Holly was beautiful, she knew at an eye-pleasing five foot seven and endowed with a firm 36-DD bust, she’d worked hard to keep her body in the kind of shape that made men drool. Being able to do that pleased her to no end, particularly when it was her boy friend. At 26 years of age she was a mature, self-aware, and inquisitive woman, yet still unmarried. She could have had any man, any age, and any income that she decided she wanted; but with fate playing the tricks it does, she’d found the man that now controlled her life. Holly marvelled occasionally to herself at the conditions and restrictions she now lived with. They would have been unacceptable, even a year previously.

She stood now though, blind-folded and fumbling, slowly working herself into a cool and clammy, thick-skinned, rubber body-suit, wondering idly what he got out of the B&D thing, despite that fact that she too had, so far, enjoyed their roles of Master and Submissive. It felt strange that she no longer possessed the heavy glory of her waist-length, thick black hair. As a part of her submission to this most intense new man in her life, she had been required to have it all removed by electrolysis some three months previously and now wore wigs whenever she wasn’t here at the house. Now, she wore a tight, gleaming black, open-faced inner rubber helmet that also left her ears available, its collar descending to the base of her throat.

Slowly and awkwardly, she pulled up the tight, shoulder-length, thick black rubber gloves he’d handed to her a minute ago, wriggling her gel-slicked fingers carefully into their individual tubes. Holly admitted to herself that she really did get a charge out of some of the strange costumes they’d experimented with, and just a month ago, to add more spice to their whole scene, he had taken her to his doctor to be multiply pierced. She’d wondered why; but he explained that he didn’t really trust the local body piercing practitioners and their techniques; and so in the privacy of the small on-site surgery, her ears, nose, tongue, nipples, and clitoris had received their new holes. Holly had taken the pain of the piercing's with what she though was a stoic acceptance; only small tears trickling from her clenched eyes, and these he quickly dried.

Naturally, they’d both wanted some jewellery resident in the resultant holes, and so she’d been fitted with the series of heavy, sturdy, U-shaped silvery shackles that now swung weightily. Holly had hoped for something, in gold perhaps and definitely more decorative than the plain gleaming steel; but he’d been adamant and so she’d given in and allowed herself to have them mounted in her flesh. She hadn’t found out until some weeks after the various piercing's had healed completely that she was utterly unable to remove any of them from herself, and in a storm of anger and tears had confronted him and demanded that the jewellery be removed. He had refused point blank then stared at her with the silent look that she found so intimidating, daring her to contest his decision. Initially her anger when she discovered the permanence of her new ‘jewellery’ was quite genuine; but over a period of days and some intense play sessions employing the various pieces, she’d begun to secretly want the steel U’s to be kept mounted in her body.

Holly fumbled with her dressing, for the blind-fold he’d insisted she wear after lacing on the ballet-toed thigh-boots, over the leggings and feet of the rubber suit, prevented her from seeing what she looked like, adding even more to her enjoyment of ensconcing herself in this latest engineering marvel of B&D technology. The remainder of the thick rubber envelope with its attached helmet and mitts, hung in heavy folds from her hips while she leaned forward and thrust her already restrictingly gloved arms down into the sleeves of The Suit. Thanks to the lubricant spread on them it was relatively easy to slide her already encased arms and fingers to the bottoms of the tubes; but she discovered that it was quite difficult to wriggle her hands past the doubled thickness of the wide wrist-bands, even with him holding them for her. Once through though, her fingers slipped immediately into the thick-skinned, inner gloves at the sleeve’s ends, these embedded within the confines of small mittens, each filled with a dense foamed rubber. These so-called mitts in reality, were long, rigid, slightly flattened, smooth ovoid's, and once within their confines, her fingers and thumbs nestled, completely unable to move. She tried to twitch them; but only a very slight flexing was permitted by the foam, despite how much she strove to move, and her sense of loss of control was even further enhanced by the fact that her fingers and thumbs were kept slightly separated from each other, unable to touch. Adding to the businesslike appearance of the strange eggs, glittering rings embedded in their rounded tips flicked back and forth with potent readiness whenever she tried to bend her doubly-sleeved arms.

When she bent forward, her full breasts swung freely from her chest and she shrugged further into the already snug contours of the garment only to discover that the prickly inner surface was definitely an unpleasant surprise! At first it was quite cool and clammy where it touched her flushed skin, causing goose bumps to rise automatically; but Holly quickly found that even the small exertion required to get herself deeper into the thick, restrictive rubber skin soon had her sweating. Little rivulets of salty moisture trickled down her legs and back while she twisted and squirmed to get the garment properly, if somewhat uncomfortably settled to the correct fit on her body. She’d taken considerable time and care to lubricate her body and limbs after she’d waxed away all of her body hair, including that on her face; covering herself completely with the thick, unscented, slippery, clear fluid. Nevertheless, she continued to struggle to pull The Suit on and small puffs of expelled air wafted past her nose, carrying the distinctive odour of the neoprene rubber garment. It was a scent that had taken a little getting used to; but she enjoyed it as the precursor to ‘the main event’ as she now referred the serious portions of their play.

She wondered at the significance of the lubricant he’d used. Obviously, it eased the process of the suit being fitted; but he’d hinted at another reason, then annoyingly, not volunteered any further explanation; just humming quietly to himself while she slathered it on. He’d made sure that her crotch and each breast was liberally covered with the glistening goop, then helped her get started with the enveloping garment. Holly continued wriggling herself provocatively to get the torso portion up and over her chest, both for her own enjoyment and for him, then slowly, the rigid, cool, built-in bra cups slid up over her generous breasts. Holly shrugged her shoulders, feeling the slippery mounds begin to slide slowly into their snug containers, and twisted sensuously to settle herself further into their glossy, jet covering. With a small shudder of surprise, she felt stretchy rubber rings, like narrow donuts, begin to slip down over her breasts. These were, in fact, inflatable bladders mounted around the base of each cup; designed to be kept tight to her ribs when the suit was fully closed. After her bulging flesh had passed through them, the donuts settled snugly against her chest wall, then seemed to slowly tighten around the base of each breast! What she didn’t know at this point was that they could and would be inflated, and so would act as adjustable snares! Each fleshy mound would remain fully captive within its highly specialized containment; being kept blood-engorged and sensitive. It would be a terrifying revelation.

Inside the cups, her elongated and heavily-pierced nipples were pushed toward their apexes, sliding slowly past rings of thick, centimetre long needles. These surrounded the cup’s tips, just below the small, secondary teat-suckling caps, and were angled outwards so that if her flesh tried to withdraw, they would only become more deeply inserted! Holly yelped wordlessly with pain and shocked surprise when they dragged across her sensitive skin; but the slippery coating allowed the engorged flesh to slide effortlessly past the guardian needles, and she couldn’t stop it from happening!

Automatically, she tried to reach up with her mittened hands, uselessly attempting to somehow grasp the squeezing, painful bra cups and pull them away from her breasts, but the doubled rubber skin that encased her arms made the effort almost impossible, permitting her to bend them only with difficulty.

It was too late anyway.

The outward jutting needles utterly prohibited the withdrawal of any flesh that had already passed beyond their rings of impalement, and she realized with burgeoning horror that they would insert themselves if she tried to pull the cups off! Holly moaned with pain, fear, and semi-arousal from the prickling and penetrating sensation, and her low moans increased when she also realized she’d be unable to touch or remove her breasts from The Suit, until he released the needle’s locking mechanism, if there was one. And so, gritting her teeth against the painful attentions of the sharpened points, she shrugged the next heavy folds up to, then over her shoulders, feeling her breasts being forced further and further past the base of the cup’s inner donuts, entrapping her ever more deeply.

“Kristian!!” she wailed angrily at him as they began to work themselves into her nipples, “You didn’t tell me about the these awful needles inside the cups! They really hurt!”

“Another surprise of your new Suit.” he chuckled from behind her, pulling firmly on the opened sides of thick rubber on her back, slowly adjusting until it came into full contact around her body. “What do you think about it so far for a different bondage experience?”

“I don’t know yet,” she grumbled unhappily, “but it’s not very pleasant!”

Nevertheless he continued with her encasement, but then her hearing suddenly disappeared!

His voice had been loud; but curiously muffled by the ear-plug/hearing aids fitted and locked into her ears. She really didn’t need hearing aids; but a month after getting her piercing's done, he’d taken incredible steps to ensure that she wore them at all times. Holly had objected to being required to accept them, for she realized that they were meant to be yet another means of controlling her life, and only after his continued insistence, she’d finally agreed. The actual process of getting them made and fitted was easily forgettable; but then he’d immediately taken her to his Doctor again, and had her Tagi and the cartilages of her ears pierced! That had hurt a lot! Naturally, she wondered why it was being done, thinking perhaps these newest piercing's were for more jewellery; but was surprised when he produced a pair of very plain, stainless steel studs, each adorned with a substantial ring on the flat top in front. Taking a pair of pliers in hand he’d inserted the posts, first through her Tagi, then slipped them through the retaining loops on the outer end of each ear plug/hearing aid. The posts were carefully lined up, then pressed through the holes in the cartilage shells of her ears, behind the tagi, so that fully mounted, the studs had the immediate effect of pressing the hearing aid/ear plugs firmly and uncomfortably all the way into her pre-lubricated ear canals, deafening her utterly! A moment after, he’d turned them on somehow; but occasionally, they’d seem to fail. He always seemed to be able to restore her hearing though, for Holly didn’t yet realize it; but the hearing aids were really much more than their name implied. Wearing them was at first uncomfortable and she whined at the sensation, trying to twist her head away from it. Suddenly, her hearing snapped on again.

“Stop that!” he snapped at her and she’d subsided into a rebellious, pouting silence while he continued.

In fact, the ear plugs were remotely controllable devices that had a multitude of talents. Not only could they aid her hearing; but too, they could turn it off completely! They were also designed in such a manner that they could feed ‘white noise’ to her, or, if he desired, use noise-cancelling technology to completely eliminate all sound and leave her in a completely sterile auditory environment! Next, she’d had to bend her head forward, then there had been some fiddling behind her ears and that too had hurt like the dickens! She discovered later that he’d bent the posts into small circles around other rings, then crimped them closed! There was no possible way, from that point forward, for her to remove either the studs or the hearing aid/ear plugs! The rings at the backs of her earlobes were then joined to each other with a thick jewellery chain that looped snugly under the bulge of her naked skull, and at the centre of this there was a ring with a short tail dangling from it; this length terminating in another ring. Two weeks after she’d begun wearing this annoying new arrangement, he demonstrated one day just how vulnerable it made her by tugging gently on the freely-swinging tail chain. The painful drag on her ears was bad enough; but the sudden irritating pressure and levering on the ear-plugs had stopped her immediately! She’d had to back up until he released the tension, whining from the unpleasant tension and twitching. The plugs were virtually unnoticeable to the casual observer, and even those that saw them didn’t ask any questions for fear of embarrassing her. She was stuck with wearing them, for they were virtually non-removable now.

For a few moments more Holly continued twisting and writhing to get the suit to slip into a perfect fit. It was very tight, and about to become even more so.

“I guess I’m ready for whatever comes next.” she gasped, unconsciously shivering herself to escape the sticking of the needles into her nipples; but of course, all this did was to settle them ever more deeply, beginning to penetrate! She waited impatiently while he arranged the next pieces on the bench behind her stool.

“Well! You are a sight for a rubber fetishist!” he exclaimed, licking his lips with anticipation, walking around her, inspecting the fit of the thick-skinned suit and watching how she teetered, still blind-folded, in the ballet-toed boots, trying to get used to standing in them.

He noted that she’d dutifully laced them as tightly as possible, all the way up her legs over the Suit’s foot and leg portions so that now her legs were now covered and encased by three separate layers of tight rubber. First, there had been the thigh length stockings, then the leggings of The Suit itself, and finally the boots. All had been made with reinforced eyelets on the inner and outer sides at the narrowest portions of her legs, just above the ankles, to permit the restraint rings of the five mm thick, 50 mm wide, stainless steel cuffs to protrude. Prior to having her put on the glossy, thick rubber stockings, he’d locked them snugly about her ankles so that they were now concealed from view, with only their restraint rings swinging freely on the outer and inner sides of each ankle. She’d also been required to accept him similarly fitting her with the same type of bracelets on each wrist, and the only hint of the presence of any of the bands on her four limbs were the slight bulges the cuffs produced, and their gleaming restraining rings.

“How does it feel so far, Holly?”

