- 5th November, 2005 -

The article that follows is a collaborative effort by both Travis (Mistress Trisha - her comments are in italicized text) and JG-Leathers - his are in normal type face).

Given that they're both pretty well bent, the use of the word ‘normal', in any sense in the article must be looked upon with considerable suspicion on the part of the reader.

We hope that you'll find the following article to be an interesting, fun voyage, both visually and by means of the written word. Read on and enjoy!

s it was that time of year, it seemed like a good idea to get into the whole Halloween scene in a big way, and being the person I am, I figured why not combine some different area's of kink with that type of event? Of course the first thing that came to mind was that my 'earthly remains' should be encapsulated in rubber (to prevent escape of the spirit you understand, seeing as how rubber is good at that sort of thing), and that the rubber-encased 'remains' should then be properly restrained. Having said remains clattering about the
place at will is just not on! Of course the remains should be entombed within a suitable casket - with all due ceremony being observed. And so it came to pass ....
Some night, when the wind howls eerily around the house and the rain pelts against the windows … open this page again to revisit these images ... and let your imagination fly.
For a number of months Travis and I had been discussing the photo-shoot using his newly renovated casket, in combination with my rubber gear, so he'd been busy getting the final details organized in regard to its modifications. These were extensive, but the result was very impressive.
I can't really say where my attraction to funerary scenes began, but it was probably borne out of the desire for sensory deprivation and terror play. This strong inclination eventually resulted in my creation of a bondage device that would not only be capable of giving the occupant an incredible sensation of dread simply by viewing it, but would be able to back up that feeling by being utterly inescapable.
A casket.
Mine is a very-much-for-real casket, and I've spent considerable time, effort and money on to bring it to its present clean and polished state. The casket's interior facilities are capable of being arranged in a number of ways, and for this scene, I'd decided to use the internal mattress, but not employ the tie-down straps that can be attached to its bottom. This would allow the occupant some mobility and for some this enhances the whole experience by allowing them to explore the limited extent of their new world, but not to escape it.
Most folks think of caskets in only one sense, that of being their final resting place and never to be seen again. However, there are sectors of the kink and Goth scenes that employ these artifacts for play, and I was more than willing to explore them, if I could add my own flavours into the mixture. To many, the interest in caskets and associated gear may appear to be a morbid one, but I can assure you from personal experience that the play is definitely intense and the sensations of 'serious bondage' are quite indescribable.
Remaining safe is a primary concern when engaging in extreme play such as this, and nothing you see here should be tried without exhaustive pre-testing, and never alone. So, with that said ... on to a date with 4 bondage connesiures and a casket!
My adventures in Travis' casket began with a trip to San Francisco to enjoy the Folsom Street Faire (26 September, 2004), and that night, after a dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the Noe Valley area, we drove up to Sacramento, arriving at about 00:30. The next day came entirely too early, but after getting our morning fix of coffee, then a great breakfast, we spent a couple of hours getting everything set up for the photo shoot. Mark concentrated on the lighting and camera equipment while Travis and I worked at getting into our gear; a time-consuming and sometimes intricate endeavour.
Assisted by Mauser, I dressed in my ensemble and Bekah helped me to assemble 'Mistress Trisha'. When we were finally ready, Mark came down to see how I was coming along and found that the final enclosure was occuring in a modified version of The creature; this time with the emphasis on metal and latex restraint gear. A few minutes later I moved carefully down the hall and into the parlour where Mark had done his usual professional job of setting up the lighting and photographic equipment, and we all began to ease into the full ambience of the scene.

Rubber enclosure and bondage in combination can be a fairly involved affair, but I certainly enjoyed the process of dressing and being fitted with my equipment. For me, it's a major part of the whole scene; i.e. half the fun is getting there, and so, preparing the rubber cat suit, then slithering into its cool embrace once more was a long-awaited pleasure.

Some may think rubber remains clammy and cold, but I can tell the reader from personal experience that it warms quickly to skin temperature, then transmits heat or cold instantly. Of course when you begin to sweat from rapid movement or exercise, it does get hot, but even a slight breeze cools you off very quickly, and so, being inside a full rubber suit isn't a bad experience at all.

