- ANNA'S ORDEAL - Part One

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Slowly, Anna began to awaken, then shuddered with horror, as she always did since “IT” had begun.

Her drug-induced slumber was hard to shake off, and with no sight or sound, it was difficult to determine if she was conscious or not.  The slight movement she was permitted caused her to sway against the chains holding her in mid-air suspension, and to add to her distress, her breasts ached dully within their armouring metal cases, once again distressingly filled with milk.  Anna hoped desperately that someone would come soon to connect her to the machine, then without realizing it, she gently drifted back to sleep and dreamt of an earlier, much different life.

- Chapter 1 -

            She lay on a warm beach wearing a peach-coloured string bikini that covered little of her generous, thirty-eight DD, twenty-four inch-waisted, thirty-six inch hip body.  Glistening with suntan oil, tall, and curvy, the twenty year old blonde was every man’s fantasy ... and she knew it.  When she stood to leave, every male eye and some female ones were upon her; especially upon the tiny, twin triangles that barely covered her nipples, leaving most of her large, firm breasts exposed.  Her bikini bottom was a tiny thong, cut so low it just covered her pubis, but she didn’t care what they thought, and, picking up her blanket, headed over the dunes to her condo, leaving behind a lot of breathless stares at her bare, undulating hips and bobbling breasts while she walked through the soft sand.  Being watched was nothing new and so she didn’t notice the two men who observed her intently.

A generous inheritance had ensured her of a life of leisure, with nights spent clubbing until morning, then usually sleeping until mid-afternoon, then, she’d spend a few hours on the beach before heading back to prepare for the evening.  Anna had few real friends, but many boy friends, and so with a pick of suitors, she was careful not to become too entangled in a single relationship. Life was just too much fun to be limited that way.

           A few weeks previous, a wealthy, older Arab gentleman named Ahmed had provided a few days of diversion when she’d met him at one of the clubs, for he’d been instantly smitten with her; buying drinks, then talking all night.  The following evening, he’d taken her to dinner at an expensive restaurant and on the third, had asked her to marry him and return to his homeland.  Anna had laughed at him.

“If and when I marry, it will be to someone more my age, not an old man who lives in country of goat herders.”


It was a stupid, cruel and  hurtful thing to say, but confident in her beauty and power as a desirable young woman, she’d gotten up and walked away, leaving him embarrassed and enraged.

After leaving the beach, she walked into her condo and stripped out of her bikini, then went to the bathroom and started the shower.  Stepping in, she washed off the oil and sand, letting the water run trough her hair with sensuous pleasure, but the sound of the water prevented her hearing two men entered and in no particular hurry, she lingered in the shower, letting the beating droplets gently massage her magnificent body. Finally, sheturned it off and stepped out into the steamy room and began towelling off.  Wrapping another towel around her head, she walked casually into her bedroom and it was there that the two waiting men grabbed her and before she could scream, one clamped his hand over her face and mouth, holding an ether-soaked mask.  She went limp in few seconds and together they lowered her to the floor. One of them pulled a hypo from his pocket and pulled the cap off with his teeth.

Anna didn’t feel the sting in her hip and her long ordeal was about to begin.

- Chapter 2 -


She became aware of movement, almost a feeling of floating, and there was also the noise: a subdued roaring that didn’t stop.

While she slowly regained awareness she found that her shoulders ached and she couldn’t move.  It was then that she realized she was laying on her side with her arms fastened tightly behind her back; elbows and wrists bound tightly together!  As well, her legs were tightly bound at the knees and ankles and had been pulled up behind where they were tied to her wrists so that her body was bent back in a taut bow.  A blindfold eliminated her sight and although she wasn’t gagged, for some reason she found that she couldn’t speak and was able only to breathe through her nose.  Worst of all, Anna realized that she was naked, but then she remembered getting out of the shower and being attacked, and with growing desperation, began to struggle frantically against the straps.  Panicking, she tried to yell but couldn’t, and this only heightened her feeling of helplessness and vulnerability.  She was startled by a hand roughly grabbing her hair and holding her head, then she felt someone unbuckle the strap of her blindfold and pull it away.  It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust and focus.

“Good morning, bitch!  We’ve been wailing for you to join us.”

Anna managed to look up at the figure speaking and saw that it was Ahmed!  A scream rose in her throat, but again, no sound emerged.  She renewed her desperate struggles to free herself while he watched his new possession squirm and strain, her magnificent breasts making an incredibly erotic vision of bound femininity.

“Nice!  Yes, very nice!” he gloated comfortably.

