- ANNA'S ORDEAL - Part Two

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She picked up the first of twelve anchoring pins: six for each breast, then slowly pushed the first into one of the countersunk holes on the right side breast band.  The metal-harnessed blonde bucked and screamed as best she could, gasping desperately for breath through her flaring nostrils. When the pin was fully recessed in its hole, Mrs Okura twisted its end a quarter turn and the barbs along the evil shaft sprang out, deep inside her breast, making the pin and now the band, impossible to remove.

By the time she’d fitted all twelve anchoring pins, Anna was barely conscious and covered in sweat from the pain.  She’d passed out several times from the pain and horror of what was being done to her flesh and the knowledge that the bands would now never be removed from her body, for they were now permanently anchored in place by the deeply penetrating , barbed pins.  Mrs Okura was far from finished though, and immediately started rubbing lubricant all over the swollen and extremely tender breasts while Anna stared desperately around the room, looking for some sort of salvation.  She watched while one of the Asian girls picked up what looked like a black, metal, half watermelon-shaped, rubber-lined casing open at one end.  The tip had a stainless steel ball about an inch in diameter attached, exactly opposite.

Mrs Okura connected a black hose to the ball and connected the other end to a small machine, then turned it on.  A vacuum cleaner-like hissing began immediately and she held the open end of the tube to the blonde’s dangling, metal-infused breast.

'Oh God NNOOO!  There is no way my breast can fit into that!  It’s too small!  Arrggghhhh!!!'

She screamed madly when she felt the sucking horror grab her nipple and areola, then slowly and painfully, the vacuum gradually drew her entire, ballooned breast into the casing.  Once it was fully inside, Mrs Okura pressed the open end of the tube down onto the metal band strangling her breast and rotated it over the studs, locking it onto the band and therefore Anna’s compressed and tender breast itself.

Anna felt the little ball on her nipple suddenly snap into a socket within the larger ball on the case, then Mrs Okura rotated the exterior ball, locking the small one in place and slightly tensioning her swollen now armour-plated breast.  Five minutes later Anna’s left breast had received the same treatment and Mrs Okura stepped back.

“Your very pretty breasts now locked into milkers.  You make plenty of milk soon!”

'Milk?  I’m to be milked!' Anna moaned in horror from the discomfort and pain she’d just been put through. 'Oh God! I’m going to be some kind of cow!!  NO-NO-NO!'

The doctor came over and patted her rigidly held head.

“I know this has all been difficult for you young lady, but now it is time to explain your new life.  The Sheik wants a fresh supply human mother’s milk because he feels it’s the secret to long life.  You, primarily, will be the source.  You should know that everything fitted to you; the harness, the legs, and the milkers, is made out of a high strength alloy and can only be removed with a cutting torch.  This means, of course that everything you now wear is permanently attached to your body and limbs and cannot be removed.  The sooner you accept that, the better off you will be.”

'Ohhhh God, I’m going to be his personal cow!  Forever!'  Anna tried to let the words sink in, then went into a renewed fit of mad struggling, only to feel the dragging weight of the miking containers pulling down constantly on her breasts.  She looked into the mirror again and saw the two black containers hanging from her chest, the round balls at the tip of each one looking like teats.

'No one will ever see or touch my breasts again! NNnnoooo!' she howled, shaking what little her metal harness allowed.

“Now, we have a little more to go before we’re finished.” the doctor said and nodded to the waiting girls.  They all walked behind her.

'Oh God!  Please, no!' she screamed, watching them in the mirror.  'What are they going to do to me now?'

A moment later they proceeded to install catheters in her bladder and anal cavity.  It was a painful and very embarrassing process and when they were done the ends were allowed to protrude from her body.  Next, the doctor brought over a very large, metal-banded and studded phallus, somewhat like the type she had been forced to accept on the plane but, thicker and longer!

Of course she tried move her hips away and prevent its insertion, but she couldn’t manage any sort of defence and her attempt at movement only caused her to sway slightly in her chains.  She felt a dull metallic THUNK when her breast containers bounced off each other, sending a shiver of pain throughout her body, and reminding her they were securely attached.  Horrified, she watched while one of the girls liberally coated the phallus with lubricant, then stiffened when the other helped to open her nether lips and they began to slowly slide the monstrous thing deeply up into her body.  Anna squealed and grunted, panting harshly, but couldn’t avoid the forceful penetration. Moments later, she hung limply, still panting, her eyes closed and mouth opened in a silent scream, expecting that the huge length of the phallus had split her open.

They worked quickly, picking up a wide metal U-shaped band, then fed the ends of her catheters through their corresponding holes in it.  Before her body could expel the phallus, they quickly aligned the mechanical fittings with the waist belt’s slots and pushed it home with a set of solid snaps at the front and back.  As with all of the other parts of her harness, the crotch piece was tight and now permanently secured, having pushed the phallus in deeper yet!  Anna howled and screamed frantically, feeling the thick, long shaft pressed even further into her body, but now there was no way for her to ease its torment! Unknown to her just yet, there was also a stud in the inside of the metal band, located so as to constantly rub aggravatingly against her clit.  Another thing she saw in the mirror was because the diameter of the phallus was larger than the width of the crotch strap, everyone would be able to see that she was impaled!  To crown her transformation from human to cow, one of the girls fastened a long, tassel ended cow’s tail to the harness at the base of her spine.