There are other happy things that occur when wearing a suit such as the one I have:: the fact that the rubber environment/suit allows one to slip around within it, then also the (perhaps true) concept that one's spiritual energy is focused inward by enclosure within the impervious membrane. Because my rubber gear is custom made, it fits snugly, and although I can get most of it on myself, there are some pieces I need help with.

Although certainly not part of the 'normal' rubber scene, I started off by attaching e-stim electrodes at my breasts and nipples with another set in the crotch, then routed the wires carefully while I put on the cat suit. I managed that with relative ease, having had considerable practice over the years, and now I've begun to use silicon oil to ease entry, sliding slowly into the rubber is always a bit of a turn-on, just in itself. Next, came the PVC, lace-up, knee boots then the ankle cuffs and those I managed also.

It was time for the stainless steel breast cups and these slipped easily into their apertures on the chest of the cat suit, settling securely. Next came the torso corset, and for that I definitely needed Mauser's assistance. A rubber corset ... Hhhhmmm .... I can see the reader wondering about that, but can assure you that wearing the one I own is a very pleasant experience. Mine is not really a 'tight lacing' style of severe corset, but more of a shaper, and being of thick, boned rubber, is relatively gentle in its compression and control.

After that came the helmet. It went on quickly, bringing out my incipient jowls (Damn! I've turned into an Old Fart!), then its long neck tube was tucked into the high collar of the catsuit, and the suit's shoulder zips were closed. The neck corset was laced on immediately after, sealing me in and covering the two other layers of rubber already encasing my neck. It also required Mauser's assistance.

Connecting the neck and body corsets was straight forward, and with the attachment of the 'integrator straps', everything began to come together, in more ways than one. I slipped on the thick, neoprene rubber gloves and Mauser fastened the wrist zippers, then locked the thick, wide, and heavy wrist cuffs closed over the zippers so that the gloves were not going to come off unless those cuffs were removed. At that point, my facial skin was the only part of me that remained accessible to the outer world .

My own preparations began early in the day, with the casket being placed in the parlour to await its first occupant, JG. I tested the interior IR (infra-red) TV camera, flood LED's, and the microphone; all built into the casket lid, as well as its other systems. I finished by checking and re-checking that the lid locking mechanism worked flawlessly, both for closing and, most importantly, opening the casket. At last, all was ready.
JG was resplendent in rubber and metal … a fetishist's dream, with plenty to occupy the mind as well as catch the eye. Pleasing images are a large part of this scene, for both top and bottom, and I hope that you, the reader, find that the visual impact has been translated into the accompanying photographs of the scene as it actually took place.

At last, everything was ready in the 'funeral parlour' and I was finished with my own preparations. I've already briefly described the physical sensations involved, but there are also the mental aspects and these really act to enhance the whole experience. Too, there is the 'pampering' that goes along with being prepared and become fully dressed as I like to be, and that, for most males seldom happens.

Combining differing forms of covering and restraint is one of my favourite ways of exploring the world of sensation, and it was now time to squeeze myself into the confines of the steel waist belt. This piece is about 5 cm wide and 5 mm thick and fits extremely tightly, over the waist of the corset. Once locked in place then came the chastity portion of the whole strict assembly. and this proved somewhat more difficult than I'd thought would be the case, (probably the beer) but eventually it too was locked in place. Whew! What a wild set of sensations: almost totally encased in rubber and a strict steel belt!



Bekah had helped me to become 'Mistress Trisha' while JG got dressed and when we were finally ready, she and I went downstairs to see how everything was progressing. JG was being enclosed in the final pieces of his magnificent equipment and it was pretty obvious that his freedom of movement was already quite limited, "But," I thought to myself, "it was soon to become even more so!" I don't think he was aware how much more it would be, at that point.
I looked over at the opened casket, and oh man, what a sight! To know without doubt that I would soon be laying there in it, unable to escape was a pretty weird thought to have, but I walked slowly over, then was helped to step into the narrow and very definitely confining box. Laying down wasn't a problem, and as a matter of fact, was a small but distinct relief from the mild yet constant compression and limitation of the torso corset and with it being connected to the neck corset I could feel the restriction of movement in a variety of distinct sensations. The connecting straps to the torso corset, snubbed but not completely eliminated the movements of my head and neck. An interesting feeling.