“I feel like the stuffing in a sausage!” she complained with a nervous laugh. “These glove and mitt-things are totally strange! I’m don’t really get off on the prickly inner surface, either. The worst of all though are these horrible cups and the needles inside them!! How am I ever going to get them off?? And the built-in bra is far too tight and really uncomfortable! I don’t much like the corset either!” Then, with a careful shrug, she asked, “OK, what’s going to happen now?”

“Well, the next order of business,” he said with quiet determination, “is to get The Suit closed up, then I’ll tighten the corset to where it should be. After that, you’ll be required to wear the various masks, then the helmet.”

“Uh ... well, OK. I guess...” she mumbled dubiously; not realizing that the thick, impervious garment was going to be much, much more of an experience than she could possibly imagine.

He knew all about her sexual entanglements with his friends; but she, as yet, was unaware that he was.

“What are these masks you keep talking about?” Holly asked with a tinge of anxiety in her voice, waving her encased and thoroughly useless hands around blindly. He walked over and stood behind her.

“Well ... they resemble the kind that fighter pilots and divers wear.” He said glibly while smoothing a wide inner flap over her spine, under the heavy duty back zipper, then slowly and carefully pulled the closure upwards until it reached a position about 12 inches below the nape of her neck. The collar remained split for the moment; the bulky and surprisingly heavy helmet still opened up the back to its crown; resting on the upper slopes of her thrusting, rubber-encased breasts. When he’d closed the zipper, the whole garment tightened firmly around her chest and body thanks to the slippery gel, forcing her breasts to swell out even more into their strict, confining cups. Holly wailed anew when the needles sank ever more deeply into the tumescent, slippery flesh.

“Oooouuuccch!! Aaarrrhhh! Goddamn it! They’re going into me!” She howled in agitation, her mittened hands trying to bend towards her chest. “Please! Make them stop! Oooohhhh! Oooohhh!”

“Sorry Holly. Once that process starts, there’s no way to halt it until the cups settle fully into place.”

“Uuuunnnnhhh!!! Oh, damn it! These really hurt!” she wailed with tears beginning to flood from her eyes, dropping her arms to her sides and quivering from the sensation of the needles being slowly inserted into the aureoles of her nipples.

“Yeah, I guess they do.” he acknowledged without a concern for her impalement and distress. “Anyway, it’s time for your steel collar.”

“Oh, my poor nipples! Oh damn how they hurt!” she wept, then asked in a shaking voice, “A steel collar? I thought you were just going to have me wear the leather one?”

“Nope! This one is truly a bondage collar, Holly. You’ll ... ah ... get used to it, eventually.”

“Uuuuhhhnn! That sounds kind of ominous.” she said squirming inside her slippery encasement.

He said nothing further for a moment; reaching to the bench for the wide, specially-curved, opened steel band. In short seconds he held it in front of her neck then spoke once more.

“Lift your chin, Holly! This is a posture collar and it’s going to be pretty snug.”


She raised her head and he opened the thick, stainless steel band fully by slipping his fingers through the two cm diameter front and back rings, then pulling them apart. A quick motion drew the collar snug against the front of her throat, then, reversing his grip, he pressed his palms against the opened halves until there was a doubled click at the sides of her neck, under her ears. Her collar was on, permanently. It, like the ankle and wrist cuffs she now wore, had been manufactured in such a manner that when the locking posts were pressed into their mating holes; ratchetted catches (their mechanisms securely welded inside the structure and totally inaccessible) slipped along the short shafts and snapped home, locking the entire thing irremovably in place; something she was also unaware of, for the moment.

The collar was so wide that it prevented her from looking down. It was tight; but formed so that it fit comfortably; provided she didn’t try to fight against its commanding presence. The gleaming stainless told its own message of her captivity and state of being controlled; but this was more deeply reinforced by the large rings depending from their swivel mountings both on the back over her spine and on the front under her chin. Smaller rings hung on the sides, just beneath her ears. Holly tried to turn her head to the side, only to find that this was prohibited by the collar’s design and she now had to swivel her whole upper body to the side!

“It’s far too tight!” she grumbled, twisting her head fractionally.

“As I said, it’ll take a while to get used to.” he stated. “Now, time for you to be fitted with your masks.”

“Oh shit!! I hoped you’d pass that up!”

“Nope! A very essential part of the entire rig.” he grinned evilly, even though she couldn’t see him.

“If you say I need them ...” she said resignedly. “What are they anyway?”

“Oh, you’ll definitely need them while you’re in The Suit!” he grinned, then continued. “Basically, the Inner Mask is a modified respirator with some specialized bondage additions. The over-mask will act as a covering and security device, and it’s equipped with special eye enclosures and lenses to ... ah ... sort of enhance your experience.”

“Well ... uh ... OK, I suppose.” she agreed dubiously, accepting the rather vague explanation with some reservations.

“However, in the meantime, we’ve got to get your corset laced.”

He guided her, still blind-folded, to the high stool that was bolted to the cement floor and helped her to sit on it, then once she was seated, he immediately pulled a wide leather strap tightly over her thighs, anchoring her in place and moved around behind her. A second later he began to feed the thin, woven-wire laces through their grommetted holes on the edges of a sturdily-boned corset. Holly sat in blindness, feeling his fingers manipulate the wire, gasping slowly and feeling her arousal build from this really elaborate bondage scene. Inside their cups, her breasts seemed to have stopped their movement, although every time she inhaled, the needles sank a little deeper into her. A couple of moments later, the wire lacing had been completely threaded, then he began the tightening process; pulling on it forcefully with gloved hands, while she remained sitting with her back turned to him, staring blindly ahead. She twisted her head slightly against the rigidity of her collar, trying to get used to its limiting.

“Jesus!” she gasped when the corset began to bite unmercifully into her waist and compress her rib-cage, “How far in are you going to pull this thing??”

“Just a little more and I’ll have the edges meeting all the way from the top to the bottom.” he grunted, keeping a constant tension on the thin wires while they slipped slowly through their holes; gradually pulling the double-boned, integral restraint corset tighter and tighter. From the outside, its punishing structure was almost invisible; but, as it squeezed her down Holly discovered that it reached from just under her arm-pits to well down over her hips! On her back it rose high up to cover her shoulder blades and on the front; a wide, flattened busk rose between the rigid breast cups, ensuring they remained uncomfortably separated. The busk split into a smooth yoke just above them, curving back over her shoulders to join to the back of the corset, acting as an inner shoulder brace harness that pulled her firmly into a ‘proper’ posture.

“G-G-God!! I don’t know how long I can stand this!” she gasped, feeling the bottom of the stringent garment clamp itself firmly over her hips and buttocks, forcing her to sit more and more erect with each passing moment. Her shoulders were slowly but irrevocably pulled back, and this in turn forced her to thrust out her breasts, pushing them more and more into the embrace of their punishing containers. She moaned from the sensation of the enforced posture change and its result, for the rims of the breast cups were now clamped tightly against her ribs and the noosing donuts settled against her chest.

Little did she know that the combination of The Suit, the shoulder brace, and the corset was to become, virtually, her second skin; one she would not be freed from for a long time to come.

Disregarding her gasps and moans of complaint, he continued his work behind, silently pulling the last slack from the lacing. A couple of sharp clicks sounded when he cut the ends short after clamping them with metal locking tabs. No one would be unable to loosen them; although she didn’t know that yet either, and so she sat patiently waiting wile he finished this portion of her incarceration.

Holly was surprised when he whisked away her blind-fold, and she blinked rapidly for a moment when the bright overhead lights lanced painfully into her eyes, then she saw that he’d placed a full-length mirror strategically in front of her. Holly inspected her reflection and was amazed at the transformation that had taken place in her appearance: her already small waist had been dramatically reduced by the corset, and she stared in fascination at herself, drinking in the look of her glossy black covering, watching the highlights of the over-head lights flowing and spreading over the rubber skin she’d unwittingly become a prisoner within. Above the blackness of the body covering, her shiny steel collar glittered with silvery brilliance, emphasizing itself in contrast to The Suit. She was so entranced with this new vision of herself that she didn’t notice the fine veining of wires beneath the Suit’s surface and even if she had, there was no indication that they led to the sensors and electrodes placed all over the entire inner surface.

“Time to put you into your Inner Mask, Holly!” he said jovially, turning to the bench on the left and picking up a slippery looking, black rubber mass that lay menacingly on its surface, ready to be applied to her face and bald head. He brought it around to the front and held it up for her to inspect and she eyed it with considerable trepidation and distaste.

“H-H-Kristian?” she stuttered nervously, “I-I’m not really sure that I want to wear th-that h-h-horrible looking th-thing. I-I-its really ugly!”

“Oh? Come, come!” he said with feigned surprise and impatience. “You specifically promised me that you were going to put on the whole Suit. And, as a matter of fact, you stated positively that you wouldn’t try to change the way you’re to be costumed. Remember?”

“Y-y-y-yeah,” she stammered, “but I didn’t think that it was going to be so God damned elaborate and uncomfortable!”

“Well, my rubbered lovely, I wanted to surprise you. Now, shall we continue?” he asked reasonably, determined she was going to wear the entire ensemble, whether she wanted to or not.

“Oh, all right!” she sighed with resignation; in reality, anxious to get it over with and begin the intense playing he’d promised her. “What am I supposed to do now?”

“You’ll find that the Inner Mask is rather uncomfortable when it goes on, Holly; but I want you to do just as I tell you, OK? Perhaps someday you’ll forget you’re even wearing it!! Now, first, close your eyes and open your mouth as widely as you can, then stick out your tongue and hold still, because I have to fit you with your gag first.” he commanded quietly, grasping the thick rubber facial covering in his strong, tanned hands lifting it to her face. Once it was on, she’d never be able to forget about it. He’d lied when he told her she would.

“O-O-OK.” she gasped with a nervous glance at the frightening rubber device, where it lay spread in his hands, waiting to engulf her face. Wide securing straps and their chromed locking-buckles dangled ominously off to the sides, also waiting to be securely closed once it had been fully fitted.

He’d had his dentist, another friend, make impressions of her teeth and mouth during her last examination, then the special mouth-filler had been created from the moulds and it would conform exactly to all the nooks and crannies of her oral cavity. The gag-pad thus created was made in a such a shape that once inside her mouth it would keep her teeth slightly separated, yet fill it utterly. Its size alone ensured she would bite down on the device, and continue to do so for as long as it remained in her mouth and the dentist had assured him this natural tendency would make the pad suck itself into secure contact with her palate and the interstices of her upper and lower teeth and gums. She’d not be able to get it out, even if she had the use of her hands and so she would definitely require assistance to break it loose and extract it.

Holly raised her beautiful face and he slowly moved the gag pad close, then when it was near, carefully placed the large, custom-formed, rubber device on top of extended tongue. On its underside in the trough formed to accept her tongue, three short, four mm thick steel posts projected downward, matching the positions of the grommets in the muscle. Kristian took a moment to wriggle the large gag pad so that the posts passed through her tongue grommets and with a shudder of terror she felt it become locked to the gag pad!

She groaned wordlessly, her entrapped tongue pulling uncomfortably on its piercing's , then sighed with trembling arousal. She couldn’t halt the wail of distress she made when a moment later, the discomfort from the effort of distending her jaws so widely became more acute when he began pressing the pad between her teeth. The slightly resilient rubber mouth filler forced her teeth far apart, and for a moment she thought her jaw was going to come unhinged while he continued to wriggle the oppressive thing relentlessly inward. She made a soft, low moan when it finally slid completely into her mouth, feeling intensely the deepening web of her bondage and helplessness and naturally, she bit down, trying to ease the strain on her wide spread teeth, and so silenced herself totally.

Her self-arousal was driving her towards a masochistic Nirvana, despite the discomfort from the already intense sensations The Suit was giving and she shuddered with part terror and part arousal.

He spent the next two minutes adjusting a soft rubber inner panel attached to the mouth-pad, to nestle comfortably between her cheeks, teeth and gums along the sides, and at the front of her mouth thus sealing her teeth from view also. The flap was wide enough that she couldn’t manage to peel her lips far enough back that it would slip out, and so added even more security to her gag. While making these adjustments, two soft yet insistent ridges on the gag pad’s under side slowly insinuated themselves along and under either side of her tongue, fully immobilizing it too! He made sure that the wide, semi-rigid inner rubber flap at the front was spread evenly between her teeth and lips, then carefully re-checked the entire fit. Where before her front teeth would normally have been visible there was now only a seamless black rubber band; with a gleaming, four cm diameter, stainless steel fitting at the centre. Satisfied, he pushed the chin-cup slowly up and into snug contact both under and around her lower face. Holly rebelled instantly, feeling the spiky horror of the inner surface of the mask press into her tender facial skin! She panicked, twitching her head back and forth against her high collar in sudden fear and discomfort, attempting to spit out the huge, deeply projecting gag-pad.

