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The Subject, whose name and signature appear below, has VOLUNTARILY submitted her/himself to the Evaluation and Corrective Discipline Therapy (E&CDT) as detailed in the following pages.

The Subject willingly accepts, and fully understands that these procedures will be of long duration and intensely stressful, both physically and mentally.

The Subject hereby consents to ALL processes, with the full knowledge that ANY and ALL requests for the session to be terminated; HOWEVER expressed, will be disregarded.

The Subject fully understands that ALL of the Evaluation and the Corrective Discipline Therapy procedures following WILL continue until the Evaluator has completed them, in compliance with this document.


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The Subject shall ALWAYS remain controlled by either a Restraint Harness or other restraint ensemble while in confinement, this designed to prevent the possibility of the Subject harming him/herself.

Restrictor Chains shall be included in the Harness make-up to assist in this goal and will be applied in such a manner that if subject stands erect, or in any way straightens her/his legs; they will automatically draw the Wrist Separator Bar tightly against the Chastity Belt Waist Band, and the elbows will be pulled in behind the back. Upon arrival at the cell, the Subject will be fitted with the full restraint appliances, including a Feeding/Watering Gag; this locked to the Subject’s metal Head Cage and connected to the water reservoir.
Here follows the list and application of the Subject’s normal Cell Restraint System and Equipment:

A steel collar, a steel chastity belt, steel thigh bands, wrist cuffs and their separator bar, restrictor chains, elbow cuffs, and the Spanish Trapezoid.


While being transported from his/her cell, the Subject shall always be leashed by the collar, both front and back, thus keeping the him/her isolated and centred between the two escorting Corrective Discipline Administrator’s (CDA). Once within the cell, the Subject shall be required to face into a corner, then be immediately secured by means of the three wall leashes. These shall be connected to the Subject’s restraints in the following manner: back ring of the collar; back ring of the chastity belt waist band and to the central ring of ankle separator bar.


The Subject may be left unattended in his/her cell until it time for him/her to be chain-secured on the floor mattresses for the night. Night Chaining shall be executed as detailed below:
1 - The Subject shall be escorted to the mattress and made to sit, then lay upon it.
2 - The Subject’s back-of-the-collar chain shall be immediately connected to the floor ring at the top of the mattress.
3 - The Subject’s legs are to be straightened prior to the final tightening of all chains, then the chain from the floor ring at the bottom of the mattress shall be connected to the central ring of the Ankle Separator Bar. This ensures that the Subject’s Wrist Separator Bar is pulled in firmly to the Waistband of the Chastity Belt, and that the Subject’s elbows are drawn in to the sides of the body
4- Anti-rolling chains from the chest harness side rings - one chain to each side to the floor ring.
5- Anti-rolling chains from the waist cinch side rings - one chain to each side to the floor ring.
6- From the outer ring of each wrist cuff - one chain to each waist cinch floor ring.
7- All chains to be tightened.

Should disciplinary arrangements be deemed necessary for the night and/or daytime in the cell, the Subject may also be confined in the ‘Swing’. The Swing is designed to hold the Subject in a semi-suspended, upright position and the process is indicated below:
1 - Overhead bar connected to the ceiling ring by its central chain.
2 - The Subject shall be required to step up, onto the two, pre-positioned blocks.
3 - Two side chains are locked to the hip rings of the Subject’s Chastity Belt Waistband, then the central descending chain is locked to the top ring of the Subject’s Head Cage.
4 - Breach of conduct and its requisite Sentence shall then be read to the Subject.
5 - The step-up blocks shall be pulled from beneath the Subject’s feet.
6 - He/she will be left alone in the Cell until the completion of the Discipline has been effected.
7 - Meals shall be fed to the subject via the feeding fitting on the front of the Gag Panel, while the Subject remains in semi-suspension of the Swing.

It cannot be stated too strongly that the Subject is to be kept securely fastened at all times.
All equipment employed is designed and intended to discipline the Subject constantly, prevent the Subject from removing any of his/her restraints, and to prevent him/her from harming themselves in any way. Thus, the Subject is constantly aware that he/she is always available for any further Corrective Discipline Therapy (CDT) required, or desired, by the CDA.
Escape from, or avoidance of the Therapy is NOT permitted at any time.



The Evaluation and Corrective Discipline Procedure (E&CDT) consists of three major sections.
The first is the Preparation, the second Evaluation, and the third is the actual Corrective Discipline Therapy.


The First Portion requires that the Subject accept the various appliances of the Evaluation and Discipline Harness being fitted to, and/or inserted within, his/her body. Upon completion of being so equipped, he/she shall then be held ready under remotely-controlled, mild stimuli until such time as the CDA arrives at the Testing Facility.
The Subject will be kept standing, held in place by various springs. The Subject’s Spanish Trapezoid leg restraint system will be connected to floor restraint rings and in addition, the Subject’s arms will be held forward and away from his/her body by means of the Wrist Separator Bar being connected to the forward transport bar or chains from the upper front.
These restraints are designed and applied to prevent unauthorized movement or removal of Testing Appliances and Equipment by the Subject. Once secured in the mandated appliances, the Subject will, as a result, be incapable of escaping them until such time as release is permitted by the CDA.


The Second Portion consists of sub-sections designed to measure and record the Subject’s physical sensitivity and mental resistance to various stimuli. Evaluation shall be carried out in the manner detailed in Section Two of the following documentation.


The Third Portion consists of the different modes of Corrective Discipline Therapy, these to be administered during this Procedure. CDT is designed to effectively employ the Evaluation Data.


Prior to the CDA’s arrival at the Testing Facility, the Subject will already have been fitted with the full complement of CDT appliances. These shall include the full gas mask/helmet, locked on. The Subject will already be under Breathing Control, in addition to being rendered sightless and deafened while awaiting further action by the CDA. Upon arrival at the Testing Facility, the Evaluator will ensure that the Subject remains held fully-restrained in semi-suspension. The Subject’s sight will have been removed by the application of a ‘blinder’ panel, fastened to the Head Cage, over the mask’s eye ports. Loss of hearing will have been achieved by means of ear plugs, and the application of “white noise” over the speakers within the ear covering domes.

The CDA will note that the Subject has been held in this manner for at least one hour prior to his/her arrival, under milder stimuli than will be employed during the Evaluation and Corrective Discipline Therapy to follow. This period of preparation ensures that the Subject has become acclimatized to the sensations that the Evaluation and Discipline Harness is capable of creating. With the Subject secured within the Equipment, the Evaluator should keep in mind that he/she is completely helpless, and totally vulnerable to the E&CDT. The Subject may have become strongly agitated by the time the CDA arrives, exhibiting an urgent desire to prevent, forestall, or avoid the E&CDT. This reaction is normal; and it is to be completely disregarded by the CDA.

