- 21st January, 2006 -

The tale that follows is that of my most recent voyage of discovery into the realm of rubber encasement, topped off with an e-stim and vacuum-aided sensory ride. It took place in my Whine Cellar on Wednesday, 18th January, 2006.

I'd like to thank my good friend 'Rubbert' for all of his extremely hard work moving me around once I was helpless in the Sleep Sack, to say nothing of his willingness to assist me to attain this somewhat fevered dream. His expertise as a photographer and video guy, as well as his comprehensive mechanical systems knowledge was invaluable.

I recently received my new, custom-designed, thick (.090 mm) rubber Sleep Sack from MOR Rubber and wanted to use it as soon as possible, of course. Without question, I have very much anticipated a ‘session’ in this specialized restraint for many, many months, but I definitely needed help to complete the final stages of my enclosure and encasement within the multiple layers of rubber. 'Rubbert' came from Vancouver Island to assist me with this voyage of exploration, for he's definitely a rubber fetishist, technically knowledgeable and happily, in addition, he’s an expert photographer and would take lots of pictures as well as video the whole process of my getting dressed in all of the layers, then the final result of this quite intense voyage.

It was difficult to sleep the night before and even after I eventually managed it, scary and crazy dreams kept me semi-awake. Morning finally came and it was time to get on with the events of the day ... and I knew that the whole process would take most of the day to complete. The first thing of course was a shower, then I took a while to shave off all of my limb and body hair: this to ease entry into the various inner garments and to enhance the sensations of being snugly encased. After that, I enjoyed a small breakfast and two cups of coffee, then around 10:00 am it was time to go to the Whine Cellar and check that all the rubber gear was set up and ready to be worn.

The respirator-adapted gas mask worked fine on the initial test, as can be seen below, but there would be more serious usage a little later; something I greatly anticipated, but with more than a little fear too.

After that, I completed a system check on the other equipment that would be used to take me on this special ‘ride’: the two ErosTek e-stim units, the Gast vacuum pumps for the breast cups and nether regions, and the Venus-2000 for that area also. All the machinery worked as it should, then it was time to begin the actual dressing process.

I slathered silicon oil over my feet and legs, then put on the rubber socks I’d received last Summer from my very good friends Pupett and Matthias, when they’d come to visit, then attend the Folsom Street Faire.

Next came the stockings/leggings and they felt very comfortable, rising right to the tops of my thighs in a tight embrace. Before proceeding further, I slipped on the shoulder length gloves I’d purchased from Kunzman while in Germany in November, then covered the rest of my body with more silicon oil.

It was time for my thick rubber cat suit and I slipped into it with some difficulty, for it’s a snugly-fitted garment, but the silicon oil allowed it to settle and slide into place, securely encasing me in the second layer.

It was time for the vacuum/electrical breast cups and I spread the contact gel around their rims and on the nipple electrodes, then slipped them into their apertures on the chest of the cat suit. These undersized holes are designed to hold the cups firmly against my chest, ensuring both an air tight contact and a solid electrical connection.

It was time for the torso corset and Rubbert assisted me, lacing it fully closed so that I could definitely feel its compression and limitation.

I locked the thick steel belt over it, this to hold the penile tube firmly in position, as soon as it was to be fitted, then took a short break. It's hot work to get all the gear on and properly fitted.

At the suggestion of a long time friend, I slipped my feet into the shoe portions of my thigh high, lace-up rubber boots, then they were fully closed all the way up while I sat there, enjoying the sensations of the all over compression of my legs.

It was time to emplace the butt plug and fit myself with the e-stim capable, penile tube mounted on its cup. I lubricated myself with a thick covering of the Spectra-gel, then coated the inside of the tube with it as well, before slipping it easily into place. The various straps anchored everything to the crotch band, ensuring that the tube and plug would remain securely and snugly fitted, guaranteeing an inescapable electrical contact, much as I would soon wish they weren't!

The thigh corsets were next on the agenda and they were soon clamped firmly around my upper legs, over the top portions of the thigh boots, then integrated to the torso corset with gartering straps, thus maintaining my constant awareness of their tension and limitation.