“And, we’re done!” announced the doctor.

Mrs Okura wasn't though, and approached Anna with her tattoo kit once more.

"Must ensure you have basic identity made permanent." she said consolingly.

For the next hour Anna felt a constant stinging sensation on her right hip, then again, on her left side until finally the petite Japanese woman stepped away.

"You now have tatto that show you are property of Sheik. Is very pretty, but you no can remove."

The chains were gradually slackened until her bifurcated cow’s hooves torched the floor, but for the moment were kept attached to her harness.  The leashes to all four of her legs were removed and Anna stood wobbly, trying to adjust to her new status and role in life.  The strain other hind legs was enormous while their tendons stretched to accept their new positioning.

“I suggest you begin learning to walk on four legs.” the doctor ordered unsympathetically.  “You are now nothing more than a human cow and so the sooner you adjust to your new life the better, because you’ll be kept like this for the rest of your life, my dear.”

The Doctor and Mrs Okura left the room but the two Asian girls remained to clean up and put everything away, but they did not speak to Anna, only smiling and patting her head and rump whenever they walked by, until eventually they departed, locking the door behind them.  Anna was left alone in her stall/cell, tethered by the descending chains, and then she looked into the mirror and saw herself again.  Her face was still that of a beautiful, exotic, passionate young woman, but her body had been imprisoned in a horridly effective restraint harness, although she had yet to learn of the true misery she would soon experience in it.  She was horridly fascinated by the sight while slowly beginning to feel the effect the harness had.  For the moment her breast containers (she didn’t like the word ‘milkers’) were the worst things she'd so far experienced. They squeezed her breasts without mercy or let-up and their anchoring pins still throbbed as did the pins that seemed to burn in her nipples.  The massive phallus in her sex created a fullness she had never experienced before and she clenched her inner muscles rebelliously around its unforgiving firmness, shuddering at being so deeply impaled.  Her neck ached from its enforced position, as did her back from the dramatic arch it was forced into and her waist was crushed so much that she could only take shallow breaths.  The crotch strap was far too tight, for it constantly forced the monster deeply into her sex, but then the little stud against her clit suddenly made itself apparent when she moved her wide spread thighs! She became horribly aware of it with her every slightest movement and made a maddened twitching to try and escape its insidious teasing torment, but her body was held firmly and she began to shake with growing arousal!

With sudden horror, she came to the full realization that her situation was permanent and she would never have control over her body again!  Eating, sleeping and all her bodily functions were controlled and even when she had an orgasm, it would not be her choice! She would just be foirced by the restraint system to orgasm whether she wished to or not!   Anna stood dispiritedly on her four legs, tears streaming despairingly from her eyes, shaking and desperately praying that it was nothing but a dreadful nightmare, not wanting to accept this was all real.  But, it was!!!

She tried to take her first steps, only to discover that her back legs remained perfectly stiff and didn’t flex at all; remaining wide-spread no matter how hard she tried to bring them together.  Their metal frames joining them to the body harness were mounted to the circular joints and allowed some back to front movement, but that was all. The stiffness caused by the harness limited her to a strut that forced her hips to undulate and so rub her clit insistently against the stud under the crotch strap!  Her front legs were similarly stiff, except they that were also hinged a little at the knee and ankle and so when she raised a front leg it automatically flexed, giving a more normal appearance of walking.  She continued to try and walk around in the cell, but soon became almost frantic with arousal and tried to stand upright on her hind legs, but couldn’t do it. Their hinges would not allow it, and so she was compelled to walk on all fours.  At first she kept slipping and tripping and only the overhead chains, still attached to her harness, kept her from falling.

Hours later, she was so tired of trying to walk that she just gave up and stood, eyes closed, trying not to think about her terrible new situation, then the door unlocked and the doctor came in.

“Good!  At least you’re still standing on your own.  You’ll slowly become more accustomed to it.” he said while he walked over.  “However, my dear, it’s now time for bed and some sleep.  You’ve had along and difficult day.”

He grasped her chains and tugging forcefully on them, soon had her repositioned in the centre of the chamber, then fastened the long ones from the far apart floor rings to the cuffs on her legs.  Leaving her standing alone, he went to the wall and pressed a high-set button that activated the winch, and in seconds she was lifted into the air until the leg chains snapped tight, permitting no movement of her limbs.  He wasn’t done with her evening preparations though and walked to a cupboard, then took sets of hoses from it and quickly attached them to the catheter fittings on her steel crotch plate.  Instantly, she felt her bladder empty and then, to her deep mortification, she was subjected to an uncomfortable enema!  Anna blushed with embarrassment, but was unable to escape her fate, strung high in the air and fully restrained.

“The machinery is programmed to dispose of your waste on an hourly basis at night, thereby eliminating the need during the day, when you will be otherwise kept busy.”  The doctor informed her while he came around in front with the feeding penis in hand.  “Open wide!” he commanded implacably.  Anna closed her eyes and tears leaked from their corners.  What could she do?  Nothing, other than to obey, but nevertheless she refused, for it was the last thing she had any control over.

