- Anna Rose, Fetish Model -


- 28th August, 2006 -

I've had the pleasure to be introduced to Anna Rose who has a wonderfully varied site, with all kinds of interesting pix and video of her and her life style. Anna-Rose loves to experiment, particularly with erotic and intimate E-stim as will be seen below. She lives in Holland but travels fairly often and obviously enjoys what she does a great deal. Although her site is a pay one, it's definitely worthy of investigation.

She's been kind enough to allow me to show some pix of the sequences on her site and I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing the selection below. Enjoy!

And then, things get more interesting :-). Anna-Rose, being the sprightly and adventurous person she is, most definitely needs to be kept secure and her husband definitely has THAT technology, as seen below.

Of course she isn't limited by any preconceived roles, as can be seen in the below, left image, but she certainly enjoys the combination of e-stim and bondage, below.

Rubber enclosure is definitely another turn-on for Anna-Rose, and like me, she loves to combine the sensations with e-stim and other arousal techniques.

Sensory Deprivation, isolation and gas masks are yet other facets of the whole B&D/S&M experience, whether in private or outside and below, you can see her enjoying them.

It gets better (or worse, depending on your view point) and Anna-Rose goes the full enclosure and helplessness route as can be seen below.

Then, there's the beautifully made, adjustable St. Andrew's Cross ... a great addition to any dungeon/play room.

Of course the Cross can't be left as a stand alone unit and so other options are added to entertain our lovely lady, then, there's The Suspended Horse, complete with e-stim capability, and it IS used, as can be seen from her expression.

... and the Dildo Chair, suitably lubed before use.

More interesting adventures with a gas mask, labia weights, bondage and other adventures.

Anna Rose has some nice nipple jewellery and in the images below, it's employed with some neat little stretchers to enhance her appreciation of her breasts. SHE can't remove them and that adds even more interest to the whole scene, especially when combined with the somewhat punitive device locked into her.

And there you have a selection of images from her site! I encourage you to visit it and see what other wild things she gets involved in :-).