“OK. Bite down hard.” he commanded.

With automatic obedience, when she did, her teeth slipped even more deeply into their impressions in the pad, and although she tried to bite through the tough rubber, she quickly discovered that its dimensions wouldn’t permit her to close her jaw! To her horror, when she attempted to open her mouth, the suction she’d unwittingly created, held her jaws securely clamped onto the gag pad! She tried frenziedly to twist her head. Her eyes snapped open again and she attempted to bend her useless, mittened hands to her face, with more strangled protests vibrating her throat while her legs kicked mindlessly.

“Stop that!” he commanded when her eyes snapped open, filled with tears of consternation and growing terror. Her tongue jerked painfully against its transfixing posts within its grove on the underside of the gag when she attempted to swallow, adding even more to her sense of being bound and totally controlled. The soft rubber ridges had by now slipped fully into position and stopped nearly all of its movements. Nevertheless, she still tried desperately to force the sucking rubber horror out of her mouth and her throat pulsed with garbled howls and wails inside its rigid steel tube.

“I need to ensure that you’re able to breathe without any obstruction and so it time for your nostril dilators. Hold still while they’re fitted.”

He carefully began to fit two resilient, tapered, latex tubes into her fear flared nostrils and each went far up into her head, completely filling its respective nostril! Holly went into a paroxysm of shaking and twisting while he slowly pushed them deeper and deeper, trying uselessly to scream for him to stop. He had to cradle her shuddering head in the crook of his elbow to hold it steady until she subsided in shivering gasps, gradually becoming accustomed to the presence of the rubber invaders, while the tubes insinuated themselves far up into her sinuses. For a few seconds they remained quiescent, then as the heat of her body permeated them, then began to slowly expand until they’d distended her nostrils uncomfortably. Their adhesive coatings bonded to the inner surfaces, and she once more tried desperately to claw away his restraining arms with her mitts, writhing frantically against the wide securing strap anchoring her to the seat; her booted feet scissoring uselessly with silent, spastic protest.

“OK. Time for the lower face portion. You knew right from the start that this was going to be an elaborate set up.” he smiled down into her tear-brimming eyes.” Now settle down!” he commanded. “I told you it would be uncomfortable! And there’s more to come. Close your eyes again and let me finish putting it on. It has to fit perfectly.”

Holly had not been given a chance to look at the inner side of the mask and so when its prickly surface began to press into her sensitive facial skin, she reacted with a violent twitching of her head and strangled howling.

“NNNNnhhh!!” she whined, gesturing frantically towards her stoppered and sealed mouth.

“Yes, I know. I know.” he murmured soothingly, stroking her rubber-capped head, but, cruelly, continuing to hold the mask pressed firmly against her face. “It’ll be a little difficult to get used to at first, I guess; but now I want you to just relax and close your eyes again while I fit the rest of it.”

When he pressed the mask just a little tighter against her face, inside, the end fittings for her nostril dilation devices and the fitting at the front of her gag pad, between her teeth clicked securely into their mounts on the inner surface of the mask, keeping it pulled firmly in place. She flinched and trembled, wondering what on Earth more he could do with the horrid mask that seemed to have glued itself to her face! It had, in fact, done just that. Before picking it up, he’d coated the inner side of the device with a long-lasting, skin-bonding adhesive. She’d be unable to get it off, even if her hands were free. Under the thick rubber of the oppressive mask, she attempted to curl her lips back over the wide inner flap between them and her front teeth; but of course it was far too wide, and firmly seated to allow her to manage without his helping fingers.

Still cradling her head firmly, he began fastening the web-work of the inner mask’s securing straps. The shock-pads mounted on its prickly inner surface came into firm and unrelenting contact and seconds later her entire head except for a small oval of skin around each eye and a delta between her legs, was encased in the thick, impervious, man-made rubber. The confining and obscuring mask cupped her chin firmly, forcing her to constantly bite down on the gag-pad, and when he tightened the wide strap over the top of her head it forced her to do so even harder. The widest one, around the back of her neck, secured the mask fully, pulling it plus a wide inner mouth strap, firmly against her lips, thus rendering her utterly silent. The narrower sets; one at each cheekbone, one below each ear, and one between her eyes, all acted to weld the mask in place, permitting only faint hissing breaths to emerge from its chromed, air hose mountings. The fastenings of each strap emitted little clicks of metallic finality when they slipped into self-locking receptacles. Holly looked up at him with an expression of desperation mixed with anger and fear; still attempting to raise her useless hands and bend them close enough, so she could pull away the enveloping horror locked onto her head and face, but after a few minutes of useless, silent begging, she gradually ceased her semi-strangled protesting, her complaints muffled to only faintly heard murmurs.

“Just relax for a minute!” he scolded with false irritation, cinching the last strap tight and pressing it into its lock-buckle.

He stood before her, smiling while she stared helplessly up at him, mesmerized; tears of discomfort and fear sliding from her eyes out onto the glistening rubber, leaving trails of dampness as they slipped downward. She twitched her head again, trying to let him know that she’d had enough; but she couldn’t speak!

“OK!” he said jovially, moving to the bench once more, “I’m going to add another little innovation. This might be difficult for you to take at first; but I want you to persevere.” he looked sternly down into her wide, apprehensive eyes, then lifted a long, slippery-looking tube so she could see it.

Holly stared for a few seconds then arched her brows at him in mute, fearful inquiry.

“Oh, yeah. I guess I better tell you what this is, hmmm?”

She nodded her head as emphatically as her collar would allow.

“Well, this is how you’ll be fed and how you’ll drink from now on while you’re wearing your mask and helmet.” he explained with gusto. “This end slides through the fitting on the front of the mask, and the one in your gag-pad, then goes down your throat and into your stomach. When it’s time for you to be fed or get a drink, you won’t have to worry about choking or breathing the stuff in. This means, of course, that I’ll be able to keep you inside everything you’re wearing now almost indefinitely and feed you whatever you need. You won’t be able to stop the process.

“I know this is going to be very uncomfortable for you, Holly, and too, that you’ll have an automatic retching sensation. So, before I fit you with your stomach hose, I’m going to use an anaesthetic to numb your throat muscles. It’ll taste a little sweet and will take about two minutes to be fully effective, then I’ll slip the tube into you.”

Her head shook with an emphatic “No!” and again she tried to wrest herself away, but of course her collar prevented this and he easily slipped a narrow plastic tube into the feeding fitting of the gag, then squeezed the trigger of the spray bottle a couple of times. The anaesthetic mist coated the back of her mouth and deep into her throat and she stared up at him in terror while he readied the feeding and drinking hose. This was a slick looking, double-walled tube with a corrugated portion just above its shiny steel end piece.

Kristian waited patiently, glancing at his watch between observing her then he moved the hose to her rubber-obscured face. It was no use! A second later he’d slipped its steel-rimmed end into the fitting on the front of the mask, then paused dramatically. Holly desperately tried to clamp her teeth and jaws onto the gag pad; but it would allow only the smallest compression, keeping them still widely spread! A protesting whine hissed from the air hose fittings and frantic tears began to trickle from her fear-dilated eyes while he prepared to insert the tube all the way.

“Now,” he said as though this was a perfectly normal thing, moving around behind her once more so that she could observe herself in the mirror while he began the procedure, “as soon as you feel it at the back of your throat, start swallowing! You’ll find that it goes down quite easily after the first second or two. If you don’t think about retching, the sensation will go away eventually. Are you ready?”

Wild, mute denial flared in her eyes and her head twitched above the grip of her collar; but with an arm under her chin and around her neck, he easily bent her head back until she was looking up into his concentration-filled eyes, her throat now straightened and ready. Slowly and steadily, despite her tearfully desperate twisting and the flailing of her gloved and mittened hands and arms, he began forcing the tube into the front of her mask! Under the compressing rubber she screamed and tried in vain to twist free of his cradling and clamping grip; but of course her whines and muffled sobbing protests were barely heard. Suddenly, she felt the cold metal end of the tube at the back of her throat, and began trembling and convulsing like a plucked bow string then somehow, she managed to start swallowing, and in seconds the long, thick-walled tube was passing in slow inches down her oesophagus. When the flange at the end came up against the fitting on the mask, he gave it a half-twist and firm push to lock it in place, making it snap home with a small snick from the joining of the metal union, leaving its other end deep within Holly’s stomach.

Her punishment had already begun. She automatically kept trying to swallow the remainder of the tube and get it out of her throat, but with its outer end anchored to the front of her mask, she couldn’t! It stayed securely in place while her throat muscles continually convulsed and kept on doing so! Eventually she would become used to it, but in the meantime it was a constant horror.

Taking a small bladder-like pump, he popped it into the fitting, then gave a couple of quick squeezes. Within her oesophagus the double-walled tube sprouted a series of expansion rings along its length, completely closing off her throat when they mushroomed outwards; seating it solidly and preventing her from being able to regurgitate and to make doubly sure, inside her stomach, after three more quick squeezes, the end corrugations of the outer wall of the tube swelled into a small ball, ensuring that any throat or stomach contractions wouldn’t force the tube upward. While this was being done, Holly went into another frenzy; twisting and thrashing from the sudden and completely unexpected discomfort, her eyes completely round, showing their whites in fearful distress; staring wildly at him.

“There!” he said complacently, ignoring her distress. “That’s the worst of it ... for the moment.”

Holly had become truly afraid. How would she ever get any of the things inserted into her head and mouth out? She couldn’t make any noise, no matter how hard she tried! The only sounds she heard, now, were her own private pleadings for release, echoing hollowly within her mind.

“OK!” he said enthusiastically, ignoring her attempted protests and tears, “It’s time to put on the security mask, then the full helmet.”

Once again, she flailed her arms in frantic negation; but he relentlessly brought over the next dully-gleaming rubber appliance and began the process of enclosing her quivering head within it. This helmet was basically only another thick rubber bag that snugly encased her head and neck, completely covering the under-helmet and all the fastening straps and locks of the Inner Mask. It was equipped with thick, built-in eye-cup lenses whose edges mated into the deep channels on the outer surface of the rubber that already surrounded her eyes, and thus sealed her nearly completely within The Suit. These cups over her eyes were special lenses. Thanks to their inner, multi-faceting, they disconcertingly starred her vision into dozens of little views of the outer world, simultaneously turning them upside-down and thus effectively rendering her vision almost useless. She didn’t know it yet; but with the flip of a switch, the smooth outer surfaces of these bulbous lenses would instantly turn to a mirror-bright surface and inside, her eyes would see nothing but absolute blackness. The lenses were a development in optical, laser quartz he’d discovered a few months before, and without the continual application of a small, specially-encoded electrical current to them, they’d retain their surface mirror-finish on the outside and remain completely opaque on the inside! For the moment she could still see him vaguely, thanks to a small battery embedded in the helmet.

Over her ears, shallow domes filled with a dense, sound-eliminating foam were now clamped securely and when he’d finished fitting the outer helmet, she found that her hearing had diminished to the point that only the susurration of her blood flow was audible, thanks to her previously fitted ear-plug/hearing aids and the thick, sound eliminating pads incorporated into the helmet itself. Its long neck tube was designed to go under the still-opened one of the suit, thus also concealing the presence of her steel posture collar. It took him only seconds to draw it over her head and once he’d smoothed out the shoulder extension, he smeared both surfaces liberally with a quick-setting cement, then rolled the suit’s body up and over the tacky surface, welding the two together. She’d become a prisoner within a very secure, reinforced rubber, personal prison!
She had to make a conscious effort to get each breath now, for the gag, the horrid tubes up her nose, and the tightly-laced corset had reduced her to taking only short, panting, panicky gasps.

‘Oh my God!” Holly thought, trying to twitch her fingers inside the mitts, ‘What have I done?” She suddenly realized there had been no time limit set for her entombment in The Suit.

His arms reached over her shoulders and grasped the suit-attached, clear and thick plastic head egg, then he pulled it up and forward over her face and head, then sealed the front and back halves together once the air and feeding and drinking hose fittings of her mask lined up and connected with solid mechanical clicks. This was the final, isolating layer and its long neck tube was smoothed into place then locked securely. Before drawing up the zipper’s closure, he spread more of the adhesive onto the wide, full length flap to one side then still more into a slight depression on the other. The zipper was immediately drawn closed and he quickly pressed the covering flap firmly down into the depression, where the chemicals quickly dissolved the surfaces and welded the fastener completely out of reach.