“Look,” he said “If you don’t cooperate, I can force you to open your mouth, but then, I’ll leave it in all of the time, OK?”

Reluctantly, she did as he’d commanded, but with the collar pushing up on her chin she could barely manage wide enough for the penis to fit inside.  Once fitted, it locked into place and so she became plugged at both ends with the awful hoses leading to their respective machines.

He turned on the feeder and she began to feel her stomach fill.

“As I mentioned yesterday, your nourishment contains hormones.  These willsoon induce heavy lactation and you will soon be producing enough milk that you will need to be relieved of it twice a day, just like a prize cow. That is what you’ve become.  You’ll be thankful to milked believe me!  If you feel that your milkers are tight now, wait until your breasts are full.  I gatherthat the sensation can be very distressing, having seen other young women undergo the same experience you are now about to enjoy.”

She watched in the mirror while he walked around her once again, checking the connections on the hoses and occasionally patting her body.  She shivered at his touch, unable to escape his wandering hands.

“From now on this will be the way you sleep, suspended and connected to the machines.” he said while he walked to the door.  “Sheik Ahmed will visit in the morning to check on you, then you’ll begin your forced walking exercises.”

He turned out the light and walked out the door, locking it behind him, once more leaving Anna alone in the blackness of her new home; suspended, tethered, and having her most intimate needs tended to by silent, merciless machines.  Gagged to silence, she could see nothing and hear only the humming of the machines.  For a few moments she wept in despair, pulling madly against her restraints, shuddering with near-hysteria while she contemplated her new life as a domestic animal, but soon, once again, the sedatives in her feed overtook her, and she slept.

- Chapter 5 -

Anna awoke in the dark, aware somebody was there, but nervous, suspended and unable to call for help she waited in terror to see what was going to be done to her next.  Her instinctual call for help never made it past her throat, then suddenly, she felt a hand on her face, slowly caressing her cheek.

“It must be him.” she said to herself.   “The young man from the plane.”

Slowly, the hand went down the length of her body, stroking her hips, testing the tightness of her crotch piece, coming up the other side of her, then stroking her sides, abdomen, and her chest; testing the hold and encasement of her breast containers, lifting them slightly as if to test their weight.  Again, stroking her cheek, feeling her lips distended around the penis locked into her mouth and she wished he would speak; pleading silently that he would release and hold her, but all that happened was that his hand stroked her hair a few times, then she heard him turn and walk to the door, only catching his shadow when he walked out, locking it behind him.

'No!  Pppplllleeeeasssse!  Come back!  You can’t just touch me like that and leave!!!' she howled in despair at being left as she was.  'You can’t just leave me here ... like this!!!'  Then it hit her.  'How could he have me?  My pussy is full of rubber and permanently locked up!'

Her frustration was intolerable and she needed a release for she had been without sex for far too long, but then the feeding machine hummed once more and soon she dosed off.  Hours later, the lights snapped on and she awakened to sound of the Asian girls disconnecting her catheters and pushing the machines away.  One came around and carefully removed the feeding penis from her mouth, then she heard a pair of steps from the hall.  It was Ahmed, followed by the doctor.

“How is my beautiful new cow doing today?” he asked with a happy smile when he bent to look into her face.  Unable to respond, she just stared at him.

“The good doctor has advised me that he has explained your position here, and what you will be doing to serve me.” he continued.  “If you understand, blink your eyes twice.”

Slowly, she blinked twice.

“Good.  It is my hope that eventually you will come to enjoy your service.” he responded genially.  “I have asked the doctor to include one more item with your ... ah … ensemble, but before he adds this final piece, I want you to look into my eyes and listen to me for they will be the last words you’ll ever hear.”

She tensed and looked directly into his face with her big, tear-brimming, alluring eyes.

“You are mine!  I own you.  You are here for my benefit.  You are my slave.” he said loudly and with that, walked out of the room.

Mrs Okura came to her a few moments later, once more pushing her cart.

"Now you full cow girl, missy. All cow have bell and tag in ears and time for you to get yours. Not hurt too much, so no worry, OK?"

With that she quickly punched holes in each of Anna's ear lobes, grommetted them, and locked short chains terminating in heavy bells through the steel-protected flesh. Anna wailed silently, feeling the dangling and swinging weights of the bells that would constantly annoy and hurt her, reminding her of her status. A moment later Anna flinched and snorted with pain when a large tag bearing her stock number was stapled to the shell of eachy of her ears. Her humiliation was complete and she wept with misery, seeing herself in the mirror.

Without saying a word, the Doctor picked up a large syringe filled with white liquid and moved to her left side.  He squirted a large amount of the viscous liquid first in one ear, then the other, and once out of the syringe and filling her ear canals, it expanded then quickly hardened, shutting off all sound and rendering her completely deaf.  Tears flooded down her cheeks when she saw the doctor speaking to the girls, but now she couldn’t hear a thing.