Anna began to tire and her head sank to the carpeted floor, her shuddering body now covered in sheen of perspiration and chest heaving for breath.

Ahmed snapped his fingers and the same two men who had abducted her came forward and rolled her onto her stomach facing their master.  One took a length of chain and connected it to the ligature that joined her bound wrists and ankles, then pulling upward, he attached the tether to a hook above, forcing her to arch her back even more.  She painfully looked up at and tried speak.

“Please, please!  Stop!”

Again, no sound came; only the hissing of air through her nostrils while she attempted to adapt to the new and awful bondage.  Ahmed sat in a large comfortable chair and watched her continue to struggle.  Her fingers clenched fruitlessly then relaxed, and she tossed her head and hair in an effort to see.  Finally, she stopped and just stared up at him; nostrils flaring in an effort to breathe deeply.

“Why?” she tried to ask.

“You’re no doubt wondering where you are and why you’re here, like this.”  He gestured around.  “We are on my private jet, flying to my country.” he smiled.  “As soon as I saw you that first time, I knew I had to possess you and although your insulting refusal to marry me was a set-back, as you can see, it was only a temporary obstacle.”

Upon hearing his words, Anna let her head drop to the carpet, even though this caused more pain in her neck.

'I’ve been kidnapped!' she said to herself.  'And no one will find me!'

“My dear since you refused to marry me, an old man, as you put it so nastily,” Ahmed continued, “I have decided you will be made to serve me in other ways.  I will have you equipped and trained properly then you will be used as I wish. Now you are nothing but my possession and will remain so for the remainder of your life.”

At those words she raised her head and shook it in wild denial, trying again to speak.

"No!  Please!  No!”

“Ah yes, your voice.” Ah-Med went on.  “As you have noticed, you are unable to speak and can breath only through your nostrils.  This is because a tube has been inserted into your throat, then your stomach, and a large, especially-designed plug has been permanently fastened into the back of your mouth.  This is equipped with a valve that will allow you to be fed, but only with the proper device.”

She continued to gasp for air when his words hit her.

'I can’t eat or drink normally and I’ll be fed like an animal!!' she howled in her mind.

“We will be landing in about seven hours,” Ah-Med spoke again, “and we have much preparation of you to do before we arrive. The first of these is some makeup and jewellery.”

He snapped his fingers and the two men released the overhead chain then freed her ankles from her wrists.  Anna was grateful for the easing of the tortuous position, but before she could move, they picked her up and dragged her backwards to a skeletal chair.  At least, it resembled a chair.  The back was slightly reclined and her still bound arms were draped over it, then her wrists were tied tightly to fastening points.  There was no seat to speak of, only two small, padded benches on either side of the open-framed seat, arranged in a V with the pointed end under her buttocks and her knees widely-splayed at the front.  They quickly unstrapped her legs and fastened them tightly to the padded benches, leaving her crotch suspended in mid-air, then her ankles were pulled up and cinched to her thighs.  Wide straps were pulled tight both above and below her breasts, further securing her and so, tied down in this manner, they were thrust outwards and her crotch was available for all to see.  They all stared at her magnificent form, drinking in her heaving breasts, opened thighs and, blushing fiercely, Anna had never felt so vulnerable or completely on display.  When she looked down, all she could see were her own huge breasts trembling with every laboured breath.  Ahmed noticed her crotch was void of hair.

“Do you shave down there?”  he pointed. She shook her head.

“No?”  Grinning, he continued his interrogation.  “So you had it removed?”  She nodded, then he spoke again.  “You are a very beautiful creature and I will enjoy moulding you to my desires and requirements, Anna.” Her eyes fell and she blushed again while he continued speaking.  “Before we begin, I want to provide you with something to comfort you.”  He snapped his fingers.

One of the other men produced a metal stand and rod, then knelt between her widely-strapped thighs and placed it under her exposed crotch.  The other came forward holding a huge rubber phallus with metal studs along its length, glistening with lubricant. Upon seeing this Anna panicked and started shaking wildly, silently trying to scream.

“No!  Please-please no!!!

The dildo and rod were quickly mounted to the base, then the phallus was slowly raised until it touched the lips of her sex.  Clenching her eyes, she tensed at the inevitable and one of the assistants gently parted her labia then slowly but steadily slid the monster deeply into her shuddering body.  Although she tried to scream again, no sound came from her opened mouth and she could only gasp frantically through her nose while her fingers opened and closed spasmodically.

Once the huge phallus was deeply embedded in her loins, the man tightened the connections at the base to keep it in place.  Anna attempted to wriggle her hips to relieve the incredible fullness, but she couldn’t move and knew she was utterly impaled, but then, she opened her eyes and saw the men staring, watching her body trying to adjust to the massive intruder.