With a rush of fear-induced adrenalin, she finally managed to raise her mitts to her head, only to find that they bumped against the thick, clear plastic bubble, a full three centimetres away from her masked face! A howl of denial surged up her tubed throat and gagged mouth to be still born and the only sound to emerge from the air ports of the helmet were hissing whistles. Holly began to experience an increased difficulty breathing; but he walked to the wall, opened the valves on the oxygen tanks, adjusted the regulator, then picked up the heavy coils of corrugated rubber air hoses and walked over to her, releasing them slowly from his hand. He quickly clipped their gleaming end fittings to the mounts on the helmet and inside The Suit, Holly suddenly found it much easier to breathe, for the regulator on the tanks fed the air supply to a hospital type ‘ventilator’. This device was set to supply her with slightly higher pressure air, literally forcing her to inhale to its own commanding, mechanical schedule, while the corset ensured that she exhaled fully, continually squeezing her chest with its very tight, slightly elastic material. For a moment she felt relief, until the realization came that her life now depended on some sort of mechanical device that she didn’t understand, could not get at, and had no control over! She was utterly imprisoned by layers and layers of thick reinforced rubber, without any means of removing them and her wails of distress at this realization were never heard beyond her own mind. The room was now utterly silent but for the low noises of her breathing apparatus and her breath exhausting through the slowly pulsing breathing bag!

“That ought to keep you under control for your coming ‘education’!” he murmured while preparing the remainder of The Suit’s accessories.

Whistling tunelessly, he bent down before the quivering, silent, rubber-encased female. Holly was unable to look down and see what he was doing, thanks to the wide collar, and even if it had been possible, the distorting, cup-like lenses fastened over her eyes would have made the view useless. It was but the work of seconds for him to join the inner rings of her ankle cuffs with a short, thick, flexible steel wire. Unthinkingly, she still attempted to look down, but the collar acted as it was intended to, and when she persisted, it began to choke her efficiently. She bit down harder on the resilient mouth-filler, then tried once more to open her jaws or shift the sucking monstrosity in her mouth with her tongue, but the gag-pad remained anchored firmly in position and her tongue dragged painfully against the posts that anchored it. In substantial terror now, Holly wondered what was next going to be done to her.

She didn’t have long to wait.

He released the stool’s thigh strap then urged her to stand. It was very disconcerting when she managed it, and she swayed back and forth with dizziness when she tried to look through the lenses. Her mittened left hand was placed on the stool so that she could steady herself, while he walked back to the bench for the next piece of her Suit. This was the wide, steel waist band portion of her Disciplining Chastity Belt, and it slipped easily around her tightly corsetted waist. In seconds he’d locked it closed at the back over her spine, then used the built-in tightening ratchets to clamp it even more securely around her already minuscule middle. Within the steel trap, Holly groaned and writhed what little she could, feeling as though the thing was cutting her in half; but nevertheless, she continued to feel the juices of arousal sliding from her body!

He knew she would writhe violently, trying to resist the application of the next portions of her Suit, and so picked up each of her mittened hands and cradled them for a moment. She stared haplessly out at his blurred image through the distorting lenses and clear bubble covering her masked-obscured face while he quickly threaded long, dangling chains through the tip rings of the mitts and locked them to the inner restraint rings of each wrist cuff. When she realized what was being done, Holly attempted to pull her cocooned hands beyond his reach; but, with her arms restricted by the doubled, thick rubber sleeves, he had no difficulty attaching the chains and locking them in place. There was no way for her to avoid having them fastened and of course, a part of their normal play style, for she liked to fight the application of her bondage and restraints; but this time the intent was much more than play, and she was slowly beginning to realize it.

Turning away, he walked to the wall and pressed a button inside an opened switch panel while she stared blindly after him, her mind boiling with panicky arousal. She still tried frantically to shake the locked chains loose from their connections, but of course it was no use, and the flailing loops of glittering links only served to heighten her appearance of enslavement.

Slowly, despite her efforts to prevent it happening, her arms were drawn high above her head, then a moment later she swung freely in mid-air before him, her bizarrely encapsulated head motionless above the strict Suit encasing her body. For a moment Holly twisted silently in suspension, her air hoses dangling from their connections to her helmet, swaying slowly back and forth with her movements, then she just hung there, motionless except for an occasional rebellious shudder. The toes of her questing boots were a full half metre above the cement floor and she wondered why he’d suspended her; but only for a moment. He disappeared from her view for a few seconds, then, when he came back, she tried to kick at his vague shape. It was no use, for the restriction of her wire hobble and the very tight layers of rubber on her legs put an immediate stop to her attempt. He grasped her left foot and slowly pulled it to the side, and with a steely clatter she couldn’t hear, picked up a chain fastened to a floor ring then clipped it to outer restraint ring of her left ankle-cuff. Again, she struggled frantically to avoid being immobilized any further; but there was no chance for her to avoid it happening. He disconnected the hobble-wire from her left ankle cuff and repeated the process on her left leg, then stood back to make a brief but thorough inspection. A second later he tightened the newest chains until her legs were spread widely apart, fully exposing the still-visible triangle of naked and bald flesh at her crotch. It was the only part of her body that remained uncovered by imprisoning rubber. The narrow delta descended from just over her mons then back between her spread apart thighs, to terminate just below her coccyx. That was about to change, for the gleaming little U-shackles embedded in her clitoris and vaginal lips literally demanded his attention. Returning to the wall, he briefly activated the hoisting mechanism once more until she was strung bow-tight, quivering with the tension.

“Now for the ‘piece de resistance’!” he murmured, smiling with anticipation when he picked up her specially-made crotch-plate.

Grasping the evil looking device, he walked slowly over to the rubber-encased young woman strung helplessly between the floor and ceiling, then bent forward and inspected her delicate, hairless pubic area. This essence of femaleness was framed and presented by the open crotch of the Suit, her olive skin tone a sharp contrast to the gleaming black rubber. Humming happily, he lavishly coated the gleaming, 10 cm long, 4 cm diameter vaginal dildo with more of the electrolytic contact gel, then repeated the procedure with the butt plug, ensuring that the thick-walled anal tube was heavily layered. She was not going to like being forced to absorb either device.

Holly hung twitching spasmodically while he fingered and teased her lower lips and rampant, ringed clitoris; writhing and whining in arousal from the insidious manipulations and her growing masochistic enjoyment of her predicament. At last, he carefully introduced more of the gel into her most intimate parts, even though she was already coursing with her own juices.

“First, I’m going to fit the urine catheter, then it’ll be time for your ‘toys’.” he murmured to no one in particular.

The catheter was not a pleasant thing to have inserted despite being heavily lubricated and she whined and shuddered with discomfort. Once it had entered her bladder, he inflated the small end ball so that I could not be withdrawn, leaving the end connection to dangle for the moment. Next came the huge, long, cone shaped anal plug and after he’d lubricated it thoroughly, he pressed it firmly up into her bowel. She attempted to resist the intruder, but his pressure on it could not be fought and within two minutes the thing was fully and most uncomfortably inside her.

The vaginal plug was an evil construction. It had blunt, stubby vanes projecting outwards a full centimetre along its entire length that would press very uncomfortably into the sensitive inner flesh of her sex. He rotated the plug slowly, maintaining the pressure while it was being inserted, and she felt the vanes in the most astounding and unforgettable manner possible. Frantic wails of denial surged within her mind from the sensation of their terribly uncomfortable penetration of her most private and delicate parts while it sank ever deeper into her body. Within the imprisoning Suit, Holly writhed wildly, howling short screams into her gag, but she was soon thoroughly impaled, all the while thrashing violently against the chains that held her as a suspended prisoner. Behind the gag she pleaded hysterically for him to stop; but the combination of the large mouth pad, the throat-tube, and the nostril plugs efficiently stifled all of her protests. She could only twitch silently and madly in her tensioned bondage. The collar, as it was designed to do, kept her head held erect, preventing her from looking down to where he knelt before her while her body automatically protested against the stretching and plugging sensations she was experiencing with such intensity. They were far beyond anything that she’d ever experienced or imagined before. Finally, the cool inner surface of the crotch-plate itself clamped against the heated sensitive flesh of her permanently depilated lower belly and labia, sealing the last visible and touchable portion of her flesh away from sight and the world.

He held the curved steel firmly against her while locking the fittings to her waist cinch so that the gleaming, wide device was held securely clamped between her legs. Although she wasn’t aware of it, a series of electrical contacts now pressed firmly into the flesh on either side of her clitoris and along her vaginal lips, and, in addition, another set was pressed against her anal sphincter, together with those embedded at the tips and along the lengths of both plugs. He smiled quietly to himself with thoughts that she was going to be in for some very interesting experiences. He picked up a long thick shaft then carefully aligned its end with the ball joint mount deep between Holly’s thighs. The end had a long mounting bolt and this slid into the ball joint then with a half turn, locked tightly to it, thus connecting directly to her vaginal dildo. The device was her Inhibitor Bar and she’d never be freed of its controlling influence ever again. For the moment, Holly was unaware that she wore the device, but would soon find it to be horribly limiting and controlling in the most personal of ways.

She still quivered and panted with reaction to being doubly impaled, feeling utterly violated within the isolation of the Suit and how her nipples burned from the continuing insertion of the needles. Her throat surged continually with automatic retching reaction to the tube; but this began to taper off slightly. Inside the helmets and masks, Holly was now completely deaf and dumb, and to all intents and purposes blind as well. Shivering, she took inventory of her sensations, discovering that every orifice of her body was in some manner plugged or sealed! It was an exquisite sense of bondage, and she had longed to experience something like this; but until now had been too terrorized to try it. Her Master had at last over-ridden all her fears and objections and so now she was his utter prisoner; but far more deeply held than she realized ... even now.

Her legs were released from their spreader-chains and she let the stiff rubber boots force them to hang straight down, slowly swinging back and forth. Every few seconds they brushed against the long, rigid projection of the her newly-fitted Inhibitor Bar, and upon encountering this intruder, she twisted violently, jerking her legs away in an effort to escape the alien shaft, but of course it was impossible. The rigidly connected, ankle-length shaft was mechanically locked to her Chastity Belt; connected securely to the vaginal plug, and every impact of her legs on the ‘Bar, made the dildo shift weirdly inside her belly. She felt herself lubricating even more when she contemplated what the effect of wearing the thing would be.

It was an easy task for him to again hobble her, but now, any step she took from this point forward would be strictly limited and controlled by the short, thick, wires from each ankle-cuff to the ring at the tip of the Inhibitor Bar! He released both of the spreader chains then locked one to the large ring at the ‘Bar’s tip, leaving it to dangle freely for the moment, before lowering her to the floor. Once she teetered on her boots again, he separately released her wrists then the end rings of her mitts were immediately joined with a short length of heavy chain, thus dragging her arms down in front. He grasped her upper left arm, then frog marched her slowly back to the stool; her hesitant paces uncomfortably snubbed by the short hobbling wires, forcing her to take each delicate pace slowly and experience the swivelling motions of vaginal plug deep within her compressed loins. She couldn’t avoid it being twitched back and forth when the short hobbles jerked at the tip of the Inhibitor Bar and a moan of deep, sensual arousal hissed out into her nostril tubes and air hoses, but was unheard within the dungeon. She jerked arms against their chains, fingers trying uselessly to curl inside their rigid containers when she attempted to get at the things locked into her body; but the weight of the chain kept them pulled down firmly. The wires between her ankles and the ‘Bar’s tip were far too short and she didn’t want to walk; but his commanding, firm grip on her rubber-tubed arm governed her completely. When she tried to sit on the stool once more, Holly was startled to find that the rigidly mounted ‘Bar would no longer permit it; only allowing her to lean her fear-clenched buttocks against the stool’s edge! Gasping against the fierce constriction of the corset and still trying to shake her head to indicate that she wanted out; she felt the air hoses dragging at her head egg, making her feel even more controlled.

“I see you’re still having some difficulty breathing, Holly.” he muttered, then walked over to the ventilator and turned one of the dials slightly.