All equipment: the harness, gas mask/helmet/head cage, together with all other head gear, vacuum hoses and all cabling, shall remain attached to the Subject for the entire duration of the E&CDT. Removal of the various components shall only occur upon termination of the eight hour Rest Period required after the E&CDT. Given that the Subject’s eyes and face will not be visible, reactions to the various stimuli shall be assessed by the volume, frequency, and desperation of the Subject’s verbal expressions, and through observation of the gross physical reactions to applied stimuli.

The design and functions of the Equipment are complex and so the stimuli application will be strong and of extended duration. In most cases and very soon after the E&CDT commences, the Subject will break down into tears and/or pleading to be released, or for the entire process to be suspended or stopped. This is a normal reaction, indicating that the Evaluation Process is functioning as it should. In due course the program of Corrective Discipline Therapy will achieve the desired results of full compliance to the regulatory regime required.

Release or easement of the conditions under which the Subject is held, is NOT permitted while this Therapy is being carried out.


There will be a natural desire on the part of the Subject to somehow avoid the more strenuous portions of these procedures. These will, in all likelihood, consist of quite emphatic demands, pleading, and/or eventually screams for the application of the various stimuli being applied to be stopped. As stated previously, this is a normal reaction, and shall be used as a gauge on the effectiveness of the CDT. All such protests shall be completely disregarded by the CDA until the procedures have been concluded, in accordance with this directive.

During the course of the E&CDT, the Subject’s restraint system will require adjustment. The Subject will, quite naturally, resist being required to accept such changes, knowing that further Evaluation, or that the Disciplinary Therapy is about to begin. Upon any such occurrence, immediate application of electrical stimulus to the buttocks shall be applied. Should she/he continue refusal to co-operate with the Evaluator’s requirements, further stimuli of whatever strength may be required in order to subdue the Subject, and shall be applied to the breasts and/or penile/vaginal areas.

All changes by the Evaluator to the Restraint System, must be submitted to by the Subject, without resistance.


At all times, the Subject should be permitted only extremely limited use of hands and arms. Both legs, or both arms shall not be free of restraint simultaneously. A minimum of at least two of the Subject’s limbs shall remain secured in some manner at all times.

The sole exception shall be when the Restraint System requires adjustment. When this becomes necessary, only one limb at a time is to be partially freed; thus, either the upper or lower portion of that limb will remain fastened; either to the equipment being worn by the Subject, restraint rings on the wall/floor, or other equipment.

The Subject shall remain securely chain leashed to either a floor restraint ring or a wall restraint ring by a minimum of at least one tether at all times while undergoing CDT.


The Subject’s arms and hands shall be gloved, then restrained by the following means: Hand Isolator Mitts shall be worn at all times, locked in place by doubled hand cuffs. These hand cuffs shall at all times remain secured at the ends of their Separator Bar. The Subject will always wear above-the-elbow cuffs and these shall be secured to the Upper Body Harness, central back ring.

When required to change the position of the Subject’s arms, the following process shall be followed.

In separate operations for each arm: one end of the Wrist Separator Bar is to be freed of the Forward Transport Bar, and the elbow cuff restraint chain shall be tightened. This will result in the Wrist Separator Bar being partially drawn in toward the front of the Subject’s Waist cinch. Release the other end of the Wrist Separator Bar and similarly tighten the elbow cuff chain. At this point, proceed behind the subject and tighten both elbow chains together until the wrist separator bar presses firmly against the waist cinch. Resistance to this being done shall not be tolerated. The Subject will be encouraged to cooperate (if necessary) by means of Disciplinary Stimuli.


At points during the CDT process, the CDA will be required to place the Subject’s arms and hands behind the back, then folded upwards between the shoulders, as much as the Upper Body Harness will permit.
The Subject will have only one wrist at a time released. Prior to release, a chain of sufficient length will be attached to the Subject’s wrist cuff, then to the back ring of the collar. Only then will that wrist be freed from the Separator Bar. The CDA shall then encourage the Subject to bend that arm and fold it behind his/her back and position the limb between the shoulder blades. The wrist to collar chain shall be shortened to prevent a change in this position.
Repeat the process on the other arm.
The CDA will then alternately tighten the chains until Subject becomes agitated, showing by means of either verbalization or physical reaction, that the limit of fastening has been reached, for the moment.
Secure the Subject’s elbows to the body harness by tightening the elbow cuff chains already connected.
The Subject may then be left in the Overhead Track Control System (OTCS) for further Evaluation, or Corrective Discipline Therapy.


At the upper right of the Controls Area is the control for the Treadmill (unused in this Session). Immediately below this sub-panel are the two ErosTek (Model ET-312) electro-stimulation machines. Beneath these are the two standard switches that control the vacuum pumps; one for the Breast Cups, the other for the Penile Sheath. At the bottom right corner of the Control Panel is the hoist control switch. The Digital Sequencer Controls are located in a separate box above the Main Panel.
Two rocker switches are located at the bottom centre of the panel, and control the power supply to the vacuum pumps for the Penile Sheath and Breast Cups. To the upper and centre left are the pulsation valves for the vacuum lines for the Penile Sheath and the Breast Cups. Bleed air valves for the vacuum appliances are mounted on the control panel, below the main valves for each section.
A separate set of controls for the Venus-2000 is located at the upper left corner of the control panel: these being an air subtraction/addition valve, speed and power controls.
On the wall above is the Subject Intercom unit and head phones with boom microphone.
On the left side of the Control Panel is a small table with provision for a laptop computer to be integrated into the entire matrix.
At the centre of the Panel is a CD player that may be inter-connected to the intercom and/or simultaneously, to the e-stim equipment
The ventilator is a stand-alone device with its own set of comprehensive controls.
An AM/FM radio receiver is co-located with these controls and is employed to supply “white noise” in-put to the Subject, thereby ensuring that the Subject is unable to hear anything within her/his immediate area of the Testing Facility. The receiver also acts as an amplifier and may be employed to transmit the Evaluator’s comments or commands to the Subject.

- UPPER ET-312 - UNIT “A” -

This machine is generally employed in the following manner and may be used in conjunction with a microphone or other line input:


Channel A - Electrical/Vacuum Penis Tube in combination with uni-polar butt plug.
     Channel B - Bi-polar butt plug, or, buttock Spanker Pads.


