Perhaps, He mused, he’d fit her with an all-encompassing over helmet with a gas mask then connect it to a respirator to ensure she was aware that that aspect of her life was also fully-controlled. He’d noticed that she occasionally lapsed in her performance of the work she was required to perform, and so some sort of ‘encouragement’ equipment might also be fitted to her when the next term of Strict Regime imprisonment occurred. Nipple and breast electrodes were one thing, and perhaps He’d also change her dildo to one that could supply electro-shock to that most feminine of areas. At the same time, she might also be fitted with clitoral electrodes to truly enforce her discipline. Being locked into her chair with these devices sealed away under her Uniform, there would be no possibility of escaping or removing them, nor of escaping their sensations. She’d be held utterly immobile while the awful disciplinary shocks coursed through those sensitive portions of her body and scream though she undoubtedly would try to do ... no one would hear her pleas for surcease of the pulses. They’d be connected to the computer and monitoring equipment so that if she ceased working, or made keyboard mistakes she’d receive escalating shocks to make her begin again and force her to pay attention, and matters could be arranged so that the shocks would gradually increase in strength and duration with continuing reluctance or transgressions.

In addition, He thought, a feeding type gag; this complete with stomach tube, might replace the current one and then she could be easily left fastened in the chair and contained within the Work Station for days if not weeks on end. Her feeding and drinking could be automated and when it was time for her to rest, a small amount of anaesthetic would be introduced into her air supply. There were plenty of options available for use on Object, and she would have no choice or safe word to avoid them, for that had been implicit in their marriage agreement when she publicly vowed to obey Him in all things.

Without further thought, He closed the concealed entrance to the secret apartment and went to His household office, while inside the Work Station, Object stared at the monitor. She had no choice but to do otherwise. She couldn’t close her eyes, only able to fractionally move her fingers and feet, but that was all. The unending work scrolled slowly up the screen and she whimpered into her stifling gag, feeling her bondage very deeply. This was what she’d dreamt of for years, and now it had happened, and was far, far more than she’d thought was possible ... and ... and ... there was no escape!

And so Object’s day went .... an unending series of tasks that never stopped appearing on the screen. She grew tired of being fastened so immovably and tried to twitch just the slightest bit to ease her rigid confinement, but the straps holding her were far too tight and only her fingers, feet and eyes were permitted restricted movement. Her bladder and bowels were drained automatically and under the compression of her chastity belt’s crotch band she frequently felt herself become aroused at her predicament, despite the discomfort of the catheter and anal plug. Within the locked-on cups of her chastity bra, Object’s breasts once again swelled with sensitizing blood and her nipples stood out in hard, demanding nubs when she though about how helpless and controlled she was. Instinctively, her hands and arms strained against their straps when she tried, uselessly she knew only too well, to touch her locked-away body, but that freedom was no longer permitted ... at any time. The more Object thought about what she had committed to have done to her, the more aroused she became and for long moments surged frantically against her bonds, howling dementedly into her gag to try and alleviate her frustrations and gain some sort of sexual sensation. Of course her struggles were useless for she was held with implacable authority. Nothing she did made any difference!

The monitor remained lit with her next task and it was impossible for her to look away, so, with unseen tears of frustration trickling down her cheeks, she resumed her hidden labouring and soon was again fully immersed in her tasks until eventually her vision was removed when the panel before her eyes slid shut. A long time later she felt movement when the chair slid out of the Work Station and she knew that her labour was done and she was to be returned to her cell.

Many minutes passed before she felt the chain leash being locked to her Head Box, then the straps and other devices that confined her were quickly loosened. A strong tension on the chain drew her to her feet and she wavered erratically until the overhead V tethers were fastened. The security of her bondage was paramount He’d often informed her and too, she would never be free of a leash of some kind. It was a mantra she’d welcomed ... at first. Once more He grasped her chain-hung right arm and forcefully brought it behind her back, then carefully twisted it and drew it up between her shoulder blades, locking it in place. Her other arm was soon similarly affixed and again, Object bit hard on her gagging device, stifling her frantic howls of distress while she was again placed in the back prayer. He released the V’d chains then dragged on the Head Box leash forcing her to bend forward once more and follow its drag while being drawn humiliatingly back to her cell.

