- 14 Sept., 2006 -

I've mentioned it before, but for both myself and the ladies who take rides in TC, two hours is about max, although on this occasion I've managed nearly three and a half hours.  Keep in mind that the intense stimulation, suspension, breath control and the other aspects of the TC environment are not continuous, but generally occur for short periods of perhaps 5 or 10 minutes at a time, then a 're-charge/rest' period is required.  To keep anyone subject to constant stimulation and suspension would be a severe stress situation; nevertheless, at the end of any session in TC, one is definitely fried.

It'd been quite a while since I'd had a chance to REALLY play in The Creature and there were add-ons to its make-up that I wanted to experiment with, as well as some appearance things that had been done since returning from Europe in mid-July. Rubbert came over from The Island and we quickly completed the initial set-up.

One of the long-ago-created, but seldom played with add-on's to the vacuum/electrical tube is the urethral sound. With this option employed, the penile tube and the dual pole butt plug can EACH be used as a separately-controlled stimulation devices, so that different e-stim pulses, strengths and patterns can then be selectively applied to each area. Sometimes these pulse patterns heterodyne and then can be more than the sum of their parts, with either pain or pleasure.

In the images above, you can see the length (only to the abdominal wall) and diameter (1/4") of the urethral probe and a small section of one of the 'wall' electrodes of the penile tube.

The crotch vacuum system for TC has two options: one being the VERY strong suction applied by a Gast pump, and the second, the Venus-2000 vacuum system that supplies a varying rate, pulsating suction. Needless to say, this can be extremely arousing ... the first time around, but if not turned off, damned excruciating, for it never stops and it never rests.

At any rate, I got fitted with the evil device you see in the pix above, then we moved to getting me hooked up to the hoist. Wearing the thigh high, ballet-toed boots, it's impossible for me to walk without assistance and so my chair was dragged over and I was hooked up to the hoist. A moment later I had been raised to a position where I could be fitted with the helmeted, respirator-adapted gas mask and all the rest of the gear. My hair has turned white for a damned good reason :-)!

Here, I should explain a little about the effect of the urethral sound .... I designed it to penetrate only as far as the abdominal wall, for there is a danger of internal injury otherwise.  This means, of course, that the sound remains ALWAYS inserted and CANNOT be escaped.  It is 1/4" in diameter and is not uncomfortable to absorb into the body, although the first experience is ... ah ... interesting.

   Generally, with the TC harness already being worn, including the crotch piece and penile tube (but no end cap), there is an initial erection, but that disappears after a short while.  However, being already in partial bondage, when it's time to apply the end cap with the penile sound, there can be either of two reactions .... a re-erection, or a 'turtling' effect.

It doesn't matter.  In either case, once the sound is inserted into the urethra and the cap sealed onto the end of the tube, then the vacuum hose and the electrical cords are connected, there is no more choice permitted. That alone is exciting, for there is the realization that it IS going to happen.

    After a few moments, the erection returns to a normal length and girth, sliding back towards the body along the sound, BUT, the rod remains inserted fully into the shortened length, with no way to get off it.

    TC was soon fastened and secured with my head fully sealed into the gas mask. Before sealing the helmet of the mask, the respirator had been turned on and thus I was immediately forced to inhale and exhale to its cadence. Next, the hoist was activated again, drawing me fully into the air, and then ... nothing for the longest time.

When the final sealing into TC had been completed, I felt myself become erect once more, utterly unable to abort the automatic re-insertion of the sound. Then, I stayed that way for a while after being suspended.  Eventually though, that initial excitement died away and I felt myself retract along the sound once more while I waited in the soundless blackness, deeply aware of my helplessness and vulnerability ... and the soon-to-arrive tidal wave of intense sensation that would crash relentlessly into my mind.

When the Gast vacuum was started and the suction applied to the tube, it rapidly and forcefully drew me out into the evil pipe, skewering me fully. I couldn't stop the betrayal of my body, for the process was aided by the terror of feeling it happen and the suction was irresistible, for the vacuum supplied by the Gast pump is so strong that this threading onto the sound CANNOT be stopped or avoided. Even if fear and all the other factors do not give an erection, the organ lengthens, regardless.

FYI, as the penis is drawn out along the sound, thus increasing the surface contact area between it and the sound, and the penile tube's wall electrodes, the sensations change subtly ... the larger the contact area, the 'gentler' the sensations ... the smaller the contact area, the more intense/painful. Depending on strength and wave pattern, these sensations can be pretty wild, but damned painful if too much power is used, and even the smallest turn of the dial will do it.  Needless to say, if that happens, there's an immediate reaction with a LOT of violent physical reaction and some pretty strong screaming and yelling.

And so there I was, ready. I was totally encased; isolated from the outer world, suspended, deafened, being forced to breathe by the respirator and waiting for things to start happening. And then ... they did ...

