- 4th November, 2005 - Added to - 9th & 15 November, 2005 -

This interview was conducted by e-mail between LatexLady, her husband occasionally, and me, in early November, 2005.

LatexLady is one of those very lucky people who've been able to followed their passion, and this is readily apparent in her blog (see:http://latexlifestyle.blogspot.com/). She’s mature, intelligent, well-spoken and a happy, open correspondent who has recognized within herself the attributes that make men instinctually attracted to women. It’s not that she’s broken or abused ... far from it! LatexLady has had the good fortune and smarts to recognize who and what she is, and not to quibble or worry herself about her deepest feelings and needs, despite all of the strident and more than tiresome howlings of the Feminist Movement.

In addition, LatexLady has also been fortunate enough to find, marry, and STAY married to a man who recognized these attributes and desires within her, to say nothing of her innate intelligence and potential. She has just recently begun to take advantage of, and been encouraged to explore evermore interesting excursions along the path of domination, submission, rubber enclosure and bondage ... to say nothing of her more intense S&M desires. LatexLady now enjoys a life that rubber fetishists the world over want desperately to partake of; living, sleeping, shopping, and travelling in her now-enforced style of dress. This covers a wide range of requirements: multiply latex-layered, total enclosure 23/7, corsetted, gloved, masked, hooded, never showing her face in public (and seldom even in private), as well as mostly gagged and chained within her burqa when she is permitted out. Hard to believe? Of course, but there are even stranger things in the world than either you or I can possibly imagine.

As can be seen in her blog, she now lives in San Jose, CA and has a full-time, dedicated maid to assist her in her day-to-day existence, and to ensure that her husband’s orders are properly executed while he travels. LatexLady has immersed herself fully in her chosen life style, and having done so, is rewarded with sensations and situations that few can imagine in even a daily hum-drum life, to say nothing of her adventures when she travels with her Master.

I hope you’ll enjoy the interview that follows, and so without further ado, here’s LatexLady.



JG-L: I know it’s totally improper to ask a lady her age, but damn it, I’ve seldom stood on convention and so, how old are you now?
LatexLady: First, JG-L, let me thank you for your interest in our lifestyle. My age is 50.

JG-L: How old were you when you felt the first stirrings that have led you to this place in your life?
LatexLady: I was 16 when I had my first sexual encounter. It developed into a D/s relationship between me and a senior girl of 17 at the boarding school I attended. I think I understood my submissive nature, however, when I was about 7. My mother was very strict about dress and rituals around the house and I found myself wanting to comply from a very early age.

JG-L: Where did they first come to light?
LatexLady: As I said, I first realized I enjoyed submitting to others at home at 7. My relationship with a lover was at the school. I was raised in a strict Catholic family (very pre-Vatican II) and the nuns were always fascinating to me through kindergarten and elementary school. I was entranced by their discipline, their submission to their order and its rules, and to their habits, of course!

JG-L: Did it take you a long time to accept that what your deepest and hidden desires were OK?
LatexLady: No. I do not know what is wrong with me, but I have absolutely never felt any angst over my desires be they my bisexual nature, fetish for latex, or desire for a D/s lifestyle. I never felt compelled to discuss them, particularly and I realized they would make many people uncomfortable, but I never felt guilt … they were just me.

JG-L: Did you feel that you were the sole occupant of your own universe?
LatexLady: Hmmm…not really. I knew I was different from many others, but I think I always suspected that the nuns around me were like me … submissive to a higher power and a higher calling. And I knew about bisexual or lesbian girls for several years before I explored that side of my nature, so I did not feel alone there.

JG-L: You’re married, and for a considerable length of time (congratulations!). Was your husband aware from the first of your interests, or was that a process of gradual revelation to him?
LatexLady: Thank you, yes. We have just celebrated our 30th anniversary. I do believe that Sir knew immediately when we met that I was submissive. He has always said that he would not have pursued a relationship if I were not.

JG-L: Do you have any siblings? Are they aware of your interests and how far you’ve proceeded to enjoy them? How about parents and their awareness?
LatexLady: I have a sister. She has known of my bisexuality for years, but was not aware of my D/s and latex fetish predilections until recently, when I visited with her and remained encased the whole time. My parents are probably still not aware of my bisexuality, but they have visited me and I them while I have been encased. Of course, I wore latex street wear for years before this. Rubber dresses, business suits with nice skirts; that sort of thing. They all knew I liked latex.

JG-L: Obviously you’re American but do you think that there is any sort of ‘genetic heritage’ that predisposes you to your chosen life style?
LatexLady: Well, I have a lot of British and German blood in me…perhaps those contributed a little.

JG-L: Were there influences you can think of that really sparked your interests?
LatexLady: My introduction to nuns at about age 4 (as I recall) and my mother’s strict dress code and rituals for us…we never wore slacks (I still have never worn a pair). We always wore dresses and from about the age of 6, as well as gloves and hats. Mother still wears gloves every time she leaves the house. We were taught to call our parents Mother and Father, never any slang. We were required to eat, study, watch TV, sleep, wake, breakfast, and go to school along very strict time lines. There were rules about everything in our lives. I am certain this led to me understanding myself as a submissive.

JG-L: Do you have a big family; i.e. brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles?
LatexLady: Only one sister, but many aunts and uncles.

JG-L: What are your ‘vital statistics’, if I may be so bold?
LatexLady: Currently I am 5’2”, 130 lbs, 36-B, 20" waist when corseted, which I almost always am now, 36" hips.

JG-L: Many scene ‘analysts’ tell us that what we do for entertainment and play is the result of some sort of childhood ‘trauma’. I strongly disagree with that view, but would ask: did you have a happy childhood?
LatexLady: I had a wonderfully happy childhood. Yes there were lots of rules, but we played games together, my parents were very loving and very touchy … kisses and hugs many times a day. We went out to cinema and theatre and on vacations. My father was a bit aloof and formal with us but never harsh and I was absolutely never abused. I stress this because it comes up so often. There was no sexual, physical, or psychological abuse. I am not damaged. We were expected to follow rules and we were punished with spankings if we transgressed, but we were not abused and were deeply loved.

JG-L: If your family is aware, do they understand and accept why you’re content to live this life style? Do you care?
LatexLady: They are aware and while confused by it, they have accepted it. Even my father has. Do I care? Certainly I care. I would never wish to give them a reason to be sad or worried about me. But, I am my own person as they taught me to be … so I made my own choices. It is this attitude they instilled that made me certain I could be honest with them.

