Idaho Ponygirl -Part One is Here


Karen Anne Summerfield

Copyright © January 1999

It required ten or twelve minutes to reach the bank of the river.  During that time, Valerie carefully observed Black Blaze.  She knew that she had to apply some correction after they were safe on flat ground.  What was occurring could not be permitted, or else it might become an established behaviour pattern, one that Valerie was not going to permit Black Blaze to display again.  If her ponygirl were to do so, punishment would be required.

Black Blaze could not feel the minor surface irregularities under her hooves, pebbles, twigs, and things like that.  She easily sensed features that did not permit the steel to rest squarely and properly support her weight.  The high arch of her feet was close to that of wearing seven-inch pumps, allowing only her sharply bent toes and small portion of the balls of her feet to support her weight.

When Valerie designed the hooves for her ponygirl, she had them made small, even by most ponygirl standards.  They were about three inches end to end and the same width: horseshoe shaped bands of steel, three eighths of an inch thick and five eighths of an inch wide.

The fronts of the shoes had steel rims that rose to protect the hard, reinforced, molded plastic hooves and where they ended at the back, bent down to form cleats that would dig into any surface to provide traction.  Standing, the bottoms of the ponygirl’s toes were two and a half inches above the under surface of the steel shoe.

Ruts and erosion-exposed stones had made the path anything, but smooth and so Black Blaze placed her hooves carefully and tested their location for enough support before transferring her weight and taking her next pace.  Even the men, wearing sturdy hiking boots, were doing the same as they descended.

Black Blaze was acquiring another habit which Valerie found unacceptable and would require correction: keeping her head bent down to look for suitable landing zones for her hooves.  The solution to stop this was an easy one.

The problem with the hobble chain that Val had observed earlier was more obvious for when Black Blaze took much smaller steps keeping her hooves close together, it looped to drag across the ground almost all of the time during the descent and this presented a much higher risk of catching on an obstacle.

The first thing Valerie did when they reached the river plain was to move ahead of her ponygirl and lead her again.  She wanted to re-establish control and to whom it belonged.  Though only fifty feet to the water, Val turned upstream and proceeded at a faster walk than earlier.  She felt it was safe because the surface of the narrow flood plain was level and smooth,; being a combination of hard clay, sand and short grass.

After leading Black Blaze nearly a quarter mile, they rounded a bend to expose a quiet pool and larger, gassy area.  Valerie knew from catching them herself, that the pool contained the trout that Chuck promised for dinner that night.  At the upstream end she reined Black Blaze to a halt.

Val’s first order of business was to remove the pack and set it down on the bank then Black Blaze was led another hundred feet into the shade of the tall Douglas Fir trees.  She hoped she would finally be permitted to rest, for she almost exhausted from over two hours of exercise.

“I’m going to let you cool down before I let you drink.”  The ponygirl thought that her owner sounded a bit hard as she tethered the reins to a stout branch, then without saying anything more, Val walked away.

No compliments? Not even a pat? I sweated my ass off and did a damn good job!  What the Hell more am I supposed to do to please the bitch? Why the Hell did she whip me so if’in’ hard? If she had just told me not to - I’d have obeyed.  She didn’t have to whip me without telling me first!

When her panting ceased and she was breathing normally, Black Blaze started to be bend her knees to kneel and then lay in the soft mountain grass.  She wanted to scream when the whip cut her ass extremely hard.  Valerie was standing just a few feet behind and Black Blaze until then had been completely unaware of her presence.

“Do not turn around! You were about to move without receiving a command to do so.  If I'd wanted you to kneel or to lay down I'd have gently tugged your reins and tapped my whip to command you.  You are to learn that as my ponygirl you are not to move from the spot where I stop you, nor are you to do anything other than what the commands indicate.  I expect you to remain standing there until commanded to do something else.”  This time Valerie did leave her alone, very quietly returning to where she had removed the pack.

“How’s your ponygirl proving out Val?”  Chuck and Richard had sat to pull on their waders.

“Great! Really, really great!”  If either had just witnessed the welt being created or had heard the short lecture they would not believe her.  “There's a few minor corrections I've gotta address before we return, but nothing even close to requiring me to punish her for.

“Well, I tell you, observing her first couple of hours as a ponygirl, Black Blaze is performing much better than I think anyone could expect.” Chuck complimented.  As the men assembled their fly rods and rig, Valerie emptied the pack.

“When do you think you two will want lunch? It'll only take five minutes or so to set up.”

“An hour? That sound good to you, Chuck?”

“Fine.” They started toward the water.

“Before you go, I’d like something.  Either of you got some strong twine, or even fishing line? I only need about three feet.”  Chuck shook his head ‘no’.

“Sure, in my tackle box. The green one. There's a pair of rawhide laces.  I always carry them.  They’re handy for lots of things besides replacing a broken one on my boots.  You're welcome to use them.”

“That'll do perfectly.  Thanks.”

Val moved to the head of the pool as the men entered the water, where, sitting on a large boulder, she had a good view of Black Blaze, seventy feet away at the edge of the trees.

Valerie checked her watch fifteen minutes after tethering Black Blaze.  ‘She’s got to be dying for water.  She saw all of us drink from the canteen I’d fixed outside her pack.  I’ll let her go another fifteen minutes. I have to teach her that decisions are made for her and not by her.  Well, if I want to be really technical about this, she'll always be able to decide between pleasing obedience and punishment.