She felt her lungs fill then deflate for only a moment or two; but then, he shut off her air supply completely! Thirty seconds passed while he observed her staring eyes through their multiple coverings. Her chest heaved desperately to get air into her starving lungs; but the inner masks only sucked themselves more tightly against her face when she attempted to inhale! True fear shook the foundations of her mind, for her attempts to breathe in any way were met with a wall of nothingness! Finally he turned on her air supply and watched her closely. Once more she felt her lungs forcibly filled then allowed to exhaust themselves in a slow and precise rhythm. Under their armouring glass domes, her eyes closed with relief.

She had become nothing more than a sensitive, female flesh envelope surrounding an air exchange mechanism, virtually a human robot encased in rubber. At the ventilator, the breathing bag slowly inflated and deflated in cadence with each forced breath for Holly had become a soundless effigy of a female; her face, head, and body totally obscured and bound within the Discipline Suit ... and she wanted out!

Once more she tried to raise her useless hands to the unbreakable bubble covering her under-masks, desperately wanting to prize it away from her face and head, but the smooth rigid ovoids slid back and forth in futility over the slick, clear face cover.

“Now, it’s time for you to begin paying for your cheating, my little sex fiend.” he growled.

He grasped the central portion of the chain joining her mitts and pulled her to her feet, then across the floor. Despite all of the things she wore, Holly was already wallowing in masochistic fantasies, and now her fear and the total enclosure accelerated the process. She came fully to her feet, then reluctantly and unknowingly followed him, feeling a little as though she was being taken to her execution.

In a way, she was.

Holly minced along behind him, the central links of her mitt chain held firmly in his fist, continuing to inhale the life-blood air being pumped into her lungs through her uncomfortable, confining mask. Strangely, she began to enjoy her bondage and the terror, and how the plugs and ‘Bar further restricted her freedom; but then, the corset made itself felt with a vengeance when he disconnected the air supply hoses. Immediately, she began gasping frantically for breath against the stringent compression and python-like constriction of the rubber suit, desperately longing to have the hoses reconnected and a deep foreboding quickly overcame her short time of arousal.

He drew her to what she had, until now, thought of as a solid wall.

To her eyes, now, it only appeared as a blurred surface somewhere in front when they stopped, and he swung aside a large, tool-covered panel to reveal a heavy steel door.

‘What the hell?!’ She wondered in surprise.

He opened it and drew her past the thick, sound-proofed slab and into a large, sparsely-furnished, cement-walled and -floored chamber beyond while behind them, the door swung closed and locked with a series of harsh metallic clacks that she couldn’t hear. Her fate had been sealed. Her ears were far too efficiently plugged under the imprisonment of the helmets and masks, and he’d turned off her hearing aid/ear plugs sometime before, but she hadn’t noticed, for the sensations of her being dressed had been far too mind-filling.
He looked around the dungeon while she stood helplessly behind him, her wrist chain still gripped firmly. Holly gasped desperately for each breath, quivering with suppressed fear of what was to come next; waiting for him to play out the rest of the scene. She’d happily agreed to her part with its elaborate costume of isolation and enclosure; but now it was turning into an event that she wasn’t sure she wanted to be the main attraction in. Certainly, she’d accepted that she would be unaware of how it was to actually be played out; but now she realized that perhaps it was going to be more than she’d bargained for.

The white-painted chamber was starkly laid out. To one side was a comfortable chair and desk with a large, combination flat screen monitor and computer CRT with key-board on it, while on the other was a wide, very long treadmill, much more elaborate than the kind favoured by health clubs. This version though, didn’t have side safety rails. Two chains hung from the ceiling at the centre of the belt, gleaming hooks on their ends ... waiting. At the back of the chamber, a centre-post-supported, narrow, strap-encrusted beam was positioned some 2 metres from the wall, enclosed within a small, tightly-barred cell, while in the rest of the Dungeon numerous thick-linked chains dangled from the high ceiling.

Holly pranced fearfully along behind him, her wrist chain remaining firmly clamped in his fist while he led her to the centre of the chamber, then positioned her in the middle of a 2.5 metre diameter, circular steel plate. Through slots along the finely-machined central joint, glittering connectors of various hoses, wires, and the shiny snap-hook of a heavy chain leash protruded. She couldn’t see them of course, and had no idea they were all soon to be attached to. Once positioned, Holly stood quietly, still fighting a battle for each breath, twisting fitfully in her rubber encasement; whining piteously from discomfort, her fear, and the still persistent arousal. Each breath had become distinctly uncomfortable when her breasts swelled and flexed within their separate, imprisoning containers, yet she still had to breathe!

He bent down and pulled the heavy leash up from its slot, immediately clipping it to the tip ring of her ‘Bar, after disconnecting the chain he’d attached only moments before. This fastening, thanks to its weight, forced her to strut quickly to the centre of the plates when she felt the dildo’s demanding surge in her loins. It dragged irresistibly, and she moved in gasping, gagged discomfort until she was perfectly centred over the leash’s point of emergence. The sensation of her huge internal plug’s sudden, uncomfortable movement was horribly demanding, and now she was anchored helplessly in place, only able to shift her feet in small, restrained steps, trying to maintain her balance.

As soon as she’d been leashed, he re-connected the twinned air hoses that emerged from their holes in a fitting at the centre of the joint under her booted feet, snapping them to the fittings on her head egg, then a pair at a time, he drew others up; rapidly attaching them also. One doubled set fastened to the tip of each breast cup, while another set went to the front of her helmet just under her chin ... her feeding and watering hoses. They too were solidly affixed and he intended that she’d be nastily surprised when they were activated! Heavier hoses were snapped onto fittings just under her air lines, as well as evilly-looping coil cords. These carried the wires for her nose and tongue electrodes in addition to her audio channels. Below her waist, he connected yet more hoses to her crotch-plate at the front, then others at the back; the washing and waste lines. Now, she was confined not only by her ‘Bar leash; but also by multiple, non removable umbilicals that would tantalize, control, and torture her.

She still couldn’t hear a thing, nor could she see what was being done, despite straining to watch while he went about his seemingly endless tasks, but Holly knew he wasn’t doing all these things without a reason, and trembled even more with fearful anticipation. The situation had rapidly become terrifying, and she couldn’t stop or escape the continuing preparations! He next released a set of chains from overhead, then quickly connected them to her Suit at her shoulder blades and another to her collar, making her shudder anew with agitation when they were tightened, for they made her feel as though she’d been caught in some huge, cloying spider-web! She tried to raise her useless hands and fend him off; but on her third attempt, he grasped each of her wrists and chained them loosely to the ends of a long spreader-bar hanging just above her head.

‘It’s so easy to over-power her rubber-restricted struggles!’ he smiled to himself while she stood with her arms held up in the classical gesture of surrender, waiting helplessly. He stood back, then, after a moment of careful scrutiny, walked to the desk and settled himself in the comfortable arm chair with a contented sigh.

It was payback time.

What now?’ she wondered fearfully, shifting nervously on her high heels at the centre of the steel plates; silent and helpless. Not only was she utterly under his control, but she realized that there was no way to avoid what was soon to come!

Unseen by her, his fingers performed a complicated dance on the keyboard, and with a surprised gasp, Holly felt herself slowly lifted off the floor, swinging slightly forward until the chain to her collar tightened. She automatically kicked her legs in reaction, searching for something to take her weight, then whined piteously into her masks from the growing discomfort of the crotch-piece when it pressed ever more firmly up between her legs. Her kicking only served to force the plugs deeper, and she squirmed wildly around the skewering of her womanhood, instinctively trying to pull her hands down against the spreader-bar and protect herself, but there was no hope of release, for it too had risen when she was raised! Below her booted, frantically kicking feet, the steel plates she’d stood on a moment before, slowly split down the middle, each half pulling to the side with a hiss of hidden hydraulics to reveal a dimly lit, 3.5 metre diameter, 15 metre deep, concrete-walled well. The thrumming leash from the tip of her ‘Bar descended into the black-walled hole to a spring-loaded reel on the tube’s floor far below, and all of the hoses and wires attached to her Suit cascaded into the gaping maw beneath her feet, jerking against their connections. Once more his fingers flew across the keyboard, and she slowly began to descend into the concrete silo; her Isolation and now, as matters had evolved, her Punishment Chamber.

From within her helmet, Holly stared silently and in growing horror out at the brightly lit room only vaguely discernable beyond and for a moment nothing happened, then the room itself seemed to slowly rise around her when she began to be lowered. Two minutes later she’d stopped moving, to hang suspended halfway down the deep shaft. Far above, the still opened plates at the top allowed light to slant downwards, and she craned her neck against the restrictions of her collar, masks, and helmet, staring hungrily up at it. Inevitably, for she knew instinctively that it was going to happen, the plates began to slowly slide together! Each centimetre of their closing increased her terror of what was to come, then the light began to disappear, until, with a muffled, final, clank of the plates joining, it was blotted out. Inside, Holly could still see a very faint, dim reddish glow; an infra-red floodlight, near the top; but it wasn’t strong enough for her to discern anything! The surrounding wall could be very close, or, for all she knew, staring out through the distorting lenses over her eyes and the thick bubble locked over her head and face, metres away!

She abruptly realized that she was now truly locked inside a tubular prison, helplessly suspended in mid-air, halfway down it’s length. Certainly, she could still move her raised and partially bent arms and hands against the loose chains fastened to the spreader-bar above her head and she was able to kick her feet to the limits of the short hobbles; but she was completely suspended! There wasn’t any way for her to get at a single one of her fastenings! Even had her fingers and thumbs not been embedded in their sturdy eggs, she was anchored to the floor of the tube far below by the chain locked to the tip ring of her Inhibitor Bar, ensuring that she remained centred. She could bounce slightly on the spring-loaded chains; but that was all! With a gag-strangled shriek of near-hysteria Holly thrashed frenziedly against her restraints, hidden now within her concrete tube, desperate to somehow free herself.

It was no use.

The cold, smooth walls remained far beyond her useless hands, and the only result of her flailing was that she made the dildo embedded in her loins surge uncomfortably, disciplining her by its mere presence.

From the comfort of his chair behind the desk, he’d watched calmly while the steel plates slowly closed, and now only the thrumming chain from the ceiling hoist was visible in the upper part of the dungeon. He studied it intently for a moment, then took a thick bolt from the desk drawer, got out of his chair, and with it held loosely in his hand, walked over to the chain’s point of emergence. It was but a second’s work to slip the bolt through a pre-positioned link, then he returned to the desk. Touching a button briefly, he lowered the hoist until the bolt snapped into a deep depression at the centre of the plates, then returned to the slackened chain. The quick-link loosened easily, leaving the freed chain to swing slowly back and forth for a moment before hanging motionless above the now joined plates, and a moment later he’d dragged a large, thick, rubber mat over the entire area, completely concealing the steel plates that capped Holly’s tube of torment. No one would know, even if he had visitors to this very private area of the house, that beneath the rug there was an utterly helpless, silenced and totally controlled female prisoner. Back at the desk he rewound the chain until it disappeared into the upper gloom, then studied the monitor, observing Holly’s futile struggles.

Within the dimly-lit tube she continued to struggle against the constriction and captivity of her Discipline Suit; begging piteously to be freed. Unseen horrified tears trickled from her eyes, each isolated within its soft and slightly uncomfortable rubber cup, while she tried to cry out around the tube in her throat. For an uncomfortable eternity she hung waiting, staring hungrily upwards at the dim light, becoming more and more desperate for any kind of proof of her existence beyond the sensations flooding into her mind from her body. She would have done anything ... promised him the world to get out of her situation, but her cocooned and bound body only twisted silently in the Stygian darkness. She was not to be allowed that option.

A moment later she felt more than heard a small click somewhere on her helmet. Instantly, the lenses and outer bubble over her staring, fear-dilated eyes returned to their normal state of opacity and mirror-like finish on their outer sides. Under the lenses and face-plate, she was immediately plunged into ultimate blackness when this last of her primary senses was removed. Even so, her other senses, particularly her capability to experience intimate and unending sexual stimulation and her sensations of bondage and being controlled remained highly energised. A strangled shriek pulsed her collared throat; but of course didn’t emerge from beneath the encapsulation of her head, let alone escape around the horribly intrusive gag and the tube in her oesophagus. She struggled frantically with renewed terror, trying to pull her hands free of their restraints and tear away the awful things locked onto and into her head, face, and body, but only centimetres long jerks were permitted.

Belatedly, she realized that she hadn’t informed anybody of her whereabouts!

Absolutely no one knew where she was!

She’d told all of her friends she was embarking on an extended trip to Central America and wouldn’t be back for a couple of months, or maybe even a couple of years!