It was time for the ear plugs then over the top of them, the open-face rubber helmet. With these plugs in place my hearing was almost removed, adding to the sensory isolation I was beginning to experience, knowing that it was going to be vastly increased, and soon! I couldn’t help the shivers of part-terror and part-anticipation that passed through me, but I really needed to continue with this endeavour. I’d savoured and anticipated the terror of what I was about to do for a long time.

When this had been done, the entire length of the boots and thigh corsets was coated in silicon oil and next came the outer and much thicker neoprene gloves, then the cat suit’s sleeves were zipped closed over their long, forearm gauntlets.

Arm corsets were soon laced securely closed nearly all the way to my shoulders, making it impossible for me to bend my elbows and thus preventing any sort of removal. Damn!

I moved carefully over to the Plank Bed, balancing precariously on the 12 cm high heels. Certainly, I've done a considerable amount of walking in heels, but with the 2 cm platforms and the slick surface of the soles, I had to be pretty careful.

Once there, I leaned against it, waiting for the next part of the process to begin, and that was the fastening of 5 cm wide, thick rubber straps around my ankles, below my knees and above, turning them into a doubly laced column of gleaming, black rubber.

My Sleep Sack is a heavy-duty containment/restraint system, designed with inner sleeves for my arms, complete with ‘blind’, fingerless mitt pockets at the end of each sleeve, to isolate and control my already doubly glove-encased hands. The sleeves are slightly constricted at the the wrists, with reinforced, five cm wide bands and it would take some struggling to get my hands fully inserted, so, dressed as I was, I absolutely needed my friend’s assistance to enter the Sleep Sack. He brought it over and helped me into it, guiding my booted, strapped together feet and legs into the bottom portion. This part of the process took quite a while, for my legs wouldn’t bend very much, thanks to the tight compression of the laced tubes of the thigh corsets and boots.

The interior of the Sleep Sack had previously been coated with silicon oil and so my boots slid in with relative ease, then its heavy body portion was drawn up over my hips. I slipped my gloved hands into the tops of the inner sleeves and Rubbert slowly worked the whole thing higher and higher, carefully placing my projecting breast cups in their holes. It was a hell of a fight to get it all the way up my body, for the suit is a very tight fit, but eventually, the thick, heavy rubber imprisonment was in place.

I leant helplessly against the Plank Bed, a gleaming, black rubber sausage, crossed at strategic points by the embedded, five cm wide, nylon straps. Rubbert took a minute to finalize the positioning of the breast cups in their apertures and once this had been done, they were held even more securely and firmly in place. The crotch hose and wires were fed through their own zippered opening, and it was closed, sealing me inside.

It was time for me to lay on the Plank Bed, then recline on its rubber-cushioned surface. I certainly needed Rubbert's assistance when I leant slowly backwards with him stabilizing me, then was rotated to lay out flat on the Plank Bed's narrow width. He immediately fastened the wide waist strap so I wouldn’t fall off while I lay shivering with more than a little trepidation; my helmeted head resting on the small cushion. I tried to get accustomed to all of the sensations of compression and restraint cascading through my mind, but it was a flood I couldn't withstand.

Now came the moment of truth. It was time to be fitted with the next and probably most intimidating part of my enclosure ... the thickly-helmeted gas mask. This particular mask had been modified to work with the ventilator/respirator to ensure I’d continue to breathe, like it or not and was another very intense thing to have to wear.

Its vision panel is completely blacked out by an inner rubber liner, so that once it was fully on, I’d be totally blind and even more deaf than before. The helmet and mask was placed under my chin, then pulled up and backward over my face and head, and slowly pulled even further back until the soft, inner facial cup encompassed my nose, mouth and chin. The helmet zipper was drawn from the crown of my head down to the base of the neck tube at the back, pulling the mask firmly onto my face and sealing the helmet onto my head. Jesus!

I immediately had a problem though ... I was unable to breathe as easily as when I was sitting up, and so the mask had to be removed, much to my disappointment, and my regular gray one substituted. The problem was that my neck had to be raised higher and chin raised, but we didn't mess with it at that point. Next time!