Valerie could not stop admiring her ponygirl for Black Blaze was a very attractive animal, no question about it, with her long dark mane and long tail, reaching right to her heels.  She continued to stand erect and had not moved.

“Come, I’ll let you drink now.”  The edge had gone from Valerie’s voice, but there was no warmth in it either.  Black Blaze still believed that she had performed well and questioned why she'd received not even a smile to indicate her owner had too.  The ponygirl wanted to know what more she could have done to please her new owner.

“Eventually you're going to learn to drink while standing, but I accept that would be asking too much until your body becomes more flexible, Black Blaze.”  Val removed the bit from her mouth and left it dangling from one side, after she switched the reins from the bit to the bridle.

“I’ll let you pick your own spot and drink the best way you can manage. Straighten and return here to let me know that you've had enough.”  Though perhaps she shouldn’t, Black Blaze cocked her head in question.  “Go on, drink as best you can.  Do what you think best.”

Valerie did not believe what the ponygirl started to do.  Having figured it out, she did not tug on the reins or use the whip to stop her either.  It was all she could do not to laugh outright .

Black Blaze picked her way very slowly and entered the pool.  The mountains were still snow-capped and melt water fed the river, making it ice cold, but Black Blaze had no intention of staying in long.   She continued until the surface touched her breasts, then just leant forward until her mouth touched the water's surface and she could drink.

If she doesn’t want me doing this, my reins and her whip would have stopped me as soon as I put my hoof in.

Black Blaze took her time and slowly drank until she had swallowed more than enough.  Standing straight and feeling no tug on her reins, the ponygirl did one more thing.  She bent her knees until her chin felt the cold water then tilted her head back until it covered her ears and shook herself vigorously.

Just as slowly as she had entered, Black Blaze picked her way back to the riverbank.  Valerie could no longer keep from laughing when her ponygirl started to shake her body as vigorously as a wet dog and had to jump back to avoid being soaked by the two, flying, wet tails and showers of droplets that left her ponygirl’s body.

“OK, I gave you permission.  Next time I tell you can pick your spot to drink, keep all of your body out of the water, except your mouth.  I mean it.”  Valerie still had a big, broad smile. "Now, you want to rest in the sun or in the shade.  Where ever you pick is where you're going to stay until I come for you.”  She knew she had just violated her resolve about decisions, intentionally doing so, but she had a reason.

“Which? Sun?”  Black Blaze stood straight.  “Shade?”  No nod and whinny, Black Blaze raised her right leg and snapped her hoof sharply to the ground.  Valerie led her back to where she had earlier been left and hitched the reins to the branch.

“I want you to stand until the air dries you.  You may then stand, kneel or lay down, even nap.  Do not sit on your rump.  Never let me catch you sitting, or you’ll remain standing until we have the next two full moons.  I mean that.” She left Black Blaze and walked off to see the men.

“How’s the fishing been guys?”

“Great! We had dinner after the first six casts.  My rainbow is about four pounds and Chuck’s brownie is bigger.  I switched to barbless flies after that and caught one more, a little smaller than the first.”

“I had two more hits, lost the first and released one about the size of Rich’s.  Great day.”

They chatted while eating Val’s delicious lunch and when the wine bottle was empty, the men started to help pack up.

“I’ll do that guys.  Why don’t each of you catch one more? We can have them for breakfast and I’ll make trout salad for lunch.

Black Blaze thought that she was having a very pleasant dream for someone was gently and alternately tugging on her nipple rings while she slept.

“Mmm, more.  Pull harder.  Mmm…”  The lash didn’t bite - it was more of a nip, but sufficient to awaken her.  Valerie stood, holding the reins in one hand and her whip poised in the other.  They stared a few moments at each other, neither moving until Val rippled the reins and Black Blaze struggled to her hoofed feet.  It puzzled Val that Black Blaze had not stood upon awakening until she remembered the orders she had issued.  Lost in re-thinking many things about her ponygirl and, more so, herself, Valerie returned to the bend where the two men were just arriving.

“We’ll be ready in about ten minutes, Val, if OK by you?”

“Fine, Chuck.  We should be ready too.”

“Chuck caught two he kept for breakfast and lunch like you asked.  I wasn’t as lucky.”

“Quality, Rich, quality.  Your first is still bigger than any of mine.”

“Listen guys, I just stopped back to make sure we all agreed on going back. Get out of your waders, be sure they’re dry, clean the fish and get all packed.  OK?

“If I’m not ready, just leave the pack and I’ll fit Black Blaze and return with her.  Be here when we get back?"

“We’ll wait.”  Chuck’s voice was firm, but not hard.  He and Valerie had the conversation during the drive from their ranch.  She had agreed to not go to the river in early morning or late afternoon.

“I forgot.  It is late.  Please wait? I do not want you to leave without us.”

“I’m missing something?”  Rich was puzzled.  He was well aware of Valerie’s dominant and quite independent personality.  She submitted with no argument.

“Chuck! Please explain it at the cabin.” Jerking Black Blaze’s reins hard enough to hurt. She’d not intended to and was unaware that she had, then she led Black Blaze away. 