One of them lowered her to the floor and released the chains from all of her steel-cuffed legs, then clipped a light chain leash to her nose ring.  Anna wailed soulfully, feeling the downward drag of the chain, but she couldn’t lower her hear to ease the pain!  The girl flipped it without mercy, then slowly led the beautiful blonde cow girl from her cell and out into the hall.  Anna stumbled along behind her at the end of her leash, gasping and weeping with misery, humiliation and for no longer was she a pampered and beautiful young woman who men chased after and catered to.  She had become nothing more than a human cow!

Two minutes later she was led into a large room in which a half dozen strange machines of the type that were used to exercise horses were located.  To her consuming horror, Anna saw that all were in use and each one held four girls captive, connected to its high, overhead arms by their nose leashes, except for one that had a free arm. The young women all wore the same metal harness she was imprisoned in, including the horrific milkers fastened onto their chests, and were therefore kept as a four-legged captives.  The arms of four of the machines turned lazily, dragging their leashed prisoners around at a normal walking speed, but two of rotated faster, making their harnessed and leashed prisoners trot briskly in an endless circling, their milkers joggling back and forth on their chests, clunking in a noisy cacophony.  All of the girls wept while they ran, mostly from the humiliation of their situation, the dragging of the bells fastened to their ears, as well as the swinging, torturous weight of their milkers. The large room echoed with their gasping, weeping and screaming from the continual awful jerks on their deeply and securely-mounted nose rings, but even worse, Anna saw that each girl’s front and rear legs were joined by flailing lengths of hobble chain, so that their paces were strictly limited!

The other girl walked over to the exerciser with the open space and stopped its slow rotation, then Anna was lead over to stand beneath the free arm and her nose ring was attached to the dangling chain.  Only then was her leash unclipped and she stood trembling, completely unable to escape her tethering, but then the front and rear hobbling chains were locked in place!  From the corner of her eye, she saw the girl return to the central pedestal, then a deep humming began and the overhead arms started to turn slowly once again.  A fierce jerk snapped her nose leash tight and Anna screamed shrilly from the agony of the ring being tugged upon, but she began to walk around in an endless circling unable to keep from having her humiliating tether pulled upon whenever she slowed. Of course the hobble chain's lengths were insufficient to allow her a full pace and so the tension on her nose leash was a constant lorment and reminder. Tears flooded from her eyes while she stared up along the thrumming length of links from her nose, unable to concentrate her sight on anything else, even the rump of the girl prancing along in front of her.

She moved around carefully and all the while her cries and howls accompanied those of the other twenty-three miserable young cow girls.  Anna knew with certainty, now that she was on the exerciser, that she’d become nothing more than a human, female animal being forcefully broken to her new role in life, but within seconds she re-discovered the other horrible effect of her harnessing!  With each movement of her hind legs, her clit was tantalizingly caressed by the strategically-placed stud on the inner surface of her chastity belt’s crotch cover!  After just the first circuit, her pussy was wet from the erotic friction and continual movements of the huge rubber phallus buried deeply in her body and she shuddered and howled more frantically with each passing moment! The torment and arousal was unending!  At last she could stand it no longer then leapt and twisted in a frenzy of wild cavorting, ignoring the terrible burn of the ring pulling on her tender nasal flesh, and in fact, the sharp burning of the nose leash only added to her mushrooming arousal!

The increasing wave of pleasure began to consume what remained of her coherent mind while she struggled mindlessly desperate to escape what was being done to her.  The breast containers locked into her flesh on her chest clunked together, vibrating the already highly sensitive tissues they contained, and so added even more to her exploding arousal.  The thought that she was but a helpless animal overwhelmed her and she exploded into a thrashing orgasm, all the while continuing to be dragged around in an endless circling, nose-tethered to the exercise machine.  That orgasm, mind-destroying as it was, was but the first of several she would be made to suffer that day and every day thereafter.  A long time later the exerciser slowed and stopped and the Asian girls came to each girl in turn then plugged feeding dildos into their mouths.  Anna understood that, basically, they were only being fuelled for the next part of their day’s work.  When the girls on her miniature carousel of from Hell had been taken care of, it was started once more and she was again drawn into her mindless circling, but this time the machine had been programmed to speed up for short periods and soon, Anna, like the other unfortunates, was compelled to trot rapidly, her hobbling chains snapping tight with each pace, jingling merrily in tune with the draggin of the ear chain bells, even though she couldn’t hear them.  This, of course, had the effect of increasing the speed and frequency of her enormous orgasms until she became nothing more than a mewling puddle of reacting female protoplasm.

At last her first awful day at her new job ended and she was returned to her solitary cell, as were all of the other cows in the herd.  That night, she was washed down fully, then once more hung up for the night, suspended in her chains and connected to the relentless machines.

