22nd Sept., 2005

From the morning of the 22nd September, things started off with a bang at the House Of Gord. Long shoots, multiple situations and strenuous bondage kept Pupett in a continual tizzy. Gord, Matthias and I were kept buzzing about the delightful lady, binding her, checking that all was OK, then photographing and videoing her from every conceivable angle.

The Pictures below represent only a very small portion of what was shot and so to see complete sequences and some extremely interesting video clips, please go to the Pupett and House of Gord web sites.

- 22nd Sept. -

Gord and Pupett's first excursion was to transform her into a rocking chair, then to spend some quality time fishing in his pond. Having sat on one of these delightfully warm, soft and pulsating seats myself, I can attest that it has to be one of the most relaxing ways to spend an hour or two, and sure beats the HELL out of the vibrating chairs at YVR airport! Gord's neat design allows for the lady to be easily inverted, and with the attachment of a couple of pieces, she can be transformed into a unique end table.

Next, Pupett was prepared for another experience when she was placed in his multi-talented Female Storage and Transportation Container (FSTC). Naturally, before being inserted, the lady had to be thoroughly immobilized and Gord was certainly equal to the task as few others are. Once Pupett been securely restrained, she couldn't be just left in peace! The pick-up was backed in, complete with Wench Winch, and the FSTC was hoisted until it swung freely at the back, then Gord zoomed off down the driveway and around his lawn. Each time the truck passed Matthias and I, all we could hear were squeals and howls of laughter from within the box, dangling and swinging wildly at the back.

At this point, a short rest was needed, but that was soon taken care of and the next session began .... probably one of the most arousing and incredible bits of erotic bondage I've EVER had the pleasure of being a part of, or seeing enacted (and I've seen and done a few of them during my time). Pupett had brought along her new 'Torpedo Tits' rubber cat suit and was soon inside it, then being prepared by us, her faithful and oh-so-caring servants.

Gord applied one of his arm binders for upper limb immobilization, then came the multiple, tightly cinched straps all along her legs and up her body. Naturally, these could only be applied after Pupett had been hoisted into full, inverted suspension in his entrance hall and what a sight, to see this delightful lady totally encased in rubber and the fully inflated ball helmet, being strapped tightly into what we thought was immobility.

Pupett could only hang there and wait for what was to come and just before going up, Gord turned the electrics up to about 40% power, generating some delightful squeaks from within the ball helmet, as well as some substantial writhing against her straps, but up she went regardless!

And so, there she twisted at the end of the cable above us, twitching and mewling (or maybe howling) into the internal gag of the ball hood, swinging erratically back and forth while struggling wildly to avoid or escape the insidious invader!

Jesus! Talk about a dizzying, totally erotic sight of rubber-entombed femininity!!! We three guys could only look on with opened mouths, marvelling at what she was experiencing in her occluded and silent world, subject to intense bondage and, quite literally, electrifying stimulation. If you'd cut us off at the knees, we'd have all been tripods.

However, being the enthusiast he is, and with Matthias and I in happy agreement, Gord declared that there was ENTIRELY too much thrashing about going on above us, and so we lowered Pupett to an accessible level, changed her arm bondage, and just to ensure minimal struggling when she was again suspended, he attached a 13 kg concrete weight to Pupett's wrist bindings to stretch out our damsel.

The final touch before hauling her aloft once more was to turn up the e-stim to around 60% power, this generating even wilder gyrations and struggles, to say nothing of even louder wails from within the hood. Nevertheless, Pupett went up once more until the concrete weight came about a metre off the floor and was suspended above it, swinging freely.

What happened inside her mind is something to be wondered at, for Pupett was inescapably strung from the ceiling, 4 metres above us, shuddering and writhing maniacally. Every few seconds her arms tensed visibly and she hauled the concrete block even further upwards, struggling mightily to free her hands and arms to somehow get at the deeply buried e-stim device, but of course, her efforts were to no avail, and she was quickly stretched out fully once more, vibrating like a plucked banjo string; all the while voicing the most interesting sounds.

This is extremely intense play, and so is quite limited in duration, but Pupett is a strong woman (which amongst them are not?) and withstood her situation for about 30 minutes before requiring release.

A bondage situation such as was enacted here is NOT without considerable danger, but Gord is the master of safety concerns, in ALL he does; employing multiple back-ups and safety systems far beyond the normal. Despite her absolute helplessness and vulnerability, Pupett was very well cared for.

After a short respite, we next moved outside and played for a short time before finally quitting. A general clean-up by the guys followed while Pupett had a shower, then another nap, and later we all headed for the restaurant for a huge meal, and to marvel over the things we'd done during the day.

The next day, the 23rd, was spent driving from House of Gord to San Francisco. There's not a hell of a lot to say about spending 14 hours on Interstate 5; other than that I wish we'd been able to afford to charter our own plane for all of the gear we were transporting. We arrived in SFO just after midnight and had a few beers, then it was off to bed and some well-earned rest.

Please remember folks, this stuff ISN'T done without a lot money being spent, often lavishly, to bring these images to you, and so I'd ask that if you're interested in viewing the full sequences of images (and the accompanying videos) you see only a smattering of here, that you become a member of Pupett's and/or Gord's web sites.

Your money WILL be well spent and you won't believe some of the incredible material available on both sites. Yes, they're friends, but I've no hesitation about unashamedly recommending their sites to you, with full knowledge of the quality and huge volumes of incredible stuff you'll find there.