Channel A - Bi-polar vaginal dildo
     Channel B - Bi-polar butt plug

- LOWER ET-312 - UNIT “B” -

This machine is generally employed in the following manner and may be used in conjunction with a microphone or other line input:


Channel A - Right breast and nipple
    Channel B - Left breast and nipple or, both breasts controlled through a ‘Y’ connector to Channel A. This leaves Channel B available for other use.


Channel A - Right breast and nipple.

Channel B - Left breast and nipple, or, both breasts controlled through a ‘Y’ connector to Channel A. This leaves Channel B available for other use.


This machine can only be used in conjunction with the Erostek units and the Rippler Tube or Dildo. Recommended settings are: ET-312, ‘A’ Unit, Channel A, User Program 1. The Sequencer itself has a comprehensive set of controls for various types of inputs. Power levels are governed from the Erostek unit.


The Evaluator will find the Subject fully locked into the Breathing Control System (BCS), and that it is in the ‘Normal’ mode (minimally restricted breathing permitted). Otherwise, the subject may be already connected to the Bubbler Column, Breathing Restriction System (BCBRS).

The BCS and BCBRS consists of a number of components: a Gas Mask/Helmet (sealed onto the Subject’s head by means of an integrated collar/head harness, this having the collar portion fitted under the neck tube of the helmet); an interior drinking tube, and corrugated air supply hoses; connected to the ventilator or the Bubbler Columns. When fully operational and properly applied to the Subject, he/she will experience a built-in, low resistance to breathing and will be required to make some small conscious effort to inhale fully. The subject may drink water at any time by sucking on the tube projecting into his/her mouth.

The Breathing Control System shall be employed at all times and randomly closed down during the entire E&CDT to enhance and reinforce the sensations the Subject is required to experience.


The Vacuum System is part of the Stimulus Equipment Group.

The male equipment consists of the following: a vacuum/electrical penile tube and its connecting hose(s), vacuum/electrical breast cups and their hoses, the regulator valve mechanisms, the bleed air valves and the vacuum pumps themselves. The valves are used to apply varying amounts of suction to the breast cups and the penile tube, causing the tissue contained within to erect, thus increasing the skin contact area for the required electrical stimulation.

In the case of male usage, there are two types of tube, the normal opaque style with two vertical electrodes on the interior, and the Rippler Tube. The following should be noted: the penile tubes can be equipped with two styles and thicknesses of brass, urethral, sounds: diameters of 1/4" or 3/8" are available, either diameter in smooth or ribbed configuration. The sound has been previously threaded into the wearer’s penis, and projects to the abdominal wall.

The Rippler Tube’s interior surface has closely-spaced rings along its length and these may be employed as a group, acting as a single pole, or, they may be used in a sequential manner employing the Digital Sequencer, thus providing a ‘rippling’ sensation of stimulation along the length of the organ, depending upon the severity of treatment required.

The breast cups are fitted with outer rim and spring-loaded, nipple contact pads to ensure that the Subject’s nipples remain constantly connected to the stimulation equipment. These cups are wired so that electrical flow is from the rim of each, to and through the Subject’s nipples.

Closing off the regulator valves will dramatically increase the amount of vacuum applied to the Subject, thus causing a rapid increase in discomfort the longer they remain off.


The “white noise” generator consists of a standard, AM/FM receiver, tuned to an unused frequency; thus generating a static hiss: in effect “white noise”. The volume of sound fed to the Subject’s head phones is sufficient to blanket or deeply conceal any external noises within the Testing Facility. A microphone input is also provided for use by the Evaluator/CDA.


The following is an overview of the Restraint Harness worn by all Subjects undergoing the E&CDT.

It consists of four main parts: a Waist Cinch, a Crotch Piece (male or female), an Upper Body Harness and the Gas Mask/Head Cage and collar combination. All of these pieces are integrated and connected to each other, and once this has been accomplished, they in effect, become a single entity. The four main pieces are dealt with, separately, hereinafter.

The Restraint Harness is equipped with a myriad of rings and fittings to which these additional pieces may be fastened, or by which the Subject may be further restrained, or completely suspended It is relatively comfortable to wear, and any Subject wearing the equipment may be safely kept restrained within it almost without limit to duration.

The Restraint Harness is suspension-capable, allowing the Evaluator to remove the Subject from contact with the floor. This option may be utilized by attaching heavy duty springs to the Restraint Harness, then connecting these to the available rings in the ceiling; either in a vertical or horizontal position, or combination of the two.

It should be noted that suspension, especially if the Subject is blinded and deafened, adds dramatically to the effectiveness of the Corrective Discipline Process. If suspension is employed, the Subject is then made fully aware that there is no possible way to escape from his/her situation, being totally unable to obtain any sort of leverage. Suspension also permits a fuller range of movement by the Subject, thus allowing the Evaluator a better comprehension of the physical reactions to applied stimuli.

Secondary equipment such as gloves, boots, mitts, arm corsets, etc., may be added and secured to the basic units by means of their associated integrating straps.


The ruber under suit is a full body covering envelope and is worn under the restraint harness detailed below. The suit is constructed of a thick rubber and has attached feet. It is entered through the top, after the shoulder zippers have been opened. There are purpose designed apertures on the chest of the suit to allow full access to the Subject’s breasts and nipples, and for the application of breast cups. The lower arms are fully closed by means of zippers and the crotch area has access zippers as well.


Two types of rubber helmets are available: thin and thick. These may both be used at the same time, should the CDA deem it appropriate. The thin helmet shall be applied first, then the thick one. The thick helmet has provision for a blinder panel and for the application of various types of inflatable gags. Long, nostril penetrating tubes, despite their discomfort, should be used at all time with the helmets, to ensure a clear airway. The CDA should be aware that these helmets, especially in combination, can very quickly become almost impossible to wear, in the view of the Subject.


The helmeted Gas Mask covers the entire face and head of the Subject; fastening from the crown of the head to the base of the wearer’s neck at the back. This may be worn in addition to the two types of helmets described previously, thus encapsulating the Subject’s head in either two or three layers. The appliance consists of an inner face mask, microphone and drinking tube, integrated with a thick rubber helmet. When zipped and closed properly it becomes an air-tight enclosure, and then the mask harness is fastened over the helmet. External fittings permit the attachment of a water hose, air intake hose, communication cables and the used air exhaust hose.