JG-L: Do you suffer any pangs of guilt for liking and living the life style you do?
LatexLady: No, never. It is far too much fun, and I do not believe in being guilty about enjoying harmless pleasure and giving the same.

JG-L: Do you worry that perhaps your enjoyment of full latex enclosure, to the extent you now practice it, is an addiction and one that you’ll not be permitted to escape, either by yourself, or through external forces?
LatexLady: I can quit anytime! I am addicted to submission to my Dom ... Sir. I am not addicted to latex anymore than someone is to cotton or linen. I do, however, enjoy it immensely. But I am addicted to submitting to his requirements. He, on the other hand, may be addicted to latex. It has been central to his sexuality since before we met.

JG-L: How deep into this existence will you go ... or do you know?
LatexLady: I do not really know. We are 10 months in now and I am enjoying it all. It is up to Sir.

JG-L to LL’s Husband: Sir, how far will you take your wife and possession along the path you are now so happily following, or do you know?
LatexLady’s Husband: I don’t know either. I’m making it up as I go along! It’s really just a lot of fun and pleasure. I’m serious about her submitting, but I haven’t decided about her TE yet. I really like her wearing all that latex though.

JG-L to LL’s Husband: From your wife’s descriptions on the blog, you travel widely and frequently, and while travelling, it is your requirement that she be kept in her total rubber enclosure on a 23/7 basis; this enforced by her maid. She has now been in this situation for nearly a year. Do you have any plans to increase the security of her confinement and a more pervasive control?
LatexLady’s Husband: I don’t. We talk about this from time to time. Her collars are in her mind, not around her neck. I don’t believe I need to force anything on her. I enjoy her willingness to comply.

JG-L to LL’s Husband: How would you do it?
LatexLady’s Husband: As I said, it’s in her mind. I’ll work on that if I need her to be more submissive. I’m not sure how she could be, though.

JG-L, back to LatexLady: At what age did you first really begin to play serious bondage games? Were you married to your husband then, or did it evolve in your relationship?
LatexLady: When I met my girlfriend in high school, she used to tie me up with stockings and gag me and put improvised hoods on me while she made love to me.

JG-L: Obviously, like the rest of us poor stiffs out here in the rest of the world, you had a job. Do you now have any type of employment outside the home?
LatexLady: No, I am retired. I recently collaborated on a paper with a colleague, but I have no work outside the home.

JG-L: Very well. If you’re a stay at home Lady, what do you do to keep yourself amused, and continue to be an interesting person?
LatexLady: I read a lot and I sew, knit, embroider, etc. I write and love to travel when Sir takes me out. I go out shopping and I meet friends sometimes.

JG-L: You’ve made mention that you wear a fully concealing rubber burqa at all times when out in public now. In addition, you write in the blog that because it offers total concealment, you are almost always, now, hooded and gagged under it and occasionally chained as well, when out of your residence. This is the stuff of many rubber fetishists fevered fantasies and such being the case, how do you really feel about this mandate that you must not be in public places unless so equipped and attired?
LatexLady: At first, I was just complying with Sir’s requirements, which gave me a thrill. Now, it gives me a considerable thrill to be hooded and gagged under the burqa. I do not know why, but I like being gagged in public … it is extremely erotic to me. I have also grown to love the burqa and its feel and even how it looks on me … so flowing and sensual. I suspect that women who choose to wear them understand that, contrary to intent, these garments turn their men on!
The other aspect of how I feel, however, is the deeper, psychological one. This way of being in public plays to my deepest fantasies of being objectified, unknowable, invisible, but present, somehow. I am a bit of a ghost. I am no longer ‘in the world’ in the manner that a nun (pre-V-II) was ‘not in the world’. I find that to be immensely exciting, pleasing, comfortable, and erotic all at the same time. I suspect some of your readers who have ventured out fully encased understand what I mean … it is hard to put into words.

JG-L: When you met your husband, did you recognize that he was the one who could and would take you to your desired state of bondage, submission and slavery?
LatexLady: Pretty quickly, yes. He proposed marriage and I accepted on our third date. As I recall, I was tied up and he was holding me underwater in a bathtub as a part of a torture scene. He was controlling my breathing and my movements and that scene was making me come. I came up at one point for air and he told me he wanted me to marry him. The next time he let me up I spluttered “Yes!” before he pushed me under again! We still play that game from time to time. Some people have their song, we have our SM scene!

JG-L: Many people say they are submissive, but you revel in it. You’re obviously an intelligent and very self-aware person and so that is a seeming contradiction to many. Why do you submit to this stringent and sometimes oppressive control of your husband?
LatexLady: Nothing oppressive about it. I submit to it because I enjoy it … deeply, physically and psychically. I see no contradiction in being intelligent and fascinated by many things and at the same time being sexually and psychologically fulfilled by submitting to Sir. I am not, and he does not want me to be a clingy, co-dependent whining thing of a slave. He wants me to be an intelligent, independent, articulate wife who chooses to submit to his will at the same time.

JG-L: Do you know why being so completely encased and thus virtually isolated from the world beyond your multiple layers of latex appeals to you? And, really, do you care?
LatexLady: Well, my personal fetish is to be objectified, as I mentioned previously. That is, I want to become Sir’s object for whatever use he has for me. Total Encasement and isolation from the world is part of that … it makes me feel close to that level. Only latex works for that. Leather or cloth or steel do not separate you enough from the world. They do not offer the same sense of integument.
In our experience, only latex, with its unique feel and properties forms this barrier. It feels inorganic (it is not, but it feels so). It looks artificial and inhuman in many respects, especially hoods. For me, philosophically, latex embodies ‘The Other’ and makes me more ‘Other’ then human. This plays very well to my fantasies. Again, recall that I think of my submission as a vocation, a submission not only to Sir, but to the discipline represented by the rubber, the discipline of a loss of ego and intent. Wearing the latex totally is the thing that removes me from the world and therefore allows me to be closer to my Dom.

JG-L: When you and your husband decided to get married, did you adopt the ‘slave’ life style you now live, or did it evolve slowly?
LatexLady: We were already living a D/s lifestyle and I was already submissive to a latex discipline, although not as much as today. I wore latex underwear to my wedding, and even a pair of long rubber gloves under my white satin ones. But this was all we could afford at the time (1975). If I could have been married in a rubber wedding dress I would have jumped at the chance. We even contemplated me making a latex wedding gown, but could not afford it. The depth and extent of my submission did evolve, however, over the next several decades. We had not explored our commitment to this lifestyle very much at all by 1975. That left so much more to learn about each other.