‘Oh, God!’ she tried to scream with mounting horror; struggling to keep a grip on her sanity within the silent and claustrophobic blackness, while her discomfort and the rapidly escalating horror of her situation began to overwhelm her already chaotic thoughts. Her mind turned into a whirling maelstrom of concentrated fear and more tears sprang from her eyes to trickle down the rubber mask clamped and glued to her face. She jerked despairingly at her fastenings, gasping and gagging on the throat tube whenever she tried to scream or beg.

Finally, her brain was bombarded with the crash of heavy static when the plugs locked into her ears were turned on. She tried to shake her head to escape the painful noise; but then his voice began to whisper quietly and ominously.

“Well, Holly! Now I’ve got you right where I’ve wanted you for some time. Let’s get clear on a few things shall we? This time you and I are not indulging in a ‘play’ session. This is for real! From now on, the Suit you are wearing will be how you are dressed at all times. I know all about your screwing around on me and I’ve got the dates, the times, and the places on record. Now, it’s time to pay the piper.”

He spoke calmly enough and that frightened her immensely, for she knew, when his voice became that flat, menacing monotone, she was in deep trouble. Inside the concrete tube Holly twisted and turned around the axis of her suspending chain and the one locked to the tip of the ‘Bar between her legs, trying, in true terror now, to beg his forgiveness; but utterly unable to utter a sound. He continued.

“Just so that you don’t get any false hopes, my little Love Slut, here is what you have as a situation to contemplate. First of all, you’re hanging inside a Discipline Silo which itself is beneath a secret, underground room behind the house. I’ve taken great pains to ensure that no one knows that this room or the silo exists, or that you’re in there. Ah yes ... the reason you’re in The Suit and the situation you are now? One word! Discipline!

“I don’t care how you feel about your coming ‘lessons’ and discipline, and I don’t intend to have you making any noise about or during them either ... now or in the future. That’s one of the reasons you’re wearing that mask and mouth-filler.”

Her tongue suddenly spasmed horribly! Painful electrical impulses surged back and forth through it from the electrodes in the gag-pad and her throat convulsed with strangled shrieks of pain when it also dragged in agonizing spasms against the posts anchoring it to her gag pad. These screams though, were still-born. Other electrodes, pressed firmly against her throat on the inner side of the steel collar, also came to life, immobilizing her vocal chords!

“See how that little part of your Training Equipment works? I was getting a tad fed up with your unceasing demands and bitching. Those particular sets of electrodes are going to ensure that you learn to speak only when spoken to, if I ever decide to free you of the gag. From now on, they’ll always be waiting for you to try, and when you do, they’ll discipline you like they just did, plus add-in some other areas that you definitely won’t like. Of course, I can also activate them any time I feel the urge.

“Not to worry, Holly! You’ll soon discover the capabilities of all the other stuff you’ve been fitted with.” he continued, observing her struggles, for the infra-red sensitive TV cameras in the silo displayed them clearly on the monitor. “Eventually, maybe in 6 months or so; I may decide to give you a little more freedom than you have now; but in the meantime you’d better get used to wearing your Suit, and to your new way of life.

“Now ... as to the rest of the equipment you’ve been fitted with ... Holly, you’re going to live in that Suit for the foreseeable future. It’s equipped with a whole shit-load of sensors and electrodes all over the inner surface, and I can activate any and/or all of them at my convenience. Too, you’ll be washed and cleansed in it. As time goes on, maybe I’ll just have the computer do your disciplining for me. I’ve whomped up some dandy programs to train and generally keep you busy during this initial phase of your correction and re-education, and I suppose you could say they’re designed to make you into an utterly obedient slave girl through the use of Aversion Therapy.”

As he spoke the last words her rectal dildo suddenly unleashed flaring bolts of electricity. She leapt wildly against her chains, screaming incoherently while her legs tried to bend into a foetal ball of protection, only to drag and wobble the Inhibitor Bar alarmingly.

“NO! NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!” she tried to howl in protest; twisting frenziedly against her bindings. Inside the blackness of her helmet torrents of unseen tears spilled from her eyes. Now she realized just how angry he must be to have gone to these lengths. ‘Oh, ppllleasssse!! Ggggodddd! No. Nooooo!!’

“On to other areas of interest, Holly! You won’t be spending all of your time there in the silo, I assure you. While you’re awake you’ll do a lot of work on the treadmill, exercising while I’m out of the house, or otherwise occupied. You’ll occasionally get to spend some time on your new bed, and you may be interested to learn that the dildo you’re now wearing has a number of ... for you ... very unpleasant capabilities. Not only will it give you a royal screwing, to remind you that I don’t like having a female of mine messing around on me; but it’s also been equipped with electrodes that will be activated at the most opportune times.”

Holly cringed within herself in stark terror of what could be done to her most sensitive and now totally vulnerable, penetrated femaleness.

“Also, the one that currently resides in your behind will give you some other, rather unpleasant surprises; but you’ll find out about them soon enough!”

Another series of horribly painful shocks pulsed through her bowels and she automatically tried to scream and writhe away from them, only to have her tongue and nipples transfixed with more painful electrical pulses.

“Another thing you’ve got waiting, if you’re ever released from your Suit, is a permanently-fitted, steel Chastity Belt and Bra. These will be worn in conjunction with your new disciplining choker/posture collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs, and none of that equipment comes off, Holly ... ever! The Bra and Chastity Belt are here and waiting for you, and you already wear the permanent cuffs and collar.

“From now on you’ll always be kept completely subject to my wishes, even if you’re not chained and on your leash; and that’s also now a permanent part of your new regime. I intend to keep you restrained and leashed at all times from this point forward. Both the Chastity Belt and your Bra are remotely controllable, and if you don’t do as you’re supposed to, or get slow or sloppy; they’ll shock you quite painfully until you comply. Of course, your collar will be ever-watchful if you try to make any unauthorized noise of an kind; be it speech or screams.

“Great, isn’t it? You can be severely disciplined and no one will be the wiser because you’ll be unable to make any noise! The collar won’t care. It’ll just react to your attempts. This equipment you wear is not very nice to the female who’s its prisoner, as you’ll find out soon enough. Anyway, enough of that for the moment. You’ll find out all about your newest costuming in due course.

“You’re going to be kept there in the Silo a long time for the introductory session to your punishment.” he stated unfeelingly. “Seeing as how it’s nearly 11 pm, I’m going to activate the automatic discipline program, then go up and catch the news and hit the pit for the night. I’ll be talking to you again in the morning. Enjoy your first night in there. It won’t be the last, I assure you.”

With that, her headphones went completely silent and Holly was left utterly alone in endless blackness and total silence, waiting, filled with panic and dread of what was to going to happen next. Above, in the dungeon proper, her Master tapped the ‘Start’ command into the keyboard, activating the programs that would care for her in so many different ways, then sat back and watched the large monitor with interest.

Far below, inside the cloying blackness of her masks, Holly felt the first horrifying stirrings of her Discipline Equipment.

Her nipples began to tingle, then suddenly, fierce, vibrating, pulsing, shocks coursed through the tender, blood-engorged, needled-penetrated flesh. Her breasts and nipples, already swollen with sensitizing blood, extruded even further into the teat sucker cups at the tips of the tight breast confinements; pushing deeply through and past the needle-rings, so that they began a further penetration. Within the mitts, her rubber-encased and isolated fingers attempted to claw their way out of the dense foam and she screamed against the huge, efficient plug in her mouth. The sudden, inescapable agony of the penetrating shocks was horrible, for the gag also began to discipline her tongue and mouth with pulsing waves of agonizing strength! Her legs flailed against the ‘Bar and their short hobbling wires, jerking spastically when she automatically tried to pull them as far up as she could; attempting to curl into a protective ball. It was impossible! Her ankle-cuffs were jerked to an immediate stop by their short wires, driving both the plugs deeper yet, and waggling them around madly inside her loins! Holly screamed in mindless, feminine distress, writhing around their lengths while they twisted and jerked in response to the her frenzied kicking.

The plug and clitoral electrodes suddenly seemed to ignite when shocks first twitched, then coursed with revolting pulses through her most sensitive flesh! Now, howling incoherently against her gag, she writhed and shook herself dementedly while she was disciplined; but the punishment got much worse! Her inner thighs started to shiver and jerk uncontrollably when more electrodes came to life, making her spread her legs apart and pull even more strongly on her hobble wires! When her legs opened what little they were permitted by her fastenings, the electrodes of the clitoral stimulator button became pressed even more deeply than they had before, into the node of her femininity. The little button began to vibrate fiercely, rapidly driving her into shivering and writhing fits of excitation and a wail of desire and arousal pushed up her throat, activating the guardians in her collar! A sizzling series of painful electrical pulses were unleashed from either side of her clitoris, passing directly through the now supersensitive nerve centre of her sensual and sexual universe! The pain was totally unexpected, and she screeched with agony while her legs jerked madly against their restraints; but it went on and on with her every attempted scream, rising higher and higher with intensity!

Holly knew, then, that she had descended into the very depths of a personal Hell that permitted no respite or release. Her Master had followed through on his commitments, as though he were a slavish monk, and she knew he would keep her here. In her loins, the fires and needling of electricity grew stronger and stronger! Her wild struggling and writhing, bouncing, isolated in mid-air, quickly disoriented her from whatever grasp of her surroundings she had previously held, forcing her to concentrate her full awareness on her tortured erogenous zones. The electro-shocks changed constantly in cadence and strength until she became a raving mad woman, then passed out from the intense stimulation. Eventually she came back to awareness; but it was only to be assaulted once more! With a slow, deliberate movement the huge front plug embedded within her vagina partially withdrew itself, then slid slowly back up into her depths, turning slowly so that the stubby vanes around its circumference made her feel it s presence with hugely intense sensation!

At the same time, the snares around the bases of each of her breasts slowly filled with high pressure air, resulting in them expanding and irising partially-closed! The captive flesh beyond them was squeezed painfully away from her chest and deeper into the cruel cups, slowly engorging with even more sensitizing blood; forcing her nipples further and further past the needles. The dildo began to increase its tempo of thrusting and withdrawal, until she felt as though her very core was the cylinder of some bizarre engine of pressure, distress, and pleasure! Along its huge girth, the soft yet intrusive rubber vanes slipped sibilantly over that semi-mythical area known as the ‘G’ spot, teasing her to higher and higher planes of feminine sexual arousal, until she thought she would go utterly mad from the turmoil of sensations being forced into her mind! The stubby vanes swirled around inside her love channel and she howled instinctually from the sensations; then screamed anew when the inner wall of each breast cup began to rhythmically squeeze and knead her by now supersensitive, blood-inflated flesh! For long moments Holly teetered on the edge of a stupendous orgasm, thrashing mindlessly, suspended in the darkness of her silo; unable to escape the incredible sensations.

She was forced by the design of The Suit, and her lack of any other sensory input, to concentrate on the sensations and reactions of her body, and although she strained to remain silent under the onslaught, biting hard on the deep gag pad; it was a hopeless attempt! Wild screams came again and again, activating the electronic sentinels in her collar, unleashing ever more punishing pulses through her clitoris and nipples! She couldn’t stop herself from screaming, and of course the disciplining electrical waves built higher and higher until again she was riven from awareness in an sensation-laced explosion of pleasure/pain.

When she woke, it was to experience another horrifying sensation. From the hollow plug gripped by her anal sphincter, a flood of lukewarm water began to surge up into her corset-compressed belly! She gasped raggedly while her bowels were forcibly filled, causing her to experience a discomfort that she never realized could be felt, suffering the first of many huge, forced enemas. Panting and gasping the oxygen-enriched air being pumped through her mask into her lungs, she bawled helplessly from the pain and terror, unable to escape the intimate torturing; but there was much more to come; sensations so overwhelming, that they couldn’t even be named.

At the tips of her inflated breasts, the doubled hoses slowly began a pulsating suck-release, suck-release cadence on her ringed nipples and areola, at the same time as the squeezing action increased in tempo. At first the sensation was astoundingly pleasurable; but the blood-engorged flesh quickly began to ache fiercely from the strain of the throbbing vacuum being so callously and continually applied, then to add to her horror and discomfort, at the end of each suction cycle, her nipples gradually retracted into the ring of evilly penetrating needles! They inexorably transfixed her super-sensitive flesh; wringing fresh screams from her steel and rubber-encased throat. That, though, was nowhere near the final act of her breast discipline.

