This story comes from the ALTAIRBOY chastity belt site (the oldest on the internet) and was written by an unknown author.  I'll be more than happy to provide attribution to the author , if he/she wishes it and should they read these pages and through this site.  Whoever you are, please contact me at: JC-GREEN@TELUS.NET.

I've taken the liberty with this story to edit and correct some areas (the original author is not a native speaker of English) as well as to add details where I felt they were required and trust that you will forgive this intrusion.  In the general tone of the story I've placed some images with it.


The following story was written for someone who has a fantasy of having her sexuality and her person completely controlled, but because of various circumstances she could not go ahead with it, although she certainly wanted to. Having exchanged dozens of emails with her, I wrote the story that follows, based on her ideas and wants, but with a few twists. It’s written from her perspective and is quite long. I hope you like it


Having fantasies is wonderful, and although most people never get to fulfil them, I decided to try if possible, to make mine come true and to that end I began by posting a message on the Altairboy web site. I was surprised by the responses; receiving a number of emails from a lot people who said they could help me achieve my desires. After considerable research, I found someone who, I was convinced, could do what he promised and what follows is my story.

First, a little about myself. My name is Sara Parker. I’m self employed and work from my home in the country and although I have a number of Dom/sub friends, I’m not in a permanent relationship, thanks to my deepest fantasies being realized. My darkest fantasy was to be automatically-controlled by a computer, but with as little human input as possible.

After some long emails and then telephone discussions my co-conspirator, David Lowestoft (he was single, well off and had a large home), we decided that perhaps the most important thing to do was to create a really secure chastity harness for me that was, as much as possible, indestructible and completely inescapable. It would have to fit my body exactly, tightly and reasonably comfortably because I intended that I should be fully locked into my harness for an extended period. As our discussions became more and more detailed we decided that I needed to arrange for a 4 week holiday from my own business and I would go to his place so that we could start the work. As things worked out, David lived on the other side of the country and so I flew over to begin the whole exacting process. Upon arriving at his home and getting settled in to my room, he showed me his very impressive workshop and tools and said that a prototype could be created very quickly, then he’d begin work on the actual harness immediately. We went back upstairs and enjoyed a great dinner and decided to begin the next morning after breakfast. That’s what happened and I followed him down to the basement work shop. He asked me to strip, then spent the next couple of hours taking all sorts of measurements; many of which I did not see the point of, but he insisted were important.

When we were done, I dressed again and he said that I was free to take his car and go exploring while he began work. I happily took him up on his offer of the car and drove off to look over the city and local countryside, keeping in mind his admonition that I was not to enter the workshop again until he invited to do so. At the end of the first day he appeared with a simple cinch made of thick copper. It was about five cm wide where it went between my pelvis and bottom ribs then swelled in width over my belly and over my spine. The rubber edging ensured that there were no sharp edges. David told me that he’d used copper for the initial pattern because the metal was easy to work with and would make the fitting and creation of the real belt much simpler. I stripped again and he fitted it to me, making various marks for adjustments to ensure that the cinch was tight yet comfortable, then he returned to the workshop to make the alterations. After he returned with it a couple of hours later, he locked it around my waist, using a set of nuts and bolts and said I was to wear it for the next hours and all night to see if it caused any problems.

The first thing I noticed was how restrictive the wide cinch was and mentioned the tightness, but he said that it had to be that way to be secure and that I would eventually become accustomed to the constriction. To my surprise, a few hours later the belt seemed to have been there around my waist for years! I really noticed it though when I attempted to bend at the waist, this due to the cinch’s rigidity and width. The simple answer was that I would have to adjust my movements to accommodate to its presence and so I wore it until just after breakfast the next day when it was removed and I was inspected.

The cinch was actually a very good fit and he went about making the next sections and so the process continued. He’d make a section, try it, adjust it, then I’d wear it for a trial period. The adjustments sometimes had to be made several times until the part fit to his satisfaction, but by the end of the second week we had a full prototype ready for testing. The actual chastity belt part looked like a standard Tollyboy belt, but mine had a wider front shield over the lower belly that seemed to actually flow down from the cinch and between my legs and buttocks to merge at the back. For the first part of the test, I’d wear only the chastity belt part and the others would follow in due course.

This test would be the first time I have ever been locked up and I was very excited to experience the sensations. I had not pleasured myself too often until this point of my life even though the opportunity was always there and so I wondered how I would get on, with that option soon to be impossible. So, with a little fear and trepidation, I was locked up for the five day test. His plan was to remove the belt after the first 24 hours for a brief inspection and if all was OK, it would be locked on again and the test would continue. There were a few small adjustments that had to be made after the first 24 hours, but all in all, it was a complete success to that point.

As the wearer, I of course had a few concerns. When the belt was first locked-on it felt unbelievably tight and most of my body’s movements were restricted in some way. The other aspect was more psychological than anything else and it was the sure knowledge that I was now utterly unable to get at my sex for any reason. This soon drove me to distraction so that by the end of the five days I could think of nothing else but the throbbing sex between my legs. After some additional minor adjustments we began the second period of confinement for a full 10 days without the belt ever being removed. There were no problems with it, but the frustration was pure Hell for me and I thought that I’d go crazy if I could not somehow attain a sexual release of some sort. However, it was better than I had expected and the first part of my fantasy was nearing completion and so at the end of a "fun" packed four weeks I returned home. David said that the real belt and the remainder of the chastity harness would be ready in about two months because the specialized metal was much harder to work with than copper.

The construction actually took a full three months; a little longer than expected, but finally the whole harness was ready for me and again I made arrangements for another break, then flew back to his place. We agreed that the first test would again be for me to wear the belt for a week to see how I got on with it, then we’d proceed, assuming that no problems arose. He told me that he’d added a few extra parts and capabilities to my ensemble to enhance its effectiveness and needless to say, I was intrigued. Although I was anxious to get on with it, David insisted that we go out and enjoy a meal at his favourite restaurant on the shore, and so we spent a most pleasant evening renewing our friendship, and he studiously avoided mentioning anything about our experiment to begin the next day.

The next morning after breakfast he told me that he wanted my first sight of the full ensemble to be of it locked fully on me and I agreed quickly, desperate to see this creation that I’d feverishly dreamt of for the past months. He asked me to stand and strip, then blindfolded me and led me down to his workshop. I stood uncertainly in the centre of the room, smelling the subtle odours of steel, oil and hot electric motors and he left me standing there while he assembled the devices I was to be imprisoned within. There was the sound metal on metal, then I heard him approach and stood ready for him to fit the waist cinch. At his command I stepped into the opened belt and kept my legs apart while he raised it over my hips where he left it still unclosed for the moment, draped around my waist. David told me that he was about to fit me with a dildo, then carefully and slowly inserted a thick, long intruder into my already wet sex. I gasped and writhed, getting it settled a little more comfortably within my body, then he closed the cinch and partially locked it.

