- 16 April, 2006 -

The following article and accompanying pictures are the realization of another long-held dream come true at last. It was both scary and wonderful to have it happen, and I thank Mistress and Mark for making it possible and for recording the event.

The bed and room were ready.

All it needed was for me to be brought to it and prepared for a long quiet night in total chastity confinement and very secure bondage.

How many times have you heard a story start with the words ... "It was a cold and windy night ..."? Well, it was a bloody cold and windy night when we arrived at the house.

I'd been almost fully-prepared for the night to come: hooded, my wrist cuffs locked together behind my back, ankles cuffed and joined by a hobble chain and already fitted with the Chastity Cage. After being seated on the rear bench, the safety belt held me securely, with my hobble chain connected to a floor ring while we drove around to the place of my confinement.

At last we stopped and I waited, chained to my seat, shuddering with concern that a passer-by would see me, but Mistress quickly extricated me from the car, in full view on the quiet street, not really caring if I was seen or not.

I was intensely aware of the restraint of my Chastity Cage; this connected to a locked-on, steel restraint belt, but thank God, with everything hidden by a skirt. A chain leash had been connected to my chastity device and as soon as the seat belt was released, Mistress tensioned it firmly and with a few harshly encouraging, and for me, very uncomfortable tugs on the intimate tether forced me to get out of the car.

With that kind of controlling leash fastened so intimately to my body, no resistance of any kind was permitted, for the situation could be instantly made far, far worse and Mistress was prepared to enforce her commands quite nastily if I hesitated in the slightest bit.

Once standing, she ensured that I knew she was in total control of the situation; maintaining a constant strong tension on the chain and thus made sure that I would follow her directions immediately, with no chance of escape. Even if she dropped the leash chain, it would be fully visible hanging down from within my skirt, and so easily available to anyone who wanted to control me.

Standing there on a public sidewalk, most embarrassingly leashed, hooded, cuffed and hobbled was pretty scary, but she wasn't quite done with terrorizing me. Still nearly blinded by the hood, she pulled me briskly over to a nearby tree and connected my tether to a pre-positioned chain, then left me to my own devices while she locked up the van.

There was no way I could escape and and it was impossible for me to release myself and so I just had to wait for her to free me again. I tried backing away a couple of times, but the warning jerk on my leash told me that some quite nasty pain would result if I persisted with my struggling.

My still mushrooming fear of being seen by someone walking by and seeing me kept under such strict control was almost mind-numbing, and, even though they'd be unable to see under the enveloping concealment of my skirt, the chain dangling from within it, hanging down between my leg, then leading to its end, locked around the tree, would most definitely lead to all sorts of speculation and some very embarrassing questions.

At last, she relented and freed me from the tree, then briskly pulled me toward the stairs despite my reluctance to follow her to my fate.

It was, without a doubt, a command performance that I climb the stairs, and her demand was enforced by her continual, constant and very distressing jerks on the leash. Being short-hobbled with my hands cuffed behind, I was scared of falling, but with her insistent snapping of the tether, I did it as fast as I could.

Again, my leash was locked to something I couldn't escape from (prisoner security at all times), while she opened the door, and the terror of being seen so totally controlled, standing on the stoop and fully visible in the porch light was both a rush and a horror.

Once inside there was no hesitation. I was quickly led down the hall to the room and so-called bed on which I was to spend the night, whether I wanted to or not.

Immediately after I'd been drawn into the black-painted chamber, Mistress once more locked my Chastity Cage leash to one of the multitude of restraint rings on the bed, then began the preparations required to keep me her totally controlled prisoner for the night to come.

The chain had to momentarily released, although she kept a firm grasp on it, then I was divested of the cover and protection of my skirt. A second later my leash was immediately re-locked to the bed. All the while my wrist cuffs remained securely fastened together behind my back.

The constant drag of the chain leash on my Chastity Cage kept me fully aware of myself, and the fact that I couldn't avoid what was soon to come ... being fully chained for the night and kept utterly chaste.

Then ... it began.

First came the Chastity Bra and this she'd soon locked tightly closed. Immediately after, I was fitted with the sense- occluding and supremely controlling helmetted-gas mask. Not only was this device being employed to control my breathing, but it was also used to render me utterly blind and nearly deaf, thus increasing my feelings and knowledge that I was helpless and vulnerable. However, there was also a more sinister purpose in me being required to wear it ... it would muffle any pleading I'd undoubtedly make to elicit sympathy, or to be released from the hard mattress and the chains that would keep me on it.

My collar was removed briefly, then fitted again and locked over the neck tube of the helmet, sealing me into it without any possibility of being able to remove the gas mask. Jesus!

Mistress soon had the external web of straps pulled over my head and jerked them tight, seating the interior mask fully onto my face.

Next, she slowly and methodically interconnected the Chastity Bra to my steel belt and then to the collar, ensuring that the steel web held me in total security. Without being aware of it, I was already hyperventilating in part-terror and part-arousal, but with my maleness securely caged and my hands locked behind me, what chance did I have? None at all.