Many slow minutes later, Object stood within it once more, mewling into her silencer to have Him release her arms, but it didn’t happen. She stood swaying slightly, then felt another chain attached to the top of her head box and knew it was the wall leash. To her surprise, she felt him release the confining and uncomfortable cups of her chastity bra and a moment later her breasts sprang free. It felt so good to feel her until-now captive flesh allowed to move as it should. His hands roved freely over the turgid, trembling mounds, manipulating and teasing while her nipples hardened into demanding turrets, then to her delight, she felt the tightly compressing crotch band of her chastity belt unlocked and it too sprang free of her heated flesh, bringing a flooding wantonness to override all of her coherent thoughts. Oh God! She wanted to be used! Within her loins her muscles squeezed spasmodically around the rigid and unresponsive harshness of the inflexible dildo, constricting with a life of their own. Next, she felt him begin the complex process of freeing her from the hated, sealing crotch plate when He unscrewed the bolts of the sealing panels; all the while feeling the almost painful drags at her flesh. The link that skewered her clitoris was released and the heavy steel U mounted in it slid loose so that at last the outer shield of the vaginal plate could spring free. He carefully removed the inner one, but the deeply inserted thick dildo though remained secured within her body, thanks to the rings on its outer end being locked to others set into her labia. It too was soon freed of the fleshy anchoring points and slipped slowly out of her. Any noises of discomfort she made while they exited her body were cruelly suppressed by the gag, but she didn’t care, for she knew that she was to be taken to orgasm.

A convulsive shudder ran through Object’s still entrammelled body while all of the intruders slowly exited, but the waist band of the belt was not removed. What came next was sheer heaven for her: a warm, soapy solution and a soft cloth soon wavered enticingly over her heated flesh, cleansing and teasing her at the same time while His skilled, surgeon’s fingers drew her arousal ever higher. Far too soon He was done with His task, then she felt His hand on her shoulder, pressing down and making her sit on the bed, then lay back on the cold, rubber-covered mattress. She stayed as quiet as she could while He shortened the Head Box leash to ensure she’d be unable to rise, then began to wail into her gag when her weight settled onto her back prayer pinioned arms, forcing them into an even more punishing posture. Her attempted cries of discomfort soon turned into attempted screams, but He knew the pain she was suffering, and relentlessly, once more turned His attentions to her presented and quivering breasts and belly, slowly and inescapably converting her intense agony to pleasure in a maelstrom of conflicting sensations.

Object though, was not yet fully ready. He quickly brought up the side, anti-rolling chains and clipped them to her waist band, leaving some slack, for additional restraint was soon to come. Object was left on her own for a moment, writhing miserably from side to side, attempting to get the weight off her arms, but now, even with the slack he’d left, she couldn’t manage to do it and the pain re-surfaced, bringing even more desperate howls to be freed. He connected two widely-spaced chains from their mounts in the ceiling, to the side rings of her belt then removed His clothing for the love-making to come. Kneeling over Object, He slid an arm under her arched back then lifted her body high enough to tighten the ceiling chains and adjust the one to her Head Box. Still, the preparation was not yet complete, for her ankles remained closely confined. Attempting to ignore the burn of her stressed shoulders and rapidly numbing arms, Object gently thrashed her legs against her hobble until she felt His hand grasped the short chain and jerked warningly upon it. Other tethers were connected to her ankle cuffs and only then was the hobble removed, but whatever freedom she may have had a chance to explore quickly disappeared.

As an Owned Object, He could do literally anything to her, and she accepted that, but it had been a difficult realization, even though she’d demanded that He treat her exactly in that manner ... at all times. Now, He exercised His authority and in so doing, ever more firmly established ownership of both her body and mind.

