- 5th March, 2006 -


I first came across Steelwerks Extreme a couple of years ago and was fascinated by their devices creativity and workmanship. Although at the time it appeared that they specialized primarily in piercing jewellery, I was nevertheless intrigued by their designs and the quality displayed in the pix and to my delight, discovered that they are a Canadian company, in Montreal :-)! Hhhmmmm .... Must be the bloody cold Winters in Canada that have given birth to all of the kinky stuff that happens here.

I let their site lay fallow for nearly a year, visiting it on occasion to check for the latest developments, and soon my patience was rewarded when they began to put up other pictures of their creations. Sure enough, I discovered some interesting images, particularly ones to do with the employment of 'Prince's Wands', but without having to get additional apertures in my body. Definitely not my thing, so far :-).

I've already created an article about Steelwerks Extreme and this can be seen in Page Two of this section.

I suppose it's quite obvious that I was fascinated with what they showed they could do, particularly the devices above, and then, they had some really impressive other devices (below).

Being the somewhat bent person I am, I soon envisioned a combination of the various designs and come up with a creation that would be one of the most secure male chastity device one could imagine (but there ARE further developments to come in that area!).

Given my minimal artistic talents, in combination with a horny desire to see and experience something like the combination I'd conceived, I'd soon created a series of concept drawings.


The drawings went through a few modifications, then were soon sent off to Steelwerks for a price estimate. The answer I received from them was a bit of a shock and so I filed the desire to own one of these things in the "Win The Lottery, and THEN....' area and proceeded on my way. The same thing has happened with my Fantasy Dungeon, in hopes that one of these days I'll either win the Lotto, or find someone with the desire and financial and real estate resources to create it.

Through happy circumstance and the aid of a good friend, the possibility of actually obtaining one of these devices actually became possible during the second half of 2005 and soon, Steelwerks was given the go-ahead.

It's been a long time coming to be sure, what with manufacturing equipment failures, software glitches, and just the fact that the devices (there are two of them) are, quite literally, carved out of blocks of stainless steel, but at last I have it in hand, so to speak :-).


Steelwerks are excellent about keeping their customers advised about progress being made on their particular project, and I was pleased to receive frequent email and images from them, while the device was being manufactured.

And so it began. Now, you should be advised that the images below are not kinky, but just show the manufacturing process, which may appeal to the gear-heads out there. The pix will give some idea of the total security of the device ... being virtually indestructible.

Above and below you can see the heavy duty, CINC milling machine chewing its way through the stainless. This is NOT an easy material to deal with by any way of thinking, and takes constant care and attention to detail to do properly. Steelwerks are obviously masters at this type of work.

Things are beginning to take shape here and the various components are basically ready for the final milling work to be done. Wow! These guys are GOOD!

We're getting closer and closer to a final product and it can be seen just what kind of pride of craftsmanship Steelwerks Extreme takes in their finishing. Truly beautiful work.


Above right and below are some images of the various component pieces of 'The Device' after polishing, before assembly. The very high quality of the finishing can be easily seen and holding it in your hand, you can appreciate just how much effort Steelwerks Extreme has put into the creation of this project.

This chastity device is incredible! Not only does it lock on (and IN) with a special key, but has been designed so that it can be left on more or less permanently. With the 'Wand' in place, the wearer can then urinate without it being a messy problem, and if left bound for the night, a hose and urine collection system may be connected to the drain fitting, thus eliminating the need for night time trips to the bathroom.


It comes equipped with front and back slots that can accept a lock for leashes of various types, as specified in the design criteria I gave them.

Thanks to the way the entire thing is configured then fastened onto the wearer, there is NO way it can be pulled off without removing the body parts it controls and restrains. This is generally not a happy event to contemplate.


I'd been advised that the package was en route and given a tracking number for it, and in the early part of the day had ascertained that it had indeed arrived and was on the truck, on its way to me. Of course I ended up checking the progress every 20 minutes and sure enough, the delivery guy eventually showed just after noon.