Now, a different set of options came into play! The nooses cinched around her breasts against her chest wall suddenly released the high pressure air and eased open, allowing her flesh to slowly subside. For a moment she gasped with relief; but then they irised closed again around the bases of the fleshy masses, squeezing them painfully away from her body and once more deeper into their rigid cups! From the outside, nothing appeared to change; but within the rigid cups her breasts ballooned outwards into the expanding, spiky liners! Her nipples were again forced and sucked deeper and deeper past the guardian, torturing rings of needles! She felt as though they were slowly being torn from her body by the rubber nooses!

Suddenly, all at once, the vibrators buried within the two dildos as well as the one pressing against her clitoris buzzed into life, sending waves of incredible sexual stimulation crashing through her already reeling mind. The sensations rose higher and higher, mixing inextricably into a flood of stimulation and she thought she would go completely crazy from the unstoppable tsunami.

In the dungeon above, her Master checked her blood pressure, breathing, and heart monitors; glancing at the pulsing bar graphs on the screen that indicated her brain activity; checking to see that her disciplining wasn’t too severe, then he secured the key-board. A moment later the door opened and closed behind him and the room’s lights flicked off. He locked it and moved the concealing wall of tools back into place.

‘No one would ever know.’ he thought with a smile. Holly’s prison anteroom was now just a quiet, black chamber, eerily lit by the small pulsing lights on the desk control panel, an innocuous black rubber mat laying in the centre of the floor.

Within the steel-capped silo, Holly jerked and twisted insanely in a very personal Hell of blackness, mindlessly trying to beg for release from her torments, but being relentlessly assaulted again and again by the horrible devices locked onto and inside her vulnerable, encased body. It was no use! She was utterly silenced and totally-concealed from an unknowing and uncaring world beyond.

Despite her discomfort and pain, Holly’s masochism began to come to the fore while she was continually and irresistibly aroused by the pistoning of the plug, the throbbing of the insidious vibrators, and the constant stimulation of her breasts. Automatically prevented from crying out for release; she began to ride the demonic attacks on her mind and body, rising quickly again and again to orgasmic release. But each time she came close ... everything suddenly stopped!!!

For long moments she was left hanging on the very edge of an incipient explosion of feminine pleasure, gasping with exertion and frustration, writhing dementedly to reach that final trigger point, but nothing happened! She could not get that final kick to a climax, but was allowed to slowly recover her senses each time within the limitless blackness and silence of her suspension. However, after some minutes, the low-level shocks and forced stimulation began once more. Under The Suit’s gleaming exterior, her already sensitized flesh responded rapidly to the renewed stimuli, and she was taken again to the pre-orgasmic plateau, suffering the intense admixture of pain and pleasure even more thoroughly than she had the first time!

Unfortunately for her, the computer monitored her reactions carefully while she was being conditioned by the continual stimulation/punishment regime. Time after time it shut down the various inputs, just as she was ready to detonate; leaving her to curse and scream in her mind in frustration, and then, subside into trembling and whimpering desolation. The process continued unabated for long hours, until she was crazed with a hysterical need to achieve release, then finally, with a burst of completely unendurable emotion, she was forced over the edge to a titanic orgasm. A fiery blast of magma turned her entire body and mental core into a flooding plain of scintillating sensation and she passed out in an overwhelming tidal wave of whirling star-bursts, mixed with the subtle, needling shocks. She hung limply while her torments tapered off; twitching, gasping, and sobbing with relief at their momentary cessation; yet still automatically struggling to free herself.
When, much later, she returned to full awareness, still suspended in darkness and swinging gently back and forth, she began to realize that it hadn’t been a bad dream! She really was a prisoner; gagged, blinded, silenced utterly, and helplessly bound, with no way to escape from the man who, until now, she’d regarded as a free lunch to be taken advantage of. Her nipples burned fiercely from the pulsating suction and the penetration of the needles; but under the rigid cups she felt them begin to stiffen again, pulling at the rings deeply embedded in their bases when more shocks began to twitch her tender breast-flesh! The nooses around their bases had relaxed their grip sometime during the process; but they began to reassert their strangling hold on her once more and she screamed anew into her gag while her breasts were snared into painful hemispheres of feminine vulnerability. Again, the automatic discipline cycle that her attempted screams triggered punished her terribly, and there was nothing she could do to stop the process.

More screams tore from her soul when the imperative impulses of electrical energy increased in intensity, turning her now deeply sensitized breasts into incredibly painful sensory organs. Holly had been quite proud to flaunt them and tantalize all who saw her with their shape, movement, and promise of delight; until now, but this torturing she was being subjected to made her wish desperately that she’d never been born a female or had breasts! Once more, the plugs buried in her loins began their irresistible manipulations, making her thrash crazily in suspension while this time she was forced to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. The sealed silo resounded only to the clattering sound of her flailing chains; her strangled shrieks kept fully contained within her masks, helmets and flailing air hoses.

Finally, eons later, Holly realized she’d probably slept after passing out; but, despite still being enveloped in utter blackness, she could now feel herself moving as she was hoisted back into the dungeon proper.

Her Master stood looking at the mirrored bubble locked over her masked face, then flicked a switch on the remote control unit in his hand. The bubble and lenses swiftly lost their brilliant outer gleam and she could vaguely make out his face, for he stood close to her. He looked well-rested, grinning casually while she teetered before him on her high-heeled thigh-boots, exhausted and weeping silently and contritely inside her sealed head-gear. Gagging on her throat tube and feeling the ones deep inside her nostrils and sinuses twitch warningly, she nevertheless attempted to beg him to free her of the horrid thing she had been imprisoned within. He didn’t pay any attention to her attempt, and for her temerity in trying to speak while under the control of the voice-activated discipline sub-system, her nipples and clitoris received an awful, pulsing series electrical shocks. She cringed, almost collapsing, and howled even more, eliciting further shocks, as always happened now, shaking her head what little she could. Being a self-inflicted and escalating process, in seconds she writhed before him in mid-air, legs bicycling and thrashing madly while she induced her own discipline. As at other times before, the shocks eventually became too strong to withstand and she fainted, ending the cycle.
When she returned to awareness a few moments later, he freed her of the suspension chains and spreader, then, without a word, attached a leash to the tip of the ‘Bar between her legs and snapped it a couple of times. An automatic wail of distress tried to pulse from her throat and she writhed, dancing frantically while suppressing the urge to scream and protest. Only small trickles of shocks twitched her flesh this time; but she wanted it to stop! Please! He was relentless and uncaring. She gave up her attempts to resist or speak and was drawn helplessly to the next area of her re-education ... the tread-mill.

Once she was positioned on its wide belt, he attached the two heavy, dangling, overhead chains to the shoulder-rings of her under-harness/shoulder brace, adjusted their tension, then knelt and clipped the fore and aft Positioning Chains to the ring at the end of the ‘Bar, between her ankles, forcing her to remain in place. He bent her numb arms behind her back then high up between her corsetted and braced shoulders, locked the end-rings of her mitts to one another, then to the protruding back ring of her collar. Her hands had been utterly removed from her control.

Holly stood trembling, silently weeping with fear and exhaustion, desperately striving to see what he was doing while the hoses and wires connected to her Suit were re-arranged; but of course the lenses foiled her attempts to see anything. Her legs slowly went limp and she collapsed in shattered tears into the pervasive grip of her harness; but only for a moment. When her full weight came on the suspension chains, it triggered another fierce sequence of shocks to her clitoris, breasts, and tongue forcing her to leap to her feet. His voice whispered through the ear plugs.

“Hi there!” he greeted her, sounding disgustingly cheerful. “How do you like your anti-noise measures so far? I’ve turned down the threshold slightly, so you’ll be able to whine a bit; but no one will hear anything.

“Was your first Discipline Session an educational one? A little strenuous too, no doubt? I know that you did get some sleep while you were in there; so now it’s time for some exercise! I’m told that there’s nothing better for the old bod’ than a brisk walk and some running, in order to get the corpuscles moving about briskly. This machine you’re attached to is going to ensure that you do just that! Now, you needn’t worry too much, as I’ve designed the program that runs the treadmill, to give you a good work-out and not over-stress you. However, be advised that a little later it gets progressively tougher. I want you in top physical shape and so you’re going to be spending a lot of time on this machine. Matter of fact, Holly, you’ll spend every day on it from the time you’re awake until I either put you to bed, or into the silo for the night.”

“Oh yes, my dear! I have, as mentioned, provided you with a bed in here; but you probably won’t like it too much either. When you’re on it you’ll be quite thoroughly strapped down; in addition to having to undergo some ‘corrective’ experiences that you in particular, wouldn’t normally associate with beds.

“Yes, the wheels of justice grind slowly, Holly; but they do grind well, and you’re going to learn that it doesn’t pay to screw around! I’ve provided some background noises during your ‘Training’ so that you don’t go totally nuts from lack of input; but it’s nothing very exciting. Only white noise. Anyway, now it’s off to work for me. I’ll check-in this evening when I get home. Have a nice day.”

He turned and left while she struggled weakly to escape her place on the treadmill; but the front and back positioning chains clipped to the tip ring of the‘Bar made the plugs buried in her abdomen twitch very uncomfortably. The thick door of her new home swung shut and locked solidly behind him while she remained in place, staring at the blank wall some three metres in front of her. It might just as well have been three kilometres! Then, the lenses covering her eyes darkened rapidly and seconds later she was once more isolated in utter blackness, swaying slightly against her tethers, shoulders surging against the cruelly tight inner straps snared down into their softness. With suppressed gasps, she tried to cry out her desperate loneliness and contrition against the mouth-filler and masks; but it was far too late for remorse.

The ear-plug and helmet combination completely isolated her and so she stood in silence and blackness until, with a small tremor, the unseen belt of the tread-mill began to slide backwards beneath the ballet-toed boots and with every short, hobbled pace she took, the vaginal plug twitched weirdly in her belly, making her quake anew with the disturbing sensations. She desperately wanted to avoid making the internal plug stir, despite her hobbles and the high heels in conjunction severely limiting her strutting steps, but was required to walk with quick, restrained paces. This action tugged continually on the short, thick wires connecting her ankles to the ‘Bar, moving the dildo constantly and annoyingly within her body when they snapped bar-taut with every pace. In short minutes she was panting in a welter of sexual arousal from the sensations of its continual shifts and vibrations!

At first it was fairly easy for her to prance along the moving belt; but soon the effects of the high heeled ballet-toed footwear, the compressing grip of their tightly-laced leg portions and the twitching of the ‘Bar and plug assembly had her chest heaving in a deep and frantic need within its tight harness and corset. All the while, the aches in her straining legs grew more and more unbearable. She wept bitterly, deep in her throat, but then the vaginal plug began to slide into and out of her body once more, even while she walked, and small trickles of shocks pulsing from the dildo into her captive flesh! Her breasts flared with sudden agony when they were snared once more and a severe vacuum sucked at her ... then the electricity returned! Holly twisted and squirmed frantically inside her Suit and its integrated restraint harness, thrashing to avoid the unending assaults, but was cruelly forced to continue strutting along in her deeply personalized haze of half-pain/half-arousal. Finally she sank exhausted into the support of the safety chains, deep in a storm of unseen tears and gag-strangled sobs, but when she did the shocks through her breasts immediately intensified when the weight sensors unleashed ever more powerful pulses, mercilessly driving her to her feet again after every collapse.
She walked and was forced to jog for endless hours; only allowed to rest every 20 minutes, regretful of the day that she had ever seen her Master and decided to use him as she had. Holly was alone; a helpless, secret prisoner in the house; scared to wit’s end by that fact alone, and aware that there was no possible way anyone would even know she was being disciplined so terribly, and forced to toil away in the hidden dungeon.
‘What’ll happen to me if he gets injured or killed? He won’t be able to return and release me!!’ her thoughts whirled in horrified panic, cocooned in blackness.

The awful realization that she could literally spend weeks, perhaps months, alone in the hidden dungeon, automatically being watered, fed, and disciplined by the uncaring computer, nearly drove her to mental collapse. This incredible and horrifying possibility became too much for Holly to bear, and she fought desperately to free herself, screaming madly into her gag while ever stronger, more agonizing disciplinary shocks lanced into and through her tender flesh like a thousand ragged needles of unending length. She was soon bathed in sweat within the strict confinement of her Discipline Suit; the salty moisture adding to the effectiveness of the electrodes placed all over its inside. Holly was kept in unending terror from the pain, its levels increasing dramatically in duration and intensity whenever she tried to slack off or resist. The faint background of meaningless noise through her ear plugs was the only thing she could hear while she jerked continually against the chains holding her hands prisoner high up behind her back and she couldn’t ease the cramps that had set in and were now gradually numbing them into useless appendages.