What did I do to deserve that?’  Black Blaze tried to figure it out as she tried to work out the pain in her mouth.

Val was calm when she stopped and shook out the rawhide.

“I've observed some real problems on the trail this morning and I'm going to address them before we return.  The first one will be dealt with using this.”  Satisfied that all of its tangles were out, Val raised her eyes to meet her ponygirl’s heavily made up ones and saw the fear and questions in them at the same time.  Still, she stood straight and still.  Clearly, her ponygirl was fearful.

“Calm down. Just be calm, Black Blaze.  You are not being punished.  I am going to do nothing now to hurt you or cause pain.”  Lightly she used the back of her red-gloved hands to just brush Black Blaze’s nipples.  “I am not going to cause you to feel any pain, now.

“This,” she dangled the rawhide lace, “is actually going to make it much easier for you. “Spread your hooves.”  The tip of the whip just tapped the insides of Black Blaze’s thighs.

Valerie crouched and made a neat knot to the ring on the front shield of Black Blaze's chastity belt then on the other end of the lace, threaded it through the centre ring of her hobble chain and also knotted it.  Once she'd ensured that both were good ones, Val cut the excess off.

“Straighten.  You'll discover that I've just made things easier for you.”  Valerie moved behind then took the straps and clipped one to the ring on the bridle above right Black Blaze’s ear, then the other above her left.  Both were run through separate fittings on her girth.  Val did the buckles, leaving the straps loose.

“All packed?”

“We’re ready. Are you?”  Chuck lifted the pack.  “I’ll help, if you want?”

“Sure!.  Thank you.”

Valerie had been adamant after Richard had accepted her check to purchase slave girl Monica, that both were to obey and observe her very strict ‘No touching’, ‘No talking to’ and ‘Don’t even ask’, policies with Black Blaze and meant these to be obeyed in the very strictest sense. Both had agreed to her rules regarding ‘my property’.

With the pack fastened and adjusted to Black Blaze's harness, Valerie adjusted the two checkreins.  She assured herself that they were equal then pulled both one notch tighter before tucking the ends in the keepers so that now Black Blaze could not lower her head.  She tried to force it, but the two straps had far more strength than any of her muscles.   The two men had begun walking toward the path, but Val waited until they were well away before turning to face her ponygirl.

“Now, a little explanation for your little ponygirl brain.  I stated that I observed three things with you earlier, Black Blaze.  Two have now been addressed.

“The first thing I did was to fix your hobble so it won't drag on the ground when you walk.  It's far less likely to catch on something,causing you to stumble and trip and should not restrict your paces.  When I get you back home, I’ll see to a more secure and permanent solution.

“The second thing I did is these.”  Reaching past Black Blaze’s bridled head, Val's fingers snapped both of the checkreins.  “Ponygirls are not to move about with their heads lowered to look at the ground ahead.  Horses don’t, ponygirls don’t.  Need I tell you how easy it is to tighten them a lot more until you are looking at the sky behind you?

“You are to trust me to lead you or drive you in a safe fashion at a safe speed.”

Now,”  Val had raised her voice then lowered it to resume, “we have the biggie.  I’m not going to punish you for it for you were not yet trained.  I did not tell to not to do it.  I do understand why you did it, but that does not change the fact that you should not have done it.

“At the top of the hill over looking the river, I said that the guys were to go ahead down.  You needed a rest then and I said I was going to rest you, but without my ordering you to, you decided to start down the hill.  Although your reason was commendable, that does not change what you did and that I will never again let go unpunished.

“I * make * all * of * the * decisions * for * you*!  Valerie’s whip alternated between each word to just tap Black Blaze’s prominent nipples to emphasize them.  “You * do *NOT* make *ANY* decisions*.”  Adjusting her Stetson, Val turned and started to jog in the direction of the men while sending a ripple through the reins.

She timed the slow run to reach Chuck and Rich, just before the hill when she passed.  Valerie wanted Black Blaze to go first so Val could set the pace for the climb.  Pressing her whip to the ponygirl’s thighs, Val slowed her.

“Whoa.”  Valerie switched the clips of the reins to the eyes at the ends of the upper lever arms, so that with a pull on the reins from behind, she would drive her ponygirl, and now, the bit would rotate to press down uncomfortably.  Sorting the reins, she passed them over Black Blaze’s shoulders and moved behind.

“I’m going to keep just a slight tension on the bit with both reins.  When I tension one more than the other, you will turn slowly in that direction until the tension is equal again.  If you feel a pull on both, slow down.  The whip on your rump or thigh, along with less tension or a ripple means I want you to move a bit faster.” A sharp cut on the ponygirl’s right cheek, enough to give a red welt, started her off.

Val let her occasionally pick with her footing on the rougher areas of the path going up the hill, but on the smooth parts that would cause no problems, Black Blaze felt stinging bites of the lash on her buttocks.  Valerie watched very intently for any problems as the climb progressed and guided the ponygirl to avoid the worst areas.

It was extremely difficult for Black Blaze to easily accept what her mind considered the cruel and punishing things that her owner and her whip were inflicting on her.  She puzzled over what she considered contradictions, for Valerie had said this wasn’t punishment, yet her whip stung and hurt when Black Blaze could imagine nothing to warrant it.