“I hope you like that feeling my dear, for you will wear a similar device for the rest of your life.” Ahmed said with quiet determination, then, turning, he snapped his fingers again.  One of the men opened a door at the back of the cabin, signalling a small, elderly looking Japanese woman in a white lab coat to enter.  She pushed in a cart with a towel over top and Ahmed introduced her.

“This is Mrs Okura and she is here to apply your make-up and permanent jewellery.”  Mrs Okura bowed politely and spoke.

“Hello Missy.  I make you very pretty!  You no worry!”

'She's a woman too!' Anna was shocked by her nonchalance. 'Why wasn’t she at all appalled by what she saw?  Didn’t she comprehend what it must feel like to be bound, naked and impaled in front of these grinning men?'

“In case you’re wondering,” Ahmed interjected, “Mrs Okura has worked for me for many years and is quite unmoved seeing young ladies in your situation.”

“Oh, yes.” Mrs Okura said enthusiastically, pushing her cart alongside Anna.  “But no time to waste!  Must get started!”

She reached under the towel and pulled out a rod and pair of round metal bands, then walking behind the chair, placed the rod vertically in the top of the back rest between Anna's bound arms and tightened it firmly.  The two men held Anna’s head, and Mrs Okura slid a wide metal band around Anna’s forehead then connected it to the vertical rod and with a few turns of a handle, it was held unable to move.  They fitted the second band around her lower jaw, and it too was connected to the rod so that a little cup held her chin, ensuring that her mouth remained closed.

“Now, you ready!” Mrs Okura announced and whisked the towel off the cart.

Looking out of the corner of her eye, Anna saw medical instruments, jars of coloured liquid and a tattoo machine and once again was thrown into a panic.  She struggled madly against her bonds, but her efforts were to no avail and the only result of her squirming was to remind her of the monster in her sex and its disturbing effects on her body and thoughts.

“Don’t worry.” Ahmed said.  “Mrs Okura is a highly skilled tattoo artist who specializes in permanent makeup. When she’s finished you will never have worry about putting it on or taking it off again.  Of course the tattoos will be of my choosing.”

“Yes, yes.” Mrs Okura broke in.  “You be very pretty!  Very sexy.  You no worry!” with that she picked up a pair of tweezers and began plucking the girl’s eyebrows.

Four long, exhausting and painful hours later, it was finished.

“She all done.” Mrs Okura announced.

Ahmed stood and came over to see what had been done and saw that the natural beauty had been transformed into an exotic creature of lust.  Her now tattooed-on eyebrows had been darkened, arched high and narrowed, then a light, golden eye shadow had been added.  Dark eyeliner completely surrounded her eyes and a light blush coloured her cheeks.  Now though, her lips were fuller and a dark red.

“Perfect.  Perfect!”  Ah-Med exclaimed.

“You want see, Missy?” Mrs Okura asked and held up a mirror.  Anna stared at her new appearance, hardly comprehending that the person she saw in the mirror was indeed her, then slow tears appeared and she closed her eyes, wishing she could awaken from this awful dream.

“I do permanent jewellery now?” Mrs Okura asked Ahmed.

“Yes, do it immediately. I would like to rest a little before we arrive.”

'Permanent jewellery?  Jewellery?' Anna panicked.  'If tattoos are make-up, what is this jewellery?'

She saw Mrs Okura approach with a pliers-like tool in hand.

“Sorry Missy.  This hurt you some.” she said while she inserted the jaws of the tool deeply into Anna’s fear-flared nostrils, then squeezed the spring-loaded handles.

Anna gasped, then felt an intense pain when the tool made a harsh click, far up inside her nose!  Mrs Okura withdrew it and spoke again.

“First I fit grommet into hole.”

With that, she placed two small pieces of flanged, metal tubing in another tool and gently inserted its jaws into Anna’s nose, one in each nostril.  Once positioned, she slowly squeezed the tool’s grips, pushing the grommet’s halves through the hole, then into each other until they snapped together in a non-removable joint.

“Now, I fit jewellery.  Once done, it no can be remove.”

Mrs Okura threaded a thick bar through the grommet, then placed a steel U in yet another tool.  She spread the springy shape slightly and slipped its end into Anna’s nostrils until it was positioned over the ends of the transverse bar, then let it snap closed.  Yet another tool was produced and in a moment had locked the heavy steel U onto the bar, leaving it to dangle freely from her septum, resting just above the upper lip.  If she could have, Anna would have screamed with outrage at being fitted with such a humiliating decoration, but all she could do was weep silently with the knowledge that it marked her and could not now be removed.

