- 9th March, 2006 -

Just to add a little variety and more fun to the chances I get to play with my toys, I asked a good friend, Annie, to act as a 'Nasty Nurse', and she happily agreed. Annie is a spritely lady with a wonderfully happy out-look on life and so an absolute pleasure to be around.

Annie and I have worked with each other before, when she was one of my 'demonstrator/victims' at the Sagacity Club's 4th Birthday Party Presentation and so she was happy to at last get a chance to learn how to run TC's Control Panel before we get to play with it's applications a little more seriously. As well, this was a chance she'd been waiting for, to repay me for my evil ways when she had been in The Creature.

Eventually I was dressed in most of the assorted bits of equipment, then it was time to get on the bench and be strapped down. MOR Rubber had come through in great style, having modified the helmetted gas mask that works with the respirator so I could not wear it long term, and wear it long term I did.

The respirator was turned on before the helmetted gas mask was to be fitted and as it descended over my face, I could both hear and feel the air hissing into the inner face cup. Having the mask fitted is always an interesting and scary part of the proceedings, for once it's on, the outer world disappears and I've slid fully into a womb-like darkness and silence.

Annie firmly pulled the helmet back over my head until the mask pressed tightly onto my face, then closed the zipper, sealing me totally away from the rest of the world. Next, she tightened the mask's straps, ensuring that it would stay in place no matter how much I tried to escape it.

Part of the thrill of doing these sessions is that after the initial set-up has been completed and the instructions and 'safe' words taken care of, then I'm immersed in the Sleep Sack and I don't have (and can't have) anything else to do. All that is permitted is to lay back and enjoy(?) what happens next.

I felt her attach the assorted vacuum hoses and e-stim cables and knew that soon, far more intense sensations would come. Being strapped into almost total motionlessness is an intriguing sensation and a little experimentation revealed that the only things I could move were my fingers, toes, and eyelids.

I had to inhale when the respirator pumped air into the mask and exhaled only when it permitted me to. It's difficult to accept this mechanical cadence, but, really, there's not a hell of a lot of choice. Inside, all I was aware of, for the first 10 minutes, was the hiss and draughts of air, having forgotten about my Nasty Nurse. She, however, had certainly not forgotten about me!

For a few minutes Annie sat at the control panel contemplating the array of dials, gauges, and switches, getting ready to do some experimentation. She wouldn't see too much movement from me when she began, and even later when adjusting the power levels to intolerable levels, that made me howl, but that too is all a part of the process.

Suddenly, the breast cups began to suck voraciously at my chest and I could only twitch fractionally against the tight straps, but there was much more to come. The vacuum on the penile tube suddenly assaulted at me, but for the a little while it seemed to have no effect.

Suddenly, a firm seal was established and the suction became dramatically stronger, but I could only shudder and moan slightly, then with increasing agitation when the suckling on me got stronger and stronger. In short moments I began to howl in earnest, for it felt like my penis was being ripped away.

That was by no means the end for now she began to play with the e-stim controls and the first hints of electricity began to flow through my nipples and breasts! These, in combination with the strong suction, became wilder and wilder while the pulses built in strength. Oh man! This is something else! Below, a different pattern of e-stim shocks built in strength, passing through the butt plug to the electrodes within the penile tube.

I was left like, being subjected to the violently intense sensations in silence and darkness for what seemed like hours, but was probably only 10 minutes, until at last I thought I'd had enough. The mask and helmet came off and I blinked my eyes at the bright light of the room, happy to be freed of the respirator's oppressive, forced breathing pattern.

- Part Two -

Next, we decided to use the other mask and so I rested quietly; strapped down in my rubber cocoon, while Rubbert and Annie readied it for application, then it was time.

Annie slipped the mask into place then tightened its straps over my helmet, making sure it was airtight and sealed away from the world again, even though I could still see it. Next came the ear defenders and the world receded even further.

Annie spent quite a while adjusting the various restraint straps and the ones holding the ear defenders (I had already been fitted with ear plugs) in place, taking great delight in making everything secure.

It was time for the newest toy I'd created as an add-on to the head restraint ... basically a cover that fastened to the mask restraint harness with snap fasteners.

I felt very strange, just laying there and watching that black panel descend, then hearing the fasteners pop closed. Again, Annie took her time and made sure it was secure.

Once done, Annie surveyed her work then walked back to the control panel in preparation for more experiments.

Her anticipatory smile of evil glee can be seen in the pix above, especially in the right side one where she's beginning to turn up the power on the crotch e-stim machine. It was horribly intense and all I could do, fastened as tightly as I was, was to shudder and shiver, howling as the pulses increased in strength.

And so, here I was, yet again, but this time being superbly taken care of by Nasty Nurse, Annie.