JG-L: I know quite a few couples who are deeply committed to their own particular brand of kink, but how ‘serious’ are you with yours?
LatexLady: I live in total enclosure and I go sometimes days at a time gagged, hooded, bound, and chained. How much more serious could we be? For me, as I said, the submission to Sir is like a religious vocation. I have drowned my ego in his, and my actions and submissions are a reflection of that. Like a nun, my goal is to be removed from the world so that I may better serve the higher purpose in my life … for me that is Sir. The rubber serves to help me do this by removing my identity and to some degree my humanity … to objectify me.

JG-L: Let me pose a couple of hypothetical questions to you: (1) If your husband told you that this was how you were going to live the remainder of your life, like it or not, how would you feel? (2) If he told you that he was going to take additional, but as yet unspecified measures to ensure your continued submission and controllability, would you accept that? Would you do so without question?
LatexLady: I would be most happy, and yes I would do so without question. I am actually hoping he will at some point tell me that I will live the rest of my life in total enclosure. There is a part of me that hates the morning ritual of being undressed and bathed … I just want to keep the suits on forever. That can’t happen, of course, but it has crossed my mind! Sir says someone should invent oxygen permeable latex that can be permanently attached to skin with no ill effect.

JG-L: Have you ever used ‘safe words’ or ‘safe signals’? If you did, have you retained any of these?
LatexLady: Of course ... at first for the first ten or twelve years, but we haven’t felt the need for them for some time. Sir is good enough at reading me that it is no longer an issue. However, I recommend them for all new partners.

JG-L: Do you have other areas of interest within the scene? Can you tell me about them?
LatexLady: Well, I love the idea of rubber fashion entering the mainstream. I want to see lots of latex on the street and I seriously believe that subs and doms should be able to express their predilections in public. Certainly street and club wear should be common, but also collars, harnesses, fetish wear, hoods, gags, all that, should be acceptable on the street. As much as I now enjoy it, I should not have to wear my burqa to avoid being harassed or detained. I enjoyed my evening in Tokyo where I was merely seen as being eccentric. We are not interested in scenes with pros or even much in the club scene … we hardly ever attend. We share with some friends, but not many.

JG-L: How about ‘external’ hobbies such as golf, sewing, travel, etc.?
LatexLady: I sew and do crafts like embroidery, etc. I love to travel and see new places. I read voraciously. We dive and that is always fun. Cinema, Theatre, Concerts, and Ballet have always been big draws to us and we enjoy museums and art exhibits, particularly gallery openings.

JG-L: Do you have, or enjoy wearing a chastity belt? Why?
LatexLady: I have worn one once. Didn’t care for it and more to the point, Sir did not care for it. Sir wants me to have orgasms in public. He wants to be able to make me endure them without showing emotions. He controls my access to sexual pleasure more by demanding obedience than by enforcing it. Chastity is not in our role play J

JG-L: If your husband decided to impose the wearing of such a device, how would you feel about the requirement?
LatexLady: I would comply as I have in the past. I do not care much for them, but I always comply.

JG-L: I just have to ask, seeing as how I sort of brought the idea into the modern age ... how would you feel about being fitted with different lengths of Inhibitor Bar, and being so intimately and strongly controlled by it, when you’re out in public?
LatexLady: I don’t know. I am often chained or otherwise bound or restrained under my burqa so I am used to the sense of helplessness that it engenders. And, I must say, I rather enjoy going out knowing I cannot use my hands, my posture is enforced (sometimes I must stand all during dinner) and I cannot walk freely. How your device would change that I do not know.

JG-L: From the few images I’ve seen of you, and from one of our web cam sessions, I see that all of your garments consist entirely of rubber. Do you have any particular preferences as to styles, restraint types, or thicknesses? Are you permitted a choice in what you must wear each day?
LatexLady: I am almost never permitted a choice. My clothes are chosen each day (or the evening before) by Sir and, should I need to change, there are acceptable alternate outfits. I have some small choice in that, and I have some small choice in jewellery selection.
Much of the time, however, I am put into the transparent skin-suit of the day based on Sir’s whim, and then dressed for the day according to his selection. We both prefer me in long sleeved, full skirted dresses with high collars. I am usually made to wear an opaque cat suit over the transparent one and a hood to match. Gloves, stockings, and boots are all pretty much de rigueur. I am corseted over the skin-suit and usually under the second cat suit. If it is a particularly hot day I may be allowed to have no second layer, just a dress over the skin-suit. It varies by his mood.
Hobble skirts, chains, harnesses, gags, posture collars, and such are also by his choice. I am permitted to choose whether to be gagged when I venture out without him and I choose the colour of my burqa. However, I usually choose to be gagged now … not sure when that happened. He released me from mandatory public gagging a few months ago and I went out several times without it, then suddenly realized I was self gagging almost every time I left the house. I often put it on to answer the doorbell even though I could just be quiet. When I choose my outfits, however, I notice and Sir notices as well, that I tend to choose more restrictive ones than he does.

JG-L: Can you get into and out of all of these intricate and confining garments easily? Are you locked into them and unable to take them off, despite how much you may wish to?
LatexLady: No, I cannot. Maid helps me (our live-in rubber maid, 26 years old, with us 2½ years now, not always sealed as I am, but always wears latex). I do manage mostly when we travel without her, but Sir usually helps me a lot then. I am occasionally locked in my clothes or a locking posture collar is used as both collar and gag, but frankly, my locks are in my head. If Sir says to be dressed such an such a way, I am dressed such and such a way. Why would I remove anything unless he permitted it?

JG-L: Has this situation ever led you to emotional upset and anger at your desires to escape your new role?
LatexLady: Upset and anger yes … usually when something tears or doesn’t fit properly. Desire to escape? No, not at all. One does not escape from one’s chosen lifestyle. One may endure or may revel. I usually choose revelling.

JG-L: And, what was the end result? A temporary cessation, or an enforced commitment to stay as you were?
LatexLady: The result was no result. When I am frustrated or angry about something that has to do with my submission or my outfits, I either meditate and let the anger pass, eat something (usually helps) or I change garments into something similar. I would not cease wearing them any more than you would cease wearing a shirt because the pocket was torn … you would just wear another shirt.

JG-L: What are your sleeping garments and arrangements?
LatexLady: I sleep in either the skin-suit with hood and gloves and feet (yes, I am trained now to do so) or I wear a nightgown over it (in latex too. I have several). Sleeping in the nude (skin-suit only) happens when Sir wants me to; I collapse into sleep after a long session; or I am put into my vacuum bed for the night.