Anna’s next first days were repeats of the first one and she slowly became lost in a world of mind blowing orgasms and restraints.  When she was lucid enough to think, she kept hoping the young man would return, but to an avail.  On the sixth day she noticed an increasingly uncomfortable pressure in her breasts and as much as she hated the idea, she knew that she’d soon need to be milked.  Of course the doctor knew exactly how long it would take the hormones to do their work and so at the start of her seventh day as a cow, Anna hung waiting in her cell then watched with terror when a large machine was wheeled into the room and in front of her.  Two pairs of long, snaking hoses were uncoiled from hooks on its sides and connected to her breast containers, locking onto the ends of each, then she was left for a moment to swing in short, restricted arcs, the hoses festooning her body hanging in evil loops.  What she didn’t feel was the additional cable clipped to a lead that dangled from the centre back of her crotch cover, until now hidden under her dramatic tail.

A long couple of minutes passed and she wondered what was happening, but then the machine below and out of her sight hummed to life and a sharp, regular popping sound began to come from inside its case.  Almost immediately she felt the inner suction cups covering her nipples latch themselves onto them and begin to drag strongly on her painfully steel-infused breasts.  The sensations were immediately uncomfortable, then grew increasingly painful with each drag on the tender flesh and Anna tried to scream for it to stop, but only a low moaning sound hissed from her nose.  The horrid, leech-like suckling remained constant, but then, the next part of the process was added when the inner envelops of her milkers suddenly began to mercilessly squeeze the tender, fluid-filled flesh, eliciting even more frantic howls from her.  Anna was automatically driven to a frenzied jerking at her restraints when the squeezing tortured her, but, there was yet another dimension to be added to her frenzy!  The inner liners of her milkers were endowed with dozens of electrical contacts and began to emit pulses of electrical energy every time the squeezing came!  It was completely awful and terribly painful to feel her nipples sizzle and light up, but the process had only begun!  The dildo buried in her sex suddenly began to vibrate fiercely, then emit strong, pulsing shocks into the tender fleshy envelope that surrounded it!  Anna screamed dementedly from the terrible combination of sensations and her mind fell apart while she struggled mindlessly to escape the torment.

The worst part though, was that she was made to know that she was in fact a mammal ... a cow ... and was being treated exactly as a bovine would be!  The enforced realization drove her into hysterical rebellion when her biological role was finally and irrevocably made plain and she descended into a whirlpool of despair and misery, weeping hysterically while the awful process continued without let up or mercy.  Soon though, her human, female biology surrendered to the suckling, and a switch was turned on deep in her subconscious mind.  She felt her milk ‘let down’ to the incessant demand of the latched-on nipple cups and slowly, her first milk was drawn from her aching, full breasts.

Initially the quantity she produced was small, but within a week her yield had increased and she began to look forward to the relief of having her breasts drained.  Her inhibitions disappeared and all that mattered to her was the relief the milking provided her heavy, swollen armoured flesh.  The process didn’t change though.  Each morning and evening she was suspended and restrained while it happened and many times during the day, if she was permitted the freedom of a longer nose leash, she would walk over to the one of the girls and make low moaning noises, desperately attempting to communicate her need to be milked again.  She became ever more deeply immersed in her slavery and acceptance of her animal status and although Anna didn’t understand why, she soon she began to orgasm while being milked and that horrified her, for she knew she was sinking further and further into a mental landscape from which there would be no escape.

The painful kneading and sucking of her breasts while being milked almost became pleasurable and many times she day-dreamed of the handsome stranger freeing her of the confining harness and making love to her.  Her lactation grew stronger with each day and soon, she needed to be milked at midday as well as morning and night.  She was not freed from the exerciser though and had to stand tethered while the machine was wheeled out and connected.  Anna’s orgasms while standing there leashed were very strong and left her in a daze, even though she struggled and tugged desperately on her nose leash when the painful suckling, shocks and squeezing continued unabated.  She had become a prize cow, but soon, she didn’t care.

After six months, Anna’s resistance was totally gone and she had forgotten her former life, having become totally addicted to being a human cow.  She still spent every night suspended and alone in her cell, but the bouts of wild weeping and attempted screaming to be released had at last stopped, for her whole world was the tiled room and the corral, being exercised with the other girls of the herd.  They could see each other, but were totally unable to communicate.

One evening while she hung in readiness to sleep, Sheik Ahmed came into the cell, then patted her head while he walked around her inspecting her harness and restraints.  The doctor entered a moment later and they stood off to the side talking, but Anna couldn’t hear a thing and so wasn’t bothered by the conversation.  She dangled on her chains in the middle of the room, twitching a little when the hoses connected to her body pulsed with their own life while she was fed or her catheters washed her out.

The next two days followed her normal pattern, but on the third afternoon, her midday milking didn’t happen and she was led back to her room from the corral.  Once suspended in her chains, she was washed very carefully and her cruel, black metal harness and hobbling chains were polished.  Next, the girls worked on her hair and it was soon braided into a long ponytail, then rolled and coiled just above her forehead.  Anna enjoyed the extra attention, but was quickly becoming distraught, for her breasts were filled with milk and she was almost frantic.  Every small movement made the locked-on breast cups clunk together, sending waves of discomfort through her, but these were ignored and soon, fat tears of distress rolled down her cheeks, being the only form of protest she could make.