Rubber or leather Arm Corsets may be employed to limit bending of the arms by the Subject. These appliances extend from the Subject’s shoulders to the first knuckle joint and are worn over, shoulder-length, gloves, then laced for their full length. When the lacing has been completed, the Arm Corsets are gartered to the Upper Body Harness using the straps provided at the points of the shoulders.


Three types of rubber gloves are always employed. The inner gloves are thin and wrist length. The middle layer gloves are mid-lower arm length, thick, neoprene rubber and the outer gloves are thick rubber, shoulder length.


The Isolation Mitts shall be worn by Subjects at all times.

These appliances shall be fitted in the following manner: the Subject will first be fitted with the thin innerrubber gloves, then the middle layer, thick neoprene gloves, then the shoulder length, thick rubber gloves. Next, thick, deeply padded rubber isolation mitts will be slid over the hands of the Subject and drawn fully up to mid-arm. At this point, the sleeves of the rubber suit shall be zipped closed over the top of the Isolation Mitt’s gauntlets, thus securing them fully.

Additional securing is obtained by the application, on each wrist, of hand cuffs, these joined by a wrist Separator Bar. Short chains from their locks may be secured to the Body Harness, the Forward Transport Bar, or any other Equipment Rings. Direct-connected Restraint Springs, under tension, may also be employed.


The Upper Body Harness is designed to both restrict the movement of the thorax and to act as the mounting platform for the vacuum/electrical breast cups. In addition, with the multiple rings mounted over its surface, it can be employed to connect restraint chains for the limbs and to fixtures mounted on the floor, walls, or ceiling. As well these rings are employed to connect suspension springs. The Upper Body Harness is integrated to the Waist Cinch by means of eight ‘integrator’ straps.


The waist cinch is the central anchoring garment. It acts to compress the waist and is equipped with multiple rings around its central circumference, for the attachment of various restraint chains. The Upper Body Harness is integrated to the upper edge rings of this piece by means of three straps at the front and the back, as well as diagonally mounted side straps. Below, the crotch piece is connected to it by means of three straps at the front, one strap through the crotch and fastened at the back, and two under the buttock straps connected at the hips.


The female Crotch Piece consists of a covering piece that is fastened to the Waist Cinch be means of three straps at the front, one strap under each buttock and a central strap between the buttocks. This piece has the standard fitting of a one and a half inch diameter, variable length, vaginal plug. Also, an anal plug of whatever length may be mounted. The vaginal plug is electrical capable; being equipped with lengthways contact wires, or in some cases, with contact rings along its length: these designed to provide a ‘rippling’ sensation of penetration when activated sequentially.

It is firmly mounted to the crotch piece, and may be combined with an external Inhibitor Bar. The crotch piece is also fitted with vaginal lip, and clitoral electrodes.

Over-the-buttock straps with electrical ‘spanker’ electrodes are a part of this piece


This device is for female use. It is a self-contained unit and uses the same operating protocols for its operation as does the Rippler Tube.


The male Crotch Piece is of the same basic structure as the female piece, with some significant differences. The vacuum/electrical penile tube is securely mounted over an aperture on the front portion of the piece.

The vacuum/electrical tube is designed to form an air tight seal against the body of the wearer. Two types of tubes are available. The first has only two copper strips for its internal length, whereas the second is a clear (removable) acrylic tube with a constriction at the base, to ensure erectness and ease of application. The interior of this second type is equipped with closely-spaced rings and employed in the manner noted previously.

Both types of tubes have the option of being fitted with a urethral, quarter inch diameter or larger, brass, electrode/sound. This sound is designed to project down the length of the contained organ to the abdominal wall.

Electrical stimulation is applied in a variety of means. The first method is from the brass butt plug, through the prostate, through the penis, and out to the copper liner/electro-conductive liner of the tube.

The second method of stimulation involves a separately-controlled electrical butt plug, combined with a separately-controlled penis tube. In this case, the electrical stimulation is supplied from the urethral sound to the tube’s inner contacts, either all at the same time or sequentially.


This device can be employed in a two ways. 1 - Using the tube only for e-stim, by means of the internal ring electrodes and a urethral sound (smooth or ribbed, either type of 1/4" diameter or 3/8" diameter). 2 - using the internal, ring electrodes as one pole and a uni-polar butt plug as the opposite pole.


Free vision is not permitted. The face panel of the gas mask consists of an opaque plastic in which is mounted the video goggles. Vision is capable only with the use of a signal supplied through the goggles; otherwise, the Subject remains completely sightless.


The Collar consists of either a thick, leather strap that locks over the Gas Mask/Helmet and around the neck of the Subject, or a 2 inch wide stainless steel collar.

Incorporated within the structure of the Head Cage, are two domes over the ears, these containing speakers that provide either ‘white noise’ or commands to the Subject. Provision is made for the attachment of blinder panels over the eye ports. Multiple rings are provided for the attachment of leashes and various restraint chains.


These restraints are 5 cm wide, 5 mm thick stainless steel bands equipped with diametrically opposed restraint rings. A removable shackle on the inner side of each cuff permits the use of a separator bar. The Thigh Cuffs are 4 cm wide, 5 mm thick stainless steel and are equipped with multiple restraint rings. Provision has been made for the employment of dual separator bars.


These appliances consist of two, larger, 4 cm wide 5 mm thick stainless steel cuffs.   The cuffs are tightened above the elbows, for use in further restricting the Subject’s arm movement, or removing it entirely by means of connecting chains.


The Wrist Cuff/Hand Separator Bar and the Ankle Separator bar are integral and necessary parts of the Restraint System.

These devices are employed to maintain the security of the Subject at all times by means of keeping his/her hands and legs widely and securely separated. Restraining chains from these Bars shall be employed: these fastened either to the Subject’s Restraint Harness or other secure mountings if there is a requirement for the Subject to be freed of the restricting springs initially employed, to restrict the upper or lower limbs.


The footwear supplied is designed to reduce the capability of free movement by the Subject and will be the first items that the Subject is fitted with.

Normal imprisonment footwear consists of a pair of lace-up, thigh high, ballet-toed boots. Each boot is fitted with a separate, stirrup-strapped ankle cuff and at the top, is tightly gartered to the waist cinch.
Other types of boots may be employed: Knee high, platform soled, Hoof Boots, etc.


This is a severe lower limb restraint, consisting of the following components: ankle cuffs, below-the-knee cuffs, joining steel bars, and an attached twelve kilo lead Restrictor Ball at the end of a 40 cm long chain.