JG-L: Do you enjoy sleeping in restraints? Is that condition imposed as a daily thing? Not often enough?
LatexLady: Yes I do, and no, it is not every night. But it is often to some degree. It varies from mild to severe. The vacuum bed is probably the most severe since no motion is possible for the night (I wake up very stiff), but hogtied in bed beside him or on the floor beside the bed is not uncommon. Wrist restraints and ankle restraints fastened to the bed are more common. I have been trained to sleep with very little motion.

JG-L: Can you escape from them, or must you be freed by either your husband or the maid?
LatexLady: I must be freed. If I am restrained, it is not with the option of me removing them.

JG-L: Would you please describe your emotions and sensations when you are first locked into the clothing, and realize that you cannot escape from it? How does this make you feel ... particularly about getting yourself into the fix in the first place?
LatexLady: My first emotion is a sense of peace. My next emotion is a sexual thrill, and the one after that is a sense of acceptance and protection … that I have accepted the discipline of the rubber once more and that I will be protected by it once again for the day.

JG-L: After being confined and controlled like this for however long, unable to escape, do you enjoy the events that follow your release? Do you think that this kind of foreplay enhances your sexual experiences?
LatexLady: We do not see it as foreplay. It is life. When a woman puts on a silk blouse and a nice suit to go to work, she does not see it as foreplay, usually. I do not see my latex that way either. It is what I wear. The skin-suit is part of me now, not a sexual stimulant. Of course, how I look in total enclosure, how my body feels when stroked through latex, is a sexual stimulant and I rather enjoy the sight of me in a mirror … the more bizarre the better. But when I am released from this it is often a let down … I miss it. Of course with total enclosure all the time I have very little opportunity to feel that way.

JG-L: Do you enjoy or thirst for sex, while clothed in some of the gear shown in the images?
LatexLady: I have a reasonably high libido. And I enjoy sex very much. The fetish gear and the rubber do increase my arousal, but most of my reactions come from submitting to Sir. I also get very aroused from going out in public, covered, gagged and restrained.

JG-L: Let me set another scene for you: suspended, fully encased in rubber, gagged, blinded, deafened, stomach tubed, breath controlled, gas masked, legs spread wide, bound helplessly and suddenly a sexual episode begins ... Is that an erotic thought or concept for you?
LatexLady: Oh yes. We love playing extreme scenes.

JG-L: Are you required to wear a collar?
LatexLady: Not all the time. I am not ‘collared’ in the BD/SM sense. Or at least that collar is in my mind. I am required to wear a posture collar fairly often, and we have one that is also a “cover the mouth” gag.

JG-L: If your husband informed you that you were to be fitted with a permanent, i.e. non-removable collar, of the kind made by Axsmar, complete with prominent restraint rings? How about a close-once only type, if your husband demanded it?
LatexLady: LOL … your questions betray more about your kinks than mine, JG!J But, if Sir did require me to be permanently decorated in this or any other manner, I would submit.

JG-L: OK, let’s take it as a given that you have now been fitted with the collar. How would you feel if he next decided that you were to also be belted, and wear ankle and wrist cuffs for the rest of your life, thus rendering you totally and easily controllable, would that frighten or intrigue you?
LatexLady: Intrigue, definitely. Sir doesn’t frighten me … I trust him too much.

JG-L: Do you wear any sign of ownership and/or control other than a wedding ring?
LatexLady: Of course. I wear the latex and the burqa.

JG-L: What don’t you like as far as restraints are concerned? Why?
LatexLady: I am not fond of rope. It scratches or burns (and dulls latex). I prefer latex, leather or metal. That said, I can browse for hours over books of Japanese rope bondage. I just do not care for it on me.

JG-L: You’ve told me in some private IM sessions that you’ve played with temporary piercings. Would you go further, i.e. labia, clitoral, ear, and a septum piercing ... if your husband indicated that it was what he required of you, whether you really wanted to or not?
LatexLady: Yes, absolutely … as and when he decides I should be pierced, permanently or temporarily, I am happy to comply.

JG-L: How would you feel if you were actually then pierced, and the jewellery was made so that you could not remove it from yourself, nor could your husband? In other words, made ‘permanent’?
LatexLady: I could not remove it anyway, until he told me to. I do not see a difference. You are thinking in terms of a physical impossibility for me to remove something. But all that I need is for him to tell me to leave something in or on. The permanence in my mind is much stronger than a link made of steel.

JG-L: If this jewellery was in fact mounted in your flesh, can you describe how you’d feel to have it used as an additional means of controlling and securing you, with leashes being attached to it?
LatexLady: I imagine I would feel as I do now when a temporary piercing is used by Sir to tether or control me. It hurts!, but it feels very good to give him my pain.

JG-L: What emotions do you feel in this situation, knowing that you may be left in bondage and perhaps totally isolated for a long time to come?
LatexLady: Long term bondage like this brings on a meditative state in me. I find it wonderful to be bound and to be restrained, covered, encased, and controlled.

JG-L: What is your favourite bondage scenario? Why?
LatexLady: That is hard to say. I rather enjoy suspension with the full enclosure and the intubations you’ve described above. Another favourite is to be sealed in my vacuum bed.

JG-L: People sometimes crave a bondage experience only, instead of a sexual encounter with their partner. Does this often happen for you?
LatexLady: Yes, it is quite common. I enjoy being sealed in the vacuum bed for hours with no sex necessary.

JG-L: Speaking from personal experience, many of us feel an intense ‘rush’ of excitement that seems to fill their entire body (sweating, trembling, shaking hands, etc.) when fully and helplessly bound, knowing we cannot escape our predicament. Does this sort of phenomena happen to you?
LatexLady: Not really. I experience a great calm, a sense of acceptance when I am put into heavy bondage.

JG-L: How often does your husband confine you fully? As an erotic enticement, or because you’ve been ‘bad’, or because he just loves to see you in bondage?
LatexLady: The punishment I receive if I misbehave is Coventry … I do not get any bondage, any attention from my Dom. This is terrible to me. Sir confines me very often. Several times a week.

JG-L: You’ve written in your blog that you’ve played around with sensory deprivation. How intense are these situations and what sort of durations are you subjected to?
LatexLady: Very intense. Particularly when Sir tethers me to the pool drain in SCUBA. I also enjoy being put in completely closed inflatable hood with only small nose tubes, then being placed in the vacuum bed. I can’t hear or feel anything around my head, and just the pressurized rubber on my body. I love that sensory deprivation and isolation.