Rubbert had pulled the shoulder entry zippers for the cat suit fully closed, up the sides of my neck, over the neck tube of the helmet, thus ensuring that there was not one square centimetre of my entire body that had any contact with the outer world. I was, truly, sealed away.

Now, my only connection to it was the panicky, gasping breaths I took. A moment later, the respirator was switched on, forcing me to inhale and exhale to its unstoppable, mechanical command. Oh damn! I couldn’t avoid the cadence, and even though I tried to breathe at my own pace, the machine ensured that I inhaled and exhaled only at the rate it had been set to.

As well, the volume of air I was permitted could be easily adjusted from too much to no where near enough, with just the mere turn of a dial. I was now totally controlled.

The Sleep Sack’s shoulder entry zippers were now closed, at last finishing off my encasement in the multiple layers of impervious rubber. I was sealed into an incredible rubber bondage and now another piece of sensory isolation equipment was added: the ear defender head set. This was fastened over the helmet and its tight, restrictive harness ensured that nearly all exterior noises were eliminated . Oh damn! It was bloody intense!!!

And so I lay there in deep silence, waiting to be restrained to utter motionless while Rubbert took his time fastening the remainder of the thick, wide straps. These were positioned so that they clamped me to the Plank Bed at ankles, thighs, hips, lower chest and shoulders, then came the cross-over ones from above my shoulders to the waist strap; these to keep me down, and threaded through the shoulder loops of the Sleep Sack.

At the top end of the Bed, Rubbert slid the cushion under my corseted neck, then a forehead strap immobilized my helmeted head, while at the bottom, another strap from the centre of the one clamping my ankles down, was tightened so that my already booted feet remained in the correct position and posture. Another longer strap led upward from the other side of the ankle strap, threaded through D-rings on the ones for my thighs and hips, and connected to the waist strap.

The next few minutes were spent tightening all of the hold-down straps until I could barely twitch, leaving me able only to minutely wriggle my tightly double-gloved fingers within their small pockets, and open, and close my eyelids within the the gas mask. I barely felt him connect the vacuum lines for the breast cups, the one for the penile tube, and the cooling water hoses, then the cable sets for my e-stim equipment.

God! What a feeling! I was where I’d dreamt of being for so long!

I felt myself engorge and thrust deeply into the penile tube, but nothing happened for the longest time while I lay there, isolated, deafened, and with every breath controlled by the ventilator. At first I tried to struggle against the restricting web of sturdy straps, savouring the sensations and now beginning to sweat inside my snug, secure, airtight, rubber cocoon, but I soon descended into acceptance what with the lack of any sound, embraced by my sensations of being encased and immobilized. Time disappeared.

What seemed like hours later, Rubbert turned on the vacuum pump for the breast cups and I felt them begin to drag strongly at the flesh of my chest.

Suck-suck-suck... Suck-suck-suck... Suck-suck-suck. Suck-suck-suck... Suck-suck-suck... Suck-suck-suck... Suck-suck-suck...

For the moment I didn’t want to escape their rapacious demand, but that would change, and anyhow there wasn’t any way to manage it! They were too securely held in place and I knew he’d soon turn on the other machines, as I’d instructed, then slowly begin to ramp up every setting to higher and higher levels! Oh, Damn!

Suddenly I felt the at first slow, unceasing suction and pulsing demand of the penile tube and could not help but come even more erect within the voracious device.

Suck-suck-suck-suck-release. Suck-suck. Suck-suck-suck-suck-release. Suck-suck. Suck-suck-suck-suck-release. Suck-suck. Suck-suck-suck-suck--release. Suck-suck. Suck-suck-suck-suck-release. Suck-suck-suck-suck-release......

... then a few minutes later the cycle speed of the pulsing vacuum and release began to gradually increase ...

Sucksucksucksuck-release. Sucksucksucksuck-release. Sucksucksucksuck-release. Sucksucksucksuck-release. Sucksucksucksuck-release. Sucksucksucksuck-release......