Taking the crotch band, he pulled it fully through between my thighs and up over my lower belly and when he did, the dildo was forced in even deeper making me give a little yelp from the massive penetration of my sex and belly. The front shield was locked closed and then he completed the fastening of the waist cinch. God! The sensations were incredible! The cinch ensured that my belly was fully compressed and over the bulge of my abdomen the wide front portion of the crotch cover compressed my abdomen so that I was absolutely unable to escape the awareness of the dildo. I started to reach up to the blindfold to see what it looked like, but he told me to leave it on as there was more to come. I began to insist, but he locked my hands to chains hanging from the ceiling! With that done he told me that the next part was also going to be rather uncomfortable, but I’d eventually get used to the sensations.

He then proceeded to fit me with the rest of the body harness and the first thing I felt was a wide strap around my chest, just like a normal bra, but that’s where it stopped feeling familiar. I heard a ratchet sound and the wide band clamped more and more firmly on my rib cage, then he began to work on my breasts! Nature had been kind to me and I have a pair of 36-DD sized breasts that are still firm with only a little sagging and said that the chastity bra would ensure that I would be unable to use them to arouse myself. Next he clinically massaged each of my breasts, then to my shocked surprise he slipped a wide, thick and strangling rubber band over each of them and moved these bands tight to my chest and let them go! Naturally they tried to resume their original diameters but of course could not and I immediately felt a gentle, constant constriction around the bases of each of my breasts! I gasped and moaned, feeling them fill with sensitising blood and making my nipples stand out in hard turrets of demanding, feminine flesh.

It was just beginning though! David quickly slipped tight, fully-covering, rubber lined domes over each of my now-bulging mounds, then clipped them to the chest band. Taking narrow metal straps from the tops of the cups, he drew them over my shoulders and down to near the centre back of the chest band before tightening them. My now-swollen and increasingly sensitive breasts were each held prisoner within their own separate metal containers and no matter how much I shrugged and twisted my shoulders and body, I couldn’t get them to shift, nor, I suddenly realized with a growing sense of horror, could I touch them!

David next told me to lift my chin then a wide, rigid and tight collar was fitted, and with a faint click, it was closed and locked. A few seconds later I felt it pulled down at the front and another click told me that it had been fastened to the busk of the bra, then the same thing happened behind me, where a connection had been made to the central back of the bra’s chest band, but that wasn’t the end of it! At the base of the collar on either side, small tabs projected outward over my shoulders and these were quickly locked to the straps of my bra. Now, there was no possible way to escape it no matter how I twisted and moved my upper body.

He next moved down to my legs and made me step into wide bands and pulled them up to just over my knees and locked them tightly in place, than came two gartering chains from each side of my waist cinch; these descending from over my hips to the front and sides of each thigh band. Under each breast cup, on the bottom edge of the chest band, a short chain dangled and he clipped this to the central front, upper edge of my cinch, forming a ‘V’, then moved around behind me and with another two short chains from the bottom edge of the chest band on either side of my spine, led them down in another ‘V’ to fasten tot the centre back of the cinch. These would ensure that I’d always maintain a proper, upright posture, but I’d be able to twist my body and bend slightly to the sides. The bra, waist cinch and the crotch cover were all pulled tightly against my body and I felt heavily subdued and when he’d locked every adjustable part, David announced that he’d completed most of the fitting of my ensemble, but there were a few more items to come.

My hands were released, but for the moment I was not yet permitted to look at myself and inspect what I wore. With all the secrecy that had gone on I was getting more and more hot and horny; more than I had ever been. Not being able to take a deep breath, feeling my slightly compressed yet bulging breasts in their sturdy, insulated steel cups, the constriction of the cinch and the crotch cover’s unrelenting compression; the sexual excitement of wearing the belt and huge intruder, and not knowing what I was letting myself in for only added fuel to that already brightly burning need. The moment finally arrived and he slowly removed the blindfold and I saw that a set of full length, triple mirrors of the kind found in dressing rooms had been set up to give a complete view of myself and my new ensemble. I could not believe my eyes! I looked fantastic!

Everything was a smooth, shiny black against my lightly tanned skin and I began to study the intimidating and superbly controlling arrangement that now held my body a prisoner. The wide rigid collar was formed to fit very snugly around my throat and just be by itself was a substantial restraint. The black bra fit beautifully and was very tight so that no matter what I tried I could get no feeling past the insulated cups, even though I could feel my breasts inside demanding to be caressed. Then, I looked to the chastity belt itself. It was a masterful design and there was no possible way I could get any form of relief while wearing it. The thigh cuffs were five cm wide and connected by a short bar with universal joints at either end. Of course the bar prevented me either opening or closing my legs, but that was only part of the evil design! At its centre another universal joint connected the bottom end of a thick vertical rod that rose to the central part of the crotch band between my thighs where it was connected directly to the end of the huge dildo! I wasn’t aware of it at first but this arrangement caused the dildo to wiggle and vibrate within me if I moved my legs! Everything matched and was connected using flat-linked, black chains that would prevent any of the parts from being removed however I tried.

While I studied my new, strictly-controlling under garments, David told me all about them. All of the parts had been created from an extremely tough titanium alloy and were covered with a neoprene rubber coating, making everything about four mm thick. This meant that there were only three ways to remove any of my ensemble: 1 - with the key, 2 - with a diamond grinder, or, 3 - by a cutting torch. He was sure I wouldn’t want to try either of the second two options, then informed me that the locks fitted at present were just temporary. He had ordered others that would be far more secure and also enhance the look, but it would be some time before they arrived and were ready to be fitted. What I now wore, other than those final locks, was the best he could do to provide a fully effective, complete, and escape proof chastity ensemble and David guaranteed that now that I had been locked into it, there would be no feeling permitted to any of the important areas, however much I wanted sensations of being caressed and stroked to an orgasm. I pounded on the metal but felt only the impacts and nothing else.

The only area that was still unprotected was the rear, but that would be secured by the end of the first week's test. I stood in shocked awe at the sight of myself and was suddenly shaken by a raging desire and exploding need to have it all removed to gain sexual relief. I did not think I could get any hotter, but my need kept increasing and I had been wearing it for only 15 minutes! I told him that it was all quite wonderful, but could he please remove it? He asked if I was experiencing any truly unbearable discomfort and when I said no, so he replied that our agreement was that I must wear it for a full seven days. I pleaded that I needed to do get out of it all, but he refused. The belt and harness would stop any kind of sexual stimulation yet all other functions were permitted and so began my next period of many to come of sexual torment.