She had no choice, but to respond to the harsh commands of the bit that she felt in her mouth and those from the whip on her throbbing rump.  Valerie was not being any of the things her ponygirl had thought she would be.  Black Blaze though knew she was being carefully trained in the basics of good ponygirl behaviour.

“You're not to rest here, Black Blaze.”  Valerie’s words were calm and even as she relaxed most of the tension in the leather reins at the top of the hill and began the much longer, gentle and smoother descent.  By this point, Blaze was sweating and drooling heavily.  She had set a goal of reaching the top and expected a rest once she had achieved it, but Valerie continued to drive her, not lead as she had in the morning.

Sweat still poured from every pore, but her restricted breathing was much calmer and even. They were past the halfway point when it clicked inside the ponygirl’s head: Valerie had not stopped to rest her once since switching the reins.  The only rest she was given was to be reined to a much slower walk, until Val observed her breathing to no longer be a panting struggle against her tight corset.

Val kept her at the same speed for several minutes then, depending on whether the trail was rising, level or descending, flicked the whip to move Black Blaze to a faster walk, but never doing it on the uphill slopes.  Valerie, even once they could see the cabin and smooth home stretch, did not whip her to a jog.

After realizing just what her owner was teaching, Black Blaze began to prance, as she had started to be taught on the outward trip.  Val did not whip her to do it: she did it on her own.  She was not going to say a thing to her or take any corrective action because her ponygirl was demonstrating that she had just made, yet another decision.  The decision to try as hard to become a good ponygirl despite how tired she was, was one that deserved reward, not punishment.

Once Black Blaze had started to prance, the whip ceased to whistle and Valerie loosened her reins a little, even letting her ponygirl decide how fast a walk she wanted to go.

“Chuck, hold the pack please? I’ll unfasten it so you can take it inside.  I’ll come inside in a few minutes.”

Once the pack was off, Valerie led Black Blaze toward the stable.  Outside, at one end of the hitching rail was wooden watering trough and as Val walked the ponygirl past, Black Blaze tugged on her reins and tried to go to it.  She wanted water to replace all of the fluid she'd lost through her heavy sweating and drooling, plus the evaporation through her constantly open, bitted mouth. A drink was her most desperate desire.

“No, ponygirl!”  Val tugged on her reins, pulling her where she wanted her to go.  “You can’t have a drink until you cool down."  Val tethered her at the far end of the rail with only enough slack so she could stand up straight and move a few inches.

“I’ll be back to take off your harness and put you in your stall after you've cooled down.  You can drink in there.”  Val slapped the hitching rail loudly.  “Remember! No leaning on this or kneeling down! You're a horse, nothing more!  You can rest all you want once you're in your stall.”

The one small kindness Val gave Black Blaze was a touch that just skimmed her rampant nipples with the back of her gloved hand.  That was all.

Everything Valerie did to Black Blaze was intentional and purposeful for she seriously wanted her new ponygirl to stop being, especially to stop thinking as a human; even such a human slave girl as Slave Girl Monica had been. That person, now gone forever, had owned a lot of freedom to make decisions: freedom to move about, to satisfy her thirst, and to set her own pace most of the time.  As Black Blaze, the young woman had been stripped of even the simple things like that, and they were going to continue to be denied.  Slave Girl Monica could talk and interact with lots of people and even choose her clothing. As a Pony girl though, Black Blaze was no longer going to have any clothing to wear. Even her corset was now designated as tack, and tack was all that she was ever going to feel against her skin again.

What Valerie intended by purposefully not allowing Black Blaze to drink since her previous one from the river, was to create a very strong need to replenish the large quantity of fluids her body had lost.  Val had intentionally tethered her in sight of what was needed to satisfy that need, but so that she could not do so.  Now that Blaze Blaze’s mind was no longer occupied with her progress on the trail or otherwise distracted, Valerie wanted her to need the only thing that would be in her thoughts.

Black Blaze desperately wanted Val to return, un-tether her and lead her to water, then permit her to consume it and she also needed Valerie to remove her tack, and cleanse the sweat and odour from her body. She also needed to rest and eat, but what Valerie was doing was to make Black Blaze realize and accept that she was totally dependent on her owner to satisfy even her most basic needs.  Totally absent from Black Blaze’s mind, while she stood tethered to the rail in front of the stable, were any desires.  Black Blaze needed Valerie so that her extremely strong and pressing sexual needs would also be filled.

Black Blaze was made to wait for over half an hour before Val returned and hearing her boots, she was pleased that she had not been forgotten.  She waited patiently, not turning to her owner, much as she wanted to.

Valerie did not so much as glance at her animal, but just undid the hitch, rippled the reins and started for the door.  Once Black Blaze had been tethered by her reins to rings on the wall, Val removed all of the harness and tack she'd fitted that morning; working silently and never raising her head or looking up into her ponygirl’s face.

With quick motions, the light chain tethers were clipped to Black Blaze’s nipple rings, then Val exchanged the bridle for a halter after removing her bit.  Black Blaze was led on a single rein and the breast leashes to her stall and secured in the same way as she had been the previous afternoon.  As soon as she's been securely connected to the stall's cross-ties, Valerie, as gently as possible, worked out the tail plug.  She paused only to see that the feed trough had plenty and judge that the over half full water trough was adequate.