What seemed like years later he returned and released her from the tread-mill, then dragged her across to the high plank of her bed. He said nothing at all, keeping her isolated in her Discipline Suit despite her despairing, pleading twitches and shivering. At one point she tried to sink to her knees and beg; but the Inhibitor Bar immediately disciplined her with a solid shock wave of discomfort when its tip banged into the concrete floor. Trembling with exhaustion, she wondered how she was expected to get up onto the so-called bed, bound and helpless as she was; but this problem was solved an instant later when he easily picked her up and laid her out on its rigid, lightly padded narrowness. Uncaring, she lay in a dazed stupor while he fastened her in place with a network of heavy leather straps and inside two minutes she was held motionless but for the slight rise and fall of her rigidly-encased breasts, still ballooned into hyper-sensitivity inside their cups by the interior, garroting rings around their bases. She struggled to breathe against the rib-straining compression of her corset; glad to finally be off her aching feet and the punishing high heels; able to relax, so she thought, briefly. She’d forgotten his earlier comments.

For a moment, he permitted the lenses over her eyes and the face bubble to become transparent, then stared thoughtfully down into her dilated, tear-brimming eyes. No words were spoken, and she realized then that she desperately craved the sound of a human voice, even if it was only to tell her of more torments to come. He cruelly he switched off her vision thirty seconds later, plunging Holly once more into unending darkness and silence. She had tried desperately with her briefly revealed eyes, to beg him for release; but he’d ignored their silent pleas and smiled with grim satisfaction when their terror dilated fullness disappeared behind the mirror finishes once more.

He looked down at his encased prisoner, then pulled up a thick rubber sheet, completely covering and sealing the firmly strap-webbed figure under the impervious black material. Only the bulbous, mirror-finished bowl over her face and head was visible at one end, while a little lower, the twin hummocks of her breast cups distorted the shiny sheet. From the helmet and its underlying masks, and again at the apexes of the projections of her breasts, the multiple hoses and wires trailed across to the steel plate, disappearing to their mountings in the wall of the deep silo.

“Sleep tight, bitch.” he muttered, staring at the rubber-entombed occupant of the bed, then walked to the desk, tapped the keys for a moment, and turned to watch.

Beneath the imprisoning cover of the thick rubber sheet, Holly felt her horrid new Uniform equipment come to appalling life again! With gag-strangled pleading screams and gasps, she surged insanely against her implacable bonds while she was ravaged by the all-over needling electrical currents, the leech-like sucking at her nipples, and the pistoning of the plug in her belly! Her compressed abdomen seemed to swell to enormous size when it filled first with ice-cold then sweltering hot water, and her hands and arms strained against their securings while she struggled hysterically to free them. Of course it was impossible to tear free of the mitts, and Suit that held her as a disciplined captive while spasming continually against the sturdy straps. On the other side of the room her Master paused while closing the door, and watched the writhing, rubber-encased, imprisoned woman struggle to escape; or just ease her distress and discomfort the smallest bit. He knew that if her breaking and training encapsulation were to be fully effective, her lessons would have to be constantly applied, despite how much she wanted them to stop.

The door sighed shut with a muffled thump, its electric locks snapping closed when the cell’s lights went out. The beautiful but deaf and rubber encased, sightless, and tearfully regretful female was once more left alone to her darkness, silence ... and discipline. He knew her masochism would re-surface and she would rapidly become immersed in the throes of multiple orgasms when she began to enter more and more deeply into her ‘training’.

The next morning, Holly was released from the bed and returned to the treadmill. She again had to struggle desperately to keep up with its ever-increasing demands; disciplined harshly by the computer if she didn’t perform as required, then in the evening, he subjected her to another night of suspension and discipline within the silo. She spent that night and the entire next day thrashing in mad futility against her chains while her punishment continued, rising to higher, more intense and long-term levels than before. Holly was rapidly being broken away from her previous life and attitudes; but it was a difficult, long, and painful process. Much later, he again strapped her to the bed and allowed her to rest without a discipline component; but the day after, she once more found herself on the treadmill.

Two weeks later, Holly had become a sexually-addicted female; but was still unable to accustom herself to the constant, pervasive discipline that was administered every time she failed to perform as required. There was no release or let-up to the continual punishments, her constant state of utterly helpless bondage, or any easement of the Discipline Suit she was entombed within and she had become an utter slave. Her continual punishments and orgasms had brought her masochistic self into full flower, and he knew that what he was doing was accelerating the process with the help of technology.

Over the following month, she became more and more conditioned to wearing her Suit, accepting it, after much terror and pain, as an integral condition of her new life. She had slowly learned to breath against the restrictions of the corset, and now he only attached the air hoses to her helmet when she was placed in the silo, on the treadmill, or was strapped to the so-called bed.

Uncountable time later for Holly, he took her from the Dungeon; but only after leashing her with a light chain clipped to the Inhibitor Bar’s tip ring. Of course she wore only 10 cm wires from each ankle-cuff, and with every step, until she learned to limit her paces, she would be constantly reminded of her hobble when the Inhibitor Bar and dildo jerked to their tugging, thus making the arrangement of restraints an extremely efficient training and discipline environment.

Holly was unaware that this restriction had become a permanent modification of her uniform, as she’d begun to think of her imprisoning Suit. And too, she’d wear all of it, except, perhaps, the helmet and masks; even when taken out in public, from this point forward. As a woman she would normally be entitled to wear what she wanted; but now that she was his prisoner and slave, her wardrobe was his to command and decide upon. She would always be required to wear floor-length, restricting skirts, some full and with multiple petticoats and others pencil thin, thus concealing the fact that she wore the Inhibitor Bar, ankle cuffs, and hobble chains. Conversely though, when she was to be taken out to a club or kink gathering of some kind, she would wear only a mid-thigh length flared skirt that would fully reveal the rigid ‘Bar descending between her thigh-booted legs.

Generally, the remainder of her clothing would also be as concealing as the long skirts and so she could be taken out in public, fully-restrained, and totally silenced. Her horrendous gag pad was now a full time part of her life, unobtrusively locked into her mouth and onto her tongue, denying her any chance of removing it without his assistance. For Holly, running or even rapid walking was now an impossible exercise, and she realized that she’d have to accept the constantly disconcerting wobbling of the plug unless she wanted to face its far more painful attentions when she didn’t maintain her pace!

Surprisingly one day, he brought her up to the main floor of the house. Holly had begun to think that she would be kept forever as his captive in the underground rooms. She marvelled at the half-forgotten world outside the windows, even though she could barely see it and he permitted her to walk around the rooms for a couple of minutes; but kept always on a short, controlling leash. When she moved in directions he didn’t approve of, a quick snap on it quickly brought her to heel. She was allowed some limited freedom for her still mittened hands, them being connected by short chains from her wrist cuffs to the steel waist band of the Chastity Belt.

She’d always enjoyed being out on the large, enclosed back yard; but was not mentally prepared to accept what came next. The day was bright and sunny with a mild breeze when he opened the kitchen door onto the deck, and she attempted to hesitate, horrified with embarrassment, when, with an irresistible tug, she was dragged out onto the wide deck. Instinctively, she still tried desperately to resist the commanding tension on her ‘Bar leash; but couldn’t avoid its disturbing and commanding sensations. He led her easily led down the short flight of steps, then out to the middle of the lawn and Holly was horrified by the thought that someone might observe her in her humiliating, strange ‘Uniform’; held in such controlling bondage. However, she had no choice or say in the matter any more! Whining pitifully against her gag, deafened and almost blinded within the helmets and masks, she had to obey the command of her leash even though continuing to try and hold back. Her efforts were useless and so she had to give in to his silent commands via the leash, and follow him submissively down the steps then across the lawn to a heavy ring-bolt screwed deeply into the hard earth. In seconds he’d connected the other end of her tether to it with a heavy lock.

“I think it’s time you spent an hour or two in the real world.” His voice whispered into her plugged ears. “See you later!”

It was the first time he’d spoken to her in days and she was absurdly grateful to hear anything; but all sound ceased, again!

His shape was vaguely outlined in her vision for only a moment more. He’d left her alone and gone back into the house, leaving her fastened in the middle of the wide expanse of grass, fully visible to anyone who looked over the high fence. She stared fearfully out from within her sealed helmet, securely leashed to her post, then tried to follow him back to the sanctuary of the house. A second later a sharp uncomfortable surge of her dildo brought her up short when the leash’s links snapped tight to the ring at the tip of the Inhibitor Bar where it twitched between her ankles.

He watched from the bedroom window on the second floor while she struggled, mincing delicately around the lawn, testing the limit of her leash; knowing that the fears she had of being discovered were groundless. The neighbours had all gone away for the week-end and they couldn’t see into the property. With a quick touch on the key-pad of the remote control, he turned the power to her face-plate and lenses off, again plunging her into total darkness. Unable to see anything, Holly was continually terrorized when the ‘Bar and plug assembly exerted their authority and control of her freedom.

Two hours later he brought her back inside then quickly returned her to captivity in the secret dungeon. In minutes she lay strapped onto her bed, concealed beneath the thick rubber sheet, being subjected to a fresh round of discipline and sexual stimulation.

‘In two more months,’ he thought, ‘she’ll be about done to a turn.’ He’d completely remove her Discipline Suit at that time then equip her with the steel Punishment Chastity Belt and Bra. Once locked into them, she’d be re-incarcerated in her thick rubber Discipline Suit. As he’d planned, she’d always be required to wear both plugs and the long Inhibitor Bar, and as a consequence would have to wear the ankle- and floor-length skirts and dresses that she so hated. It was necessary if she was to be taken out into ‘polite society’; but again, he also had plans for her to wear shorter skirts and even some of the old style hot pants that would reveal the Inhibitor Bar sticking embarrassingly down between her legs, it’s leash rising to his controlling fist.

As to piercing's, he mused; she’d soon have a transverse rod mounted across and through the width of her tongue and these would be fastened to other portions of her facial piercings and dental hardware. They would prove to be not only painful if fought against; but constantly intrusive and restricting. All the arrangements had been made for this to be done by the doctor who’d executed the previous piercings and too, there was the additional jewellery for her nose and lips. These would also be equipped with thicker, hardened, stainless steel U shackles and the nose piercing and rings in particular would prove to be very controlling and humiliating devices for her ... especially since they would be made quite permanent fixtures and decorations for her body.

The nose jewellery had already been created. It was a thin hardened shaft that would completely transfix her outer nostrils and septum; to be mounted high up in the flexible cartilage. All the wounds would eventually grommeted, then the stainless rod would be passed through the them and the eyelets of the U shackle. Once in place, small rings would be fitted in the holes at the ends of the shaft and welded closed, in effect making the entire assembly non-removable! Of course once she wore it, the potential for fastening or incorporating additional bondage became possible. Hell, she could walk around wearing an opaque veil or yashmak, unable to remove them; fully-gagged and restrained, with no one the wiser!

In combination with her Disciplining Collar, Bra, and the Chastity Belt/Inhibitor Bar combination, and thanks to miniaturized electronics and cellular phone technology he worked with, she was going to be totally and always under his control and he intended to keep her that way for the rest of his life. Naturally, she’d be required to wear her badges of servitude in addition to the variety of strict leather and rubber costumes that already waited in her closets. They would, of course, be locked on, and she’d require two week refresher courses in the dungeon every six months just to keep her honest.

‘Life is good, and getting better and better!’ he thought with a smile, watching her frantic writhing under the thick rubber sheet.

He locked the door, turned off the light, and went upstairs with a happy whistle, leaving Holly alone to endure and be moulded by the terrible and uncompromising training of her personal Discipline Suit.

Perhaps he’d enrol her in a new program he’d heard about. In year or so she’d certainly have the physical stamina and mental attitude it took to train her as a Human Horse Woman, and that program would prove to be the ultimate in control for her rebellious personality. He’d enjoy seeing her dressed in a harness, bridle, and bit, over and above and in combination with her chastity system, all the while fighting her reins when she was relentlessly driven to perform. She wasn’t a stupid woman, and would know she was being transformed, quite literally, into a helpless, thoroughly obedient animal. With her imprisonment within the Discipline Suit, she was already well down that road.

There would be no escape for her from that program either, and once she’d graduated, he thought she’d look absolutely stunning, harnessed and rein-controlled between the shafts of a racing sulky.

What more could one ask for in life?