- 08th September, 2005 -

To misquote a well known movie ... In a galaxy long ago and far away ...

My first cover art came with the production of a video about Pony Girls/Horse Women. This topic had ever been covered until that time and what was normally available for video is what I'd loosely term as either video gynaecology, or just straight impact sports. The first video was titled "Pony Girl One" and as matters turned out, I ended up 'starring' as the bad-ass male lead, Jay, complete with the black hat (and I still have it!).

Although we shot all of the footage at the same time over a four day period in Arco, CA and on a beautiful yacht in Long Beach, CA harbour, it was split into two, and the second part was released about 6 months after the first; this called "Pony Girl At The Ranch".

Those videos, together with the article in Hogtie magazine that had preceded them by a couple of years, guaranteed some substantial infamy and led to the present state of affairs, serving to encourage me in my creative efforts. Eventually, the two videos were re-cut into a full length version called "Pony Girls At The Ranch" and re-released.

I've always enjoyed writing and possess a fevered imagination that never seems to rest. I became an ink-stained wretch, toiling away in my garret, scribbling frenziedly, but that wasn't all, for my harness creation efforts began to evolve in wilder directions, as can be seen in other areas of this web site.

Some considerable time later, Gord and I met, and found to our mutual delight that we had many of the same ideas, although we came at them from different quadrants. We soon became good friends, and with his hard-won publishing skills, we quickly came to an agreement that he would publish the first of my full length stories, this being The Contract - Part One, profusely illustrated by Benson.

The sequel had already been written and it soon followed in the first part into print, much to my delight. Everyone certainly seemed interested to read more about my heroine's strange and wondrous adventures in the Middle East.

Many have asked if there is a Contract - Part Three, and yes, it has been partially written, but other tales began to pop into that vacant area between my ears. Like most who've been infected by the writing bug, I let that story slide, for I'd begun writing another series; this one called CONTROLLING CHRISTINE, and within a year or so, Part One of that story had been published by House Of Gord; again profusely illustrated, but this time by Stargraves.

Controlling Christine, Parts One (JG-L print out, no illustrations),Two, Three, and Four are all available by contacting me through this site, and at some point, may be published as one full book.

The CONTRACT stories shown above are out of print by House Of Gord, although from my understanding there will be no more printed.

I have little doubt that the image I presented when I appeared at various kink events was fairly outlandish, and a Swedish Heavy Metal Band liked what I did so much, that they decided to steal a picture of me and incorporate it into a CD cover for one of their albums. That's what **I** call it when someone takes an image without permission, uses it for their own benefit, and doesn't pay for it - to me that's outright theft . You'll see by comparing the two images below, what was done.

For a few years after these books came out, I pretty much stayed hidden out here in the weeds, but nevertheless working away on other stories. Somewhere in that time, I discovered the Sabrina web site, hidden in the depths of the Altairboy, chastity belt site, and my mind went into overdrive, fictional or not as she might be. Another spate of frantic writing began and eventually I amassed some half million words in various bits of scribbling about the lady in the dungeon and steel harness. I eventually decided it was time to tell her whole tale in the form of a 'Biography' and it took a while to assemble and clean up all of the tales that went into the creation of her story. They were finally woven into a tale that flowed well, but I kept at it, and eventually, after at least 25 edits and 4 complete re-writes, felt that I had a 'finished piece'.

It has taken another year or so of working with Lizbeth at Pink Flamingo Publications to get the Sabrina Biography to print, but that day has finally come, and on the 8th September, 2005 it was released to the world. Geoff Ridgway did the incredible cover art for the story, and I have no way to adequately thank him for all of his time and trouble, for he has created a truly mind-blowing piece of eye candy.

Although the Sabrina Biography does not (at this point) contain any interior illustrations, plans are afoot for a CG-art panel story, and maybe even a DVD using real people to tell the tale described in the book above.

The tale doesn't end here though! At the same time I was writing the Sabrina stories, other ideas had begun to rattle around in that vast open space between my ears, and I soon had them down, describing the fates of other young ladies in dire distress, as well as the fate of those who were too damned nosey for their own good. And so came the next two stories: Diplomatic Immunity, Part One was Published in March, 2006, and Part Two followed in the early autumn of 2006.

And so, there you have a brief publishing history without even mentioning the many other shorter articles and pieces I've created over the years and had published in magazines such as SECRET MAGAZINE, MARQUIS MAGAZINE, EQUUS EROTICUS and many others.