The same general rule applied to the Subject’s arm mobility, shall be applied to the removal of the Spanish Trapezoid and its attached Ball. One ankle shall be kept cuffed and connected to the Iron Ball (or a floor ring) at all times, until the six inch hobble chain and its leash chain has been fitted to the Subject. The Spanish Trapezoid and its associated Restrictor Ball must not be removed until the Subject is to be transferred to the Plank Bed.

The Subject will require assistance to move to, and mount the Plank Bed.


- BEDS -

The Beds consist of a two different types, one is a three metre long, multiple strap endowed device, elevated a full metre above the floor on two legs. The other bed is a modified massage table, also endowed with multiple straps.

These shall be positioned one metre from the right end wall, while the Subject remains confined in the Overhead Track Control System (OTCS), at the centre of the Testing Facility. Centring is ensured by encouraging the her/him to move to the limits of the right end leashes, at which point the left end leashes may be fastened to the front rings of the Subject’s Collar, Waist Cinch, and Ankle Spreader Bar.

Mild to severe Disciplinary Stimuli should be used on the Subject while the Plank Bed set-up is arranged.
When all has been made ready, with the Subject remaining held in place by the six leashes, preparation of the Subject for her/his time on the Plank Bed may then commence. The Collar and waist leashes shall remain fastened to the Subject’s Restraint Equipment while the Spanish Trapezoid steel bars, and upper (below-the-knee) cuffs are removed. One leg at a time ONLY, will be freed. The ankle cuffs shall remain locked in place; but the Ankle Spreader Bar can be easily released from their locks. These cuffs must be joined immediately with a 6 inch hobble chain, and the Hobble Leash shall be immediately reattached to a sliding ring on it. Only then will the Subject be released from confinement by the left end Leashes. She/he shall then be escorted to the Plank Bed for confinement. If resistance is shown, Corrective Discipline shall be administered immediately.
Right End Leashes shall remain fastened to the Subject’s Harness at all times.

The Subject will be required to lay quietly and submit to being strapped in place.

The Corrective Discipline Process may then recommence at discretion of CDA. The Duration and frequency of any stimuli applied shall be at the discretion of the CDA.


Floor Sleeping Mats are provided within the Facility as an alternate means for the rest periods of the Subject. These mats are two metres long, 5 cm thick, and three quarters of a metre wide. On the floor at the upper and lower ends of the mat, removed by one half metre from each end, two rings and chains are set into the floor. The upper chain shall be locked to the top ring of the Head Cage, and the lower chain to the ankle spreader bar of the Spanish Trapezoid. Both chains shall be tight. Along each side of the Sleeping Mat, two floor rings and chains are positioned. The lower set are designed to be locked to the side rings of the Waist Cinch and to the ends of the Wrist Separator Bar. The upper set is designed to lock to the side rings of the Upper Body Harness. The Subject shall be securely fastened with locks on all chain attachment points.

If masked and helmeted, the Subject shall be supplied with drinking water by means of the masK’s external hose being connected to a water reservoir. For discipline purposes, the Subject, once so confined, may be required to accept electro-discipline.


The Sleep Sack is a thick rubber envelope designed to be worn either as a separate covering and restraint, or, it may be used after the subject has been encased in his/her rubber suit. Strategically placed reinforcement straps and restraint loops are embedded in the structure.

Entry is effected through the upper part of the sack, after the shoulder zippers have been opened. There are apertures on the chest area to provide access to the Subject’s breasts/nipples and these are also used to mount the vacuum/electrical breast cups. Provision has been made for access to the crotch area and the affixing of equipment and/or the cables for e-stim equipment.

Upon initial entry, the Subject shall slide his/her (gloved) hands fully into the internal sleeves, then once fully enveloped, the subject shall be fitted with a vision obscuring gas mask. Chains shall be connected to the restraint loops in the following manner: shoulder loops to the top outer floor rings, back of the collar ring to the central floor ring at the tope of the mattress, side restraint loops to the side floor restraint rings, ankle restraint loops to the side floor rings. All chains to be fully tightened.


The Suspension Swing consists of a one metre long bar, equipped with a central chain to the ceiling, a central chain for attachment to the top ring of the Subject’s Head Cage, and two descending chains for attachment to the side rings of the Waist Cinch.

This device is employed to punish the Subject, at the same time as being an alternative means of keeping him/her secured overnight.
Step-Up blocks are supplied, these being of such height that when the Subject stands upon them, the side rings of the Waist Cinch are ate the level of the lowest link of the side suspending chains. These are connected and then the Step-Up blocks are removed from beneath the Subject’s boots. Upon this removal, the Subject will be able to just touch the floor beneath with the steel horse shoes on the soles of the boots.

The Subject shall always wear blinders and the Spanish Trapezoid complete with the Restrictor Ball while confined in the Suspension Swing. In addition, he/she shall be electro-stimulated at varied times and for varied durations while so confined.


The Vertical Restraint System consists of two substantial columns, separated by four feet, and with embedded tracks on their facing sides. Within each track, ten, movable carriages are free to slide up or down, then be securely fastened. The VRS is used primarily for securing of the Subject, in a standing or kneeling position, when Restraint Harness adjustments and/or modifications are to be made, discipline is to be applied, or other procedures requiring immobilisation are required.

The VRS may also be employed with the Sleep Sack for overnight restraint.


The Treadmill employed within the Testing Facility has been modified for test, exercise, and discipline usage. The machine is remotely controlled by the CDA from the panel. The Subject is be confined to the Treadmill by means of fore and aft, centralizing tethers mounted to the frame and then connected to the central link of an ankle hobble chain, and in the case of a female Subject being installed, also to the tip ring of her Inhibitor Bar.


The Subject has indicated on the chart below, what she/he feels their sensitivity may be in the areas indicated. These indications will NOT reflect reality, and so therefore, a diligent and repetitive Evaluation is required. The charts that follow the one below are provided to record the Evaluator’s observations in graphic and easily understood form.


Body Place or Part           000% --------------------- 50% ---------------------- 100%
Penis                                        |----------------------------------------------------------|
Butt Plug                                  |----------------------------------------------------------|
Buttocks                                   |----------------------------------------------------------|
Ear Lobes                                 |----------------------------------------------------------|
Nose, Outer Nostrils                |----------------------------------------------------------|
Left Breast                               |----------------------------------------------------------|
Right Breast                             |----------------------------------------------------------|



The CDA will arrive at the Testing Facility to find that the Subject is both blinded within his/her Head Cage/Gas Mask/Helmet, and the Subject’s ability to hear has been removed.