JG-L: Can you describe the various pieces of equipment and garments that are employed to create the sensory deprivation scene for you?
LatexLady: Gas masks are used; hoods, and as I’ve just described, the full covering inflatable hood. Also, we have a completely inflatable suit from Cocoon. It is incredible.

JG-L: Can you describe the process of putting you into the situation and your emotions and sensations while it happens?
LatexLady: Well, I am stripped nude (which means, now, that I am completely covered in transparent latex), then I am put into the bag or the vacuum bed, or the suspension rig … whatever Sir wants. My emotions are anticipation and contentment.

JG-L: You would appear to enjoy your husband’s desires as much a great deal. I have to assume that you are not just doing this to please him, but because you actually want to do it. Your comments?
LatexLady: Doing it for him pleases me. This is hard to explain outside of my analogy of joining a religious order and submitting to the will of a higher power. I love to do the things that make him happy. I enjoy complying even when I do not enjoy the act itself. However, most of the time I do enjoy the things he has me do. I truly do enjoy the latex, the restriction and restraint it imposes, the bondage games and even more so, the medical and other scenes we engage in.

JG-L: What has been the most frightening bondage situation for you? Why was it so?
LatexLady: The breath control exercises. Being tied to the drain of a pool and allowed to run out of air … that is scary.

JG-L: On the other hand, which bondage scenes and equipment do you really enjoy? Can you explain your answer, please?
LatexLady: The breath control exercises. Being tied to the drain of a pool and allowed to run out of air … and the vacuum bed scenes we do.

JG-L: You’ve written on the blog that you had, quite literally, no access to the outer world and everyone in the rubber fetish scene has that sort of fantasy, but how is it managed? You need food and water, and you need to have bowel movements and be able to urinate just like everyone else. Please don’t stint on the details.
LatexLady: Well, I have access to some degree, but nothing touches my skin except latex. I do eat by mouth usually. At restaurants I usually remain gagged and ingest through a tube later in the evening. If not, I cut my food into small chunks and bring the plate under my burqa to eat with.
However, I am sometimes fed by NG tube or double balloon catheter. In these cases I insert a tube whether through my nose or mouth into my stomach, or maid does. Liquefied food is then pumped into me by maid from a 60 cc irrigation syringe. The NG tube is simple red rubber with no balloons. The DB catheter is far more complex to employ. First, it is swallowed and this is sometimes difficult, then the balloon on the end that is in the stomach is inflated to prevent it being ejected by normal stomach or throat contractions. A second balloon is then inflated in my esophagus, preventing the catheter from going too deep. It feels very strange having a tube dangling from your mouth and the balloon in your chest inflated.
I void and eliminate the old fashioned way most of the times, but typically, I have my bowel movement in the morning after my bath before I am rubbered. If I need to go again during the day, a zipper is opened and I am administered an enema, and generally, I typically have three to four a week. Sometimes my bladder is cathetered and I am either clamped, or have a bag attached to my thigh. The skin-suits have a little hole for a tube to pass through. The zippers do not come down that far.

JG-L: Now that bodily functions and necessities have been dealt with ... How is your skin kept cleaned, etc.?
LatexLady: As I have blogged, we have a very specific protocol which involves a daily bath, being completely dried, then slipped into a freshly cleaned and dried skin suit. We use a good lubricating lotion like Keri on my body before the suit goes on, moisturizing my skin and making sure it is nourished. We look for rashes and what we have found is that being sure there is no water trapped inside the suit seems to be the most important step.
Also, the suits are very thin and this seems to reduce binding and pinching…so I do not wind up with sore spots. And lastly, I am now hairless which helps a lot, I think.

JG-L: Are you restrained so that you are unable to remove any part of your enclosure ensemble, and I assume the same is true for the catheters, plugs, etc.?
LatexLady: Not always. I spend many days completely free to remove my dress and even my cat suits if I choose. I just typically do not choose to do so. If it is hot, I may elect to remove one cat suit and wear the dress over the skin suit and I can even elect to take a shower enclosed in latex. What I must not do is allow myself to be un-encased during the day.
Sir has given me permission to moderate my enclosure as needed, but it always starts with his choices. And then there are the plugs, catheters, and such (occasionally I am gagged all day, or even made to wear a hood with no eyes). These are at his whim and I must leave them alone and not remove them. But, as I’ve said previously, my restraint is mostly in my head … I choose to remain so.

JG-L: That pool scene sounds pretty damned intense! Knowing that you have limited air and are under, quite literally, tons of water. Again, being a gear head, I have to ask, what sort of equipment is used for this situation (i.e. a full face mask, an upper face mask, a full rubber wet suit? Is the mask face plate blanked out so that you’re blind in it?
LatexLady: I wear a standard, aluminium 80 tank and BCD over just a rubber cat suit, but with a full enclosure hood too. Sometimes it is one of my transparent skin-suits, sometimes another cat suit over that. No flippers! The dive mask is a normal one that I can see everything out of.
Usually, I am placed in a rubber harness that restrains my wrists to my waist or behind my back while I'm submerged and my ankles are also bound so that I'm unable to kick too wildly. But, I must control myself as well. We’ve tried it in a hogtie position, but sir prefers me straight out. We might use a mermaid dress sometime … with both feet forced into the fin, like Daryl Hannah in the movie.

JG-L: What sort of restraints are employed and how secure are they?
LatexLady: Very secure. Sometimes an arm-binder behind the back, sometimes to my waist. I cannot remove anything, and I cannot reach any of the hoses for the airflow or my mask.

JG-L: Are you told in advance that this is what is planned for you, or, are you just taken to the pool then prepared, and finally, taken to your fate?
LatexLady: Oh yes. Sir seldom surprises me with a bondage scene … he likes to slowly tell me every planned detail before we start, so that I have many opportunities to object and try to back out … which I am not allowed to do … it increases the anticipation and the excitement for us both.

JG-L: How deeply are you submerged when this is done?
LatexLady: The pool is only 8 feet deep and I’m put into the deep end. I’m then tethered to the bottom with a two or three foot lead and so I can see the surface easily, but cannot reach it at all. As well, I’m made positively buoyant so that I am always straining on the tether … not sinking.

JG-L: What sort of safety systems are there for you? I.e. Some sort of radio or telephone to indicate that you are in distress).
LatexLady: Sir is there and he can release me and have me on the surface in less than 2 seconds. He stays right with me and never leaves me alone.