I accepted his decision with ill-concealed bad temper but David was adamant and so, having no other choice, I tried to set my mind to accept the situation. I first had to get myself under control and try to reduce the need I was feeling, but the more I thought about my situation, the worse it got! Perhaps if I dressed and could not see myself imprisoned in the restricting harness it might help and so I took my first steps over to where my clothes hung on their hook. That’s when the knee hobbles with their separator bar and the vertical one to my chastity belt’s crotch piece and the dildo began their evil attentions. With each small step I took the intruder buried in me belly writhed deliciously and disconcertingly; vibrating at the same time! I gasped and writhed my hips while I walked and by the time I had reached where my clothes hung, I had to hold myself up. My arousal was so strong that the need became over powering and my legs started to give way., however, I eventually managed to get dressed in my skirt and top. To my surprise everything except my collar had disappeared, but that would be easily concealed if I began wearing scarves or high-necked tops and then it too would be concealed.

For the rest of the day, I moved slowly and cautiously, getting used to the way in which my knee hobble cuffs and their joining bar forced me to walk and of course I could not run. With every pace I took though, the monster in my belly writhed and vibrated, leaving me in fits of panting arousal and staring-eyed. He left me alone to explore my new situation and the day went passed uneventfully, except for the constant burning need between my legs and many times, my hands automatically clawed into my clothing, trying to get at my armoured breasts and crotch although I knew it was hopeless attempting to gain some sort of touch. I felt nothing and frequently collapsed in howling fits of tearful frustration. As before, David had disappeared into his workshop to complete the rear protection device and some other parts that he described as being the finishing touches to the security system. I discovered that the knee cuffs and bar arrangement allowed me to sit, and if I did, then remained perfectly still, I could reduce my need greatly, but as soon as I moved my legs, the intruder reversed my feelings and drove me to maddened writhing that only built my arousal higher and higher. Later that evening after dinner we discussed how I was getting on, now that I’d been wearing my outfit for about 12 hours. I told him that it was beyond my wildest dreams, but I didn't know if I could stand the sexual torture for much longer. By reply, David asked me if that aspect wasn't one of the main parts of my fantasy? Once locked up, he reminded me, I would be kept in a constant state of desperate arousal, but be unable to gain release no matter what I tried. I ruefully agreed that was true and that he’d succeeded completely.

It was soon time for bed and we retired to our separate rooms, but once in bed, all I could think about was getting some sort of sexual release. I tried everything I could to stimulate myself over the edge; thrashing my legs what little I could, which in turn moved the dildo and drove me to fresh torrents of arousal! Then I tried to get my fingers under the crotch cover or the edges of the tight breast cups in efforts to defeat the belt/bra but everything I attempted failed miserably and I only succeeded in making myself even hotter. I eventually gave up and tried to sleep, again without much success. I dozed on and off all night until morning finally arrived.

By the third day of my test period I was ready to climb the walls. The frustration and constant stimulation of the monster dildo were having a strong effect on my sanity and ability to concentrate, but still no relief was in sight. Slowly the end of the test period approached and time seemed to slow to a crawl. It was impossible for me to concentrate on anything except my raging, volcanic sexual need and I couldn't go for any kind of long walk as that only made it worse. With the fastening of the knee cuffs, I now always had to wear a skirt that concealed their presence. By the end of the seventh day, I was starting to get reasonable control as long as I sat still, but the unsatisfied arousal was still there and a good night’s sleep was still out of the question.

At last the day was over and it was time for me to be released from everything. We returned to the workshop and by now I was managing to walk with more grace than when I had first been fitted. His first action in preparation for the removal of my metal underwear was to chain my wrists above my head as he’d done before, then it was all quickly unlocked and removed and the freedom and the cool air me was wonderful! I stood quietly and enjoyed the sensations while he inspected me for any skin damage, but there were no issues because he’d taken such care with the prototype that all that had happened were pressure marks. These were to be expected and I was OK.

We’d agreed at the start that if everything was good at this point, the test would continue until I was to return home ... three weeks from today. He told me that there were two new parts to be added to the belt as well as additional, custom made wrist and ankle cuffs. I stood quietly with my wrists still chained above me and he brought out what he described as the rear passage defender. It consisted of a curved oval shield which would attach to the rear part of the crotch cover plate. At the centre of this shield was mounted a large, conical, hollow butt plug some ten cm and it’s end, projecting quite a distance from the outside of the shield was a shiny fitting. He said that I’d be wearing this device inserted into my body from now on and that the shiny outer projection was both a valve and an enema fitting!

Initially, we’d test the fit and positioning of the butt plug to ensure that there would be no damage to me, then once that had been established, the butt plug would become a permanent part of the belt and then other, larger ones would be fitted in the future. My first impression was that there was no way the butt plug would go in, but he assured me that it would, although it would be uncomfortable when it was fitted. He made me promise not to masturbate, then released my hands and took me to the bathroom for a full shower and cleansing; staying with me in the bathroom while I washed. I’d had my pubic hair totally depilated many years previously so there were no issues in that regard and the cascading hot water and soap felt so good.

When Id finished drying myself it was time to be dressed again and David escorted me back to the work shop then once more chained my wrists above me. I began wondering what the other attachment for the belt was, as he’d only shown me the defender. He returned with a lubricated urinary catheter and it went in easily enough, although a little messily as I relieved myself involuntarily, to my great embarrassment. The catheter was also designed to be more or less permanent while the belt was on and was equipped with a valve that I had to open when I wanted to pee. The rest of my ensemble went on as before and the dildo was inserted without any trouble because of how wet I was, but then came the defender and he told me to relax my body as much as possible. The huge butt plug was well lubricated and the process began, but after a while there had been little success, so David applied a lotion of muscle relaxant and lubrication to my hind quarters and within a few seconds I was totally relaxed and the butt plug slid all the way in. The shield was locked on and I was now ready for my next stint as a stimulated, chastised and controlled woman or so I thought for a moment more.

He released my wrists, then locked on their new, five cm wide, five mm thick, oval-shaped cuffs with half metre chains dangling from one of the rings on each and these he immediately locked to rings on the cinch, over my hips. I wasn’t yet truly restrained, thanks to the length of these chains, but I was definitely and constantly aware of the weight of the cuffs and the swinging tug of their chains to my cinch. He knelt before me and clamped the oval, five cm wide and five mm thick ankle cuffs in place, but didn’t join them for the moment, then stood and inspected the vision of all of his work before leaving me to stew in my own juices for the next hours.

It was the same as before, and provided I did not move my legs too much, I could control my need to some extent, but when the numbing and relaxing spray wore off I became more and more aware of the presence of the huge thing now resident in my ass. The band held it in tightly and securely and there was no way for me to escape the sensations of its penetration. I felt as if my rear opening was being stretched to the limit, even though it had clamped tight around the narrow neck of the plug. His comment that I would suffer some discomfort was rather an understatement and with each movement, initially, I could not escape the strange twinges it forced me to experience. It didn’t really hurt, but when I walked it certainly added to my sensations of being doubly penetrated and it made sitting extremely uncomfortable when my weight forced it further into my body. I could only sit comfortably on a toilet type seat or on a thick, inflatable donut.