The Subject will remain isolated by employment of the “white noise” function; however, she/he will remain extremely sensitive to any external noise.

It is important therefore that the CDA remain quiet during the entry and observation stages. The Subject should be kept fully enveloped in the “white noise” blanket at all times, other than when orders are issued.

After access has been obtained to the Testing Facility, an initial 5 to 10 minute observation of the Subject is recommended.

At this time, this document should be reviewed, and a visual inspection and familiarization of the Subject, her/his Equipment, and its Controls should be performed.

Once the CDA is satisfied that familiarity has been achieved, all operating stimuli devices should be zeroed, including the Vacuum System being temporarily turned off.

The Subject will then be aware that the Evaluation portion of this session is about to commence.


The Subject shall always address the CDA as “Mistress” or “Ma’am”, or “Master” or “Sir” at all times during the E&CDT.

Although the Subject will know the CDA’s given name, she/he is NOT to be permitted to use this name at any time.

Attempts at such familiarity shall be dealt with immediately by increasing stimuli to the Subject’s breasts and nipples, until she/he apologizes for the attempt.


The Vacuum System shall be employed at all times.

As noted previously, removal of the top cap from the body of the Pulsating (noisy) valve(s) will dramatically increase the vacuum applied; this indicated by needle swing, and change in pump noise. Caution is advised in leaving this cap off for periods of longer than 2 minutes. For Corrective Discipline purposes, longer durations should be employed. Severe agitation of the Subject will indicate the point at which to replace the cap on the body of the valve. Once replaced, the valve should begin cycling normally again.

Use of the e-stim devices: Obviously, the level of agitation of the Subject, noted through more frequent, louder, and eventually, continual verbalization, together with violent physical struggling to avoid/escape the applied stimuli, will indicate the upper limit the Subject thinks she/he can handle. The CDA is encouraged to INCREASE the stimuli levels, more so than is the case at that point, despite the Subject’s stronger objections, pleas, or reactions. At the same point, the durations for the applied stimuli should be increased. It has been observed in other cases that some TENS in-put patterns are more disturbing and erotically stimulating than others, and once these areas have been delineated, the Subject will then be required to undergo long-duration stimulation in these sections.

The Breath Control System: As noted previously, this system has a built-in low resistance to normal breathing, resulting in constant effort and apprehension on the part of the Subject.

The CDA is encouraged to employ the BCS frequently, for increasing but varied durations to both subdue and discipline the Subject. Full closure of the valve may be maintained for periods of up to one minute’s duration, at first; but this time may be extended at the discretion of the CDA.

Whenever the BCS is either shut down or partially closed, the TENS and EMS facilities should then be employed at higher values in order to increase the intensity of experience for the Subject. Obviously, the longer the BCS is shut down, the more panic and reaction the she/he will experience.


As mentioned previously, the Evaluation Process is divided into a series of four different phases, using the charts supplied below. The CDA is encouraged to take as much time as may be necessary, making as many adjustments as are required to establish the Subject’s baseline tolerances.

Multiple and random selection for the testing of any given area is recommended.

In Parts One and Two, both the EMS and the TENS machines are employed, using the configuration that the Evaluator will find them in, upon arrival in the Testing Facility.

In Parts Three and Four, only the EMS machine will be employed. This will necessitate changing some of the cabling arrangements. All wires are labelled and therefore easily plugged into the appropriate receptacles on the EMS machine.

Over all, variation and intensity are the desired goals of the E&CDT.

The Evaluation Process will, essentially, take anywhere up to two hours to complete fully.

Due to its intensity and severity, the Subject should be allowed five to ten minutes to recover before proceeding to the Corrective Discipline Therapy.

ALL requests for release shall be disregarded. The Subject will be aware that the Corrective Discipline Phase will soon commence, and this knowledge, together with the apprehension that it creates, is an integral part of the Corrective Discipline Therapy, adding to the effectiveness of the various disciplinary processes.

Once the CDA is satisfied that each division of the Evaluation Process has been fully completed, all in-put stimuli should be temporarily zeroed, then a wait of one to five minutes is recommended before proceeding to the next phase.

During this waiting period that the Evaluator should switch the cabling arrangements back to the original configuration.


Use the chart below to mark the evaluation of the sensitivity of the indicated area, when used alone, and no other area being active. Multiple applications to ensure accuracy of evaluation are required. Random selection is encouraged.


Equipment                  Channel         Area Applied                       Input Level %:                           Level Reached
Erostek Unit ‘A’         Channel AA     Penis/Vagina      |0 ----------- 50% -------- 100%|           ____
Erostek Unit ‘A’         Channel AB     Ear Lobes            |0 ----------- 50% -------- 100%|           ____
Erostek Unit ‘B’         Channel BA     Breasts                |0------------ 50% -------- 100%|          ____
Erostek Unit ‘B’         Channel BB     Butt Plug             |0------------ 50% -------- 100%|           ____


Breast Vacuum, Both Breasts Duration @ Full Strength:         ___ minutes
Penis Vacuum - Venus-2000 Duration @ Full Strength:          ___ minutes
Penis Vacuum - Gast Duration @ Full Strength:                       ___ minutes


Use the chart below to mark your evaluation of the sensitivity of the indicated area, when used in combination with OTHER in-puts being active at the same time. This portion of the testing will take longer than the previous portion; for other area in-put values should be adjusted upwards or downwards during the checking of a specific area. Multiple applications to ensure accuracy of evaluation are required. Random selection of the specific area to be tested is encouraged.


Equipment                           Channel             Area Applied:          Input Level %:                             Level Reached
Erostek Unit ‘A’                   Channel AA       Penis/Vagina      |0 --------- 50% ---------- 100%|      _____
Erostek Unit ‘A’                  Channel AB        Ear Lobes            |0 --------- 50% ---------- 100%|      _____
Erostek Unit ‘B’                  Channel BA        Breasts                |0---------- 50% ---------  100%|      _____
Erostek Unit ‘B’                  Channel BB        Butt Plug             |0----------- 50% --------- 100%|      _____


Breast Vacuum Pump, Both Breasts Duration @ 100% ________ minutes
     Penis Vacuum - Venus-2000 Duration @ 100%            ________ minutes
     Penis Vacuum - Gast Duration @ 100%                         ________ minutes


The Testing Period will, essentially, take anywhere up to two hours to complete fully. Due to the intensity and severity of the Testing, the Subject should be allowed 15 to 30 minutes to recover from it. During the Recovery Period, the Subject shall remain secured within the OTCS, under mild stimulation.