She was let down and freed of the hoist’s chains then a moment later, the light chain leash was locked to her nose ring and she was led outside.  Anna was not taken to the exercise room, but instead led up the ramp of a horse trailer and inside, then the other end of her tether was locked to a ring on its front wall.  A moment later the ramp was raised behind her and the trailer started moving.  Inside the closed containment, Anna struggled to stay on her feet when the trailer went around curves or bounced on the uneven road, and the movements of her armouring breast containers, bouncing against each other soon had her nearly screaming to be relieved of her milk.  All the while she thought of what was happening with increasing nervousness.

'What’s going on?  Where are they taking me?'

Fifteen minutes later, an age to Anna, the motion stopped and the ramp was lowered, then two men dressed as waiters entered the trailer, unlocked her leash and led her out into a beautifully landscaped garden.  Anna knew she must be at Ahmed’s palace, but being only an animal, she was given no time to look around, for her nose leash was snapped and she obediently followed the captors when they slowly they led her up the steps and through a huge doorway.  Anna’s hoofed feet clattered loudly on the marble floor of the long hallway while she strutted along behind them and a moment later she was led into a small, windowless side room, but one with a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling mirror in front of a deeply set floor ring.  The end ring of her leash was locked to it, then they left her to move about at the end of her humiliating leash, but by this point, she was afraid to move, for each time she did, her fully-laden breasts ached more fiercely.  She was oblivious to the sight she presented to the guests who observed her through the one way glass ... a harnessed, hobbled, nose-ringed and leashed cow woman.

Anna had no idea how long she waited; two hours, maybe three, knowing only that her breasts ached and she desperately needed relief.  Unable to stop them, more tears of misery trailed from her wide blue eyes while she stood chained to her ring, but at last the door opened and one of the waiters came in and unlocked her leash.  He led her down a long hallway to an elevator and when it had descended one floor, turned and entered a large, richly-decorated banquet room, complete with hanging tapestries, ornate carvings and a high ceiling.  To her horror and flaming embarrassment, the room was packed full of people standing around large tables piled high with food, and for entertainment, girls dressed in scanty harem costumes danced sexily to music she could not hear.  Sheik Ahmed sat on a raised dais at the front and when he saw her led in, signalled for the music to stop while the waiter pulled the four-legged blonde cow to the centre of the room.

Anna was beyond embarrassment and felt herself flush all over with humiliation that everyone could see her like this: an exotic creature, neither human nor animal, but a combination of both, and more tears flooded down her cheeks while she was led in a slow circle to show off her full set of restraints.

All of the guests, including the Western men and women in the crowd, inspected her with amusement, happy to see her up close and personal after being displayed in the room above.  Some smiled and pointed, obviously talking amongst each other, but of course Anna could hear nothing and only imagine what they were saying.

“Look at her!  Isn’t she pretty?  What is she?  What are those things fastened to her chest?  How do they work?”

Ahmed stood and proceeded to talk about his prize cow, explaining her conditioning and diet, pointing out the breast containers and metal harness, but said nothing about her being kidnapped.  In fact he explained, she had volunteered to be the subject of this experiment in the name of science.  Although many were sceptical, most in the crowd were amazed, for who would ever volunteer to be treated this way and to live as human cow?  Neither did he tell them that the harness and other equipment she was fastened into could not be removed.  Red-faced with embarrassment Anna, could only stand tethered by the awful chain leash locked to her nose, while the sheik talked about her, but at last he finished and made a signal.  Two servants wheeled over a milking machine, uncoiled its twinned hose sets and connected them to her breast containers.

'Ohhhh nnooo!' Anna wailed to herself. 'Not here, in front of all these people!  Oh, please, nnoooo!'

Despite her backing up and jerking rebelliously at her nose ring leash, a moment later the milking machine went into operation and she felt the painful squeezing and sucking on her breasts, then the electro-shock began.  With a gag-stifled scream, she shuddered then lunged and pranced out to the end of her nose leash, jerking demonically on its thrumming length while she frantically attempted to shake off the awful devices; the hoses from her milkers trailing in evil, pulsating loops from their tips.  It was a wonderful feeling to experience the milk draining from her bursting breasts, but the fierce electrical pulses through her super-senitized flesh quickly drove her into maddened cavorting at the end ofd her thrummi9ng nose tether. With all of the things being done to her, she soon ignored the throng of staring people and let herself go completely.  A rising wave of pleasure flooded her loins and she instinctually moved her legs to try to friction her clit on the stud and feel the massive phallus filling her sex, then it also went violently active!

The thought of being milked and having an orgasm in front of all the people drove her over the peak and the crowd saw her shudder, then her eyes clenched and her lips parted to reveal her studded tongue lolling and twitching.  Suddenly, the orgasm flooded over her and her body flushed fully!  It was completely evident that she had experienced an orgasm, and her continuing shudders and wild struggles against the imprisonment of the metal harness and her nose leash indicated that even more were about to wash over her.

The crowd burst into a round of clapping hands and smiles while she pranced and fought her tether, all the while immersed in a cloud of orgasmic lust and she continued to be mechanically milked by the uncaring machine.  A few minutes later, it was turned off and she opened her eyes to see Ahmed smiling down with happiness at her display.  Staring dazedly around the room she saw the people looking back at her with smiles on their faces.  Some of the women were touching their own breasts without embarrassment, obviously wondering what Anna had experienced so strongly and then she saw him ... her young man ... but he was not smiling and his face had a sad expression.  She hated the thought that he’d seen her like this ... only a cow woman in uncontrolled heat.