“Now, I do nipples.  It hurt more.  Very sorry.”

Mrs Okura painfully clamped Anna’s left nipple in a forceps, then picked up a long, thick and sharp pin with a ball about half an inch in diameter at one end, then pushed it deeply into the very centre of Anna’s rampant nipple!  She felt as though an electrified wire was being inserted and gasped frantically while Mrs Okura continued to force the pin all the way into her breast until the ball pressed deeply into the tip of her nipple!  While Anna continued to squirm and try to scream out her pain and horror, Mrs Okura turned the ball a full rotation and deep inside her breast, long barbs sprang out from the shaft, making it impossible to remove the horrid thing.

Mrs Okura proceeded quickly to Anna’s right nipple and repeated the process, leaving the shuddering nude covered in a sheen of perspiration from the pain; her breasts seemingly on fire.  Before she could recover, Mrs Okura beckoned to one of the men. The band holding her chin was removed and her mouth pried open, to be held that way with a dental spreader.  He caught her tongue in a pair of forceps and pulled it out, then Mrs Okura quickly pieced it six times, three on either side.  Immediately, she fitted short, thick pins with balls on each end, then twisted them in opposite directions until they clicked, ensuring a permanent mounting.  Still gasping and shuddering, Anna barely heard Mrs Okura’s next words.

“Men like these in girl’s mouth!  You make happy!”

The top band was removed and Anna’s head sagged toward her chest, then Mrs Okura combed out her long blonde hair, tangled from all the struggling.  It was a small act of kindness from a woman who had caused her so much pain and for a brief moment Anna was able to forget her situation.  Mrs Okura arranged the hair in coil on top of her head and pinned it in place then spoke softly in her ear.

“Very sorry for pain I cause, Missy.  You very, very pretty girl.” and with that, she turned and pushed her cart from the cabin.

Ahmed came over and looked into her eyes.  His newly made up and decorated possession filled him with pride and he spoke once more.

“We will be landing in about three hours.  I’m tired and will rest now so I suggest you do the same, as best you can in this position.”


He turned and walked from the cabin, followed by the two men.

For the first time since she had been abducted Anna was alone and able to think about her situation, without the terror and pain of things being done to her.  Her arms and legs had long since gone numb, her shoulders ached, her breasts throbbed, and her nose and tongue throbbed.  Looking down, she daw her ball-tipped breasts sway and bobble gently to motion of the aeroplane, then she tried to feel the ring in her nose with her studded tongue.  It was a shock to feel the balls of the bar bells rattling against her teeth and too, she was becoming increasingly aware of the huge phallus buried in her sex.  The initial pain had given away to pleasurable sensations, and now much to her horror, she found that the thought of being bound and displayed as she was excited her!

Pleasure soon won over the pain and the phallus gave her the orgasm she desperately needed, then, while she gasped for breath with eyes shut, she felt a hand on her breast still shuddering breast.  Startled, her eyes snapped open to see a handsome young man staring down at her.  He didn’t say a word, but just gazed at her lust-filled eyes, her full, abundant, steel-tipped breasts, her narrow waist and wide spread thighs, then he ran his hand over every part of her, feeling the soft skin imprisoned by straps, pieced by metal and impaled by rubber.  He went over to the sink and wetted a towel, then returned and wiped the perspiration from her body and face.  She could not speak and he said nothing, so they just stared at each other.  Obviously her alluring, tattooed face and rich body captivated him, but then without a word he turned and left.  She stared at the door for a long time hoping, even begging for him to return and release her from her bondage and replace her rubber phallus with his own.

'Please, please!'  But it was not to be, and soon the exhaustion of the day’s events claimed her and her head slumped forward in sleep.

- Chapter 3 -       

She was awakened by Ahmed.

“We will be landing soon and you need to be prepared for arrival.”

He was no longer dressed in a neat business suit and both he and the two men now wore the burnouse and robes common to Arab countries.  One of them released her ankles from her thighs and they dropped loosely to the floor, however, he did not release her thighs from their little padded benches.  Each of her feet was strapped into an impossible six inch high heeled shoe, then wide straps encircled her slim ankles and were locked closed.  He slipped a very wide black belt around her waist and pulling it excruciatingly tight and locked it in place.  A narrow strap was attached to the back of the belt, and unfastening the phallus from its stand, but leaving it embedded in her sex, he threaded the strap from behind, through a slot in its exposed base and brought it up to the front of her waist belt where it was drawn tight, then locked into place.  The narrowness of the strap ensured that everyone could see she was impaled by the huge device.