These sensations quickly began to drive me to crazy, making me moan with the need for satisfaction, but then, the e-stim to the tube came on and slowly began to increase in strength! I shuddered violently, struggling to escape or enhance the sensations, but of course, there was only futile, miniscule movement permitted and certainly no possible way to escape from what was being done. I was totally and fully controlled, utterly helpless. The breast vacuum died away a little, but then, the electrodes pressing against my nipples were energized...

BBBuzzzzz-ZZzip-zip-zip-zip-zzzzziiiPPP-buzz. BBBuzzzzz-ZZzip-zip-zip-zip-zzzzziiiPPP-buzz. BBBuzzzzz ZZzip-zip-zip-zip-zzzzziiiPPP-buzz. BBBuzzzzz-ZZzip-zip-zip-zip-zzzzziiiPPP-buzzz.....

I twisted against the tight straps and rubber, trying to somehow escape their stronger and stronger pulses. There was none. Then, to add to the intensity of the experience, the pulsing shocks got stronger and stronger!! I howled and began to scream, struggling frantically against the rubber encasement and straps.

My encasement was quickly becoming a far more frightening situation than I'd thought would be the case, but Rubbert took a hint from my violent writhing and muffled screaming and backed everything off, leaving me in peace ... for the moment.

I tried to pant from the strong exertions I’d made against the rubber and my other restraints, only to have the respirator insist on its own breathing cadence. Rubbert was an astute observer and operator and so left me for a time, but I was fully aware that everything would soon begin again and I couldn’t stop the process!

I slowly came back from the edge, trying to settle once more into the depth-less silence, able only to stare upwards from within the mask sealed onto my face. The respirator was a relentless, monitoring guardian and enforced its mechanical command without pause, leaving me with no choice but to breathe to its pre-set instructions.

Far too soon the penile tube began to assault me once more, but this time with an intense series of shocks, syncopated with the suckling, creating a rapid, maddening, multi-sensation attack on my maleness.

Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck-release. BUZZZ-buzzz-zzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZ! Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck-release. BUZZZ-buzzz-zzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZ! Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck-release. BUZZZ-buzzz-zzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZ! Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck-release.....

... then it sped up to a maddening higher rate and the pattern changed !!!

Sucksuckzip-BBBUZZZZZ-zzzippp-zzzipp-BBBUUZZZZZ-suck-BBBBuzzzz-sucksuck-release-suck-BBBUUUZZZZZ. Sucksuckzip-BBBUZZZZZ-zzzippp-zzzipp-BBBUUZZZZZ-suck-BBBBuzzzz-sucksuck-release-suck-BBBUUUZZZZZ. Sucksuckzip-BBBUZZZZZ-zzzippp-zzzipp-BBBUUZZZZZ-suck-BBBBuzzzz-sucksuck-release-suck-BBBUUZZZZZ.......

This incredible set of sensations went on and on and on! There was no break or pause and I writhed from the intense stimuli I was forced to endure, twisting madly against my bonds, struggling to achieve an orgasm. That was denied by stronger and stronger e-stim pulses from the butt plug to the penile tube electrodes, using my straining and sensitive flesh for the electrical path, preventing it from occurring! I couldn’t halt the desperate moaning that was riven from me, hoping it would all soon stop ... then it did, and I was left to settle down, alone in my black, silent, rubber world.

Again, I sank into the state of non-being, but it was once more shattered by trilling pulses that suddenly began to zip through my nipples! Then, the cups began to suck strongly on my breasts, hugely increasing the sensations of the shocks and once more I was driven into a writhing fit from the sensations of the sizzling shocks.

Suck-suck-suck-BBBuzz-zzipp-suck-suck-zzzZZZiippp! Suck-suck-suck-BBBuzz-zzipp-suck-suck-zzzZZZiippp! Suck-suck-suck-BBBuzz-zzipp-suck-suck-zzzZZZiippp! Suck--suck-suck-BBBuzz-zzipp-suck-suck-zzzZZZiippp! Suck-cuck-suck-BBBuzz-zzipp-suck-suck-zzzZZZiippp!.....