It was time.

Mistress stood on the bed and once again tugged insistently on my leash, unsympathetically demanding that I climb onto my place of confinement. Unable to see a thing, I carefully and slowly followed her directions, these harshly administered solely by continuous, painful jerks. Oh, damn! I was moving as quickly as I could, but she wouldn't stop her snapping of the chain.

Finally, I was up on the hard-mattressed platform, feeling all of my tight restraints with renewed intensity when she pushed me down onto my back, then immediately fastened the top-of-the-bed frame chain to the back ring of my collar. Now, I couldn't escape what was to come! Oh shit.

I lay in a fog of burgeoning terror while she continued fastening me . After the neck chain, next came the side chains to my steel belt; these measured exactly so as to prohibit any kind of rolling from side to side.

Even though I tried to resist a little, with her freedom of movement and leverage, she soon over-powered my chained efforts and bent my arm back toward the top of the bed frame, then connected my wrist cuff to a waiting chain. My above-the-elbow cuff was also secured off to the side and a moment later, I had to give up when she fastened my other arm the same way.

Within the steel tube of my Chastity Cage, my body attempted to become erect with both fear and arousal at what was being done to me; sliding out along the intrusive, skewering catheter. All such reactions though, even as automatic as they are, were stopped entirely by the imprisonment of the cage at its far too short end.

For a few moments my legs were left free, but there was no point in attempting to use them in a struggle.

It took Mistress a while to secure and tighten all the chains, but within ten minutes I was completely immobilized and gasping with the strong sensations of a totally secure bondage.

Held down and spread-eagled as I was, I could not exert any sort of leverage, nor could I touch any part of my steel webbed and controlled body, but she wasn't finished yet!

There remained the matter of my breathing ... this too was to be controlled for the entire night and she soon had the primary air supply hoses mounted to their mask fittings, then I felt her screw in the secondary supply lines. Immediately, my breathing became slightly restricted while I heard the air hissing slowly into my mask.

She could easily restrict its flow and availability, but in the meantime, I was allowed to breathe normally. She'd already reduced the flow slightly, but could, at a whim, cut it off entirely to ensure I went to sleep, and that possibility was truly a frightening one ... just the thought of being suffocated into unconsciousness made me struggle a little crazily ... what little I could in my web of steel restraints and chains.

I couldn't hear anything and was totally blind inside the oppressive mask and helmet, but somehow, I sensed her near by and studying me, her utter prisoner. Still, she wasn't done!

Suddenly, her gloved hand grasped my Chastity Cage and when it moved, I felt the unavoidable and unpleasant twitching of the Prince's Wand catheter within my body. I was held firmly for a few moments while she attached the urine drain hose to my Chastity Cage, then was left alone once more to get used to what had been done.

Now, beginning to panic, I unthinkingly attempted to sit up, only to have my rubber-tubed neck and throat savagely jerked at by the snug steel collar and its bed-fastened chain. The attempt was stopped immediately and so I had to settle back or choke myself.

There I was, securely fastened and prepared for a night of chaste, rigourously bound and disciplined rest. Mistress had made sure that I was controlled and restricted in every imaginable way: my sight, hearing, breathing, movement and ability to become even partially sexually aroused had been taken from me. I was hers to care tenderly for, or mistreat or torture as she pleased, and in the private room, no one would hear any mask-muffled howls or screams for mercy or release.

For the longest time, I lay as you see in the above picture, unable to do anything other than clench my fingers and wriggle my toes, or open and close my eyes within the utter blackness of the gas mask. If I struggled against the chains, my cuffs made themselves painfully felt immediately and so I could do absolutely nothing except lay there and exist in soundless blackness.

Mistress had other things on her agenda that evening though. A long time later I felt a sheet being draped over me, before she left to visit friends.

Deeply immersed in my bondage and helplessness, I didn't hear her close and lock the door, leaving me inside as a bound prisoner for the night while she went out for some fun.

For a few minutes after she departed, I struggled as much as my chains permitted, thinking panicky thoughts about the hours and hours of silent, bound loneliness and helplessness to escape that were to come. Occasionally I tried to call out, but was met only by a wall of silence. No one came to release or comfort me during that endless night, and by the time I was released the next morning, I was nearly incoherent with thankfulness to be freed.

And so, one of my long-term fantasies came to be made into the real thing. It was both a frightening and arousing voyage into total bondage.

I hope you've enjoyed the above and if nothing else, that it has given you more than a few shivers, contemplating what it would feel like if you were taken where I was.

------ WARNING!! ------

Playing out this sort of bondage and control fantasy is not for the faint-hearted, or those with physical limitations. Constant care and attention must be paid to the one who is confined - no compromises!

The story's enactment you see above was done with a great deal of care and planning. Safety systems were in place for my speedy release, if I'd gotten into severe physical or mental difficulties, especially since I was utterly incapable of freeing myself of any of the equipment locked onto and into me.