Next, a wide, thick, black leather collar adorned with four metal rings equally spaced about the circumference was locked around her neck to hold her head rigidly upright.  After that, Ah-Med and his men went about their business, ignoring her while the feeling in her feet and legs gradually returned and she wondered how she was going to walk.  Anna lifted her legs straight out to try to see her feet and shoes, but when she did Ahmed pointed to her and  one of the men came over immediately to strap her ankles to the front legs of the chair.  She flashed a look at Ahmed and he just smiled then returned to his work.  A phone buzzed and one of the men answered it then hung up and said something to Ah-Med.

“We are preparing to land.” he informed her. They took their seats and fastened the safety belts.  Ahmed sat in his chair reading some papers and out of the corner of her eye, she could see the other two watching her intently when the motion of the plane made her still-sensitive breasts sway and bounce.  She closed her eyes, frightened of the unknown new life that awaited.

'At least,' she thought, 'I’ll be released from this chair and maybe I’ll get the use of my hands back.  Surely they’ll give me some clothes.  They can’t walk me through an airport like this!'

It had been over to seven hours since she had been strapped to the chair and so a hot bath would be nice for she was stiff and sore.  And food!  She was ravenously hungry.  It had been over twenty-four hours since she’d eaten, but she dreaded the special feeding device and how it would feel.

The plane descended, occasionally bouncing when it hit turbulence, causing her to wince when her breasts responded to the sudden movements and Ahmed’s men smiled and pointed at her breasts bouncing so that she could almost physically feel their stares impacting her.  She was deeply and humiliatingly conscious of every curve of her body, then to her horror and embarrassment suddenly noticed the growing warmth in her loins when the phallus and tight strap began to rub her sensitive sexual flesh.

'Oh no!' she wailed to herself, 'Not here!  Not now in front of these men!'

She couldn’t help herself and once again the thought of her nude helplessness on display, together with the insidious effect of the phallus pushed her further and further towards a climax, until she could fight it no more.  Uncaring, she put on a sensuous and erotic display.  Her body flushed, tensed and spasmed against her restraints while she attempted to kick against the straps, her thigh muscles surging strongly, but her head was held immobile by the restricting collar and so her mouth parted, and eyes clenched closed. Her breasts heaving and wobbling, Anna gasped for breath, then a wild orgasm washed over her disbelieving mind.  The men stared in fascination and lust while for those few moments she forgot everything and immersed herslef in a pleasure-filled haze, until gradually, she returned to awareness, and, opening her eyes, saw their stares.

“Ah, my dear,” Ah-Med spoke, “a few more of those and you will be thanking me for your enslavement.”

'Is that what I am, a slave?'  She thought in growing horror, blushing in shame and closing her eyes.  'Yes, a Slave to Ahmed and a slave to my own body!'

With that realization she felt the plane touch down in her new home.  It taxied only a short distance before stopping and the engines whined down to silence, but even before it had stopped moving, the men unbuckled their seat belts and stood.  One came over and started unstrapping her thighs and wrists, then assisted her to her feet.  For the first time in seven hours, Anna stood and he continued to hold her while she struggled to gain her balance, wearing the extremely high heels.  Her legs were weak from the tight straps and she couldn’t look down to help steady herself, but finally was able to stand on her own.  The second man came over and kneeling in front, locked fifteen inches of chain between them, then standing, he attached a leash to the ring at the front of her collar.

“In the future,” Ah-Med declared, “your leash will be connected to your nose ring, but until you heal properly, your collar will have to do.”

The cabin door opened and hot air flooded into the cabin, then the man holding her leash pulled her toward the entryway, but she resisted and stared fearfully at Ahmed.

“Do not worry.”  he said, “We are at my private airport and here, no one will be concerned with your nudity.”

That didn’t help her calm down while she was pulled forward and when she was about to reach the exit, the door from the adjoining cabin opened and the young man entered.  They stared at each other briefly and she felt her body flush at the thought of him seeing her chained and leashed.  Ahmed exited the plane followed by the man holding her leash and she slowly descended the steps.  It was difficult but not impossible while wearing the high heels and with chained ankles, but she finally made it to the blistering concrete surface and stood quietly.  The heat was unbelievable and the sun beat down like an incandescent hammer on her skin, but the man holding her leash pulled her aside while the rest of the plane’s occupants got off and moved speedily to the waiting cars.  The collar prevented Anna from turning her head, so she tried to watch from the corners of her eyes, but when the young man walked past without even stopping, her heart sank and she watched him get into a white limo.  Ahmed came over.