JG-L: Then there’s the issue of hypothermia. How do you handle that?
LatexLady: A session in the pool only lasts about 30-40 minutes. That’s how long a single tank is good for at that depth and so hypothermia is not an issue. We don’t even go in the pool at less than about 80 degrees.

JG-L: To expand a little on this theme ... have you ever considered having yourself submerged in the pool, fastened to the bottom, and fed air from above for even longer periods of time, complete with all the bodily functions, feeding and water? This would be much like the other sensory deprivation we’ve discussed, but I’d think, considerably more intense.
LatexLady: We’ve discussed that at some point, but do not have the gear necessary for it.

JG-L: Have you practiced self-bondage, when you can experiment with the bondage equipment and restraints at your own pace? Did you enjoy those times or were they just poor substitutes for your husband binding you?
LatexLady: I have, under orders from him, but not at my own instigation. That said, I do tend to dress myself more stringently than he does, but it is in aid of pleasing him. He loves to watch me gag myself either with a hood with a gag built in, or a half mask over a hood with a gag, or my mouth covering posture collar.

JG-L: Do you enjoy sex while in bondage? Often? Is it better than sex without being restrained? Can you explain your answers, please?
LatexLady: Oh yes. And yes, it is better than unrestrained sex. Being restricted and restrained as my body reaches its peak subtly shifts the orgasm from my body into my brain; a much sexier place. I also love an orgasm while I am running out of air, as well from a breath control scene.

JG-L: OK, and thank you. Now, in a somewhat related area ... It can be seen in the pictures of you in the red nun’s habit, that you’re wearing ballet-toed boots. Are you required to wear this type of footwear often? How high are the boots?
LatexLady: The boots in the nun pictures are ankle boots with a 7 inch heel. I wear them every couple of weeks or as Sir decides I should

JG-L: How long did it take you to get used to wearing the boots, and, how long have you been wearing them now?
LatexLady: I have owned and worn ballet boots since 1979. It took about three months of wearing them, almost all the time I was at home, to learn to walk. I have worn heels since I was 12 but these took a while. I did not use stretchers ... I had not heard of them.

JG-L: I have a pair of this type (thigh high, lace-up) and so know that its quite restricting: obviously an adjunct to your over-all controllability and bondage. Although actually unneeded, are you also fitted with ankle cuffs and chains over the boots themselves?
LatexLady: Sometimes yes.

JG-L: You live your life as you wish and not subject to some religious or cultural dogma, but you know that a Muslim woman is supposed to be seen and not heard, as are nuns. The distinctive sounds this type of footwear makes when you walk, break that parameter. It would appear that you enjoy this type of footwear, but how long are you kept in them at any one time, difficult as they can be to wear?
LatexLady: Well, the rustle of latex is probably more noise than a muslimah or nun should make. I wear them for several hours at a time now, and have been made to sleep in them. My toes get sore if I'm on my feet after a while.

JG-L: Do you have to sleep in them? Often?
LatexLady: Yes, sometimes, but not often...once a! month or so probably.

JG-L: Are there another types of interesting shoes or boots you must wear?
LatexLady: I have thigh highs I love and have worn a pair that had dildos attached to the cuffs, in the crotch ... right food forward -rear end plug out, left foot forward - front plug out rear in, etc etc.

JG-L: Wow! That must be an incredible sensation and if out with your husband or shopping, no possible way to stop it! OK, thank you! Now, another area related to maintaining you in a state of helplessness and vulnerability ... gloves and mitts. You’ve written that you are always gloved, if not double-gloved, thus increasing the difficulty you endure in moving your fingers freely and manipulating things. Is this carried even further, perhaps with the addition of totally hand enclosing bondage mitts, these being fastened over the gloves?
LatexLady: We have some mitts as you describe and use them in play, but not for everyday.

JG-L: You’ve mentioned in other sections of this interview that you are frequently gagged as well as being fitted with assorted catheters. Are there other intrusive devices that are employed, i.e. dildos, butt plugs, ear plugs, etc.?
LatexLady: All of the above, yes. I prefer the soft silicone dildos.

JG-L: Are they all used simultaneously, or some one time, and others the next?
LatexLady: It varies, but often they are all fitted to me at the same time.

JG-L: Without trying to be too personal ... how large are these devices? So much so that you feel discomfort (as your husband may require), or are they easily borne?
LatexLady: They are specifically not so large that they cause discomfort. They are just large enough to feel and please. My anal plugs are, in fact , quite thin ...just enough to please me.

JG-L: How frequently are you fitted with these implements? Is this under command, or voluntary?
LatexLady: I wear a rear dildo daily now, and have for 5 years. it is thin, however. I wear a front one often, say three days a week. I wear them voluntarily and even if Sir does not specify them. However, he does so quite often.

JG-L: Does the wearing/being fitted with these devices assist you to get into the head space of being even more submissive, vulnerable, and dominated?
LatexLady: Yes, in that they remind me that my body does not belong to me as well as the fact that I am a slave to the rubber I wear as well as to the husband I love.

JG-L: Would you enjoy having EVERY bodily orifice plugged or externally controlled in some manner, in addition to the sensory deprivation?
LatexLady: Mmmm ... been there, done that and will have it done to me again I am sure.

JG-L: Returning to your feeding by tube ... when so equipped, are you also gagged/silenced in other manners?
LatexLady: Yes, usually with an inflatable, or with a tight mask or collar across the mouth. When using the double balloon catheter I am not gagged, but the tube passes through a small hole in my mask.

JG-L: What types of gags are used on and by you and your husband? Which type do you prefer, or do your preferences enter the equation at all?
LatexLady: Well, my preference does not determine his choice. I prefer the across the mouth half-mask, or an inflatable, or a ball gag.

JG-L: A friend of mine has the technology available to create a full, oral cavity block (gag, if you must), but this device, I feel, will be substantially more effective than the standard ball or inflatable type. What is envisioned, is that a set of dental moulds would be made, then the mouth filler would be created from them, so that it would fit the contours of your mouth exactly, leaving room for your tongue to rest comfortably. Would something like this be of interest to you or your husband?
LatexLady: Very much. We've seen rubber finest's but have not placed order yet.

JG-L: If something like this was created, and you were required to wear it for long durations (weeks, months, a year?), complete with the throat tube feeding system, could you manage it? Does the prospect excite or terrify you?
LatexLady: I can do anything I am ordered to do, I feel certain, but the prospect excite me a great deal. I love being gagged, particularly in public. I nearly had an orgasm this evening in the elevator, even though filled with people. I was all alone and gagged and I was going down to meet friends or Sir.

