JG-L TRIP TO GERMANY (4-19th Oct., 2006)


- 02 November, 2006-

As usual, I got itchy feet about three months after the previous major trip and so headed off to Germany to see Pupett and Matthias once again. They were in the process of packing for their move to Tenerife and I assisted where I could. We made a quick trip to Dresden and got to meet Shiny Aline to do a photo-shoot and it was a lot of fun.

Here below are some pix from the trip :-).

I arrived at their place late in the afternoon of the 5th Oct. and as soon as I'd a couple of restorative ales, opened the boxes with my newest toys from Axsmar and Rubber's Finest :-)

I spent a couple of days getting over the jet lag and on one of them, Matthias and I took a short drive over to a nearby ruins (building started here in 1150!) and took a few hours to walk the woods and view the sights. It was beautiful and very relaxing.

I made some modifications to Pupett's harnesses, while sitting out on the patio, for the weather was incredibly nice. Matthias was also busy, doing maintenance on the assorted iron-ware, between bouts of packing.

Steffy The Rubber Doll dropped by after doing a series of visits to friends and family in the UK and attending the Rubber Ball stopped by for a couple of days, then went on to engage in some kink adventures and shows in Germany and Holland

Pupett and Matthias had a farewell party for many of their close friends at a Mexican restaurant in Aalen, and I gotta tell you, it felt pretty strange ordering Mexican food in German!

The next day it was off to Dresden and Shiny Aline's place. The day after, Matthias and the two ladies did the photo-shoot while I just stood there and drooled at the two rubber clad lovelies :-).

The seven images above are just 'happy snaps' by me, while Matthias did all the real work for the shoot. If you'd like to see more of it and the story line behind it, then visit the Pupett site, for the first part of the series has just gone up.

I asked Shiny Aline to do a little modeling for me with some of the gear I'd brought along, and being the Lady she is, was soon sressed and posing in it for me.

It was a great trip and I got to see what some parts of the old East Germany looked like, but soon we were back in Aalen and the packing resumed. I left on the 19th October and arrived home pretty well fried. Soon thereafter Pupett and Matthias had the van packed with a ton and a half of kink and photographic gear and were off to Cadiz.

I was really happy to visit them once more and the next time, it'll be in Tenerife :-).