The sheik gestured to her again and the milking recommenced until her breasts had yielded a large glass beaker of milk, but the machine was not turned off!  Anna continued to cavort and prance at the end of her leash, now weeping from the cruel, unstopping vacuum that dragged so painfully on her breasts and steel-fitted nipples.

The sheik invited his guests to taste her milk and examine her more closely and a moment later Anna was surrounded by curious on-lookers.  When one woman tried to ask her a question, Ahmed explained Anna’s inability to communicate by saying that clinical studies indicated that this state heightened her awareness of her role and allowed no distractions while she was in it.  Again, he reminded everyone that she had volunteered for the assignment and as was apparent from her violent series of orgasms, was enjoying herself.  A moment later, he opened her mouth so they could see her feeding plug and studded tongue, then, tugging on her harness, described the metal that had been used to create it and show how she was confined in it, neglecting to tell them of course that she was in it for life.

One man made an immediate offer to purchase her, but Ahmed stated she was not for sale, and, if he wanted her for sex, he would be disappointed.  He lifted her tail to reveal the locked-in-place crotch covering plate and showed off its securely joined sections, then tugged harshly on it to show that there was no way for it to be removed.  He also pointed out the presence of the huge, sex-filling dildo and explained how it was designed to both pleasure and punish her at any time he wished.

Through it all, Anna became more and more conscious that she was now only an object instead of a person, and after Ahmed had explained that she could neither hear or talk, the women and men that had tried to speak with her stopped trying.  Many curious hands explored her tight metal restraints and lifted her breast containers, feeling their weight, while gently tugging on them to see if they really were fastened to her body.  Some even petted her head, and others felt the arch of her back, stroking her upraised hips and again tugging her crotch strap, gasping at the size of the phallus that impaled her.  Anna could do nothing but stand in place, leashed by her nose ring, with its chain rising to the fist of her owner.  Of course she tried to close her thighs, but her harness prevented it and her humiliation was complete.

Eventually with her milking finished, she was led to a corner of the room and her leash was locked to a ring on the wall, then left alone except for the occasional curious visitor.  Many men smiled at her wolfishly and roughly ran their hands across her body, whereas most of the women gently caressed and tried to comfort her, knowing what she was feeling at being so blatantly and humiliatingly displayed.  However, there were a few women who looked at her with disgust, believing that she willingly wanted to be treated like an animal.  Anna could not tell them how she had ended up like this, and when she saw their expressions she wept with misery at her fate, once again reminded that only six months previously she had been a free woman, enjoying her sexuality and power, but now was nothing more than a prized, owned, domestic animal.

It was very late before she was returned to her room to be suspended for the night and milked once more and while it was being done, the exhausted young woman fell asleep quickly, the images of her afternoon and evening fading into the background while her body automatically produced milk and she orgasmed continually.

- Chapter 6 -

For the next three years, Anna continued as the sheik’s prize cow, exercised every day with the other young women of the herd and providing the milk he felt would insure a long life.  She did indeed become happy with her situation for she had no cares, no worries, and an unending series of intense, daily orgasms.  The only part of her life she really hated were the parties at the palace, where she would be put on display and demonstrate her milk producing abilities.  It was always a humiliating experience and reminded her of a life that she had been taken from so abruptly.  Many offers were made to purchase her, but thankfully all were turned down.

After three years in the sun, her back and hips became tanned a golden brown, while her stomach and inner thighs remained light in colour, thus enhancing her cow-like appearance.  She occasionally saw the young man, usually at the parties, but he also occasionally made a brief visits to her in her cell in the middle of the night, petting her suspended and restrained body while she shuddered to the sensation of his caressing hands.  If only she could get free!  She wondered who he was and why his interest in her and was always desolated when he left.

One morning she came awake to find one of the girls hurriedly connecting the milking machine to her breast containers, then she quickly programmed the device and ran out to the door, turned out the lights and locked it behind her.

'What’s happening?  What’s going on?' Anna wondered worriedly, her daily schedule totally disrupted.

In moments though, she became lost in the sensations of her milking and orgasmic explosions, but eventually she returned to awareness and began to worry.  Alone, suspended and isolated in the dark, Anna could only hang in her chains in silence with the feeding penis locked into her mouth, and all of the catheters connected.  She quickly lost all concept of time and only the milking and feeding cycles interrupted her emptiness, leaving her otherwise in despairing boredom.  Eventually, her terror at being left alone in the dark overcame her and panicking, she tried to remember how many feeding cycles and milking cycles she had since she’d been left in darkness.  By her best guess it had been three or four days, but she wasn’t sure and horrified thoughts began to fill her mind.

'What if the feeding machine gives out, or, just as bad, what if the milking machine gives out?'

These thoughts became an unbearable torment and she struggled fiercely against her chains, pulling and kicking frantically at her leg restraints.