“This is where we part, my beauty.  I will not see you again until you are fully prepared and ready to start your new life.  My servant we take you to your new accommodations.”

With that, he turned and entered the same limo as the young man and it drove off, then everyone who remained came over to inspect her.  Anna could do nothing but stand still while they talked amongst themselves and pointed out the various implements of her bondage, but no one spoke to her directly until Mrs Okura came up.

“Hello pretty girl.  I hope feel better? Not so much pain now, eh?” she said, leaning close and examining her nipples.  “You OK!  I see you again tomorrow.  You rest now.”

With that, all but the man holding her leash got into the other limos and drove off leaving her alone with him.  When the last car was out of sight, he turned to her.

“We go there now.” he said, pointed to a long, white building in the distance, then started off at brisk pace, letting her leash play out behind him.

When the slack tightened Anna almost tripped when she tried to follow and she quickly found that she had to jog to keep up with his long strides for she could not walk normally thanks to the inescapable snubbing of her hobble chain and too, the phallus forced her keep her legs wider apart than normal when she took each stride.  They made a strange sight, but normal in this part of the world: a man with a beautiful, blonde, bound nude on a leash, her breasts bouncing wildly while she was led down the road.  In minutes Anna was bathed in sweat and several times they had to stop so she could to catch her breath, then to her horror and embarrassment, during one stop, she had another orgasm from the effects of the phallus and strap!  Finally, they reached the white building and her captor pressed a button beside a vault-like door.  A few moments later an older man dressed in a white lab coat opened it.

“We’ve been waiting for you young lady!”  He spoke with a slight German accent, and, taking her leash from the guard, he pulled her inside.  The door slammed ominously.  “No doubt you are quite exhausted from your journey and so we will freshen you up.” he said, leading her down a stark, white painted hall.

“I see Mrs Okura has done her usual excellent work. She will be joining us tomorrow, to assist in finishing your preparation.”

For some unknown reason, Anna docilely allowed him to lead her, not offering a bit of resistance.  Perhaps it was the fatigue or perhaps it was her curiosity.  Her high heels clicked on the concrete floor and she blushed from his attention to her bobbling breasts.

“Everything has been prepared according Sheik Ahmed’s instructions.” he continued, “You will rest and recover this evening then we will complete the remainder of your ensemble in the morning.”

He turned into a small tiled room, really a cell, for it had a set of doors with no handles on the inner sides.  At the centre was a drain in the floor and overhead a chain hung in the middle.  He led her to it and locked her leash, then going to the wall, he pushed a button and a moment later, two Asian girls in nurse’s uniforms entered then quickly removed her high heels, ankle cuffs, and at last unlocked the insidious strap that had kept the monster phallus embedded in her loins and slowly, gently pulled it out.  Anna gasped and was embarrassed at the sucking sound it made when it was extracted, then they removed her collar, but replaced it immediately with a wide steel one and connected the overhead leash.  The girls quickly released the straps that had held her arms so tightly together behind her back and they just hung numbly at her sides, unable to move after being bound for twenty-four hours.  It would take some time for feeling to return, but by then it would be too late.

Anna was led to a toilet and when she’d finished, they wiped her for she was incapable of doing it herself and it was most embarrassing, but she was vastly glad to be free of the bondage.  They led her back to centre of the room and clipped cuffs connected them with a long spreader bar to her wrists, then did the same to her ankles.  The chain was connected to the centre of the bar between her wrists and raised until she was on tip-toe, then they began to wash her with soft sponges and cold water, removing all of the sweat and grime accumulated from her bondage and orgasms. Although the water was cold, Anna was grateful, and even tried to get some in her mouth, but could not swallow any and had to let it run out.

When they’d finished, the chain was lowered and they removed the cuffs and spreader bars, then she was led to a narrow, padded bench with two closely-spaced holes in one end, and made to straddle it and lay on her stomach.  Her breasts fitted perfectly through the holes to hang below the bench, and unresisting, she allowed them to fasten her wrists and knees, then a strap went across the small of her back.  The doctor returned just as they finished tightening the last one.

“Well!  I see you’re all ready for bed." he laughed. "I know you’re hungry so, I’ll fit you with your feeding phallus.  As you’ve been informed, you can no longer eat normally thanks to the new arrangement in your mouth and throat.”  He reached over and held up a large black phallus with a clear tube attached to its base.  “This device resembles a slightly larger version of the human one.” He explained clinically.  “The shaft will lock onto your tongue studs and the tip connects to the valve located in your throat plug.  Then, when it's time for you to be fed, the computer automatically regulates the flow to your stomach.”