His hand grasped her right ankle chain close to the cuff and slowly moved it towards her torso, bending her knee, then He pulled upward, outward and further back so that the leg rose above her body almost at a right angle. Object whined into her gag feeling yet another unpleasant physical strain wash through her silent, black universe. The newly-added chain to her ankle cuff was quickly tightened, holding her leg off to the side, with the lower part pointed to the ceiling. He did the same with her left leg then nothing happened for long minutes while she lay suspended in mid-air above her bed, spread wide in trembling readiness. The position made Object supremely aware of the fact that she was just a female thing, presented for the utilization and satisfaction of her Owner.

He was in no hurry to quench His lust and so sat quietly to one side and watched her struggle to once again accommodate herself to her status. The severe bondage left Object little opportunity to resist what had been done ... and what was planned ... although her small, rebellious movements showed her desire to be freed. She could only move slightly back and forth before the multiple, snubbing chains snapped tight and asserted their authority and total control and her thoughts descended into a whirlpool of mixed arousal and horror at what she had allowed and in fact demanded be done to her. The fact that she was kept forcibly silenced and blind, acted only to reinforce her full awareness of what had come to pass. She desperately wanted Him to use her, for the times it happened were far too infrequent and her own need was mounting to firestorm proportions.

Eventually, His hands slowly descended to her quivering, presented breasts and began to tease her flesh to a demanding tumescence; at first brushing gently over the soft, blood-engorged hillocks, then slowly palpitating and moving them on her chest to enhance her sensations of vulnerability. Object’s nipples once more automatically erected into hard, demanding buds and He trailed His fingers up the smooth slopes until they encircled and captured the darker flesh, wringing a strangled, silenced gasp from her. The head box moved fractionally, jerking at its chain with her reaction to His leisurely assault, but more was to come, for His fingers and thumbs slowly and cruelly tightened into miniature vices on the super-sensitive flesh! A volcanic spasm of rebellion at His so casually-inflicted torture made her thrash demonically in the suspending chains and her legs instinctually strained to close and fold into a protective foetal position, even while she tried to roll her body away from His tormenting fingers. Of course, fastened as she was, His manipulations were impossible to escape or avoid. All she could do was beg incoherently for mercy against her oppressive gag.

Not only did He squeeze the tender flesh, but then slowly began twisting it, driving Object to wilder and wilder useless flailing against her restraints. His hand grasped her right breast painfully while His mouth descended to the summit and began sucking strongly on her nipple, drawing the flinty and supremely sensitive nub deeply into His mouth. Then, His teeth began to gently nibble and His tongue laved it religiously while His other hand cupped and caressed her left breast at the same time, kneading it gently, then with increasing authority. Object was forcibly and quickly submerged in a tsunami of extreme physical sensation, fighting and screaming for either satisfaction or freedom from His attentions, but it was only just beginning. He reversed His attentions so that her left breast was soon suffering the same fate, driving her even further into a sensation-flooded world.

Object felt herself becoming deeply-aroused, ready for His next act of ownership, but He wanted to make sure of her full awareness and slowly ceased His attentions, leaving her to swing back and forth in the chain web. She was now so aroused that her erratic attempts to kick and struggle happened automatically, but He returned to His seat to sit and study her again for long minutes. Object’s thrashing against her bonds slowly subsided until she again lay quiescent, with only occasional jerks of the Head Box against its tether betraying her consternation and still-raging desire.

He inspected her with clinical precision, noting her demanding need and all-over trembling, while her breasts rose and fell with frantic gasps and her raised-aloft, widely-spread legs shivered against their taut leashes. Object’s severe arm bondage made her continue to roll against the side chains, snapping them tight while trying to alleviate the punishing positioning, while at her crotch, slow pearls of moisture betrayed her readiness. It was time to begin again, just when she thought He’d abandoned her for the night. Standing, He returned to her, then mounted the bed from the end, moved up between her splayed legs and slowly, His fingers descended to her pierced and steel-grommeted labia, slipping deliciously along their slick, blood-engorged and supersensitive lengths. Object shuddered and attempted to clasp herself with convulsive need, yet at the same time trying to evade His tantalising touches. Tracing slowly, then more deeply into her cleft with one hand, the fingers of His other located the U shackle depending from her clitoris and gently tensioned it. Object shuddered and surged convulsively, attempting to meet the demanding drag, while, inside the Head Box, she howled from the intimate tugging on the centre of her sexual universe, feeling all of the incredible sensations He was subjecting her to with an intensity that mere words cannot describe. His fingers slipped deeper into her body, slowly rimming her sex, while her shudders grew ever stronger!