The above (completed) charts will act as a guide for the employment of the various in-puts for the following purposes:

1 - To increase the limits of acceptance of the in-put strength, on the part of the Subject.
     2 - To create ‘aversion’ to specified stimuli by means of overstimulation of the Subject’s more sensitive areas.
     3 - To Discipline the Subject and to correct improper behaviour or attitudes.
     4 - To train Subject in certain specified behaviour and speech patterns through Aversion Therapy. Repeated sessions will be required to reinforce this Therapy.

The CDA shall employ this chart to mark the evaluation of the sensitivity of the indicated area when stimulus is USED ALONE, with no other area being active. Multiple applications and durations of the stimuli are required to ensure the accuracy of the Evaluation. Random selection is encouraged. A minimum of four tests per area is should be performed, and to differentiate between the these individual tests, four coloured pens have been provided. The BLUE pen may be used for the FIRST series of tests, the GREEN for the SECOND, the RED for the THIRD, and the BLACK for the FOURTH.

The Subject should be permitted a break from the evaluation process at this point. Water or a high electrolyte liquid of some type should be provided.

The Subject should also be checked for over stressing, and if necessary the evaluation process should be suspended or terminated. Should this be the case, the Subject SHALL remain confined within the testing and evaluation equipment.


The Subject may be allowed to recover for a time period to be determined by the Evaluator; but not to exceed 10 minutes. During this period, the Subject shall be kept aware of his/her status by means of the various stimuli being maintained at levels causing minor reaction, then be zeroed.

Cabling should then be returned to the original configuration (used for Evaluation Process, phases one and two) as this has been found to be the most effective for use during CDT. The BCS should be partially shut down prior to commencing Corrective Discipline Therapy in order to lower the Subject’s resistance. After a period to be determined by the Evaluator, the CDT portion will begin. It is at this point that the Evaluator ceases to perform that function and becomes the Corrective Discipline Administrator.



This portion of the process is to be enacted while the Subject is restrained within the OTCS and able to move within its confines.

Variety in the strengths and durations of the various stimuli is recommended, especially in combination with the changes to the air flow through the BCS, and adjustments to the Vacuum System. These intensities and durations shall be entirely at the discretion of the CDA. As noted previously, there are certain areas of TENS patterns that are more erotically stimulating than others, and these should be applied for extended periods in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

As the Subject has already experienced astrenuous, extended Evaluation process, the CDT portion will have a greater impact, the longer the entire procedure runs. Eventually, the Subject will exhibit signs of physical exhaustion, and it is then that he/she should be moved to the second portion of the Process regardless of protests, pleading, or tears that it not be done.

Any and all protestations or pleas that the process be halted or suspended shall be COMPLETELY disregarded by the CDA. It is understood that the longer the process continues, the more effective it is. The Subject, to be fully conditioned by these procedures, will eventually break down into screams and weeping responses.

The Subject shall be isolated in the middle of the Testing Facility, in the manner noted in the Plank Bed section (Equipment portion of Notes), in order that the Bed may be positioned and readied for use, and to facilitate the adjustments that must be made to the Subject’s Restraint System.


Upon completion of the immobilization of the Subject on the Plank Bed, the second part of the CDT portion will begin. The CDA may wish to increase the apprehension being experienced by the Subject. This can be achieved by delaying the commencement of this portion of the procedures for as long as is felt necessary by the CDA. Again, all stimuli durations and strengths shall be entirely at the discretion of the CDA. The Subject, being immobilized on the Plank Bed will be under less physical stress than when confined in the OTCS, and therefore may be subjected to longer durations of Corrective Discipline.

The CDA alone shall determine when this phase is to terminate. It is recommended that the Subject be left fastened to the Plank Bed, to recover, for a period that should not exceed eight hours after the termination of stimuli application. To avoid chilling or a shock reaction, she/he shall be covered with the black neoprene rubber sheet before being left for the night.

This will end the E&CDT process, other than for the release of the Subject and she/he being returned to their cell the next morning to await further Corrective Discipline Therapy Sessions. These follow-on sessions shall employ the same basic Equipment set; used on the Subject while he/she is suspended, then while she/he is exercised on the Endurance Treadmill.



It is to be expected that the CDA will encounter some resistance on the part of the Subject, to all forms of CDT. Resistance shall not be tolerated. Electro/disciplinary stimuli shall be applied to the Subject at whatever levels may be necessary to subdue her/him.

Similarly, the CDA will find that as the session(s) progress, the Subject’s resistance will, at some point, seem to break down. The Subject will attempt to request that he/she be freed, or that the session interrupted or stopped. These requests/demands shall be completely disregarded by the CDA. Eventually the Subject will descend into tears and remorse, evidencing sincere regret and a desire to escape the Procedures and Sentence to which they have agreed.

These protestations shall also be ignored and the session shall continue until the mandated time has elapsed.



As the Evaluation has been already completed for the Subject, she/he will be taken immediately to the Corrective Discipline Therapy sessions detailed hereinafter. The Subject will have previously been fitted with the full Harness and all of its accoutrements. The CDA will have already established in the Evaluation process which inputs, durations, and strengths are particularly effective in obtaining both verbal and physical reaction from the Subject. The CDA is encouraged to employ these stimuli for even greater lengths of time and higher strengths than were previously employed. This, of course, ensures that the impact of the Therapy is of the most benefit.
In this sessi

n the Subject will be held in vertical suspension on heavy springs connected from the Transport Bars to the Restraint Harness. The Spanish Trapezoid, in addition to still retaining the Restrictor Ball on its joining chain, shall also have lighter springs attached to its Ankle Spreader Bar end rings, and these shall be connected to the appropriate floor rings, in order to prevent the Subject from drawing up, crossing, or closing his/her legs.
Once the Subject is fully suspended, she/he should be kept waiting for the Session to commence, and when this occurs, shall then be required to experience the full play of the various stimuli for a period that meets the CDA’s mandate. The Subject shall not be released for at least one hour after commencement of this portion of the CDT

At the termination of this session the Subject shall be permitted to stand on the floor, and the CDA shall utilize this time to move the Discipline Treadmill into position for CDT Part Four. Upon completion of the move of the Treadmill, the CDA will remove the Subject’s Spanish Trapezoid, while leaving the Ankle Cuffs locked in place. The Ankle Cuffs shall be joined with a 25 cm length of chain. Care is to be taken to keep the Subject suitably restrained at all times.



The Subject shall be fully dressed in the complete Restrain Harness, minus the Spanish Trapezoid; however, the Subject’s ankles will be joined by means of a ten inch long hobbleing chain between the doubled ankle cuffs.

