed into a human ‘animal’?  Some would say that you are part way there already, living the life you do.  By the preceding, I mean a human, female horse, completely harnessed, bridled, bitted and controlled by a set of reins ... or, perhaps as a human, female ‘cow’, being milked as one?

Dee Luvbight: - I am Gadget, the purple pony.  I enjoy it.


JG-L:  From my own perspective of dressing ladies in various pieces of my own creations, I know that it’s an intensely personal and ceremonial process.  Can you describe the emotions and sensations you experience when you’re dressed in a restraint ensemble?

Dee Luvbight: - I don’t really think I have the same experience.  To me, being dressed (whether a corset, chastity belt, or restraints) is just that.  It’s a step to what ever we are going to do next therefore I enjoy it.  The closest I can think of would be that when he puts me in a corset.  It makes me feel sexy and feminine.  When he puts my cuffs or a different collar on me, it makes me feel warm and good because I know that he wants me.



JG-L:  At times, we all play around the edges of non-consensual bondage.  Have you ever been restrained by Mick for being bitchy or for having broken one of his ‘rules’?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes, I love resistance play.


JG-L: Do you enjoy ‘predicament’ bondage and play?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes, I love the challenge that predicament bondage presents and to see just how much I can really do.



JG-L:  As a female, and generally being of smaller stature than most males, does this make you feel more vulnerable, more easily able to be bound and thus controlled?

Dee Luvbight: - No, I do not think I am vulnerable or easy to control.



JG-L:  Do you enjoy being forced to submit then chained or bound?  Has this occurred often?

Dee Luvbight: - Very much.  It is something I enjoy.


JG-L:  Again, in my own personal experience, there can sometimes be large elements of terror and fear mixed into any bondage and restraint scenario.  Do you find this to be true also?

Dee Luvbight: - In a new or intense bondage situation – probably, but not in most.


JG-L:  Have you ever played with electrical stimulation?  What types?  Have you used e-stim in combination with other forms of S&M/B&D?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes, ErosTek and we have breast pads, vaginal and anal plugs, catheter, and the adhesive pads.  We usually use it in combination with other things.



JG-L, to Mick:  The technology exists for you to be able to control, pleasure and/or discipline Dee from any point in the world, via cell-phone.  Is this a possibility that you might consider for future employment when you travel and she is at home?

Mick Luvbight: - While we have experimented with remote control toys at parties, I can’t foresee us being apart enough to justify any cell phone or other long distance type monitoring.


JG-L:  Many people in the bondage community like to play with medical gear: such things as speculums, ventilators (a mechanical breathing machine), operating tables, obstetric chairs, and other tools and equipment.  Have you tried anything in this area?  Did you enjoy the experiences, or did they frighten you?

Dee Luvbight: - Haven’t done much in that area.


JG-L:  Do you ever worry about a fascination with the strong bondage scenarios?

Dee Luvbight: - No.



JG-L: Does fully concealing type of clothing wear appeal to you?  In this regard, I mean that you could appear in public, concealed by your garments, and underneath, be fully restrained.

Dee Luvbight: - I do not usually wear very concealing clothing.  I like to dress in clothes that are sexy and usually tighter and revealing.  I do enjoy having things under my clothing.  Have worn rope harnesses, locks and chains, cuffs, corsets, etc.


JG-L:  I know you’re not a person who’s just doing this for thrills, but that you have a deep need and desire for it.  Are you a show off?

Dee Luvbight: - Some would say I am J.



JG-L:  Do you ever allow a display of your restraints, even inadvertently?  How does it make you feel if others recognize that you are, in fact, restrained and totally subject to Mick’s control?

Dee Luvbight: - In a vanilla situation, not really.  I try not to expose people to our lifestyle since I feel that many would be upset by it and that doesn’t accomplish anything.  Now, if I get a hint or feeling that someone would not be offended, maybe even like it ... I enjoy showing.  I am an exhibitionist after all and very proud of being Mick’s slave.