'Liquid feed.  From a penis!!!' She thought to herself but, she was so hungry by now she didn’t care anymore.

"Please lift your head and open you mouth widely,” he continued.  “so I can insert your feeder.”

As instructed, Anna lifted her head from the bench to face him and opened her mouth.  He slid the device in and she felt its semi-rigid girth press uncomfortably onto the studs until they snapped into depressions along its length and locked onto the inner valve in the throat plug.

“Ah, a perfect fit!” he exclaimed happily.

'Perfect fit!' she though with mouth strained wide and lips pursed around the thick plug, 'This is a jaw breaker!'

He pressed a button on the computer and she felt her stomach begin to fill.

“The computer is set to feed you slowly throughout the night. Your food consists of grains mixed into other nutrients, vitamins and hormones, and as well, there’s also a mild sedative to help you rest.”

'Hormones?' she wondered drowsily, 'Why do I need hormones?'

“Good night young woman.  You have a long and interesting day ahead.”

With that, he turned off the light and closed the door, leaving her fastened in complete darkness.  Anna struggled against her bonds for a long time, testing to see if there was any slack at all, but there wasn’t and so she turned her head a laid it on the bench. She wept for long mintutes after, always conscious of the thick penis firmly locked into her mouth. When she tried to pull it away from the huge length the studs pulled painfully on her tongueand so she eventually stopped even trying, embarrassed beyond words.  In moments, the sedatives in her food began to take effect and she felt warm and relaxed.

'Compared to the past twenty-four hours, this is easy.' she thought, drifting off to sleep.

Little did she know that she would never stand upright again.

- Chapter 4 -

Anna awoke with a startled jerk at her bonds, not knowing where she was.  The room was utterly black and she struggled briefly against her tight bonds before she finally came fully awake, finding that she was still gagged by the huge phallus.

'Oh God!  It isn’t a dream!' she moaned to herself.  'This is real!'

Her head sank again, jaws aching from the distension caused by the feeding penis, and she listened to the hum of the pump when it began once again to fill her stomach.  More tears of terror and distress trailed across her cheeks and she must have dosed off again. Sometime later the lights came on and she heard someone moving about in the room behind her.  Seeing her awake, the doctor came over.

“Good morning!  Did you sleep well last night?”

She nodded, trying to look around, then the two nurses and Mrs. Okura came into sight.

“What are they doing?” She wondered with another burst of terror grasping her heart.

“A few more moments and we’ll get started.” the doctor said.  “But first, I’ll remove your feeder.”

He pressed a button on its end and the thick shaft released the studs on her tongue and at the same time, disconnected from the throat plug, then he slowly pulled it outand she flexed her jaws to ease their stiffness.  Without a pause, he bought up a piece of padded leather with straps and a buckle that she instantly recognized as a blindfold.

“We find that the girls relax when they are blindfolded during their preparation.” he said and quickly buckled it around her head, eliminating her sight.

She fought a mild panic and pulled against her restraints then heard him speak to the others.

“Are we ready?  Yes?  Good!  Let’s get started.”

She was aware of their approach, then felt the bench being lowered until she was on hands and knees, her dangling breasts free of their holes.  Anna felt something being slid under her body that clasped her neck,  above and below her breasts, and around her waist to just above her pubic bone.  The upper part was a wide, half tube that clasped the front of her throat from her collar bones to her chin, pushing her head back and up so that she would stare straight ahead, if she could see.  From the base of her throat and collar bones, a two inch wide strip of metal curved down to another open half-tube that partially-surrounded her waist, then one of the girls pushed down on her back, making it into an arch, forcing her already small waist into the even narrower band.

A moment later, a corresponding back piece was lowered into position; being the mirror image of the one on her front.  For a moment, it was left to rest lightly in place, then the two Asian girls and the doctor began to press the two halves together!  Along the edges of the neck, chest and waist bands, intricate, finely-machined connectors  snapped into each other when the two pieces were pushed together, permanently locking with subtle mechanical clicks and so fine where the tolerances that it was almost impossible to see the line where the halves met.  Getting her neck to fit into what had become a wide collar was not difficult, but it was a real struggle to get her waist into its wide, very tight tube.  The doctor stepped back to admire his work; seeing the kneeling Anna struggle to no avail against the now non-removable metal body harness.  Her neck was encased in a snug, shiny black metal collar that started at the top of her breast bone and terminated under her chin and ears, holding her head very erect and totally immovable.

The whole ensemble prevented her from expanding her chest to its full capacity or twisting her body, for the waist-crushing belt started just below her rip cage and ended just over her pelvis, so that together with the curve of the tight straps, everything forced her to arch her back, raising her hips above the level of her waist as if offering herself for sex!