JG-L: Long term silencing would be very challenging for you, both physically and mentally. Although you’re free to write or communicate in a non-verbal manner, do you feel that there would have to be a requirement for you to be permitted to speak at least once in a while?
LatexLady: It would not be required. I could adapt to having my mouth permanently filled and sewn shut if need be. gagging is fun and exciting for me. I do not know why.

JG-L: Before you and your husband met, what sort of work did you do? How old were you when you met him?
LatexLady: Mostly high school homework. J I was 18 when we met and 20 when we married. After we married, I worked as a university professor once I had my doctorate. I’ve also taught school and later I taught adults.

JG-L: Did you ever spend any time in the military? How about the medical professions?
LatexLady: No military for either of us. Sir worked in the medical field while at university.

JG-L: Do you have any bondage, restraint, or other dreams/fantasies that you wish to have fulfilled? Can you describe them?
LatexLady: None that aren’t being fulfilled. This year’s total enclosure and submission with no need to work in the ‘real’ world has been a long time dream come true.

JG-L: Given that we’re only on this Earth for a finite time ... If you were offered the opportunity to actually have those made into reality, would you do it? Why or why not?
LatexLady: Uh … done it!

JG-L: What was the first piece of really interesting bondage gear you ever wore? Where did you find it?
LatexLady: The first really interesting piece I was ever given was my vacuum bed. I was fascinated by the look of a human, vacuum-packed like that, all in black. It looks so uncomfortable, but feels so comfy!

JG-L: How would you feel, to be transposed into a human ‘animal’? Some would say that you are part way there already, living the life you do. By the preceding, I mean a human, female horse, completely harnessed, bridled, bitted and controlled by a set of reins ... or, perhaps as a human, female ‘cow’, being milked as one?
LatexLady: Sir has never had the pony girl fetish. I think some of the rubber pony outfits with hoof gloves and boots are beautiful, but I have never had the desire to wear them.

JG-L: From my own perspective of dressing ladies in various pieces of my own creations, I know that it’s an intensely personal, ceremonial process. Can you describe the emotions and sensations you experience when you’re dressed in your complete ensemble?
LatexLady: When maid dresses me in the mornings it is a ceremonial, ritualistic thing. It makes me feel protected and content. Undressing me and preparing me for bed is as well. We often make love then rather than in the morning.

JG-L: At times, we all play around the edges of non-consensual bondage. Have you ever been restrained by your husband for being bitchy or for having broken one of his ‘rules’?
LatexLady: No, as I said … punishment is being denied the bondage and the rubber, and the attention.

JG-L: As a female, and being generally of smaller stature than most males, does this make you feel more vulnerable, more easily able to be bound and thus controlled?
LatexLady: Yes, definitely. I like the fact that I am small and vulnerable. It turns me on and I crave the protection he gives me through rubber and bondage and the D/s life. That said, I have leveled a few boys in my time with a swift backhand to the crotch.

JG-L: Do you enjoy being forced to submit then chained or bound? Has this occurred often?
LatexLady: I can’t imagine I would if it were forced … I prefer to say yes.

JG-L: Again, in my own personal experience, there can sometimes be large elements of terror and fear mixed into the bondage and restraint scenario. Do you find this to be true also?
LatexLady: Fear and anticipation can be wonderful, yes.

JG-L: Have you ever played with electrical stimulation? What types?
LatexLady: Yes. We’ve tried PES and TENS and settled finally on a violet wand as the best.

JG-L, to LL’s Husband: The technology exists for you to be able to control, pleasure and/or discipline your wife from any point in the world, via cell-phone. Is this a possibility that you might consider for future employment when you travel and she is at home?
LatexLady’s Husband: Interesting, but all I’ve got to do is call her and tell her what to do to control her. I like the idea of a club equipped with Bluetooth transponders and women wandering around in it with Bluetooth dildos or stimulators and each room would illicit a different response.

JG-L: Many people in the bondage community like to play with medical gear: such things as speculums, ventilators (a mechanical breathing machine), operating tables, obstetric chairs, and other tools and equipment. Have you tried anything in this area? Did you enjoy the experiences, or did they frighten you?
LatexLady: All of the above as well as catheters and intubations. I have grown to crave these scenes.

JG-L: Do you ever worry about your fascination with the strong bondage scenarios, particularly in the context of your current state of total rubber enclosure?
LatexLady: Worry? No … I look forward to it getting better with time.

JG-L: Why does this fully-concealing type of clothing you now wear appeal to you?
LatexLady: It turns me into an object. It removes me from the world and makes me outside the world. And it looks good too. I love the way my burqas look.

JG-L: I know you’re not a person who’s just doing this for thrills, but that you have a deep need and desire for it. Are you a show off?
LatexLady: I do not feel particularly exhibitionistic. But I am not shy either.

JG-L: Do you ever allow a display of your restraints, even inadvertently? How does it make you feel if others recognize that you are, in fact, restrained and totally subject to the control of your husband?
LatexLady: Not intentionally. I was ‘outed’ while wearing rubber under a wool suit one time, because I forgot I wasn’t wearing knee boots, but I don’t flash it, no.

JG-L: Do you have a thirst for the more intense sensations, emotions, and feelings that are created when you are chained, leashed, and/or wearing your rubber ensemble? Can you explain?
LatexLady: Oh yes. Being restrained increases the pleasure dramatically.

JG-L: Do you ever switch into a ‘dominant mode’? Often? Why, and was it satisfying or not so?”
LatexLady: I do on occasion if he orders me to. I enjoy it a bit, but I am also jealous that it is not me on the bondage table.

JG-L: Do you regret any of the things and scenes you’ve done, or do you worry that others may think you’re completely strange?
LatexLady: No regrets, no … why … I am completely strange. Isn’t that the point?

JG-L: What is the most interesting scene to you and why is it?
LatexLady: I think an extreme suspension/sensory deprivation scene is the most interesting because it stimulates me the most while removing the most of my humanity and identity. However, being taken out in public completely enclosed, gagged and hooded is an amazing turn-on, and doing it truly exposed in Japan was fantastic.

JG-L: What is the scariest scene you can imagine and why is that so?
LatexLady: I do not know. Nothing comes to mind.

JG-L: I know you’ve got access to a lot of pretty seriously-intentioned equipment, but what piece(s) do you not have, and would like to?
LatexLady: An iron lung would be interesting to be confined in for a few weeks. Having all of my bodily functions fully automated and controlled (breathing, feeding, elimination, with sight, sound, and speech denied or limited) would be incredible.

