- 26th Sept., 2005 -

The wonderful silliness of the weekend past was done, but not quite! Martin, of Martin's Rigid Cuff infamy, had some ideas for a video with his gear being used, and soon, being the self-described "Master Of Chaos", had us all zooming around like mad fools when he got everyone involved.

Pupett, being the star quality lady she is in all respects, soon got deeply involved and was immediately 'arrested' by Officer Lisa, a tough talking bitch of a 'police woman'. She was hauled off across to the SeriousBondage HQ for interrogation, much to her delight and a lot of laughs from us all at her seemingly genuine protestations of innocence.

The officers inside took considerable delight in securing the 'offender' then stood around enjoying her happy state of immobility as can be seen below. Obviously, Officer Gord, quite liked the state of affairs, while the Master of Chaos seemed a little jaded by the whole thing.

The video story eventually got finished, thank God, and I departed to get things set for the presentation I was to do at the Society Of Janus that night. Equipment loading, transport, and set-up for one of these presentations is always a hectic time, but then things got settled down and away we went.

My very good friend Mark took all of the excellent photo's for the presentation and I owe him a debt of gratitude for all of the time and effort he put out to ensure that Charmaine and I got things done as needed. Many thanks Mark. Without you, it would never have happened.

Charmaine was kind enough to volunteer for my tender mercies once again, and so we were able to get things organized and do a real fun presentation, as she's an accomplished player of wide experience and we work well together. I admire her skills a great deal, and she is a friend I value highly.

As per usual the first part of the Presentation dealt with why I was babbling at people and 'where I come from', then moved into the Pony Girl/Horse Woman part of the spectrum, showing the various gear I use in this type of command and control environment. A short break followed and people got to see and touch the stuff up close and personal. After that, it got a little more interesting when I returned to the presentation area with Charmaine, now fitted with most of The Creature.

One of the most important, and probably the most scary of equipment pieces for TC is the sense-occluding, helmeted gas mask. Not only does it look frightening and evil (and it can be), but it's supremely effective as an isolation and control tool. Visual impact is a big part of TC, both for the soon-to-be wearer, and for any onlooker, and this particular part is a real attention getter.

And so, there she was ... anticipating what was soon to come. Charmaine knew how the general program was structured and so waited patiently for me to quit mouthing off. I DO tend to babble a little during these presentations and so she was quite understanding ... well, truth to tell, she really hadn't a hell of a lot of choice in the matter.

Eventually it was time for me to start twiddling the dials of the ErosTek ET-312 and turning on the Venus-2000 vacuum pump, to try and see if I could elicit any reaction from my, until that point, willing 'victim'/demonstrator. Sure enough, there were soon some gas mask-muffled shrieks and considerable writhing, both increasing in strength when I kept turning the dials higher and higher. Yes, I'm definitely an evil bastard, I know:-).

This sort of play isn't for those who are just beginning to enjoy the scene, obviously. Even for those with plenty of experience, it's bloody demanding and hard work. As a consequence, and due to the compressed schedule of the event, the demonstration was soon over. Charmaine and I took our bows, then spent some time answering questions from the audience, most of who seemed to have been mesmerized by her reactions. Definitely a lady with a lot of courage, strength and awareness and I'm indebted to her for a willingness to entrust her safety and soul to my sometimes not so tender mercies. Thank you dear lady.


- 27th Sept., 2005 -

The next day, Tuesday 27th September, was set aside for relaxation, general recovery and some vanilla sight seeing, being the tourists we were. First, Mark took us to an outlook over the city, then down to the Haight-Ashbury district (remember the hippies?) and on to Golden Gate Park and the incredible, tropical plant, green house. We HAD to do the tourist thing of course and many of you will find the following images to be a little off the topic for this site, but hey! I'm just trying to edge-ju-macate y'all!

Pupett was a joy to watch while we toured and saw new things, but of course, was not completely vanilla in her dress, which suited Matthias, Mark and I quite nicely, naturally :-). I wanted her on a leash, but she wouldn't go for it. Damn!

Seeing her and the flowers, both natural beauties in every sense of the word, was a combination that was hard to beat ... then I found some other incredible blossoms, and for once, nailed the exposure and composition right on the money.

From there, it was off to the seaside, where Pupett, much to the delight of us guys, decided to go walking along the water's edge, unknowing of the its coldness. We all had a good laugh at her shrieks of shock, and then doing the "Funky Chicken" when the waves came in over her feet to the ankles, trying to get out of the cold water.

When you're in San Francisco as a tourist, there are two things that you MUST do ... the first is to see the Golden Gate Bridge (impressive!), then cross it to Sausalito.

The second thing, of course, is to ride the cable car at least once, and we managed both, with a great pizza dinner in between, a hot Irish Coffee after the cable car ride, then it was back to Mark's place sometime near midnight.

And so ended our vanilla, tourist, relaxation day. By this point Matthias and Pupett were beginning to feel a little fried from all of the new sights and experiences, and so we hit our beds relatively early, with plans to head off to Mistress P's place in Sacramento the next day.

Those escapades will be covered in the next up load, so stay tuned.