JG-L:  Do you have a thirst for the more intense sensations, emotions, and feelings that are created when you are chained, leashed, and/or wearing some sort of restraint ensemble?  Can you explain?

Dee Luvbight: - Yes,  I love intensity.  I enjoy lots of different sensations, doing things that makes the heart beat a bit faster, things that when you are done you say…wow…I did it.



JG-L:  Do you ever switch into a ‘dominant mode’?  Often?  Why, and was it satisfying or not so?

Dee Luvbight: - Only in business and with kids (in my vanilla life).  I do not really enjoy being a dom in a BD/SM situation. 


JG-L:  Do you regret any of the things and scenes you’ve done, or do you worry that others may think you’re completely strange?

Dee Luvbight: - I have enjoyed everything we have done.  There is nothing to regret.  I do not live my life worrying about what others think about me.  There is only one person's opinion(besides myself) that I care about  and that is Mick’s.


JG-L:  What is the most interesting scene to you and why is it?

Dee Luvbight: - I think a scene where I am either challenged or there are several things going on.  When we do our exhibitionism pictures it is a challenge to get the picture in a particular setting without getting into any type of trouble or being seen.  Predicament can be a challenge and if you add an unknown to it (such as another person) it can add to the challenge.  I also find that when we do a scene with a lot of things going on – for example: a suspension ... upside down … add play with my piercing's, maybe a vibrator … then you can add a whip or flogger…something along that line has so much going on that I never really have a chance to catch my breathe, much less think of anything.  I only feel.  Of course if you add an audience that also makes the scene exciting….it helps.

JG-L:  What is the scariest scene you can imagine and why is that so?

Dee Luvbight: - I do not like spiders, so probably anything with them.  Also, I can imagine some water bondage scenes could be a bit scary.


JG-L:  I know you’ve got access to a lot of pretty seriously-intentioned equipment, but what piece(s) do you not have, and would like to?

Dee Luvbight: - Basically, if Mick wants it (or thinks I do) he gets it.  Nothing comes to mind.  If we don’t have it, it’s because we either don’t want it, or it’s just not high on our priority list right now.  Mick enjoys making his own toys and is usually working on something.


JG-L:  OK, we’ve dealt with the hardware side of things.  Are you planning to do any more photo-shoots in public places?

Dee Luvbight: - Of course.  That is one of the things that we both enjoy doing.  It can make a vanilla situation a lot of fun.


JG-L:  How about locales?  Do you have a special area, or do you and Mick just look for a good place, then shoot the pictures?

Dee Luvbight: - For now, we just usually find a good location based on where we are at the time.  Something we may want to do in the future (after kids are in college and we have more time) is to do some theme type pictures.  We have one started with interesting road signs for example.  We can think of lots of others that we would like to try also.



JG-L:  Do you have any words for people who are interested in bondage play?  What advice can you give those who want to try your bondage ideas at home?

Dee Luvbight: -  Mick and I have been together for almost 9 years and have “slowly” grown to where we are.  We also attend many fetish events and workshops to learn from people that have more experience than we do, especially if it’s an area that we have never tried before.  Take classes and take baby steps, because when you are playing with your wife/life mate, it may be too difficult to recover from a major mistake. 


JG-L:  Do you play with other women?

Dee Luvbight: - Whenever I can.


JG-L:  As a mature woman, do you feel that other women, generally, enjoy bondage?  Any ideas why or why not?

Dee Luvbight: - I don’t think enjoying bondage has anything to do with gender.  Many refer to rope bondage as being “hugged”.  Mick likes to say that he locks me up because “you always lock up what is valuable to you”.  Those are very positive ways to look at it.  I also think that when in bondage, a person can forget about all of their everyday problems for a while and just be controlled by their partner.


JG-L:  Thank you Dee.  I really appreciate you taking the time and being so candid about yourself and your life.  Do you have anything else to say in closing?

Dee Luvbight: - I think you have pretty much covered everything.


JG-L:  Please accept my and everyone else’s very best wishes for long and happy life with your husband, playing in the life-style you so obviously love.

Dee Luvbight: - Thank you.