- 2nd February, 2006 -

Well, being the person I am, I just couldn't resist the opportunity to have another session in the new Sleep Sack and the Plank Bed. Believe it or not, I made the bed about 10 years ago from a 50 year old concept drawing, but until now I'd never been fastened to it myself! So, I hope you'll forgive me for showing more imagery of it.

My good friend 'Rubbert' was kind enough to indulge my hunger for yet more experiences and so came over from the Island and assisted me with the set of trips that are detailed and imaged below. We started fairly early in the day and with the experience of the previous session, matters proceeded briskly. I again tried to wear the helmetted, ventilator-adapted gas mask, but could only manage it for a few moments. It appears that some modification to the actual helmet portion will be required to permit long term wear. Gggrrrrr.

I was soon deeply ensconced in the Sleep Sack, then quickly strapped down on the Plank Bed. We made adjustments on the fly, and things went a lot smoother than they had the previous time.

This time, even though the obliteration of sight couldn't be managed by using the helmeted gas mask I wanted, we adapted by using a set of blinder goggles and a Latexa gag.

It was time for the final 'sealing in' and I was soon strapped into the mask, then Rubbert attached the vacuum and e-stim lines, tightened all the straps and moved to the Control Panel. The image immediately below shows our 'field monitor' for the video that was shot as well as these stills.

Although the pictures may indicate peaceful repose, I assure you that it was certainly NOT that :-)! All sorts of good sensations and feelings (or bad, depending on your viewpoint and desire) were happening while I lay pinioned, barely able to twitch. Note that in the left above picture, the vacuum can be seen acting on the breast cups, for both have been deformed by atmospheric pressure. FYI, they give the damnedest 'hickies' you've ever seen. Somewhat the same thing was happening down below, but THAT vacuum was a pulsating, stimulating one that was utterly inescapable.

All the while, the respirator pumped air into the mask at a measured cadence and volume, making distinct mechanical objections if I attempted to breathe when it didn't want me to. Certainly I got fresh air, but ONLY when it was programmed to provide it, otherwise, I got nothing, despite how much I wanted it.

I could easily have stayed there for the rest of the day, but given the time available, wanted to get going on the full rubber enclosure, with TC over the top of everything, and so after about an hour and a half, I was released and got the set-up changed around for the next bout of idiocy.

Given the complexity of doing a full rubber enclosure in combination with TC, we took a break then got right back at it and I was soon enjoying the comforting sensation of being fully enshrouded in my rubber suit and nicely contained within the controlling embrace of the harness.

I'd wanted a pair of those neat blow-up mitts for the last year and Pupett and Matthias had been kind enough to obtain some for me. This was the first time I'd had a chance to use them, and so my hands and fingers were soon helplessly confined within the pressurized spheres; these held in place by the zipped-closed sleeves of my cat suit and secured by the massive Zoom-Bizarre cuffs.

Suspension, and thus the loss of support and a semi-abatement of gravity has always been a big part of my bondage play and so I was soon hanging in the springs, bouncing gently ... for the moment. It's quite a rush, to dangle in mid-air, blind, helpless, mostly deaf, and waiting for something to happen, and it certainly did!

Rubbert, on my instructions, went to the Control Panel and began twiddling the assorted dials to elicit the kind of movement and reaction I wanted, even though when it happened, I really DIDN'T want it as badly as I thought I had! Further restriction was soon required and so, after about a half an hour, we took a short break and I was soon fitted with the rubber arm corsets.

Once more I was masked and sealed away, then it all began again, but THIS time in earnest. There was no escape and my gas mask muffled yelps and swearing didn't deter Rubbert from his appointed tasks. Jesus! Am I some kind of idiot, to want to play like this? Perhaps, perhaps not, but I DO want intense play, and this is how I get there. Each to their own poison :-)!

The garage door springs allow a considerable range of motion, but they ALWAYS win. Likewise. the smaller ones that restricted my arms and legs also allow movement, but they too are very limiting, depending on the tension applied. This is the JG-L version of the venerable 'Baby Bouncer' with the impetus for motion supplied by the judicious use of high energy e-stim.

Sure it looks pretty quiet in these pictures, but I can assure you that the energy expended in a session like this is considerable, to say nothing of the sore throat :-). I was permitted a little rest between the more intense parts of the session and in the picture on the right above, I'm trying to recover what few brains I had remaining.

And so, there I was. It's utterly impossible to escape from this sort of bondage, no matter HOW much you might want to. Things are just done and you have to live with it, but that's part of the allure of this kind of play. Rubbert could, quite literally, have left all the equipment turned on, programmed to gradually increase the strength of the e-stim, then shut off the lights and gone away for a couple of hours to leave me to stew in my own juices. THAT is part of the scariness of the situation, and truth to be told, a great attractant for me.

Click here to watch a short video clip of what TC can do :-).


Obviously, it didn't happen this time, for I'm writing this account in a reasonably coherent fashion. If he had left me, I'm sure I'd still be just a quivering puddle of protoplasm. Hell, I may be there already :-)!

The combined sessions were definitely a lot of fun and very much better than going off to the gym or some expensive exercise club to keep the cardiovascular system in top form, at least for me.

As was mentioned previously, we taped the whole of both sessions and at some point in the near future, I hope to have a brief video clip included in this article.

All in all, a fun day and I hope to repeat it soon with some evil-minded Mistress, who WILL be as mean as possible :-).