A pillow had been provided and so I just lay back quietly while all of the adjustments were made to the various bits and pieces, then a few moments later, off we went with the picture taking. My part was pretty easy, for I only had to lay there and attempt to struggle a little while Mark did his thing, but then it was time to close up the coffin and that was something to experience!

Before this happened though, I was to become fully isolated from the outer world. Mistress Trisha brought over the respirator, then helped fasten it over my face, ensuring that it was secure and that an air tight seal had been made to my rubber helmet. Oh wow! The doubled air supply hoses for the mask are 3/8" in diameter and so supplied external room air at just the correct volume for each normal breath. However, any attempt at heavy or rapid inhalation made me very distinctly aware of the restricted air flow and that added even more to the whole gamut of enclosure, isolation, and restraint. Believe me, it's an incredible mixture of sensations and one that can become addictive, after the initial fears are overcome. One way valves in the respirator ensured that the air supply through the hoses was fresh and not re-breathed. These hoses were connected to a fitting at the head of the casket.

Exhaled air is vented through discreet ports in the casket. These exhaust ports are not standard fittings on a regular casket, for normally caskets are designed to be both air and liquid tight.
Mistress Trisha next locked the heavy wrist shackles to my steel belt, then it was time for a circuit check .... yep! When I felt the tingling in all the good places, I knew the e-stim systems were 'go' and that I'd have something to amuse myself with while isolated within the casket. My excitement and feelings of helplessness grew by the second while all of the remaionder of the assorted fastenings were being completed.
JG was great fun to watch, and I spent many moments simply observing him in the open casket, before climbing up on the lid for a more intimate perspective. Playing with the touch of his outstretched, rubber-clad fingers, I gently teased his grasp and watched while he tested the extent of movement permitted by his close confinement. Being quite solid and immovable, the padded sides of the casket didn't yield to any pressure he tried to exert, but he had a limited capability of doing this anyway, thanks to his heavy-duty steel wrist cuffs being locked to rinngs at the sides of his chastity belt. In fetish overload, I watched and dreamt from the top of the casket, wondering at this incredible scene before me.
Fast forward to the week after our photo shoot ...
"So! What did you do last weekend?" co-workers ask, and our minds fizz happily when we find ourselves grinning from ear to ear.
Do we tell them? Would they believe us, even if we did? This scene, like many we play, is so over the top, that without the photos, many would just laugh and say, "No one really does that!"
Little do they know, and probably a good thing ... but we had fun, and that's what counts.
I quite enjoy including elements of the surreal in the scenes I create, and an aspect of that desire has been the evolution of Mistress Patrisha, or Trisha, or sometimes Mistress P. Trisha was born out of a D/S scene request many years ago. A couple I knew enjoyed my style of play, but they also had a fetish for a TV Domme, that is to say, a dominant male that would top them in a scene, while dressed as a woman. Trisha's look has evolved quite a lot in the last few years.
Being completely encased in rubber, gas-masked, gloved, booted, and restrained is a trip in itself, but then, to have the lid closed and all light and evidence of the world around me completely obliterated, with no chance of being able to get out, added a whole new dimension to the scene. I've played with sensory deprivation a lot over the years and quite enjoyed the experiences, but during those scenes, I've always had the ability to move as the urge occurred, or the stimuli forced me to. This was something quite different! Too, on previous occasions, I'd always retained some slight ability to hear what was going on around me, but being fully encased, wearing ear plugs in combination with a thick rubber helmet, then sealed within the insulated casket, I could hear nothing at all from the world outside. I knew without doubt that there was no possible way to free myself of the restraints or get out of the gas mask, and that added a nice, scary edge to my awareness of the situation I'd so willingly placed myself in.
At times, I find it hard to believe it myself, but little things like the hearse in my garage and my 400 lb bondage bed are not-so-subtle reminders that the fetish interests I share with my friends are rare and wonderful indeed. I often reflect on the life I have and the friends gathered around, counting myself as very blessed.
After a long and enjoyable time contemplating the casket laying on it's bier with only the upper lid left to close, so delightfully framing the rubber-clad and steel-restrained occupant inside, it was time to proceed to the next level. With the interior infra-red TV camera working, I could see my image in the monitor when I began to close the lid. We all felt it was safe to proceed and have JG experience the whole range of feelings and sensations that would soon become foremost in his mind when the top was sealed.