The Subject shall be required to position her/himself the Treadmill’s belt, and remain quiet while being secured to the equipment.

The Subject shall be kept in place by the following means: overhead restraint/positioning springs shall be connected to the Subject’s Upper Body Harness, and to the Waist Cinch. The Subject, as indicated above, will have been fitted with a short ankle hobble chain and fore and aft Positioning Straps of the Treadmill shall be connected to this then tightened fully in order to prevent the her/him from stepping off the belt. Suitable electro-stimuli/discipline shall be applied by the CDA as and when required to ensure compliance with her demands.

When the CDA determines that all is in readiness, the session shall then commence.

The Treadmill is designed primarily to exercise the Subject, particularly if against the her/his wishes. Although being required to wear a short hobbling chain between her/his ankle cuffs, the Subject will be started off at a slow walking pace, then the speed shall gradually be increased until a jogging or running pace is attained. The duration of the walking, jogging, and running periods shall be at the CDA’s discretion. Failure to move at the required rate shall result in increased stimuli being applied; over and above that which the Subject may already be undergoing.

Rest periods will be required and become more frequent as the CDT continues. The spacing of these and their duration shall be solely at the discretion of the CDA. The Subject shall be required to complete the full Corrective Disciplinary Period while on the Treadmill.


Upon completion of CDT, Part Four, the Subject shall be released, under full security considerations, and escorted to her/his floor mattress. There, she/he shall be assisted to lay down and the CDA shall attach the blinder panels and drinking tube.

Once reclining, the Subject shall be fastened in place by means of the six chains provided; these being as follows: top chain - Head Cage top ring: upper side chains to the chest band’s side rings; lower side chains to Waist Cinch side rings and second set to the end rings of the Wrist Separator Bar: bottom chain to central ring of the ankle separator bar.

The Subject will then have been secured for the night.

Further low level, Corrective Disciplinary Stimuli shall then be applied to the Subject and left active for the entire rest period. Upward adjustments to these stimuli shall be made every two hours from that point until the Subject is released, eight hours later.

The Subject will be released after this rest period and while being kept under restraint, be removed from the Evaluation and Corrective Discipline Harness, with the exception of the Oral Cavity Blocking Device. At this point the Subject is to be escorted to the washing facilities and there, while still in restraints, be permitted to shower. Upon completion of the personal grooming and washing, the Subject shall then be fitted with her/his Chastity Belt.

If the Subject is male, he shall be required to accept the fitting of an external catheter and its tubing, as well as a butt plug.

If the Subject is female, she shall be fitted with a large dildo and its integrated Inhibitor Bar, as well as a butt plug.


Video and still cameras turned on and coverage checked. Computer System, if in use, activated and start-time engaged. Arrange e-stim, hoist and vacuum controls for initial easy access.

                   Amount of Freedom Action
     Full  --------------------------------------------------Nil
001 |*----------------------------------------------------| - Put on rubber suit.
002 |--*--------------------------------------------------| - Lace on thigh ballet toed boots.
003 |----*------------------------------------------------| - Fit and lock ankle cuffs.
004 |-----*-----------------------------------------------| - Fit and tighten thigh bands.
005 |-------*---------------------------------------------| - Fit waist cinch and garter Boots to it.
006 |--------*--------------------------------------------| - Garter thigh bands to waist cinch.
007 |--------*--------------------------------------------| - Apply Spectra-Gel to Penile Tube, sound, butt plug.
008 |----------*------------------------------------------| - Fit Crotch Piece and all accessories.
009 |----------*------------------------------------------| - Apply Spectra-Gel to buttock straps pads. Position.
010 |-----------*-----------------------------------------| - Elbow cuff chain through back ring shoulder harness.
011 |-----------*-----------------------------------------| - Wrist cuffs clipped to cinch.
012 |-----------*-----------------------------------------| - Apply Spectra-Gel to cup rims, nipple pads.
013 |-----------*-----------------------------------------| - Apply Spectra-Gel to breasts and nipples.
014 |-------------*---------------------------------------| - Put on shoulder harness loosely and fit breast cups.
015 |---------------*-------------------------------------| - Integrate shoulder harness to waist cinch.
016 |----------------*------------------------------------| - Fit nose and ear clips.
017 |-------------------*---------------------------------| - Put on helmet and zip closed.
018 |---------------------*-------------------------------| - Close cat suit shoulder zippers fully.
019 |-----------------------*-----------------------------| - Tighten shoulder straps of upper body harness.
020 |------------------------*----------------------------| - Attach vacuum Hoses. Tighten fittings.
021 |-------------------------*---------------------------| - Attach breast and crotch cables. Tape joints.
022 |-------------------------*---------------------------| - Check settings: pumps, elect. supply, hoist & E-stim.
023 |--------------------------*--------------------------| - Tune and test volume level of “white noise” system.
024 |----------------------------*------------------------| - Apply gag. Insert ear plugs.
025 |------------------------------*----------------------| - Fit Spanish Trapezoid (leash attached) & lead Ball.
026 |-------------------------------*---------------------| - Attach and lock waist leash to waist cinch.
027 |----------------------------------*------------------| - Fit elbow cuffs and lock.
028 |------------------------------------*----------------| - Put on gas mask and tighten straps. Lock.
029 |------------------------------------*----------------| - Connect all head electrode wires and tape joints.
030 |--------------------------------------*--------------| - Put on collar and lock. Attach wall leash to back ring.
031 |---------------------------------------*-------------| - Put on inner gloves, oil, then middle layer gloves, oil.
033 |----------------------------------------*------------| - Zip lower arm sleeves closed.
034 |-----------------------------------------*-----------| - Put on outer gloves pull tight.
035 |------------------------------------------*----------| - Unclip wrist cuffs from waist cinch and lock on.
036 |-------------------------------------------*---------| - Put on ear defender head set and tighten straps.
037 |---------------------------------------------*-------| - Activate hoist to full suspension. Release control unit.
038 |----------------------------------------------*------| - Attach springs to body harness and thigh bands.
039 |----------------------------------------------*------| - Set all e-stim to almost unbearable levels.
040 |-----------------------------------------------*-----| - Allow controls to swing away, beyond reach.
041 |-------------------------------------------------*---| - Ensure escape keys are available but hard to reach.
042 |--------------------------------------------------*--| - Connect Wrist Cuff snaps to Wrist Separator Bar.
043 |----------------------------------------------------*| - Await arrival of Evaluator, & commencement of play