JG-L: OK, we’ve dealt with the hardware side of things. Are you planning to do any photo-shoots in public places?
LatexLady: That is always up to Sir. We are not public people and we do not take many photos. This has led many people to doubt me. I do not know where we may go next. Mostly we just forget to take pictures when we are out.

JG-L: How about locales? Do you have a special area, or do you and your husband just look for a good place, then shoot the pictures?
LatexLady: Not really. Sir is not a photographer. He just snaps when he wants I think.

JG-L: Do you have any words for people who are interested in bondage play? What advice can you give those who want to try your bondage ideas at home?
LatexLady: Be careful … but try things and try to approach everything with an open mind and a happy heart.

JG-L: Most of western society is familiar with the expression that "a woman's hair is her 'crowning glory'" and I have a certain amount of agreement with that sentiment. As a consequence, Western women, in general, take the loss of their hair as a substantial psychological blow. You indicate on your web site that you are completely bald, by choice. How did you feel to have all of your hair removed the first time?
LatexLady: It was as much my idea as Sir's. My hair has always been very light and thin and I'm naturally a medium blonde, but without a great deal of density. For years I'd kept it pixie short to facilitate the wearing of hoods, but for this long-term encasement, we decided it should all go.

Nonetheless, I confess tears came to my eyes when I had it first removed completely in a stylist's studio. Once I got home from that however, I perked up when I discovered how smoothly a hood slides over freshly shorn scalp.

After that, my eyebrows were removed at Sir's command (not my idea) and my underarm and pubic hair had been removed already. I have kept myself prepubescently smooth for decades. I do not like shaving it, nor does He like the stubble there, and so we have used chemical depilatories for ages. I can testify that they are much more efficient and far less odorous now than in 1975!

JG-L: Obviously, the loss of your head hair makes the wearing of full hoods and helmets a lot easier, but this didn't really enter into the equation, if the truth be told, did it?
LatexLady: The hoods were going to be worn, yes ... if that is what you mean. But Sir has always sought the pleasurable way for me to comply. He and I are not into pain very much and certainly not into incidental discomfort for its own sake. And actually, we've found me being hairless to be quite sexy. My head hair does grow back and I now have it shaved, usually by maid, about twice a week; using a gentle cream and a lady's razor. The sensation of her rubber-gloved hands caressing my head and the slow stroke of the blade across it is enough to produce an orgasm, quite honestly.

JG-L: Did it take you long to acclimatize to the idea that you would not have hair again for a long time, if ever?
LatexLady: Not long. I knew I was going to enter the discipline of this lifestyle, and it only took about a week for me to see my transparently-hooded scalp as beautiful. Actually, I began to understand why some chemotherapy patients accent their hairlessness. Having no eyebrows was disconcerting at first, but even that became normal. Did you ever notice Whoopi Goldberg has none?

JG-L: How deeply/far has this proceeded? I.e. ... are your eyebrows gone also?
LatexLady: Yes, as I said, Sir decided that they should go as well. They were chemically removed and are now gently shaved, along with the rest of me. By the way, I'm shaved daily somewhere. My head and eyebrows are shaved one day and my pubes and underarms on alternating days.

JG-L: Would you ever consider permanent depilation ... knowing that your hair would NEVER come back?
LatexLady: Yes, I would. The sleekness, the 'otherness' of it is intriguing. I have actually developed an attraction to hairless women since I began. Maid is bald by the way, and arrived at our house that way 2.5 years ago. She has eyebrows still, but always wears a wig in public if not burqa'd. Her former Owner demanded it, and she was all for it because she loved the look. I have to say, she probably has seduced me to it more than anything.

JG-L: Is the loss of your hair (and therefore distinctive identity as a female person) an attractant to you, given that you are, effectively, an 'owned object' now?
LatexLady: I think I am somewhat more than my hair. I do not feel I've lost anything terribly distinctive by removing my hair. If anything, alopecia makes me more distinctive, while at the same time making me more of an 'object'. It does help to maintain the illusion that I am no longer a member of the human race ... that I have surrendered part of my human aspect/status to embrace the discipline of latex worship.

JG-L: Would you recommend this to other females, perhaps as an experiment, or as a life style change? Why, or why not?
LatexLady: Oh yes, I definitely would, and have. First, it is a wonderful way to symbolize your commitment to submission. It is quite a nice way to make yourself intensely different, or, if you like, a way to allow yourself to vary your look with wigs. For any woman who wishes to wear a wig or wigs a lot of the time, this way is much cooler and more pleasurable.

Finally, I think it symbolizes a woman's empowerment as well (funny how symbols can work both ways). If a woman chooses to be bald, and goes to work that way, no one can say anything to her. She can't be fired. She can demonstrate to herself and her circle of contacts that she has chosen a new lifestyle or new look as a way of claiming her independence. Or, she can use it to symbolize her acceptance of the submissive lifestyle to which she has dedicated herself. It's great that way.

The practicalities are excellent as well, and I cannot stress the sexual aspects too much. I do not know how many men or women are attracted to bald women, but I do know that I loved maid's look from the first, and I know that our mutual shaving experiences are amongst the most sensuous and pleasurable we have together.

So yes, I urge any woman to try it if she is interested. It will, after all, grow back. Although that stage may be less enjoyable! I think the thought of dealing with the stubble may convince me to remain bald for the rest of my days.

JG-L: Do you play with other women?
LatexLady: Oh yes. I am bisexual. I love serving some of our domme friends and maid and I have grown to love each other deeply. She is lesbian, so that works! I actually prefer sex with women, I think and I love a small rubber gloved hand up inside me.

JG-L: As a mature woman, do you feel that other women, generally, enjoy bondage? Any ideas why or why not?
LatexLady: I think most women enjoy surrendering to some degree, yes. I notice far more female subs in the real world than all the female doms in the fantasy world. I only know one true female domme, and she is married to a male dom!

JG-L: Thank you LatexLady. I really appreciate you taking the time and being so candid about yourself and your life. Do you have anything else to say in closing?
LatexLady: It has been fun! I am always amazed and gratified to hear people tell me I have inspired them with the blog. Basically, Sir and I are just saying that latex dressing, fetish, and D/s should and can be taken out of the closet and loved on the street … people just need to try it.

JG-L: Please accept my and everyone else’s very best wishes for long and happy life with your husband, playing in the life-style you so obviously love.
LatexLady: Thank you very much.