- 20th February, 2006 -

I recently received an encouraging e-mail from Susan and Marcus in Sweden who have their own web site and have avidly pursued their interest in rubber fetishism for quite a few years. I was flattered and honoured that they'd write and responded immediately, as I try to do with all mail I receive.

Upon investigation, I discovered that their site has some wonderfully evocative photographs within it and wanted to share some of the imagery with surfers who visit this site. I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Obviously, A Thing For Rubber hit a few of my 'hot buttons'; the first of these being full rubber enclosure and, of course, the Horse Woman theme. In addition they've also touched on the wearing of a septum ring ... another area of interest.

Much to my added delight, ATFR also likes to play with the nun aspect of command and control, this combined with rubber, and what a mix it is. The images below speak for themselves.

The composition of any photograph is tremendously important and I feel that they've done a really nice job with the images.

The wearing, forced or otherwise, of a septum ring as both a decorative piece of jewellery and as, of course, a means of control, is another hot button for me. This will be obvious from the stories I've written over the years, and as is evidenced by the images below.

There's no question who's in control here ... the holder of the leash. The collar of course also denotes the status of the wearer of the septum ring and it's easily seen that the leash holder is thoroughly enjoying her position of power.

As can be seen on other parts of this site, I also have a thing for full enclosure and gas masks, and their employment as a means of bondage and control. Marcus and Susan have taken their interests to a high level and their love of the sensations is evident in the two images below.

And so, there's a brief look into A THING FOR RUBBER. Susan and marcus have done a great job of presenting their interests and welcome anyone who visits their site. Enjoy!