I had expected most of these effects once I’d been locked up again, and although this added a new dimension to my already suffering body it also increased my need to get out of my chastity ensemble at all costs. What I had not considered was that while wearing all of the specialized equipment I was now locked into, I would not be able to go to the toilet naturally. It was to be a completely mechanical process now, as though I was some sort of biological machine, and he confirmed this a moment later when he gave me an enema kit. It had a fitting on the end of a long hose and this would connect to the exterior projection of the butt plug.

I went into the bathroom and over the next hour tried my first enema. It was messy and not fun, but after some time I succeeded and when I came out we discussed the procedure. David said that I should probably do it at least once each day. Urination was easy and all I had to do was to open the small valve on the front-projecting end of the catheter.

The belt was keeping we in a state of extreme a sexual arousal, but I could not manage to get myself over the edge or do anything about it, just as the design was intended to do. Going to the toilet had become a mechanical rather than a natural process, and even my ability to walk was controlled. I could only take the shortest of steps and because of the movement of the dildo, could not manage to move very far. By the end of those final three weeks I was in a terrible state mentally and would have done anything to get out of my living Hell.

All “good" things must come to an end though, and the night before I was to travel home, all of the gear was removed, then washed and packed away. He inspected me again and found everything to be all right, then we spent the rest of the evening discussing what would happen next and celebrating my survival of the ordeal. The new, high security locks had yet to arrive and he said that he had some additional modifications to make to a new dildo I’d soon have to wear before we met again. In the meantime, once I’d returned to my home, I was to prepare a new room in the basement of my home for the next stage of my fantasy to be enacted; that of being totally controlled by a computer that would have no mercy on me or considerations for the torments it inflicted, and he gave me a detailed list of instructions. After going to bed I released all the pent-up sexual desires I had accumulated, time after time, and in the morning I was a new person with all of the frustrations of the last few weeks gone. David was going to keep the chastity ensemble until he’d finalized everything, then he’d bring it to my home and we’d do a full installation and test. I left after breakfast for home to prepare my new room in the basement ... really, it was going to be a true cell more than anything else.

Once I’d returned and got things organised with my business. My home had a surprisingly deep one with a five metre high ceiling and so was ideally suited for what was to come next. I contacted a competent general contractor and described what I wanted. First came the major job of clearing the area of everything for the new room, then the concrete guys came and poured the new walls for the five by ten metre room. Embedded in them were the pipes for routing all the necessary wires and hoses, as well as the sturdy rings and bolts for the chains that would soon come, but the men asked no questions. The next thing was a system of heavy-duty pulleys that had a thick cable dangling from one end about a third of the way from the back wall, and this was connected to a strong, remotely controlled electric winch mounted on the outside wall. Next was the lighting system: daylight florescent lights mounted behind security glass in the ceiling. I specified this was to be made of 1/8" steel plate with a thick sound insulation blanket on the upper side; dropped so that there was a four metre height inside the room.

I purchased a very good desktop computer and had it installed in a rack across the basement from my new room, so that the only parts inside were a large monitor with embedded camera, a wireless keyboard and a track pad. The monitor was fastened to the wall above a bolted-down desk, placed behind a clear plastic protective panel. A reasonably comfortable chair with a large inflatable donut on the seat was positioned in front of the desk. As well, the cell was fitted with 4K resolution, steerable and zoom-able, wireless, video cameras placed in each upper corner and these fed to the outside computer. Of course the computer was hooked up to the internet with a super hi-speed access, this being prepaid for a two years. To ensure that all of the devices I intended to use worked all the time, regardless of any power failures, I also purchased 10 heavy duty, industrial grade, un-interruptible power sources that would keep the lights, the computer and all the rest of the cell’s systems running for a minimum of 24 hours.

Plumbing was the next issue and I had a toilet and sink installed across from the desk and monitor. Next to these was a shelf type narrow bed with a thick rubber mattress and pillow, then two metres to the side of the desk was an arrangement of three, vertically oriented, metal-rimmed holes, with thick, eyeleted cables dangling from each, and strangely, the bottom one was larger than the others. ON the outside, the cables passed through other systems of pulleys and were connected to the winding drums of three additional, remote-controlled, quite strong winches. These were equipped with strain limiter switches and brake systems to prevent burn-out.

I found a for-real, electrically controlled cell door on e-Bay and had it shipped to my home, then had the contractor mount it in the centre of the end wall of the cell, and on it’s outer side, had another plain wood door fitted. The contractor obviously had questions, but I shrugged them off and got him to sign a secrecy agreement for an extra thousand dollars.

The final touch was to paint all the walls and the ceiling of the room a brilliant white, and covering the cement floor with large, light blue tiles. All these preparations took sometime and long before I had completed them I received an email from David that said the belt and dildo were ready. As the room’s completion neared, I grew more and more apprehensive as to whether I had the courage to go ahead. This time, once I was locked into my chastity ensemble there would be no going back. I would have given all control to the belt and there would be absolutely no escape. The turmoil in my mind went on and on even while I was occupied with getting the new room finished, then one day I sat in front of my computer with my email of acceptance ready to send, stating that everything was ready and asking when he would be arriving. For the longest time my finger hovered over the keyboard, hesitant to push the send button and I sat there for what seemed like hours, until somehow the mail got sent, and it had been decided.

When I checked my mail the next day David had replied saying that he would arrive at the end of the week. The next days passed slowly and I was in a constant state of excitement, arousal, and not a little terror all of which got higher as the time of his arrival approached. I spent endless hours pleasuring myself, knowing that the opportunity would soon be taken from me for an unknowable length of time. After what seemed an eternity he and three large suitcases arrived and after I'd got him settled into my guest room, we began the final preparations for my new life. To start with he re-confirmed I wanted to go ahead with the project in its entirety and I replied that I did. He picked up the two suitcases containing my chastity ensemble and we went down to the basement where he thoroughly inspected all the arrangements I’d made. He smiled and said he was satisfied that it would do the job, then we went inside the cell and he told me to disrobe while he took possession of the remote control for all of the cell’s devices.

handed it over with trembling hands, then shook with sensation when he began to fasten me into my chastity outfit. While he fiddled with the various pieces, other than the crotch piece, I noticed that there was a now substantial D-ring at the central back of the waist cinch, another at the back centre of the bra ‘s chest band, and a heavy ring at the back of the collar. He showed me the dildo and I shivered with fear at seeing this monster for the first time when he held it in front of me and described what it was capable of doing. It was truly a work of genius and specifically designed to pleasure and torment a female wearer .... me!

