Author Unknown

NOTE: If the Author of this story should ever come forward, I will be MORE than happy to give credit where it's due. In advance, I ask her/his forgiveness for doing some small editing, as well as illustrating the story with imagery drawn from the NBAK web site. Similarly I also ask the forgiveness of the good folks at NBAK for using drawings from their site, and hope that viewers of THIS site will go to theirs and see their great stuff. Thanks to all, and I hope everyone enjoys the following (too short) tale :-)



I have been a bracing and casting enthusiast since childhood, but it wasn’t until six months ago that I began to pursue my interest as a lifestyle. Ever since that time, I’ve been living in a CTLSO, but one with some specialized modifications.

I have a Master’s degree in re-hab. and my job entails counseling people who have been severely injured, then helping them to find employment. In addition, I testify as a special witness for people who have been hurt, and estimate for the court how much money they will need to compensate for their injury. I really enjoy the work, and my expert testimony is a very lucrative business. Needless to say, I spend most of my days talking to doctors and lawyers, but it’s time to cut out the not so interesting details. About a year ago, I worked on a particularly difficult case with an orthopedic surgeon whom I’ll call Stephen. We got to know each other quite well during the case and when it was over we decided to see one another socially. After our fourth date, we wound up at my apartment and decided to share a bottle of wine. I knew I was going to have to explain my sexual dysfunction to Stephen soon, maybe even that night, and so, not often known for my subtlety and slightly uninhibited by the wine, I let him in on the secret to my solitary life. Sexual arousal is impossible for me without some medical form of highly rigid immobilization, but it’s tough for most guys to enjoy sex with a woman in full body traction. Stephen’s eyes grew wider while I delivered my little monologue.

"So how do you fulfill your needs?" he finally asked.

I explained that about once a week I "check-in" to what is generally called a dungeon. Although most people who go there are men, visiting mistresses to be spanked or humiliated, my ‘dungeon’ also accommodates medical bondage fetishists. It’s a nice setup for me really, because I’m not interested in having a traditional relationship, much less in getting married. I could tell that Stephen was shocked by everything I’d said, but nothing could have prepared me for his response! This charming, handsome, and extremely eligible man had remained single because of a similar sexual kink! He explained that he specialized in orthopedic medicine because early in his surgical rotations, he’d realized that he was deeply sexually aroused by applying casts and braces to people; by immobilizing them, and in general by modifying and restricting their movement. Instead of being attracted to beautiful women, he loved to watch the way people, male or female, moved after he’d treated them. He explained that he felt such guilt over his sexual feelings that he generally stuck to meaningless sexual flings with women, enough to keep up appearances as a normal, heterosexual doctor, and masturbated alone with his orthopedic catalogs and journals.

We sat staring at each other while our sinister little minds went to work. It seemed too good to be true! How often do people with this kind of fetish actually find one another? It was obvious we had to capitalize on our mutual interests, and so, since we’re both cautious people, we set everything up as a business relationship. He would provide me with orthopedic appliances and I would have him spend evenings or weekends with me as he wished. He suggested a few things to get started with: a Malibu collar, a clam shell, and maybe a different SOMI. I explained to him that my needs were a little more involved; requiring some creativity on his part and this piqued his interest, then we went to work designing the appliance of my fevered dreams.

The first requirement I had was that the brace be designed for extended wear, so if he was going to build the device, I wanted to be able to wear it as often and as long as possible. Little did I know that I would never want to take it off! Second, it had to provide extremely rigid and strict immobilization from my head to my hips; preferably with a traction component built into it. Finally, I wanted it to be adjustable and removable only by him, and that I would be a total prisoner within the device. When I wear a brace, I need to know that I have to completely surrender to it; be totally incapable of taking it off by myself and Stephen happily agreed to these provisos and said he would give serious thought to those requirements as well as some extra modifications I might enjoy.

After a few weeks of plotting, we’d come up with quite an apparatus. He still hadn’t filled me in on his "extras", but promised the next time we got together, he would unveil the completed plans for my brace. I could hardly wait to see what he’d designed and then he came to my apartment one a Friday evening with a briefcase full of sketches, and over the next hours over a bottle of wine, explained the exact design of my brace. The torso portion was to be made of custom-formed thermoplastic, reinforced with steel bars four inches wide; one in the front from collar to pubis, and two at the back on either side of my spine; these going from nape of my neck to the bottom of the brace, low on my buttocks. The body portion would have four openings - a collar ring, two arm rings, and the base which would encircle my hips and rest on the pubis in front and the buttocks in back. The front and back halves of the brace would fit together at my sides in a jigsaw puzzle fashion, and the metal seams with interlocking teeth were designed to lock together and be fastened with a secure type of rivet that could only be undone with the correct tool.