One of His hands returned to alternate between her quivering breasts, first gently cupping and palpitating, then assaulting the mounded femininity more forcefully with strong squeezes, until His fingers rose again to torment her nipples. Object was kept at the centre of her sensory storm for what seemed to be hours, climbing ever higher towards a volcanic orgasm, but every time she drew close, He sensed it with an uncanny awareness and withdrew to leave her hanging on the precipice in weeping, near-hysteria above her bed in a silent, black limbo while her arousal slowly faded. She was horridly frustrated and desperately wanted that final nudge over the edge and into the explosion of a climax.

It was denied to her for she was only an Object, albeit a human, female one, and her destiny was no longer hers to decide upon. The finality of her status was driven forcefully into her mind yet again and a primal scream of frustration and anger at her feminine fate erupted from the deepest part of her being, only to be thoroughly stopped by her gag pad. She could not protest her status or her treatment at His hands, no matter how much she wished to!

Yet again His evil fingers stole upon her and began to draw her along the sensory slope to a personal Hell and Heaven combined. All of the previous evolutions He’d forced her to endure until now happened yet again and it was a varying tempo that stupefied Object’s already deeply-befuddled awareness. Soon, she was once more approaching the zenith of sensory overload, but this time His hands concentrated exclusively upon her breasts until He elicited faintly heard screams and moans of passion from her innermost being. Her body’s sensory capabilities were again being made to perform automatically to His demand, ensuring a deep awareness of her femaleness and terror that it could so utterly subjugate her. This time though it was different, for His questing and rampant maleness brushed the edges of her sensitized labia, slowly sliding deeper into her available sex. He withdrew himself slightly, then slipped deeper into her body with His next thrust, gradually building the expectation of satisfaction soon to come.

His hands became more authoritative, hauling on and squeezing her vulnerable breasts while plunging ever further into her steel-adorned sex, and, with each penetration, her clitoral shackle was dragged upon making Object wail in wanton disregard of the almost-painful, alternating tension. Nearly swooning from the overwhelming flood of sensations, she abandoned herself to His irresistible assault and rode the crest of the wave until at last He plunged, slamming the full length of His thick, rigid maleness into her. Then, with an increasing tempo again and again and again. Within her deepest recesses, Object felt her body grasping at him, trying instinctually to suckle His seed, but she had no conscious control over her own primal, female reactions to being impregnated, for by now, what remained of her coherent, conscious mind was just along for the ride.

She felt him suddenly stiffen and tremble, then herself completely lost all intelligent awareness when her own orgasm fork-lightninged from her sex to her breasts and destroy any thoughts she had. A lava-like heat spread throughout her body, even her cruelly-pinioned arms, and she struggled maniacally against her bonds while the orgasm exploded like a brilliant, scarlet rose. Nearly spent, He continued His assault for the next few minutes, but with female physiology being what it is, Object took in the on-going sensory assault and converted it into yet another and another and another orgasm.

At last her brain could take no more of the attacks upon its basic structure and shut down, plunging her into a deep well of unconsciousness. She hung limp in her restraints; a female body with a steel box where its head should be, while residual, primal shudders shook through her limbs and torso. Within the box, Object’s forced-open eyes stared blindly at the closed front panel, for there was no awareness or intelligence behind them ... for the moment. Many minutes later, her senses gradually struggled back to near-normal and she feebly struggled to escape her bonds, but every attempt was snubbed short by the omnipresent chains. The Owner had collapsed upon the rubber-covered mattress, breathing harshly from His exertions and the climax He’d enjoyed with His Owned Object ... and yet, she still hung there above him ... available, vulnerable, and unable to resist. It was a heady image, and a renewed stirring of His manhood made him joyful that she was His to do with as He pleased. Rising to one elbow, He reached out and began to caress her genitals yet again.