David said that he’d spent months developing then perfecting it, but had never tried it out on a female, having only assessed its capabilities during bench tests. He smiled happily again and said I was going to learn fully what it was capable of doing to and for me ... but most importantly, I would be utterly unable to escape it! I looked at it more closely and he told me that at this point the dildo was fully-retracted at 120 mm long and 40 mm in diameter. It was a black and silver highlighted monster, even so! The lower 60 mm of the shaft consisted of eight, thick, corrugated ridges and these were the part of the dildo that could be made to extend another 40 mm beyond its normal, retracted state for a total length of 160 mm!. He took great delight in telling me that this could be made to occur either very slowly or very quickly and so would perform a hidden skewering that no could see. At the top of each corrugation ridge was a narrow, silvery ring and each of these could be individually electrified and thus would increase the penetration sensations that would be delivered! Above the corrugated section the dildo was smooth, but had four, wide silvery strips around its circumference; each of these also being an electrode, as was the blunt, silvery tip. Electrical shocks could be delivered by rippling up and down the electrode rings at any speed desired and/or in conjunction with it extending and retracting. These could be widely varied in strength but too, the same or different patterns of electro-shock could be emitted by the four lengthways silvery strips! These would be in either in a static pattern, or rotate around the shaft! The possibilities for arousing me or tormenting me were mind-boggling!

He picked up a thick, curved, flat-surfaced black oblong and explained that this was the power pack for the dildo and the other devices he’d added to the breast cups. The wires used to connect to the cups and the dildo were quite thick and strongly-mounted on the power pack, with their lengths calculated exactly so that there was no slackness to allow them to be pulled off.

With these details explained, David presented me with a contract to sign for his protection and it simply stated what we had agreed to: (1) - that I had willingly and in full awareness agreed to be locked into the chastity harness and the activities we were to engage in relation to my being imprisoned in it, (2) - That payment for his services and devices would be as agreed, and (3) - The rules for release from the belt. He said that if I did not sign then that would be the end of my dream, but I would still have to pay him for all of his substantial costs. All was in order and with a little fear, apprehension and a lot of excitement I somewhat awkwardly, thanks to the unaccustomed weight of my steel wrist cuffs and their swinging chains, signed the document with trembling fingers. It had become too late to back out and I sat waiting to hear what was going to happen next. He smiled again then and said that it was time to complete being restrained in my chastity harness.

David told me to spread my legs then lubricated my sex and in quick succession, inserted my urinary catheter then the huge dildo. I gasped and writhed my hips trying to find some way to become comfortable with the monster while it slid deep into my body, then I had to hold it inside me while he lubricated my back passage very thoroughly. The huge conical butt plug was slowly pressed all the way into me while I wailed from the sensation of seemingly being torn apart, but a second later it had entered me fully and my sphincter snapped tight around the narrow neck. He pulled the crotch cover forward between my trembling thighs and I felt the butt plug twitch when its external projection passed through the rear shield then was held rigidly in place. He continued pulling it forward then upward so that the end of the dildo socketed into a receptacle and the urinary catheter tube stuck out through its small hole. He mercilessly tugged it up over my quaking lower abdomen and fastened it with a final sounding ‘clack’ to the front of my waist cinch. After spending a moment checking all the connections and the functionality of the urinary and back passage valves, he swung up the connecting rod from the bar between my knees and fastened it securely to the end of the dildo.

It was time for the next stage of my bondage and with that, he laid out a dozen or more of the new, featureless locks and showed me the thing, rotating it slowly. To my surprise I saw that these did not have any sort of key hole; appearing to be just blank chunks of seamless metal! The opening for the thick bar of the shackle was the only irregularity. He described how they worked when produced a cel-phone and said that it would be the only way the new locks could be opened was by holding the phone within 50 mm of one of the locks and entering two, 12-digit PIN numbers. If a mistake was made, only three attempts were permitted before that lock froze closed for the next 24 hours! This process had to be used for every lock before I could be completely released. I was scared by how serious this situation was becoming but he began locking all of my ensemble fully closed. I shivered and shook with terror, feeling the dull, subdued metallic ‘clunk’ of each lock snapping shut on the various parts of my chastity harness and then he seemed to have finished. However, when I looked at the counter beside me I saw that there remained 10 unused locks!

He ignored these for the moment and knelt before me to clasp my ankle cuffs closed, then added a short chain between the cuff’s inner rings before scooting across the floor on his knees. David pulled the cable from the lowest, large-rimmed hole on the wall, then taking one of the unused locks, connected it to the central ring of the ankle hobble chain. He stood again and told me to spread my lower arms as far apart as the wrist chains permitted and once I’d done so, he fastened a 15 mm thick steel rod, 50 cm long between my wrist cuffs! I moaned with awareness of how much this restricted me, already feeling horribly helpless, but he was not done yet.

He went back to the wall and pulled the waist high cable out of the wall and locked it to the back ring of my cinch. A moment later he drew the one at the height of the middle of my neck out of its steel rimmed hole and locked it to my collar. Still he wasn’t finished! I stood completely leashed near the back of the cell, under the dangling cable from the ceiling aperture. He pressed the appropriate buttons on my remote control and the end of the cable slowly descended to the level of my waist. Within a minute, he’d locked it to the central back ring of my cinch, then to the central, back ring of my bra’s chest band, and finally to the ring at the back of my collar! I was now imprisoned in a horrific spider’s web of bondage and there would be no way of escaping it. Looking at me now with a truly predatory smile, he picked up the power pack, then walked behind and mounted it securely between my waist cinch and bra’s chest band. The cables for my breast cups were passed around my body screwed onto the fittings on the undersides and bases of the breast cups then the ones for my butt plug and dildo went down between my buttocks.

My own remote control for all of the other functions of the cell’s machinery were soon entered into the cel-phone and so he could control all of the devices from anywhere in the world! I turned to the desk, feeling the drag of my overhead and wall-mounted leashes, then awkwardly shuffled over to the desk, all the while feeling the writhing and vibration from the monster in my belly.

Beside the keyboard was a keypad with 5 coloured buttons and it was fixed very securely to the desk. He gave me a minute to inspect the arrangement and chair then explained what was going to happen. The five coloured buttons, if pressed in the correct sequence, could be used to disarm some aspects of the dildo’s and the breast cups capabilities and I shivered with terror, for the word “disarmed” was more than a little disconcerting. I asked about it but was told that he would get to that but first I had to sit down so he could adjust the chair. He told me to attempt to use the coloured buttons, but I immediately found that the wrist separator bar and chains to my waist cinch were horribly restrictive; allowing me the use of only one hand at a time and I had great difficulty moving it across the buttons with any kind of speed or accuracy.
By this point the belt was having its normal effect and I was already hot and bothered, which was not helping matters at all. Then he told me that at certain times I would be required to be tethered against the wall and this would be done when the cables coming through their wall apertures were fully tightened. They’d slowly wind in, dragging me backward to the wall, then hold me there when the strain limiters and automatic brakes were activated. My collar would be pulled in until it rested fully in a cradle, as would my waist chinch, and below, my ankle hobble chain would be pulled through the larger hole until my heels hit the wall and each of my ankle cuffs touched the other. That was only one of the bondage options though! The other was that the ceiling leash would slowly tighten until I was eventually pulled up into the air to dangle there! Most of my weight would be supported by the chastity belt itself, some of it by my bra and none of it by my collar, but I’d be totally helpless and suspended! Then, to make life even more interesting, the ankle hobble cable would also tighten! The result was that I would dangle helplessly in mid-air inside the locked cell, held there from an unknowable time. There was more that would be done to me, he said, but I’d only discover the additional procedures as time passed.