The application of the e-stim through the 'wall' electrodes of the tube to the (central) sound electrode began slowly enough and at first it was a pleasant, throbbing tingle that increased the strength and solidity of the erection. There I hung at the end of the cable, completely blind and almost deaf, bound and stretched out by the springs while the strength of the sensations gradually began to increase. Writhing and twisting did nothing to alleviate them and in moments I began to gasp and fight against the pervasive control of the ventilator, but it was relentless, forcing submission to its unceasing demand that I breathe ONLY to its rhythm.

    The separately controlled, bi-polar butt plug had yet to be activated and I waited for THAT to happen with some trepidation. TC also has electrical 'Spanker Pads' that can be employed if the rubber suit isn't being worn, and so the whole thing can be a wild and extremely strong ride.

The until-now pleasant and mild tingling down below gradually grew stronger and stronger, while the pulsing vacuum tugged insistently at my body, drawing my flesh further and further out along the skewering sound. All the while I writhed and twisted more and more energetically, in a futile attempt to escape the insistent pattern ... Bbbuuzzzz-bbbuuzzzz-throb, throb-buzz-throb ... Bbbuuzzzz-bbbuuzzzz-throb, throb-buzz-throb ... repeating over and over until I thought I'd go crazy from the unstoppable assault, but it was ONLY the very beginning.

A few moments later, the butt plug began to pulse with a different rhythm ... Buzz-buzz-BBUUZZZ-zap! ZAP-ZAP-ZAP! Buzz-buzz-BBUZZZ-zap! ZAP-ZAP-ZAP! I felt my insides curdle, then, to make matters worse, the sets of pulses began to heterodyne and both peak occasionally a the same time!

Suspended, bound, encased, helpless, vulnerable to everything and totally blind, able only to speak between forced inhalations, it wasn't long before I began to get really disturbed by the incredible sensations and was soon attempting to beg to have everything stop, but it KEPT happening! Again, it was only the beginning, for the controls still hadn't been turned up to the point that I couldn't stop yelling ... and too, the breast vacuum and electrics hadn't begun!

It wasn't long after that they did though! Suddenly, my nipples felt as though vibrating sets of hot needles were piercing them over and over, each time creating fresh waves of incredible sensation with a constant ZZAPP-ZZAPP-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP-BBbbuuuzzz-Bbbbbuuzzzz! ZZAPP-ZZAPP-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP-BBbbuuuzzz-Bbbbuuuzzzz! ZZAPP-ZZAPP-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP-BBbbuuuuuzzz-Bbbbbuuuuzzzz!! The horrid pulses rose and fell in regular waves of squirming energy and then the vacuum cups suddenly sucked themselves onto my chest like ravenous Lamprey eels, dragging painfully. To my horror the pulse pattern changed so that the whole of each breast also began trembling to the wavering electrical energy flowing through it!

I automatically tried to rear back and away from the sucking, stinging and flesh-shuddering stimulation, but there was NO escape. My breasts shuddered: ZZAPPP-ZZAAPPP-bbbuuzzzz-bbbuuuzzz-ZZAPPP-ZZZAAPPP-ZZZAAPPP-ZZZAAPPP-bbbuuuzzzz-bbbuuuzzz-ZZZAAPPP-ZZZAAPPP and the sensations were unavoidable and very distressing. The electrical pulses through my nipples, in conjunction with the strong suckling, created a tsunami of overwhelming sensation, but no matter what I attempted in the way of escape, it was denied.

I began to hyper-ventilate and fought instinctually and more wildly against the forced breathing rhythm of the ventilator, but then, things died back for a while. I wasn't permitted a long rest though, for the sensations started once more and THIS time, they quickly climbed higher and higher until I was flinging myself maniacally against the chains and springs.

It began to NOT be a fun trip any more, but nevertheless, the session went on and on and on until I was nearly crazy from the unceasing assaults. Occasionally they died away, to leave me gasping against the limited volume of air supplied by the the ventilator, but then they soon washed over and through me once more.

I couldn't imagine being kept like this for an unknown time, but it I MIGHT be left like this. To be held in a black void of intense sensation, unable to see or hear what was going to be done to me next was an unthinkable fate. Talk about an incredibly effective way to modify a personality! Of course THIS is what I'd wanted to experience, and at the strongest intensity I could handle, but ... DAMN!, it was mind blowing!

All 'good' things eventually come to an end though, and I was finally let down, then released from the cloying gas mask. I was extremely glad to be freed of it, but for the moment remained a prisoner in the secure bondage of the TC harness. The blown up mitts ensured that I'd have remained totally encased until they were removed and so when they came off, I wasted no time in stripping myself out of the full TC harness and then the rubber suit. Without Rubbert's assistance, there'd be no possible way I could have extracted myself.

It was an incredible experience and one that I shall remember for a long time to come.