Within the sealed Head Box, Object’s eyes suddenly lit with a fully-returned awareness when the drifting, butterfly-like caresses resumed. It was too much! Too soon! Her body was inflamed and sensitive to even the slightest breath of air, and soon, the smooth slide of sensation began to drive her nearly insane with a desire to escape it ... but that wasn’t permitted! She had to submit. More useless screams of primal arousal and protest surged against her gag pad when He renewed His assault, but were unheard in the room, echoing only in her nearly paralysed mind. Swinging back and forth within her strict chain suspension, Object once more descended into the state of being nothing but a reacting, female body ... a superb instrument of pleasure being played by a master.

This time, the cadence was slower, for His initial climax had been a demanding one, but now He worked her towards a far more sinister and comprehensive submission; always kept fully aware of her bonds and body. No matter how frantically she struggle to avoid the overwhelming attacks, He always pressed her further and deeper into awareness of herself as a female. Again and again, Object was deliberately taken to the hungering heights of nearly-fulfilled passion, then forced to retreat from it, only increasing her desperate need for satisfaction. She knew she was being brainwashed to accept her fate and status, and that alone terrified her, but it couldn’t be avoided! She knew, deep in her mind, that this was indeed what she had hungered for so many years.

Object howled into her gag, thrashing like a maddened animal against her restraints when the Owner once again invaded her sex and slowly brought himself to climax while she again lost her mind when the thundering of multiple orgasms exploded and she became only a reacting vessel of feminine flesh.

Hours later, He’d slated His lust and fallen asleep, leaving the still unconscious Object to swing gently back and forth, remaining suspended and with her head locked securely within its box. Residual shudders occasionally twitched her limbs and body while she too slowly recovered, but she remained deeply asleep.

When He roused himself hours later, Object still hung above her bed, utterly unable to free herself, but His lust was slated for the moment. It was time to release her from her travail and He’d soon freed her numbed arms from their back prayer, quickly re-connecting her wrist cuffs to the side rings of her chastity belt’s waist band, prohibiting any sort of chance to caress either her crotch or her breasts. Her legs remained chained high and wide apart so that He could bathe and clean her, and in minutes, while she slowly came to awareness in the pitch black silence of her head confinement, His tasks were completed. She twitched occasionally, feeling the soothing washing, but remembrance of what was to come next made her want to scream to be freed. Of course, still severely gagged, she could not voice her distress, nor escape His clinical attentions.

Her gloved fingers clenched and unclenched while her arms strained to free themselves of the cuffs when He began to prepare her for the resumption of wearing her full, chastity Uniform. The first device was her urinary catheter and even though she was by now used to its insertion and transit through her urethra to her bladder, Object could not stop the small yelp when it was gently, slowly, but inexorably fitted, then, the internal balloon was inflated. Her bowel catheter came next and despite being thoroughly lubricated, its wide, truncated conical shape was always a trial to absorb; wringing misery-laden whines and moans from her while He pressed it up into her body until at last the widest part of the cone had slipped inside. Even then, she was awfully conscious of the neck passing out of her behind, but it now could not be expelled, and soon the chastity belt’s crotch strap would lock it even more securely in place.

With her sanitary arrangements taken care of, the Owner selected the next dildo she was to be fitted with ... one that was a half cm longer and a half cm thicker than the one she’d previously been fitted with. Once it was in place, Object would be constantly and inescapably reminded of her femininity by its rigid, thick length being lodged within her belly. Like all the other’s she’d been required to accept, this one also was fitted with two small rings at its base. It was time that it be inserted into her body and so He lubricated the rigid shaft, then her sex, then slowly and carefully started the process.

Object immediately convulsed when He slathered the lubricant over her labia and inside her vagina, and continued to spasm when the blunt-headed monster nuzzled at her belly. Her silent, physical objections didn’t stop the process though, and soon the thick shaft was deeply resident while she gasped pitiably inside her Head Box, unable to object. He threaded the rings on the dildo’s base through steel-grommeted holes in her inner labia, locking it into her body, and only then retrieved the now-washed and sterilized inner portion of the vaginal shield. This was carefully placed within her sex until the fourteen, short, projecting posts slipped through the grommets in her outer labia and He wriggled it slightly until the centring rod in the base of the dildo clicked into its own hole. When that happened, Object shuddered yet again, this time in despair while silent tears filled her eyes. The outer vaginal shield was the next part to be applied and it was but the work of two minutes until it had been securely bolted to the inner shield, sandwiching her captive, pierced labia. He carefully located her clitoral U shackle, threaded it through the slot in its covering dome, then passed the Quick Link through the exposed loop and using a wrench, closed it tightly. Object was now sealed, but not yet fully secured to His liking, for there was the final part of her crotch chastity ensemble to add ... the steel cover plate.