In the photo below, the TV picture appears to have been rotated, but this is a result of the camera being mounted in the lid of the casket. Also, my blouse appears white because the Infra-red light is reflecting from its black satin.

JG's jutting, thickly rubber-gloved fingers were a token attempt to prevent the upper lid from being fully closed, but when they were dealt with, it was lowered and seated snugly onto the casket itself.
Although I tried to move my fingers to prevent the sealing of the lid, Mistress Trisha was having none of it and pushed them back inside.
The lid closed those final centimetres and suddenly, it was utterly black and silent. Oh my God! What a rush, and all I could do was pull uselessly against the securely locked on wrist cuffs and belt. There was no give and no escape.
Both of the casket's lids are tightly and securely closed by means of a draw-bar lock; this being engaged by means of a crank handle, or 'casket key' as folks in the industry call it. When the crank is turned, it simultaneously pulls both lids down firmly against the rubber gasket, eliminating all light, nearly all sound and the exit or entrance of any air whatsoever.
I kept turning the crank until I heard an echoing creak, telling me that the two lids were now strongly compressing the gasket around the casket's upper edge. Effectively, it was a totally airtight box and so after checking the intake air intake hoses once more, I was satisfied that JG was safe, but fully imprisoned and secure within.
On the outside, we watched the closed circuit TV monitor and listened via the microphone while JG tested the narrow and restricting confines of the casket, surging against his own restraints, inside. On the screen, we saw only subtle movements of his struggling and knew for certain he was beginning to get the full sense of his entrapment.
It was totally black and utterly silent. There was no sense of anything happening; I just existed. As mentioned previously, I had provided myself with a means of amusement... the e-stim unit: an ErosTek, ET-302R. I held the 'key fob' type controller for it in my gloved hand, but was unable to see it of course what with my wrists cuffed and locked to the waist belt of the chastity belt, but in addition there was a total lack of light, and I was unable to sit up to see where it was tucked under the upper edge of the belt's crotch plate. This e-stim device is a two channel machine and I'd arranged the contacts so that the 'A' Channel went to the crotch, and the 'B' Channel went to the breasts and nipples. Restrained as i was, I could easily raise or lower the levels on the 'A' Channel, but doing the same for the B channel was substantially more difficult, requiring both sets of fingers. With my wrist cuffs being fastened to opposite sides of my waist. It could be managed, but was difficult and had to be done by feel alone.
CAUTIONARY NOTE: Unless you fully understand and accept the risks of playing with e-stim, particularly above the waist, DON'T do it! There are all sorts of medical issues and other reasons for this prohibition. This Cautionary Note IS definitely a
case of 'Do what I say, not what I do.' , for I've played with this area of e-stim for many years, understanding and accepting the risks, HOWEVER, this does not mean that others should play with it! As with all bondage and stimulation gear, play safely, fully understand all the ramifications of your actions, and play at your own risk. (JG-Leathers)

In short order I was struggling against the my restraints in reaction to the distracting and intensifying stimuli, forced to concentrate my awareness on the sensations and forget about my bondage and being entombed within the sealed casket. Wow! What a trip! Thank God I'd clipped the remote to the belt; otherwise the damned thing would have fallen to the bottom of the casket and been completely unreachable. Time didn't really exist in there, for, after all, a coffin is designed for eternal rest, right? And so, with no references, I just existed in a black, soundless void.

Travis, being the engineer and evilly inventive person he is, had included a microphone, speakers, and a mini, infra-red TV camera in the casket's lid so that the occupant could be kept under constant observation, and if a safety signal was made, he/she could quickly be released. Dreams of sugar plums of what I might get to enjoy on a future voyage, confined in the casket, flitted around the edges of my mind while I lay there, then I began pressing the buttons of the remote again. Ah well, the paths that a kinky mind treads for amusement can be strange to the uninitiated, however, I continued with my 'self-entertainment'.
Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and far too soon the lid was opened then the crew helped me out. It had been quite an experience, and one that I hope is repeated soon!
After an all too brief voyage for us both, JG was released to make way for another willing victim, but that, my friends, is another story, for another day!
It was a happy prelude to my Hallowe'en and seems appropriate to show for this one just past.