David said that I could amuse myself by using the coloured button key pad to play the simple kid’s game, and explained the rules in case I’d forgotten how to play it. The computer would randomly select any combination of up to five colours and there might be spaces, or more than one of the same colour. I would be given 14 guesses to repeat the combination correctly by touching the keypad’s buttons. For each game I won , my chances would drop by two guesses. If lost, the same number of guesses would be the basis for the next game. I would to be given 10 seconds to make each guess and if I took longer the computer would assume that I had made an incorrect guess. It was very simple, but that wasn’t the end of the game playing! Not by a long shot.

He told me that the address of my special site had already been advertised in the appropriate news groups and so the fun would start soon he said with a smile. As we’d agreed, the money, less the cost of the internet connection, would all go to him until my chastity ensemble, all the associated hardware and his travel expenses had been paid for and he would keep the PIN's to himself until then.

All during the time I was confined in the cell, I would be under the surveillance of the multiple video cameras that fed to the web site so that anyone could watch me, but this was more than a visual site, for it offered the chance for the viewers to torment me by playing the simple game! To play they’d have to pay $5.00 and would be allowed six games with a standard 20 guesses per game with no time limit on each. When each new player started, my guesses would go up to 14 per game and I would only be shocked if they won before I did. That meant that each player could shock me up to six times, or if I won all of the games, I’d receive none.

However, I was fully tethered and would have to play the game with who ever wanted me to. I could practice the game any time I wanted with the computer being the other player but the game would be played out in full, with consequences. The system was now armed and I was under its control and would show no mercy. He next told me that my sleep was between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am and the game would be inactive. However, my ‘tether times’ were randomly spaced during the remainder of the day, and when I was tethered, if a player came on, but the game would continue whether I guessed or not. Of course, I’d be unable to play!

If there were no players, I was not permitted to completely ignore playing the game and only allowed 45 minutes of non-activity during my non-rest periods, before I’d begin to receive ‘encouragement’ shocks and then have to play it against the computer whether I wanted to or not!

That was basically what would be required of me and now, he explained the method to ensure my compliance. The new dildo and my modified bra were indeed special, for they had the ability to deliver very painful electric shocks or rarely, pleasurable ones that were controlled in two ways. The first was by the computer and a timer program so that if I was not tethered by the set time, I would receive increasingly painful shocks every 30 seconds until I was. Secondly also by the computer: if I lost a game I’d receive a set of strong disciplinary shocks, sometimes to my breasts and nipples, sometimes from the dildo, sometimes from the butt plug and many times, from all of them in rotation or together. There was no way for me to escape them and that was the terrorizing thought that filled my mind.

He smiled at me again and said he was off to town for a couple of hours to get something to eat and so some exploring, then left promising to return later to feed and look after me over the next couple of days, before I was partially released and he returned home.

He stepped out and closed the cell’s doors, then locked them and I was enfolded in a deep silence, thanks to the thick blanket of noise insulation that completely coated the outer walls. No sound came in and none could get out. I sat at the desk and tried to absorb all that had been arranged for me, struggling to get my hands arranged so that I could play the game. Behind me, my tethers led up the ceiling and to the wall and I am, sure I made quite a picture of bondage and forced chastity. I hoped that no player would come online, thinking "What have I done?” and “How can I get out of this?", but knowing it was too late. Even if he released me from our agreement, I couldn't contact him right now and so I would have at least one night of enforced "fun". Even so I knew in my heart there would be a lot more than just the night to come.

And so I sat there burning up with no way to cool down my desire and butterflies of fear rocketing around in my belly about what was soon going to happen. I tried to think back and understand why I’d wanted to get into this. My situation was far more than what I had envisioned in my dreams, for it was truly a full, computerized control situation. I had seen it as pure fun, but not the real effect that it would have on me. My feelings of pure terror grew stronger and stronger for I knew that if a player came online, I would be forced to play or suffer the consequences! Knowing that choice was now only for certain times a day when this "thing" permitted, there was no safe word to tell it to stop and no amount of begging could make it stop, either. It would continue with its job forever, not having a care about the effect on me!

The fact that I would always be horny and at times in pain would give it neither pleasure nor regret about how it was treating me. I could not blame David though. He had devised a far more efficient system of control and punishment or reward than I had expected and it fulfilled exactly what I had explained to him that I wanted. He had also given me plenty of opportunities to change my mind, even up to the last minute; so, no he could not be blamed for my situation, only me. The spray he had again used on my ass was starting to wear off and it was becoming steadily more uncomfortable to sit and I felt the butt plug more and more intensely so I stood and began moving slowly around the silent cell in a useless attempt to get comfortable. Of course each time I moved my legs so did the dildo with its consequent effect of adding arousal now to my bondage! I had only been alone for less than an hour, but was already near breaking point and close to tears when the computer beeped, letting me know that a game was about to begin. I was under pressure from all sides and so tried to find something to get my mind off the situation I was in while I moved to sit at the desk and study the monitor.

On one half of the screen was a rotating view of me from the various video cameras, and on the other side, the image of the coloured buttons of the key pad with a couple of lines of text and numbers under it. These listed the total number of visitors; current visitors; visitors who had played; details of current game, and the last was a counter. They were all set at zero except the visitor one, which showed 60 people watching. I knew that it was now only a matter of time and every second brought it nearer. There was now almost 100 people on-line with everyone a potential torturer and all seeing me tethered and available for torment. Eventually one would want to have a little fun with me as the helpless vulnerable victim and as I watched, my panic started to rise. I had to get out of this! I had to somehow escape my metal underwear! I tried my best but it could not be moved without the electronic key, and that was not going to happen!

In my attempts to escape I was now standing fully exposed, my intimate black prison in full view, then I looked at the monitor and saw that the word about me and my situation was obviously going around. The on-line visitors were increasing by the second, and then came the first game. While I watched the monitor four X’s appeared on the screen and I was stunned that the time had finally arrived. Suddenly, next to them appeared zero to the right and another four X’s under the first! When I realised I had missed a guess, I sat down quickly the struggled to hit the four coloured buttons, then the enter key. Four coloured squares appeared with two colours and zero positions next to them ... and four more X’s. There would be no rest period between guesses.