I have yet to 'enjoy' this device and captivity for any extended duration, having just received it, but the experiments will come soon :-). Here's a few detail images of the device. Note the brilliant finish.

Above left, it's still fully assembled and on the right, it can be seen partially opened and prepared for fitting.

The Prince's Wand is easily visible in the two pix above, and a large as it looks, it isn't all that bad to slip into place, once it's been lubed.

Am I 'bent'? No question of it, I'm sure. Am I enjoying that particular state of being? No question about that either! Is this device too extreme? I don't think so, for it creates both a mental and physical state that is hard to describe unless you've been there yourself, and too, it's an area I wish to explore.


Given my desire to make my gear multi-functional, there are additional options that can be employed with this device: leashing and/or positioning chains/leashes, being connected to an Erostek ET-312, using the entire device as one 'electrode' and a butt plug for the other, and the urine collection system for long term or overnight use.

I've made mention also of OTHER options and systems being used in conjunction with this device and as the more interested surfers of this site will know, I've already commissioned a restraint belt to be made by Axsmar, and this has been designed in such a manner that it may easily be transformed into a full-on chastity belt with the addition of a quickly fitted crotch panel. Here's some images of both the design drawing s and the uncompleted pieces of the belt portion, as received from Axsmar.

These pieces are soon to be bent into the proper curves, then shipped back to Axsmar for the addition of the other restraint rings and final finishing. When it's returned to me, it will then be able to be (crudely) connected to the chastity cage, but that WON'T be the end of the process!

A purpose-designed crotch plate will then be created, so that the Steelwerks device mounts snugly and securely to it and thus, the whole ensemble will THEN become the ultimate, male chastity belt. Expensive? Yes. Secure and utterly inescapable? Without a doubt.

There will soon be some drawings of the Crotch Panel inserted in this area and although they'll only be concept drawings, they'll soon become reality, and I'll move to the next stage, whatever THAT may be :-).


Have you ever had your hair pulled, down 'there'? Not fun! Unfortunately, in my various explorations, I have, and so to ease the process of fitting and wearing the device, a rather intimate shave was required. Not a big deal, but time consuming initially, and then it was time to slather on some silicon oil and begin to fit the thing. Jesus! What a wild concept! It's taken a couple of years to get to this point, but now, it WAS going to happen.

In addition to the physical preparations, there were also some mental evolutions required, for this type of intimate captivity was going to be pretty intense. I could hardly wait, and so sat and stared at at this thing I'd had created with a mixture of anticipation and not a little dread. OK, time to get with the program.

Although I'd taken care to warm the thing up, it was still cool on the skin. Getting it all on was quite the chore, as matters turned out, requiring a partial disassembly, and then a lot of gentle coaxing of the assorted plumbing to go where it was supposed to, but at last I got all of the fastenings done. With a little lube, the Prince's Wand slid easily into place and the end cap got bolted on. Jesus!

There is no way I could avoid feeling this device and the knowledge that it is virtually inescapable, as all properly designed chastity devices should be.

OK, OK. I know that in the above pix you're saying to yourself, "Where's the beef?" The common reaction of 'turtling' has taken place, but there is no way to escape the Prince's Wand. Hhhmmmm. Yep! Definitely secure and inescapable! With the slight restriction and the weight, I'm always conscious of the part of me that has been imprisoned. Wow!

When holding the device in my hand, the weight seemed inconsequential, however, once standing I became very aware of it for the device not being supported by anything other than me. Obviously, for any kind of long term wear, some sort of support is definitely going to be required. However, that's already on the drawing board.

And so, there you have it. The continuing evolution of my idiocy and desire to experiment with some far out ideas. Steelwerks Extreme has done an incredible job and I recommend that any who are intrigued with the above article visit their site and explore it thoroughly. You'll find their 'client images to be of interest.