With the stall door closed and latched, Valerie scooped up all of the tack, exited, and latched the outer door.  She'd fought with herself to keep her resolve not meet Black Blaze’s now tear-filled eyes. Valerie’s actions were a continuation of her plan to work heavily on the ponygirl’s mind.

Inside the silent stall and stable, Black Blaze fought back her tears, then moved to the troughs and started to drink.  ‘If I was that bad today, she could have said so and showed me what I have to do to please hr!

Her troughs had not been filled since the evening before, leaving the water stale and with a few dead insects floating on top, but Black Blaze didn't care.  She was so thirsty that she drank over half of what was there before straightening up.

After the water had settled, she ate from her feed trough, and stood for several minutes waiting before bending to eat more.  She was hungrier than she had imagined, once her thirst had been satisfied.

Once those needs had been satisfied, Black Blaze allowed herself to sink to her knees in the straw, then settled to her belly and rolled over slightly onto her side.  Exhausted, she was asleep almost instantly and thought of nothing before her breathing settled and slowed.



“Thanks for reminding me about the bears at the river, Chuck.  After watching them last year, I don’t think I’d want to be there again without my rifle.  I don’t think having you or Rich there would have made much of a difference.”

“Oh, sure it would.  With what Chuck told me about the grizzlies around here, not to mention a mountain lion or a dozen, I’m certain, your helpless ponygirl would be a lot more tempting meal than either of us hairy beasts.  We could then run like hell for home, Val.”  Valerie saw no humour in Richard’s crude attempt at being funny.

Not speaking, Valerie went in her room and returned with her .380 Magnum Steingletz then slid it out of its leather case.

“Hey, come on, Val.  I apologize.  Rich was only trying to be funny.”

“Just shut up, Chuck.  I’m not going to waste a bullet on that.  Richard made a comment and I’m evening the odds.  Black Blaze out there is defenseless against cougars, bears or even beasts like him.  Whenever I’m outside this is not going to be very far away from now on.  I want no jokes and no crap about it from either of you.  Except in the stable, I’m sure she is a very attractive meal.”

“You know, Val, speaking of attraction.  Most animals hunt, at least in part, by scent.  Couldn’t help, but notice, especially downwind.  Your ponygirl’s is pretty strong.”

“I’ll be carrying it lot further too.  If her ‘scent’, as you so politely put it, offends either of you.  I suggest you stay upwind for the next week.  I guarantee it will become stronger.”

They watched as Valerie opened the bolt and slid five of the fat cartridges into the magazine then pushed one into the chamber.  Sliding the bolt home, Val, slipped the safety to ‘on’.

“Rich, before you find out the hard way, do not touch anything personal of Val’s, especially one of her guns.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? This is a rifle, not a gun.”  She laughed and turned to Richard.

“Take the advice seriously, friend.”

“You didn’t want your ponygirl to know about bears, I assume.  How are you going to explain that you’ve started carrying that thing, Val?”

“Me? My rifle, loaded with the scope, weighs about eight pounds.  I’ve got a ponygirl to carry it.  Honestly, I hope I never have to pull the trigger in defence.

“Let me add what Val, didn’t say.  She has a huge bearskin cover on her bed back home, Rich.”


Black Blaze was sound asleep.  Her body had not yet recovered enough to have begun dreaming when Valerie entered her stall.  Sitting on the straw, close to her ponygirl’s head, Val was able to lift her head and shoulders enough to work her thighs under Black Blaze’s head and still not awaken her, though she moved to a more comfortable position.

Valerie’s hand and fingers, again encased in soft leather, began to fondle the ringed nipple it had found in the darkness.  Val had lit one of the kerosene lanterns and placed it on the floor of the corridor, outside the stall, to provide some light, though not very much.

It was only when she hooked her finger through one of Black Blaze’s nipple rings and began to tug and twist it gently that the ponygirl began to slowly respond.  Valerie began to play with her more, increasing the tension and how much she twisted the flesh.

“Oooh… Mmm…”

“Quiet, Black Blaze.”  To emphasize the soft command, Valerie twisted the ring a full half circle and tugged to feel her ponygirl’s body jerk.  In the dim light, Val saw her lashes flutter and it was a good testimonial to the quality of the glue she had used to re-apply them that morning.

“Roll on your back so I can play with both your tits, ponygirl.”  Val helped by pulling the ponytail out over her slick rubber encased thighs.  She was wearing one of her latex cat suits; a red one that left her breasts and hairless pussy bare.  Its colour was a near match for her red boots and gloves.  Valerie took a firm grip on the cheek straps of the halter and pulled Black Blaze up further.  “That’s better!”

“You may communicate with your body, your head, your face or your eyes.  So long as you don’t make verbal sounds, I’ll be pretty receptive to how you do it.  If I do not like something, I’ll let you know.  After I tell you something once, any time you try it again will get you punishment. It's fairly simple.”  Valerie fell silent and started to play with her ponygirl’s breasts in earnest; massaging and fondling them while she played with the heavy secure rings puncturing their tips.

“I think you like your nipples rings!”