Object of course knew that it was to be locked in place within seconds and her belly muscles spasmed, feeling once more the dragging at her labia since the plate had been affixed. To her distress, she was now even more aware of the larger dildo, for it too moved subtly within her. An animalistic howl of frustration and huge, forced awareness of her femininity boiled up her collared throat only to be silenced by the efficient pad that still remained fastened so irremovably into her mouth.

He stared at her for a moment, then grasped the crotch panel and affixed it to its bracket on the back of her waist band. It was slowly brought forward and He carefully guided the butt plug’s drain fitting into and through its aperture and when He drew it forward, the strap re-aligned the butt plug slightly, causing the bound and suspended Object to shudder yet again from the disturbing movement within her body. The strap was pulled even further forward until the fitting for her urinary catheter projected from its aperture and another shudder wracked her when the tube’s alignment was also slightly changed, making her deeply conscious of the fact that now virtually all of her body’s orifices were once more plugged and fully-controlled. He drew the strap firmly upward and slipped it over the locking posts of the waistband, eliciting a host of twitches and jerks from His captive, but the room remained silent despite her attempted, gag-stifled screams within the Head Box. The high-security lock slipped over the post and with a most final snap, was fully closed.
Now, only her generous breasts were free, but that was soon to change as well. He released her hands, one at a time, drawing each off to the side and fastening it to the frame of the bed, then readied the severe, uncomfortable bra. For this time, and perhaps all those to follow, He had decided to enhance Object’s sensations of intimate captivity. A large, wide neoprene ‘O’ ring was readied and He slipped it down over her trembling right breast until it surrounded the base, immediately next to her chest. The ring was substantially smaller than the diameter of the mound itself and when He released the narrow stricture, it sank deeply into the resilient flesh, immediately unable to slide off. The garotted flesh immediately began to balloon with blood, swelling noticeably and Object went into an immediate, violent and protesting writhing, feeling her body so cruelly noosed, but her fastenings permitted little motion. He placed the other ‘O’ ring on her left breast and watched while she attempted to come terms with the new, horrid and intimate captivity.

The Chastity Bra she was required to wear was an awesome device and did precisely what its name indicated. In some ways it resembled the heavier more clinical bras that older women chose to wear; having a wide, tightly-fitted chest band and broad shoulder straps; however, that’s where the resemblance disappeared. Object’s bra was made of a finely woven, stainless steel wire cloth, this covered on each side with a thin layer of gleaming black, neoprene rubber. The straps ascending from the top and centre of each cup were made of the same material, being two cm wide and angled so that they passed close to her neck, capable of being locked at any desired tightness and thus impossible to shrug out of. The breast cups themselves were made of forged stainless steel, rubber-lined and sized so that they were snug, but not too tight ... normally. Now however, with her breasts being semi-strangled around their bases by the continually and mercilessly squeezing rings, the cups suddenly became uncomfortably under-sized.

With the chest band and shoulder straps made of non-stretchable steel cloth, there was no forgiveness to the garment once it was secured, as she had discovered to her horror when it had first been fitted, and now, she was about to be imprisoned within it once more. He clasped the wide band around her chest, then slowly ratchetted it tighter and tighter, until the strap sank into the softness of her torso covering, anchoring itself securely. Object attempted to draw a full breath only to have the wide strap exert its strict authority and prevent it from happening so that she now could only breath in short gasps. It was time for the cups to be placed. He picked up the left one first, then brought it up to cover and fully contain the rampant, bobbling mass of vulnerable tissue. Her ballooned breast now filled the cup to overflowing, yet He knew that it would all fit inside, even though being uncomfortably compressed, and so with a slow pressure, the cup absorbed her bulging flesh. Yet another paroxysm of shuddering denial shook Object’s still-suspended body when she felt herself again fully encased by the rigid cup. He ensured that it seated fully onto the chest band, then drew the shoulder strap up and over, fastening it behind. Another ratchet awaited and He fed the strap loosely through it to hold the cup in place. A moment later her other breast had also been uncomfortably engulfed and the shoulder strap threaded, then it was time to adjust both imprisoning containers to the full tightness He required.