The cervical component looked especially impressive!

It would be mounted to attachment points on the body of my brace and two metal posts would extend from the chest plate up to a wide chin cup. This was larger than others I had seen and used and it would cradle my entire mandible from just under my lower lip to just in front of my trachea; extending back to just under my ears. Two other metal posts at the back extended from the brace to a large headrest, shaped to fit the back of my skull and coming forward from this, was a wide, padded forehead strap that locked. At that point, he told me it was an ‘optional accessory’. Then, he pointed out one of his little extras: the metal rods of my cervical attachment were fully height-adjustable! By lengthening the rods at front and at the same time shortening the ones at the back, my entire field of vision could be changed when my head was tilted further and further back against the headrest! Knowing that I would probably be wearing the brace a great deal, Stephen had had to figure out a way to minimize any long term damage that a chin cup can do: unpleasant things like deformation of the jaw and permanent damage to teeth, so he’d developed one of my favorite extras: an oral alternative to the chin cup that I could wear in the evenings or when eating, and, even to bed! He’d worked with an orthodontist who’d came up with a stringent retainer that fitted as follows: the top portion consisted of a plastic plate that would fit to the roof of my mouth, with a thick wire running from the plate, between my teeth, and out through my lips on either side to end in a curve portion about an inch outside my mouth, above my upper lip.

The bottom portion was to be similar: a plastic plate would cover the tongue side of my bottom teeth and be connected to bands that were to be fastened around my molars. Another thick wire would then pass between my lips on either side, with its ends about an inch outside of my mouth below my bottom lip.

Adjustable headgear straps and strong little springs would then be attached to all four wires and these would lead backward to locking fittings on the back of the headrest. Each strap and spring were self-adjusting, so that pressure on each mouth plate could be adjusted to allow or restrict jaw mobility. I shivered violently when I thought of how the straps would feel running across my face to the back of my head. (And they actually feel better than I had imagined.) The next ‘extra’ Stephen pointed out was the abdominal bladder built into the front of the torso portion of the brace, with a valve built into the front of the brace to allow the bladder to be filled with air or water. This feature, he explained, would ensure the absolute rigidity of the brace, and greatly increase my abdominal compression - providing a potentially very uncomfortable and constant reminder of my complete immobilization. At this point, Stephen told me that the measurements for my new brace would be taken after I’d spent seven days in full body traction, thus allowing plenty of time to get me completely stretched out. This, of course, would pretty much guarantee that my brace would be fairly uncomfortable, at least in the beginning.

Knowing now of my deep love of and need to be strictly immobilized, Stephen hadn’t neglected to include further attachments for my arms and legs. Of course I’d only be able to use these accessories with Stephen’s assistance, but I was looking forward to them already! Two wide velcro straps would encircle the body of my brace; one at the level of my hips and one above the tops of my breasts. Each strap would then encircle my arms, essentially binding them to my sides, and when these attachments were applied, I would have no arm mobility, for they would be held at my sides, tightly bound to my brace and immovable.

Finally, Stephen told me that a pair of HKAFO’s would be attached to the bottom of the body brace then locked to it. Because of the absolute rigidity of the CTLSO, Stephen said that the leg braces could not be used for walking and would have to serve strictly as immobilizers. That was fine with me! When he concluded his presentation, I was so wet that I was sure the couch was probably stained, and I simply could not wait to get into that whole set up. I was practically speechless with delight and my obvious pleasure was deeply gratifying for Stephen, who was equally as excited to see me locked into his creation.

The month it took to take the measurements and build the thing seemed like an eternity, but finally Stephen called and uttered the two words I’d been dying to hear.

"It’s ready!"

That afternoon he brought it all over to my apartment and we spent two hours getting the brace locked into place, playing with the accessories. I wish I could describe how it felt to have my brace on for the first time, but the experience was so intense as to be indescribable.

On the one hand, I had never been so utterly and rigidly immobilized, and on the other hand I had never felt so free. Strange contradiction, huh? I couldn’t get enough of it and spent that entire first weekend just trying to move around, each time realizing that unrestricted movement was impossible. Stephen loved watching me try to get around in the thing. Walking with the brace took some getting used to, without the help of being able to look down, and in addition, I had to retrain my breathing, because of the abdominal compression. Eating, talking, and swallowing were all compromised by the chin cup. Stephen quickly realized that I was planning to remain braced as long as possible, and so we set up a schedule for him to remove the brace long enough for me to bathe every day. Now, I wear the brace at least 23 hours a day, and switch from the chin cup to the mouthpiece when I get home from work. Most nights Stephen straps me into the arm restraints, and now and then, I’ll wear the leg braces as well while sleeping. I’ve never been so satisfied, in all senses of the word.

At this point. I have no plans to discontinue using the brace.