Black Blaze responded by thrusting her chest up and attempting to ease the discomfort and then the pain the stretching of her nipples was causing, but she also had a much different reason.

As soon as Val stopped pulling, Black Blaze relaxed so that her falling body would pull on her nipples and breasts as strongly as possible.  Valerie let her repeat it several times until she saw her ponygirl’s thighs start to shudder and scissor in frantic need.  They began to work more strongly in response to each fall until she put a halt to it by pushing down by pressing on her heaving chest, then she pulled her fingers from the rings and reversed her hands with the rings over her middle fingers.

“I want to talk to you.”

Black Blaze though, wanted to resume the games her owner had just begun!

“Stop fighting!  Accept what I am giving you and enjoy it.  I may do what you want me to do, but you must just lay like you are and enjoy what comes.  What I want to do is talk to you, not with, Black Blaze.” Valerie slowly massaged the ponygirl’s shuddering large breasts.  She knew now that her ponygirl enjoyed it most if her nipples and breasts were treated roughly.  She continued her massage, but wasn’t gentle in any way.

“First, I want to tell you a few facts.  There are millions of slaves, very, very few are real.  I make my fortune from those that pay big bucks to play.  I no longer accept new clients unless their own or their owner’s finances are large.  I bought my first slave today.  For me, it was my own little fantasy.

“I was serious when I told your former owner I wanted you and I am extremely pleased that other slave owners I deal with have never seen you before.  I could never out bid them if you were auctioned before this morning.  They know quality and I thought I knew quality, and so took a gamble with a few bucks. Well, the wheel stopped and the ball said my measly bet gave me an astronomical payoff. You!”  even though corseted tightly herself, Valerie bent and her lips smothered her ponygirl’s mouth with kisses.

When they finally broke, Val was panting as much as her ponygirl, then she slowly resumed the massage.  She continued for several minutes.

“You did excellently! I do mean, excellently, for a first-day ponygirl, Black Blaze.  You far exceeded any expectations I had before I bought you.  If one of my best clients offered me ten times what I paid Richard, I’d consider it an insult. Yes, my ship has finally come in.”

She permitted Black Blaze ten repetitions of the breast torment that seemed to pleasure her so much, before slipping from under and letting the ponygirl settle on the straw.

“Calm down. I’m not leaving you yet.”  She shuffled through the straw to the far corner and squatted.  “Even your Mistress has to pee, Black Blaze.”

Before sitting again, Valerie unclipped one of the cross-tie chains from her ponygirl’s halter.  She sat, this time, below the wall connection of the one still holding Black Blaze in the stall, with her back supported by the side wall and her legs spread.

“Move in here ponygirl, you can have a nice, warm, latex pillow to sleep on tonight.”  Val guided Black Blaze into the place she desired with the halter chain.

“Just a sec.  I’ve got to position my rings and identity disk.”  Val squirmed a bit to get them in position.  “There.  If you are curious, all my rings and the links there are welded closed.  My disk is engraved with just my name and e-mail address.  There’s no ‘Mistress’ or anything else.  That wouldn’t do when I play on the other side of the street.”

“Comfy? We’re going to sleep now.  No more playtime, it’s sleepy time.”

When they awoke, both much refreshed, Val re-fastened the second tether chain and bent for a drink from the trough, discovering that it was empty.  That was resolved with two trips to the well and two buckets of cold water.  After her owner had played with her then slept in the stall, the ponygirl had not figured Valerie out.  She was more puzzled watching her drink, then eating her feed, keeping her wrists crossed, high behind her back.

“Delicious! Nothing like a good morning meal to start the day.”  Val grinned while she moved to the gate. 

“Eat and drink Black Blaze.  Do whatever else you need to.  I’ll be back a little later to tend you.  You have a full day of training and exercise scheduled.

When Valerie returned, clean and freshly made-up, she was dressed just as Black Blaze had seen her the first time, collar, black corset and ponygirl hooves, plus her short red gloves.  Two items accessorized her minimal attire, beyond her rings and disk; these being a pair of regulation, steel ankle cuffs and a length of light chain.  A small padlock held one end to the centre of her eighteen-inch ankle chain and the other was locked to the ring through her clit.  Valerie was in a happy, ponygirl mood.

Black Blaze was truly puzzled, but her owner volunteered no explanation and the ponygirl was forbidden to ask.

“The guys are going to the city for supplies, so we’ll stick around here and I’m going to work on your gait.  No hiking today.”  Valerie offered this little bit as she fitted out her ponygirl in the harness once again.

Standing so Black Blaze had a good view, Val picked up the still warm and moist halter and buckled it snugly about her bald head.

“I know you want to know, so I’ll tell you.  I was born without any hair, not even eyelashes.  There’s some elaborate name for the syndrome, but that’s not important, is it?”  Valerie had applied more makeup to her ponygirl; not removing the old except where it had smeared, then she re-glued the comic lashes before starting to brush the straw and tangles from Black Blaze’s tails.

Out of sight of Black Blaze, Val inserted her own tail plug.  The only difference in her tail was that it was only about half as long as the one worn by the ponygirl.

“This is to protect both of us.  Do not be frightened, because of it.”  Already confused by the night, seeing her owner as a ponygirl and now seeing the large rifle and full bandolier - Black Blaze was more confused.  ‘Protection from whom?’ She had not given thought to the native fauna.