Object howled into her gag, feeling the squeezing, vastly uncomfortable containment of her super-sensitized flesh, but a moment later it grew worse by orders of magnitude when He tightened the shoulder straps. The cup’s rims were pulled in tight against her chest, compressing her bulging flesh even more, but at last He was satisfied and locked the tighteners securely. Object writhed and twisted for long minutes, attempting to find comfort in the strict garment, but there was no solace and she was ready to resume her normal existence.

He made short work of releasing her legs and re-applying the too-short ankle hobble chain; always keeping her limbs tethered in some manner and only then did He lower her to the bed and assist her to turn then sit on the edge of the mattress after loosening the Head Box leash. The anti-rolling chains remained attached to her waist band so that she’d be unable to escape from the mattress, then once again her gloved hands were freed, one at a time, and locked to the front rings of her waistband. When it came to matters of freedom for Object, He left nothing to chance.

It was at last time to free her from the Head Box and He quickly released the side and back locks then slowly drew the three-sided cube upwards. Object stared straight ahead at the front panel, unable to do otherwise, still kept forcibly wide-eyed, and waited for him to release the balance of the awful device. A moment later He returned and carefully removed the water misters that had kept her eyes lubricated, then the spreaders that had kept her eyes from closing. Just the small freedom of being able to blink when her body needed it was a huge gift and torrents of tears spilled down her cheeks while He prepared to remove the front panel and her gag. The panel itself was released from the wide posture collar/base of the Head Box, then He carefully and slowly began to extricate the huge, complicated device that had kept her utterly silent for the past sixteen hours.

It slowly oozed from her mouth, seeming to drag at her teeth and tongue, for the suction she had created by biting down on it was difficult to release. After having had her jaws and tongue immobilized for so long, Object did not even attempt to speak, but slow, gasping and tremulous breaths could now be drawn through her once again available mouth. She could only make thin gasping noises and her eyes once more filled with tears ... this time of thankfulness, despite all of the other incredible sensations she was being subjected to by her Uniform. He smiled down at her while her chained hands twisted in her lap, then turned on her hearing aid/ear plugs.

“It’s been a long day for you my Dear.” He said quietly. “You must be famished, I’m sure. Remain seated on your bed and I’ll bring your fuel, then you will be put down for your rest period.”

With that, He disappeared for a few moments, leaving Object to sit forlornly on the edge of her bed, contemplating the hour’s long travails and joys just past. Oh yes, she had revelled in her captivity and the eventual sexual joy they’d shared, even though she had, as always, been kept bound at all times, but the unending bondage and isolation was incredibly harsh. She desperately wanted to talk, to communicate, but her situation forbade it, unless she was given specific permission. Tears still trickled down her cheeks and she unthinkingly tried to wipe them away, only to have her hands and arms snubbed short by their chains. When at last He returned with her food and water, she stared up into His cool blue eyes, desperate to speak, but He ignored her unspoken plea and she automatically opened her mouth to have the spoon deposit the unchanging gruel on her tongue. Five minutes later, with few words spoken by Him, she was ready to be put down for her rest.

“Lift your feet onto the mattress, then swing your legs to the centre.”

She silently did as commanded and He went to the foot of the bed then drew on her ankle chain until it could be locked to the one rising from the base of the bed’s frame.

“Slide down a little, please, then lay back slowly when I tell you to.”
She hitched herself slowly across the thick, rubber mattress cover and sat waiting while He connected the heavy, chain, wall leash to the back ring of her collar. It was actually mounted under the mattress then fed up through a hole in it at the position of her neck, permitting no escape at all.