'Help me please!!!' she tried to scream.  'Somebody!  Please help me!!!' but no one heard her stifled moans in the locked and secure cell.  She wept hysterically, all the while continuing to fight her bonds, but eventually gave up and just hung in silence.

On what must have been the fifth day she was suddenly startled when the lights came on and the girls came in, then lowered her to the floor.  A moment later all of the hoses were disconnected and she was freed of the hoist’s chains.  One of them clipped on her nose leash, but just when they were about to lead her outside, a figure appeared at the door.  It was the young man and she just stared at him then for the first time, he smiled back while he came in and took her cruel nasal tether from the Asian.  Reaching down, he stroked her face and talked to her, even though he knew she could not hear him.  When he was done, he handed her leash back to one of the girls and stood aside when she was led her out to the corral for exercise.  Anna was happy about the sudden appearance of the young man, but wondered why there had been such a change when he’d visited.

Over the next week, he returned often; sometimes in the morning before exercise and at others she saw him sitting in a comfortable chair, watching her being exercised on the machine: walking, trotting and occasionally compelled to gallop in short spurts around and around.  At other times, he came after she was suspended for the night and watched her fall asleep from the sedatives and milking; all the while shuddering to multiple and irresistible orgasms.  Despite her incredible captivity and life, Anna found herself falling in love with him and wondered if he felt the same, but her immediate thought was a terrible one.

'Who could fall in love with a me?  I’m not a woman anymore!  I’m just a helpless dairy cow!'

With that thought, she fell into despairing weeping and once more fought frantically to free herself of her incredible system of restraints.  One morning, just after being leashed to go to her exercising, he appeared at the door and spoke to the girls then was handed her leash and they left the room.  He gently stroked her hair, then knelt in front and looked into her face.  She smiled tentatively at him and he smiled back, yet still kept her under his control with the leash.  Taking a tablet of writing paper, he pulled out a pen and wrote.

“If you can still read, please blink twice.”

She quickly blinked her eyes.

“Good.” he wrote with a smile, then his faced turned serious and he wrote again.

“I’m sorry this happened to you.”

She looked at him, puzzled.

“My name is Omar; sheik Ahmed is my father and it was I who told him about seeing you on the beach.  His meeting with you in the bar was planned.”

She looked at him and smiled as if trying to say.  “It’s alright.”

He looked into her beautiful face and smile, understanding that she was not angry at him, then wrote again.

“My father died two weeks ago.  I am now sheik.”

She stared at the message and then gave him a worried look.

“Do not worry!  I will take care of you.  I know that your harness, dildo and milkers cannot be removed.”

She smiled at him and began to weep deep, shoulder shaking sobs at what she had been robbed of.

“Is there anything you need or want?” he wrote again, stroking her head and wiping the tears from her eyes.

'What else can I do?'  Anna thought for moment.  'I can’t be freed from my restraints and, oh God help me, I really don’t want to be!' She blinked once.

“You wish to remain as you are?”

She blinked twice.

“Do you know I love you?”

She blinked twice.

“I wish I could make love to you, but your harness prevents me!” he wrote sadly.

Anna thought for a moment, then, taking a step forward, she nuzzled his crotch with her nose and stepped back and winked at him. He stared at her with amazement, then a fierce light came into his eyes when she winked again, then opened her mouth, extending her studded tongue.  He reached down, unzipped his pants, stepped forward and placed his rigid member in her mouth.

After three years of having a fake penis locked into her, the real thing felt good.           


Her name was Anna, but now she is just know as The Sheik’s Heifer.

Four years ago she was kidnapped and brought to this country to serve as a human cow to Sheik Ahmed, for he believed human milk would keep him young.  Once stripped of her western clothes, she lost her personality and dignity when her nose was pierced and ringed and she was kept always leashed by it, then she was locked into an irremovable metal harness and her breasts were pierced and milking devices were locked onto her body.  Her sex was permanently filled with a huge, remotely controlled electrical punishment/pleasuring phallus and since that time she has not worn clothes, stood upright, or done anything a human does in normal life.  She can neither hear nor speak, which further isolates her from contact and awareness of herself as a human being.

When Sheik Ahmed died, his son, Omar, became her new owner and although he could not free her from her harness, he offered changes, as much as possible.  She declined, for even if he could have the harness removed, she preferred to remain as she was!  After three years of being a human cow, she could not return to the life she’d lived before.  Anna had been liberated, despite remaining imprisoned in her milking harness and being kept leashed and restrained constantly.  Once, she’d been horrified to be kept nude and so controlled by others, but now she was free to experience the pleasure her body provided.  She continued to be fed twice a day by means of the machine and feeding penis, and her liquid food continues to contain the hormones that force her breasts to lactate, and so, her thrice daily milking is a constant, non-stop event in her routine.

Now, rather than for personal consumption, her milk and that of the other twenty-three cow women is donated to local orphanages.  For three years, Anna had produced milk for an old man to keep him young.  Now she produced milk for the young so they could grow old.  Every night she is suspended and sleeps in her chains, but, once in awhile, she is awakened by the new sheik, seeking her company, and for her to pleasure him.