With the ammo belt across one shoulder, Valerie adjusted the heavy rifle across Black Blaze’s back and adjusted the leather sling, so that it was fairly tight, crossing between her breasts.  Where the sling attached at the end of the walnut stock was a trigger snap, Val could remove the rifle quickly, should it be needed.

“We’ll work here until the guys are ready to leave.”  Halfway between the stable and cabin, Valerie clipped the long leather lead a ring beside Black Blaze’s breast, then removed those on her bit.

“Keep this with just a little tension on it. That’s your job.  The whip on your rump means faster, a tug on this” Valerie tugged the leather lead, “means go slower.  The whip under your thigh means to lift your knees higher.  I want them to riser to just horizontal, not as high as you were lifting them yesterday and I do not want your hobble to tighten.  The whip on top of your leg is to signal you are not getting your hooves on the ground.

“Watch how I do it.”  Val pranced in the manner she desired her ponygirl to emulate and while she did, her naked breasts bounced, but not much, as they were firm and not quite full C cup sized.  Her tail bounced and swished while her chains tinkled. Their inescapable tugging on her clit ring sent pleasant vibrations through her loins and she continued back and forth until her slit was wet enough to drip, then stopped.

That is what I expect from you.“The girl who trained me called me ‘Vali Prancer’.” she said, sweeping her arms down in front of herself.  She began to chuckle when she moved to the side and picked up the fifteen foot, stiff, training whip.  “Never think that the girl who owns you, Black Blaze, doesn’t know what it is like to be a ponygirl.  She does.”

Black Blaze had been prancing in a circle about ten minutes when Chuck called to say they were leaving.

“Hold up a sec’.”

“Did you take my keys?”  Chuck showed Valerie her keying which included those to her current bondage.

“The cabin’s all secure to, just as you asked.”

“Thanks.  See you in the morning.”

“You spending the night in the stable again, Val?”

“You said you might have dinner there.  You don’t think I’m going to be sitting on the porch late at night waiting for you, do you?”

“No, I guess not." he said with a knowing chuckle.  "We’ll see each other in the morning.  Have fun!”

Valerie soon had Black Blaze worked up to a sweat and when the sun crested the mountains to warm the small valley, she began to perspire too, but not nearly as much.  For two hours Val circled her at a steady moderate walk, going around in the same thirty-foot circle.  Black Blaze was trying and seldom did she feel the whip correcting a fault.

“Whoa.”  Val stopped her with a sharp tug.  “We’ll take a short rest, then turn you around to go the other way.

Black Blaze wanted water, but was not led to the trough.  Valerie had moved the lead from the ring on her side to her right nipple ring then moved to stand about fifteen feet in front of her.  Val had another surprise for the new ponygirl when she clipped the other end of the long lead to her own nipple ring and moved back to tension it.

“A ponygirl has no choice about favours or how she receives them.  One of the two ponygirls standing here likes her nipples played with - hard.  She likes to feel them being pulled on, Black Blaze.

“Well, if that ponygirl doesn’t move from the spot she was told to stay, her owner never said she couldn’t use the tether to tug on her nipple.  Vali Prancer never heard her say that.”

Val placed her hands high behind her back and grinned at Black Blaze as she leaned back to tension the leather more.

Black Blaze returned the smile, or tried to around her bit, then she leaned back too.

Val let her tug and pull for the quarter hour rest period then called a halt and unclipped the leash from her nipple ring, smiling while she walked back to Black Blaze.

“I don’t know why but ponygirls do some weird things for fun.  Fun time’s over, for now.  Back to work.”

Valerie had seen that her ponygirl was near to climax and she was going to play with her just a bit more.  As before, when she switched the lead’s clip from harness to nipple, then slipped her fingers through the ring and cupped Black Blaze’s warm breast with her left hand.  She then pretended to try opening the trigger clip.

“Damn thing is stuck!” she muttered, twisting it one way and then the other, Val began to yank on the leather at the same time.  “Come on! Open, damn it!”  Even when she felt her ponygirl start to quiver, Valerie did not stop, but instead, she let her intensity increase.

It took only a few minutes of that rough treatment before Black Blaze was writhing and moaning softly.  Valerie tugged and twisted until the ponygirl moaned loudly and her knees started to buckle.  Val yanked up, hard.

“Stop moving around, or I’ll never get this off.” The pull partially lifted Black Blaze and was enough to finally push her high enough and over the top.  Black Blaze managed to enjoy her first orgasm in years - standing on her hooves.

“Ah, there! It’s off.”

Valerie was patient to let the last of her tremors subside and when Black Blaze opened her eyes, there was no mistaking the smile and the silent, ‘Thank you’, from her black tattooed lips.

“We’ve wasted enough time with that stupid clip.  Back to work.

“Oh, you are most welcome, Black Blaze.”  Valerie gave a deep curtsey before resuming the exercises.

At mid-day break, after another two hours of training, Valerie replaced her regular reins and led Black Blaze to the hitching rail in front of the stable to cool down for fifteen minutes.  During that time Valerie stood with her hands behind her own back, facing her.  She had not had a drink either since leaving cabin, either and when she allowed Black Blaze to bend to the water, Valerie did so too. Both satisfied their thirst then with her ponygirl loosed and on her lunge rein again, Val resumed her position until she estimated that they both had rested an hour.