“Done! You may lay back now.”

With a heart-rending sigh, she settled carefully back onto the mattress until her head found its depression in the rubber-covered bolster that was her pillow.

“Roll onto your side.”

When she did, He quickly connected the hoses to her crotch plate.

“Good. Now, roll onto your back.”

As soon as Object had obeyed, she heard the rattle of her neck chain when He tightened it to the point that she’d be unable to rise unless it was released from the frame, high on the wall above her head.

“Remain still for a moment.” He commanded quietly, then reached over and tightened the far side, anti-rolling chain to her waistband and a few seconds later did the same on the side nearest to Him.

“Very well. You’re almost ready for your rest period.”

Object pulled peevishly at her leg and arm restraints, deeply aware that she was unable to free herself in any manner, and, if she spoke without being given permission, she’d be unmercifully gagged yet again. The harsh slithery sound of the thick neoprene sheet being drawn up over her recumbent body told her that she was soon to be left on her own yet again, and more silent tears trailed down her cheeks. He pulled the straps around the edges tight, fastening her in place on the mattress with yet another layer of security, then came and leant over her face.

“Why the tears, Little One?” He asked tenderly. “This is what you wanted, and so it has come to pass. No! You may not speak. You are in Strict Regime and it is forbidden!

“And so you will rest from your long day, my Dear. Sleep well.” He spoke quietly and tenderly, then gave her lips a brief kiss

He turned from His fastened-down woman, now known only as Object, and moved to the locked door of her silent cell. All sound suddenly disappeared when He turned off her hearing aid/ear plugs, plunging her into a world of utter silence and she didn’t hear him open and close the barred, inner door. The lights of the cell flicked out and she was once more entombed in silence and pitch black. Between the two doors, He unlocked the outer steel slab one, stepped through and closed it against the restriction of the counter weights. It swung slowly, then closed and latched with nearly silent clacks, sealing her inside the secret cell. The fully-stocked wine rack slipped along its hidden tracks to cover the steel door, concealing it totally, then settled into its normal resting place, ensuring that the only entrance to her suite of cells had disappeared. A minute later He arrived in the brightly lit kitchen and began to make His breakfast.

Deep in her concealed cell, Object slowly regained her voice then cried out to Him, only to have the noises she made, inaudible even to her own ears, sucked into the black void of the chamber. It had been a long, traumatic work period, then a strenuous, sometimes delightful time of sexual release. What had followed: the re-application of a now-enhanced Uniform had shocked her deeply with its clinical intensity, for her breasts throbbed; firmly compressed in their imprisoning cups with no way to escape the constricting rings around their bases. In her belly, the rigid, long and thick dildo nestled deeply; constantly reminding her, even when she attempted to breath against the harsh stricture of her Chastity Bra, that it was there and waiting with evil portent, and, when she moved her belly muscles, she was reminded yet again of the thick, securely mounted plate that sealed her sex.

Attempting to draw her feet up, the chain to the base of the bed snapped tight, and, deeply frustrated, she jerked her wrist-cuffed hands hysterically against the locks securing them at her waist, while at the same time attempting to roll onto either one side or the other. Of course she was not permitted to exercise any freedom of motion unless permitted to do so by her Owner and after long minutes of useless, gasping struggles, Object gave up and lay staring in despair up into the gloom of her cell. Unbidden, a gasping howl then a fit of bitter weeping soon filled it, mixed with her low-voiced and desperate begging to be released from her Vow of Slavery, when she thought again of what she had committed herself to. Object struggled frantically for the longest time to free herself, all the while making any promise she could think of to persuade her Owner to allow her to be human again, but only the uncaring, barren and black-painted cement walls heard her desperate pleas and the subdued rattles of her hidden chains.

Was it day? Was it night? What was happening in the world? While in Strict Regime, she would never know. What was even worse was that she knew without doubt that she would soon work again in her awful confinement and no one would ever know how she suffered.

Exhaustion stole upon her mind and body and without awareness that she had done so, Object slipped into a deep sleep, to soon lay quiescent in her bonds under the tight, thick, neoprene sheet.

Another day of life as an Owned Object had passed.