- 30th August, 2005 -

Thanks to my good friend Thomas of Zoom-Bizarre, I learned a little about Pupett, a lady associate of another of his friends. I soon made contact with and within a couple of weeks we'd discovered a whole range of mutual interests in the scene: rubber, Horse Women, chastity belts, dungeon play, and many others areas. The imagery that follows will give you some idea of her beauty, intelligence and expressive curiosity, having been a wide range of Pupett's galleries. I've taken the liberty of weaving them into an almost coherent pattern of a few days in her strange and wonderful life as a star bondage model.

A Horse Woman's dreams can't be read, but secure accommodation for the night, every night, is an absolute requirement, with no chance of straying fingers doing the devil's work during those long, night hours in her stall.

Time to rise and shine and Pupett is taken for breakfast, then has her bridle and bit fitted for the day's exercising and displays.

Although Pupett is happy with her harness and appearance, obedience to her reins is always demanded. She can only follow their commands, whether she wishes to or not.

It's another day. No stable last night, but her Master has ordered that Pupett is to be fully protected (and kept in a state of continual arousal), and so she begins her preparations first thing in the morning, wondering if she'll be able to withstand the assaults of her own already boiling libido.

There! It's in. With a shudder, Pupett closes and locks her chastity belt, now unable to escape it until her Master releases her, but her dressing for the day is not yet complete. Next comes the chastity bra and it too is soon locked securely.

Thigh bands are also to be worn as part of the day's ensemble and short minutes later Pupett has locked herself fully into her underwear. Regular clothing almost conceals what lies beneath, but she knows and cannot avoid the sensations or the emotions her Master wishes her to experience.

That night, still locked into her specialized underwear Pupett changes into another costume and heads off to Master's studio for further adventures.

Upon arrival though, things do not turn out in quite the way Pupett had imagined they would! She soon finds herself once more in the stall, but this time in a different set of bindings. Being chained to the wall and fitted with an ankle spreader was not what she had in mind for a night of entertainment!

Complaining about how she is to spend the night is generally not a good idea. Pupett soon finds her restraints changed to another configuration, and these are not at all pleasant. Sleep is not a likely prospect.

Unable to even lay on the prickly straw, all she can do is sit, hoping morning comes soon and that her Master will relent.

The next day brings full rubber enclosure, this needed of, course, to wash her Master's vehicle, under the supervision of one of his friends. All is not drudgery though for some relaxation and play is permitted. After an excursion to the country is called for and Pupett soon finds herself in a different costume, again.

Life is not all fun and games in the open air though and soon she finds herself in a new place, one that is both arousing and frightening all at once. Her mentor ensures that she is obedient and soon properly restrained for the experiments to come.

Pupett can occasionally prove somewhat noisy, especially when restrained and inverted, but the situation is quickly remedied with the addition of a properly sized oral appliance, then her fitting proceeds.

After the gag has been fully seated in her mouth, Pupett is fitted with her helmet, complete with the intra-nasal breathing tubes. Restrained as she is, there's no escape from what is to come, but what is her fate to be?

A locked-on, steel and rubber collar ensures that she is fully sealed into her oppressive rubber cocoon, then a breathing bag is connected to her air supply system, rendering her into the total control of her mentor. Pupett remains as she is, helpless, gagged, helmetted and restrained for the long hours that follow, but her daily is far from over.

Eventually she is returned to her Master's home and once there is placed within a relatively comfortable cell, behind a securely locked door. As is always the case nothing is easy for Pupett for there are conditions to being allowed the occupancy of the cell. Fully chained and securely chastity belted, she is left leashed for the night, wondering what delights she will be required to experience in the day to come.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article (it was supposed to have been a short one!), Pupett has a wealth of erotic images within her site and what you see above is only a small sampling. In addition, she has a large collection of video clips that detail her various experiences with much more accuracy. As a subscriber to her site, http://www.pupett.com, I can assure anyone that what you see is totally original and not the 'same old-same old' crap coming out of most so-called bondage sites. This one is a keeper, to be sure.