They didn’t stop and suddenly the penile tube also began its own insistent suckling, then, shocks also began to pulse from the butt plug, through my prostate out to the electrodes within the tube!

Suck-suck-suck-release. BUZZZZ-buzz-zip-zip-zzzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZZZ! Suck-suck-suck-release. BUZZZZ-buzz-zip-zip-zzzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZ! Suck-suck-suck-release. BUZZZZZZ-buzz-zip-zip-zzzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZ! .....

The overwhelming sensations thundered through my mind in an avalanche of overwhelming awareness, demanding that I somehow stop them from their assault, but just as I'd designed the system, there was no avoidance or escape possible! The sensations went on and on and on and on .....

Suck-suck-suck-release. BUZZZZ-buzz-zip-zip-zzzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZ! Suck-suck-suck-release. BUZZZZ-buzz-zip-zip-zzzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZ! Suck-suck-suck-release. BUZZZZ-buzz-zip-zip-zzzipp-zipzipzipzip BUZZZ! ..... these mixed with the twitching, needling pulses through my vacuum-sensitized nipples ...

BBzzZZZippp-zip! Suck-suck-BBzzZZZippp-zip! Suck-suck-BBzzZZZippp-zip! Suck-suck-BBzzZZZippp-zip! Suck-suck-BBzzZZZippp-zip! Suck-suck-BBzzZZZippp-zip! Suck--suck-BBzzZZZippp-zip! Suck-suck-suck-BBzzZZZippp-zip!....

The awareness of my helplessness, taken together with the extreme, intense stimulation created the right mental environment, and I felt an orgasm begin to approach while I struggled to escape my self-imposed imprisonment, adding my own endorphins to the chemical soup of a wild high.

The sensations I was being subjected to (remember, at my request!) were overwhelming, and with a groan I felt myself ejaculate strongly into the suckling, mechanically insistent tube. My breasts and nipples shuddered and twisted, curdling painfully within their sealed cups, being dragged at by the insatiable vacuum, while at the same time, needling shocks transfixed that suckled and sensitized flesh with yet stronger pulses...

Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck-BBrrzZip-zip! BBBUZZZZZ! Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck-BBrrzZip-zip! Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck- BBrrzzZZipp-zip! BBBBUZZZZZZ! Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck-BBrrzzZZipp-zip! Suck-suck-zip-zip-suck-BBrrzzZZiipp-zip! ....

I didn't know what was worse ... the shocks that assaulted my breasts and nipples or those piercing me down below. To add even more to the wild sensory ride, horribly, the patterns kept changing and I was quickly driven close to the edge of sanity.

Sweat bathed me inside the cat suit while I struggled, now desperately wanting to get out of my encasement, even though I’d told Rubbert that I was not to be released until late in the afternoon, but I had no idea how far away that point was! Time had disappeared and I didn't know how long I'd been a prisoner like this. It seemed like hours, but only a very few minutes had passed and I had a long time to wait before being freed of the torment and inescapable imprisonment of the rubber enclosure. All I could do was wait, hoping that no more would come ...

The sets of sensations I was enduring during the remainder of the session were very strong, but as one followed another I began to dread them more and more, for they seemed to grow in strength and duration each time! Effectively, I was being raped repeatedly by the uncaring machinery.

At last, almost senseless with a desire to escape my rubber cocoon, I felt the straps being loosened and Rubbert quickly removed the gas mask, but took his time to make sure I was safe before going further with the release process.

I blinked and gasped, thankful to finally be freed of the cloying mask, able to breathe on my own, at last. The sleep sack was quickly unsealed, then drawn down my body, and even though we had some difficulty extracting my corseted arms from their sleeves, at last I stood clad only in my inner garments: the corsets, cat suit and the inner socks and gloves. Thirty minutes later I was completely out of all the rubber that had so securely imprisoned me and I immediately wanted a cigarette and beer before heading to the shower for a desperately needed cleansing.

It had been a very intense day and I was totally fried.