The afternoon was a replay of the morning, except that Valerie did not connect their nipple rings as before during the rest break.  She just stood facing her ponygirl, holding the lead in her hands.

When satisfied that the day had been a good and productive one, Val repeated the cool down wait and watering as at lunch, before leading her ponygirl back to the stable.  She had checked that there was nothing to worry about on the ranch before closing the door.  The men were not back yet.

“You did very well today, Black Blaze and I’m very pleased.”  Valerie had already removed the rifle and bandolier and was removing the rest of Black Blaze's training harness.

“You've probably heard that I’m spending the night at this hotel, but don’t go thinking that I’m spending it with you again.  I've booked myself an adjacent room.”  As she undid the straps, Valerie talked to her ponygirl as though they were good friends, rather than owner and animal.

“You can’t think that I’m going to spend another night in your bed if I can help it.  You did nothing but hog it all night.  Geeezch! I even woke a few times and discovered that you thought I was your pillow.”

Valerie lifted her body harness off, then removed the halter from her own head and slipped it up her arm to unclip the bit of her ponygirl.

“You’ve worn that all day. Time to take it off.”  She carefully loosened the bridle a little.  Valerie, when she played, took all the opportunities to enjoy her game to the maximum.  Black Blaze, earlier, had realized she was playing when they had taken their first break.  It pleased her that her owner could have fun and wished that, somehow, she could give her pleasure too.

“You know, Black Blaze, your owner spoils you rotten by letting you wear just a halter in your stall.”  As Val said this she was putting a heavier bridle on herself.  “Mine makes me wear this horrid thing all the time.  Yuk! I hate it!

“I’m going to get spooked when locked in my stall, and so she keeps makes me wear blinders too.”  Val cupped her hands to them.  “What am I not supposed to see any way?”

“Hey, I just got a neat idea.  How about we have drinks and dinner together tonight? I'll have to invite myself here to your place though.  My silly owner won’t let me entertain any guests in mine.  I guess it’s ‘cause I’m not belted like you.

“I'll come to your place now that we’ve finished work and have drinks and dinner with you a little later. I get so awfully lonely when I'm locked in my stall.”  Black Blaze had actually begun giggling, listening to her owner.  She could move enough to let her nipples brush with Val’s.  “Oh goodie, Thanks.”  she jumped up and down so that her breasts bounced against the other ponygirl’s.

“Give me a few minutes to use my stall.  I’ve been needing to potty ever since Mistress Meanie shoved my tail in this morning."

Both were in exceptionally good moods after Valerie tethered Black Blazer in her stall then she filled the feed and water trough in the stall she'd picked for herself and removed her tail to use the clean straw.  When Val played a sub role she wanted to make it as real as she could, and that was part of being a real ponygirl.

With her bandolier on, she hefted her rifle and went outside to walk around the property, just to ensure that all was in order.  The cabin was properly secure, as was the rental car parked nearby and so, satisfied that all was as it should be, Val returned to the stable, then with one last look around, went inside and closed the door behind her.  Placing her things in her stall, Val went back to get the the equipment she would need for the night.

Soon, after her tail had been re-lubricated and placed where it was supposed to be, Val opened her mouth widely and fitted a severe training bit deeply into it. In seconds, it was locked securely and inescapably into the web of her bridle for the keys to the locks were in the safe in the ranch house. She then clipped the reins to lower bit arms so they hung down in front and went to Black Blaze’s stall.

“Sorry I’m late, Black Blaze.”  The bit, of course, garbled and jumbled her words badly.  Black Blaze could only stare in disbelief.  “If I want to go out, I have to have my bit and reins fitted.”  Val stared in the troughs then turned back to Black Blaze.

“I see you have my favourite food but unless you chew mine first and put it in my mouth, it looks like I’m going to go home hungry tonight.”  She unclipped one of the chain tethers and transferred it to her bit.

“Look, I need to use your powder room.  Excuse me for a sec’.  Be right back.”  Black Blaze could no longer contain herself and started to laugh seeing just what her owner did.

Just as if all of this was a casual evening get together, Val moved to the trough, bent over and filled her mouth with water.  She moved to face Black Blaze, then moved to her face.  Black Blaze met her lips, black with the same lipstick, and was filled with water when she parted them.

Moments later, Val had clipped cross-tie chains to her bits upper arm rings and the leading reins to the end wall. A moment later her hobble chain had been fastened to the partially-revealed steel floor bar, then the last thing she did was to slip her wrists into the opened hand cuffs fastened behind her back to her belt and ratchet them snugly closed.

Black Blaze started at her Owner with amazement and some fear. She knew they were both alone in the locked stall and barn and now, there was no way either of them could get free. What was going to hapopen to them??

Val turned to her with luminous eyes and swayed her hips provocatively, now unable to do anything but stand helplessly. Under her chastity belt, Black Blaze felt herself convulse with unsatiated arousal, but knelt at the ends of her own chains and slowly approached her Owner's proffered sex.

Short moments later, the dark night outside the locked stable was pierced by a series of low, bit-garbled whinnies of feminine arousal.