“Very good!  Very good!” the doctor enthused with pride.  “Let’s continue.”

An overhead set of chains was quickly attached to rings on the upper sides of Anna’s new collar and belt, then the restraints holding her arms and legs were gradually loosened and she was raised until they dangled beneath her.  A second later all tightened, then, one at a time each of her arms and legs was released to allow a thick, sock-like rubber tube to be pulled on. Eachy limb was immediately re-fastened.  The tubes began at the tips of her limbs and terminated at her crotch and armpits, and each had thick little sleeves at their ends so that her fingers and toes fitted into them, prohibiting her from feeling her other digits.   As well, the rubber around her wrists and ankles was much thicker than the rest of the limb covering, but they then added thick over-mitts for each limb!  These were filled with a high density, foamed rubber into which each gloved finger and toe was slid, isolating them fully from each other and preventing her from flexing them in any way.

Next, additional metal bracing and restraint straps were added to her metal harness.  The upper body set ran across the top of her chest with circular joints through which her arms were passed and were connected to her body harness by the same mechanical arrangement.  The lower set ran from the waist, down her abdomen and to her hips where there were two more of the circular joints, but this wasn’t the end of her being fitted, for it was now time for her legs to be fully affixed.

Shiny black metal frames with movable hooves were brought forward, then one at a time were pulled up over the rubber stockings that snugly encased her legs.  At the top of each leg was the same joining arrangement and the frames snapped into their  corresponding mounts on the lower body harness, thus becoming permanently attached to Anna’s body restraint system.  The arm extensions effectively became front leg tubes and were the same length as her legs and so she had been made into a four legged animal!  Inside the wrist portions of her extended ‘front legs’ her mittened and immobilized hands came to rest in padded sockets about mid-way down, and when the surrounding wide bands snapped closed, she was utterly unable to free herself.

Except for some minor additions, the work was done.

Anna continued to struggle against her restraints the entire time, not knowing what was being done and to her increasing horror, along with her plugged throat, the metal belt crushing her waist had only added to her breathing difficulties.  She began to panic and scream what little she could to be freed of the awful entrapment, but her howling and weeping were pointless, for all of the joints were of a close-once-only type and so she had become a permanent occupant of the bizarre metal web.  Without any sympathy for her, the doctor removed her blindfold.

“We’re just about done with your harness, young lady.  Take a look at yourself.”

He placed a full-length mirror in front of the still weeping and struggling young woman and she saw her metal encased throat, the black metal strap running down her back, her crushed waist and her upraised hips. To her distress the black steel straps only served to accentuate her dangling and vulnerable, steel-tipped breasts.  Shocked, she looked at what had been her arms and hands and saw the secure metal frames that surrounded them and the metal straps leading to her body harness.  The ones on her legs in conjunction with their connecting straps, forced her thighs wide apart and she flushed with embarrassment at the sight of her upraised hips and vulnerable sex.  Anyone standing behind would have a perfect view of her privates and she began to struggle in a maddened fury at seeing herself made so awfully vulnerable.

'What are they doing to me?  I’m not an animal!  I’m a girl.  A woman.  A human!' she frantically screamed in her mind, but crying only made her nose run and that made it harder than ever to breathe.  She quickly started gasping for air, then out the corner of her eye saw Mrs Okura pushing her cart toward her.

'Oh God!  NNNNNOOOO!!  Oh No!  Please!  What now?'  She wailed, swaying slightly in her suspension and pulling frantically against the restraints on her new front and back legs.

“Hi Missy.”  Mrs Okura said apologetically.  “I sorry, but have to hurt you more.”

With that she pulled an opened, circular, wide metal band from cart and began to prepare it.  The band was about three inches in diameter and about one inch wide, lined with rubber, and on the outside were six metal studs placed at equal distances around its circumference.  Between each was a small, countersunk hole.  Wordlessly, she slipped the first opened band around the base Anna’s right breast, pressed it tight to her chest, then slowly squeezed until its latch locked into a corresponding slot.  Anna howled at the strict garroting of her pendulous flesh and struggled madly to shake the thing from her body, but a moment later her left breast was quickly banded in the same manner and immediately each of the until now free organs began to turn red and swell with sensitizing blood so that within short moments, Anna felt as though they would explode.

“There Missy!  Nice large breasts! Very good for milking! ”  Mrs Okura exclaimed happily, kneading them painfully then moving them back and forth on Anna’s chest before she bent over and inspected the fit of each band, making sure it was tight.

“Must hurt you now.  So sorry.”

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