- 17th August, 2006 -

On the 11th of August, I went over to Rubbert's place on Vancouver Island for a party with my friends from Sagacity the next day. Here's a selection of images from the silly stuff I did.

Above, left and centre I'm wearing a really nice skirt that was purchased from Kunzmann in Germany, last December and it's the first chance I'd had to show it off. However, being a warm day, and the kind of equipment I wanted to try out, it was just a little impractical.

For those of you who're curious about that thing sticking out of the front of the gas mask ... it's a water/beer bottle and is used for NBC masks such as the one I'm wearing, meaning that the mask can be left on for extended periods.

I found a willing lady, Dancer, to assist in my explorations of bondage on the St. Andrew's Cross. She was a great deal of fun to play with and teased me with the flogger for a little while, after I'd been left to stew in my own juices, waiting for her to come and see me.


- Rubber's Finest Gallery -

Rubber's Finest makes some of the most interesting and classy garments and toys I've yet seen and their site is definitely worthy a visit. I'll soon be getting some of their gear to play with myself - these being the Twin Set Helmets and the Mouth Feature. Here's some image of their wonderful latex creations.

Above is the Twin Set Helmet mask. This consists of both an inner and an outer helmet that is truly astounding in function and appearance. FYI, the air intake and exhaust is on the crown of the mask.

Above centre and right is the Mouth Feature that I'll also soon be getting and experimenting with in various TC configurations, and I'll try it in conjunction with the Twin Set helmets.

Above is a selection of some of the erotic neck corset and helmet configurations that are available.

Above is a combination that will either warm the cockles of your heart, or scare the Hell out of you, depending of course on whether you apply it to a mouthy partner, or have to wear it yourself.

Can you imagine preparing yourself as the model below is doing ... then waiting for things to happen? Hhhmmmm ... think I can go THERE :-)!

For those of us in the TV/TS/TG community, there's always a desire to have breasts and to wear a corset that accommodates them properly. Well, the good folks at Rubber's Finest can help you out, as you can see in the images below.

Yes, I know that the above two are exact duplicates, but I wanted to finish this article with a truly impressive overview of the Rubber's Finest line of merchandise and this says it all.