As the game went on the pressure on me to get the right combination grew almost as fast as the 10 second limit seemed to shrink. By the time I was on my 10th guess I was finding it very difficult to concentrate, unknowing, really, what would be my fate if I lost. My belly quaked with unsatisfied arousal and all too soon my 14 guesses were up ... with no success! I could only hope that the unknown player would loose, then all of a sudden the screen cleared and the 4 X’s appeared. Both sides had lost and I could breath again. I won the second game with two guesses to spare.

As the third game began I felt a faint but growing vibration from the dildo! I was already hot, but this was increasing the sexual pressure as it did its work. I tried to ignore it and play the game, but this was becoming more and more difficult, and so I entered my first guess. No surprise, I was wrong, as the next 4 X’s appeared the vibration increased! This continued and by the time I was halfway, I was finding it impossible to concentrate. I could only think how wonderful it would be to go over the edge. I made my 12 and final guess and it was wrong but I didn't care! The feeling from the dildo was wonderful. Just a little longer and I would be there! All of a sudden it stopped and I stood there wishing that I could get it to start again just for a few seconds, but then my eye caught the screen, the counter was moving slowly downward towards zero, this could mean only one thing, the other player had won!!! As I watched the counter, I braced myself for the unknown shock. How painful was painful, I was about to find out.

The time was moving fast and I made continuing and more and more desperate attempts to escape my chastity and discipline harness, but the combination of the wrist cuffs, their separator bar and the chains from the cuffs to my cinch defeated any chance I may have imagined I had, to say nothing of the electronic locks and the leashes. There was no escape! The counter reached zero and I fought my harness maniacally when pulsing shocks flared from the dildo, my breast cups and the butt plug. I screamed frantically trying to double up, but then the dildo began to vibrate fiercely and slowly extend itself within my belly! My thighs fought against their separator bar, automatically straining to close together in protection against this deep and hidden skewering while I squirmed and gasped and howled while I sat there. I rose to my feet on trembling legs and staggered in small, hobbled circles, all the while wailing wordlessly while the electricity continued to flow. For a moment the shocks within my belly took my full attention, then they seemed to die back a little and my breasts became the focus of my distress when wave after wave of curdling electrical energy flowed from the bases of my breasts out to my hardened, aroused and supersensitive nipples! Then the butt plug also emitted bursts of shocks that made me dance in place, feeling how the ankle cuffs and their short chain limited every step I attempted. My restrained arms and hands jerked wildly against their chains, trying to somehow get at the things that were tormenting me so horribly, but as always my struggles were useless and only served to make me more and more aware of my helplessness. All of a sudden it all stopped and I stood shaking, trying to regain some level of control over my battered body and slowly disintegrating mind.

When I looked again at the monitor, the fourth game was already on guess 5! There had been no time allowed for me to prepare and so the game went on. After my first of many horrid experiences at the hands of the automatic computerised discipline and training sequences of electro-shock, my need to win became all-consuming and as the guesses passed the pressure on me increased. At the end of the first session I had lost four games and received three sets of shocks and my body ached all over from the effort required to automatically fight them. By now I was wildly sexually frustrated, but it went on and on! I stood. I sat, then waited for the next game to come with my inevitable loss. Afar to brief an interlude of quiet the four X’s appeared and it began again and kept me frantic for the next endless hours until finally a new message popped onto the screen: "Game disarmed. Tethered Sleep Period Begins.” It must be midnight. I thought I was safe for now and would have six hours to sleep and recover from my ordeals, but it wasn’t that easy.

I stood and began to move towards the narrow shelf and mattress that was to be my bed, but the computer had other plans! I felt a firm dragging on my wide rigid collar while I stood, then while the tension remained constant, I was forced to take slow, shuffling, backward steps until I stood under the hole for the cable from the ceiling. The cable continued to tighten and although at first there was only the drag on my collar, now my weight came on the chastity belt, its crotch band and my bra’s chest band and a second later was lifted off the floor! The intruders in my lower body seemed to sink even deeper and I screamed, kicking my short hobbled ankles and tried to thrash my knee-cuff and bar-separated thighs, but all that did was to make the dildo even more active! For a few minutes I swung in flailing arcs trying to escape the horrid bondage of my arms and hands, then the tether to my ankle hobble slowly tightened so that I was soon leant forward and stretched out. I thought I was going to die, fastened and suspended like this and within the next minutes, wished that I could!

The dildo began to flex and writhe within my belly, slowly extending and withdrawing inside my sex, vibrating more and more powerfully! Arousal quickly began to steal away my resistance and to add to the sensory tsunami washing through my brain, the breast cups began to emit teasing pulses through the fleshy, strangled and inflated, supersensitive mounds they imprisoned! This combination of sensations immediately drove me to frantic, maddened struggles making me scream with desire, even so, the sensations of teasing torment continued unabated, unlike any human touch, and I writhed more and more dementedly in mid-air at the end of my suspending cable, pleasing mindlessly for escape from the unending, unspeakable assaults.

My mind became overwhelmed by my sexual arousal and gave up its struggle to resist. I dissolved into a wild, automatic pumping and thrusting of my hips while the dildo continued its mechanical rape and my breasts seemed to explode with sensation. The orgasm that swept over me was a tidal wave of searing, unbearable pleasure and my brain could not handle it. I passed out momentarily from the strength of the orgasm, but then more and more followed as the emanations from the dildo and breast cups continued to assault my body and brain!

I eventually returned to awareness still dangling in mid-air and wailed plaintively for release, but of course the sound proofing surrounding my cell stopped any noises I made from getting out into the basement, never mind the house itself or outside! At last the winch released the tension on my ankle hobble chain and I swung back to vertical, then was slowly lowered to the floor. However, I had no strength in my legs and so just slowly collapsed and lay shuddering with reaction. I crawled across to my shelf-type bed and with great effort eventually levered myself up to lay on the mattress, still shaking and now weeping despairingly at the horrendous situation I’d placed myself in. The best I could do was to doze for the remainder of the sleep period, but as the time passed it became steadily harder to relax as the worry started to increase about how close the next game was. I was still laying on the bed half asleep when I heard the cell’s door locks snap open and my captor entered with a tray of steaming food and placed in on the desk. He came to the bed and with a finger hooked through the front ring of my wide collar, pulled me up to a sitting position, then to my feet and over to the chair to sit at the desk.

Eating while wearing the bar between my wrist cuffs with them short chained to my waist cinch proved to be a very difficult situation, but I finally managed to clean the plate and drink a large amount of water. Then ... the computer ‘beeped’ and the screen flashed about a half dozen times. The tally boards came to life and the message that the game was now on and that all systems were engaged and armed! After what seemed forever I gained some level of sensibility and checked the monitor to see that I looked terrible, but what was worse there had been 50 visitors to the site already and there were still 15 on-line. I stared in horror, praying that none would play with me and as I watched the number on-line changed slowly upwards, but thankfully with no players for the moment. Of course that didn’t last long and soon I was continually playing the silly and pointless game ... no, actually, there was definitely a point to it ... the players wanted to see me writhe and hear my howls and screams if they could beat me at the game and my goal was the exact opposite .... trying desperately to avoid that happening and maintain some kind of sanity. Of course the odds were against me right from the beginning and Dave had added to the weight against me by setting the computer to deliver sustained teasing and torment sessions all through the game process, over and above the disciplining and torment that losing made me suffer.

I’d be concentrating just fine and making the correct guesses when suddenly, wild plunging pulses from the dildo would drive me to my feet, writhing my lower body frantically while my hands jerked automatically at the separator bar and chains, trying to get at the thick steel crotch plate that sealed my loins. I’d lose a lot of guesses for my lack of concentration then once more shake and howl madly when the computer unleashed punishing pulses through my strangled and locked-away breasts! At other points during the games, the unseen dildo would extend and retract within me and all the while my clitoris would be vibrated by buzzing, maddeningly arousing shocks so that I could not sit still.

At last I was permitted a short break but it was then that the wall tethering process became active and I was slowly drawn to stand against the white-painted cement of the cell’s wall. The cables tightened until there was no slack at all in them and I was pinned fully against the wall, waiting for whatever was to come. My eyes flicked to the cell’s door when it opened, for I could not turn my head at all, and Dave entered with more food and drink. He smiled happily at me then said that he’d feed and water me before I received the computerized discipline and pleasure routines that he’d programmed for the occasions when I’d lost too many games .... in other words, every time I was under the strict control of my tethering, either vertically or against the wall.

I had to eat and drink for I was ravenous by this point and would have chewed a wooden chair leg if I’d been able to manage it. With my wrists fastened as they were, I still had some movement of them, but it was limited strictly and of no value to me in my fruitless attempts to escape.

The computer beeped again and I barely saw the words, “Training & Discipline Session Commencing” flash onto the screen and stay there. A moment later the whole mechanical rape sequence began in a slow and inexorable attack against my feminine mental and bodily centres so that I was soon twisting frantically against the wall with my hips automatically pumping to the tune of a primitive demand from my subconscious. My thighs strained madly to pull my legs up and separate my knees or to somehow enhance the sensations, but it was pointless! The computer had been programmed with evil efficiency to drive me completely crazy with unsatisfied desire and so proceeded along its path without concern for my mental state and frantic howls. The buzzing of the clitoral pad and the mild shocks though that nexus, locked away under the steel crotch cover, were the next elements to be added-in and I became more crazed than before, whining and wailing with desperate need. It as then that the breast cups became electrically active once more but they were not pleasant! My strangled, locked-away sensitive breasts were pulsated by almost unimaginable electrical energy and I screamed dementedly whiles standing there pinioned against the wall; my bar-separated and chained hands and lower arms pulling maniacally against their restraints in useless attempts to get to and remove the horrid, armouring, locked-on cups.

The sensations of all these things being done to my body and mind drove me to inevitable collapse in a flaring, exploding orgasm and that was all I remembered for the longest time. When I finally became aware again is slowly struggled away from the wall, a the restraining cables unwound and I shuffled to my bed and lay down, then passed out again in sheer physical exhaustion. Dave appeared sometime later with more food and after I’d gotten up and attended to the physical necessities, I ate all of the food and drank all of the water, then it was time to begin playing the game again for another exhausting day of torment and pay back. He then stocked a refrigerator with all sorts of easy to cook meals and installed a microwave oven then left me to return to his home for a week. I was to be left alone in my dungeon to play the game with the players on my web site.

By the end of the first week during my off the net time I had discovered how to shower which I now did every second day, get my shopping over the internet, control my sexual need so some extent, except when I moved about a lot, and live my new life. I would soon have to start real work again, but I could put that off for another week or so and all was going well, considering. About a week and a half after Dave left, he returned and I greeted him like a long lost friend. He told me that I had to be inspected to check that there had been no damage done to my body. I wanted this to stop though and demanded that he free me immediately, but he simply informed me that we had discussed this in detail right at the start and I had agreed to my present status and position at every opportunity he had given me to back out. That meant I was now stuck with this life until he had been paid. He then added that I had known well in advance what it would be like, if not the details, to be controlled and forced to obey and so I’d better get used to the fact that it would be a very long time before it would come to an end.

With that firmly established now, we agreed that he would visit to inspect me once every two weeks and his costs of first class travel and other expenses would be added to my bill, if I wanted to eventually be freed. In the meantime, he informed me, just so that I could get some feed back from players, he had created an e-mail address that would allow me to chat with my torturers. All too soon 4 pm came along and I had to return to the implacable players on the computer monitor. We bid our goodbyes and he was gone and I had to face another night of "fun".

As time has gone on, the number of games has increased each night and I now have very short periods between players. The one good aspect is that when I win a game and the dildo starts to vibrate on the next, when the player takes long enough, then I am pushed over the edge and have a powerful orgasm. The bad side is that it seldom happens and is normally followed by a series of varied disciplining, intimate shocks. So far I have never won 2 games on the trot and the players win more games than they loose. I am resigned to the idea that the best I can achieve is to reduce the number of shocks. Every player means punishment, the only question is, how much.

I slowly became used to being always locked into the silent and sterile cell, and always chained to near helplessness. For the longest interludes I’d ever had to deal with, the chastity harness kept me without any kind of sexual stimulation to the point that I was nearly crazy most of the time. Even when I was permitted something close to an orgasm, I was always shocked almost to insensibility by the dildo or the breast cups if I came to close to a sexual release and that was even worse!

On one of his visits, Dave provided me with additional access to my business and I worked away at it for a couple of days, but always under his strict supervision. He told me that I could continue to do so, but that I would always be monitored for improper comments or behaviours.

Now, I have been living this controlled life for just over 6 months and have paid back about 20% of what I owe him. On his last visit he told me that the cost of the internet connection had been reduced and so the cost per player would also be reduced, so I could expect more players and a much longer repayment period! My life now consists of work or the game. I have not been allowed out of the cell at any time, or gotten away from the house at all. I am always sore from the shocks and frustrated from the dildo, although I am able to control the burning to some extent. I can now manage to sleep at night, after a fashion, but still not well. I receive a lot of email from visitors to the site and have some regular players who I correspond with, but in general I am a lonely, tortured, chaste, and controlled woman with little to look forward to in my life for the next years.

In hind sight I think I would not have gone through with this had I fully known the consequences, but it is far too late now. A fantasy is a great thing but it can be more than you bargain for to live it.