These stories are generally concerned with full enclosure, or some sort of mummification in one material or another (leather, rubber metal), and also normally include the use of chastity devices. They come from all over the place.

A CHANGED LIFE ----------------------- 18,129 Words/Unknown --------------------- 20.20 Pages
She becomes interested in corsets and some incredibly talented rubber clothing and is soon deeply involved, then mummified in it, with the willing assistance of her husband. Soon, everyday total enclosure soon follows, complete with some interesting options and protocols that must be adhered to when her rubber gear is worn. A chastity belt and locked, neck-stretching collar are the next pieces she decides to have put on herself, then a single glove, and eventually a full-body corset, complete with helmet, gag and deafness included. Her life had indeed changed, and for the better. (AUTHOR: Tightone)

BELLY OF THE BEAST ------------------- 3,105 Words/28Nov01 ----------------------- 4.50 Pages
Jenny, a child of the streets now, is abducted and taken to a remote establishment and there is given to the tentacles of a strange beast. These though are used for far more than just restraint and soon invade all of her body's orifices, driving her over the precipice into a total pleasure world. She soon becomes the unwilling carrier of an unknown spawn. (AUTHOR: Dr. T.)

CAROLE'S TALE -------------------------- 6,373 Words/25Jun05 ---------------------- 6.40 Pages
Carole is about to change schools, but she isn't the young woman she appears to be. She knows she is being trained to become a sex slave; being fully fitted with blown up dildos under her chastity belt and the random stimulation from the clitoral vibrator keeps her constantly on the edge of orgasm. Her nipples, pierced and chained also, provide inescapable sensations of being controlled. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

CELIA'S PET PROJECT ------------------ 10,212 Words/25 Dec06 ------------------- 11.75 Pages
(JG-L edited version) A kinky lady's experiments to create artificial skin bondage suit at her place of work finally succeeds. Unfortunately, her activities have been discovered and monitored, and she is forced into wearing it, but now secretly modified. Soon, she finds herself permanently encased and kept in constantly-applied, stringent bondage, demonstrating her creation to her former employer's friends. (AUTHOR: Scott)

COMPLETE CIRCUIT --------------------- 5,959 Words/30Jun05 ---------------------- 6.60 Pages
Out of circulation after a year of work-related travel, she wants to attend a major costume event, only to find that all costumes are gone. Eventually, the store owner brings out his secret suit, created for former girl friend. She rents it immediately and is soon entombed within it, much to her soon frenzied delight. At home, the suit reveals yet more talents. (AUTHOR: GreyRose)

DIVESTED -------------------------------- 3,970 Words/30Jun05 ---------------------- 5.40 Pages
A frigid wife of the late 1890's is taken to a clinic that specializes in the treatment of the condition. At first she submits willingly but as the 'therapy' continues discovers that she is actually in for a far longer term than she at first imagined. Corseted and tightly strapped into her therapy chair, there is no escape. (AUTHOR: Tes Staylace)

DRESS FOR FREE WOMEN OF GOR -------- 901 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 2.60 Pages
A brief description of the required concealing garments required to be worn by Free Women on John Norman's mythical planet of GOR. Given these restrictions, they're better off as slave women. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

ENTOMBED ------------------------------ 6,124 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 6.20 Pages
Hillary's deeply desired dream has come true and her Mistress has consented to her pleas to be placed in extremely secure bondage and an all-encompassing rubber isolation, then sealed away inside multiple layers of exterior imprisonment. The tale is told with great attention to the detail of the process and at the end, Hillary finds to her horror that she may in fact have received a rubber fetishists Pharonic burial. (AUTHOR: Hillary Maria)

EQUAL SENTENCE ----------------------- 1,927 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 2.50 Pages
His wife is kidnapped and placed in a cement mould from which there is no escape possible, thanks to his testimony against the mob, her sentence of isolation and encasement to be the equal of his, unless he accepts their terms. He doesn't. (AUTHOR: Ryric)

INTERMENT ------------------------------ 2,698 Words/03Jul05 ----------------------- 3.30 Pages
The First Slave lies to her Mistress even though knowing that the Mistress can read minds. Her best friend is blamed for the crime and suffers terrible punishment, but justice is served and the former First Girl is interred as punishment. A boon is granted to the one who was punished, so that she can be with her lover, but ... (AUTHOR: DX)

ISOLATION TANK TECHNIQUE --------- 3,018 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 3.90 Pages
A brief clinical and scientific overview of the processes, requirements, equipment, and reactions of a person doing serious research into the effects that Sensory Deprivation has on the human mind.(AUTHOR: John C. Lilly - CONTACT: : http://www.johnclilly.com) NON-FICTION

LAYAWAY ------------------------------- 3,836 Words/19Oct99 ----------------------- 5.50 Pages
Tammy wants a very different costume to surprise her returning boy friend and finds what she ants in his store, but as matters turn out cannot buy it all. The store owner is sympathetic and takes her down payment, but as security, locks on all of the gear she wears, ensuring her return As the days pass more toys are acquired and Tammy keeps getting more stuff on 'lay away' ... all remaining locked on until paid for. (AUTHOR: The Dark One)

MILITARY SUIT -------------------------- 2,401 Words/12Jul05 ----------------------- 2.50 Pages
Wish his rubber fetish discovered, he's offered the chance to avoid a Dishonourable Discharge, if he volunteers to be a Guinea Pig for testing of a new protective suit. He takes the option but soon wishes he hadn't, for it turns out that he is to be a life long prisoner at Area 51, permanently encased in his rubber suit. (AUTHOR: flyer - CONTACT: flyer@lightspeed.net)

MONICA ---------------------------------- 2,818 Words/12Jul05 ----------------------- 3.15 Pages
Monica, a petite kink is encased in rubber, fibre glass and yet more rubber, soon becoming a tailor's dummy, complete to the wheeled stand. The costume party she's being taken to will be a lively one she knows as the first orgasm flood through her mind. (AUTHOR: Geisha)

THE TELE-SLAVE ------------------------- 2,308 Words/30Nov01 ---------------------- 2.60 Pages
An engineer and his wife create a genital arousal, positive feed back device, and this is soon combined with his personalized fibre glass restraint and sleeping case. The device is next combined with an arousal stress monitor and soon he's locked inside his case, to be teased and tormented almost to orgasm, but unable to make the final effort.(AUTHOR: Ultraprene)

THE ACCIDENT ------------------------- 19,708 Words/01Oct99 --------------------- 24.60 Pages
Jurgen and his wife have been playing bondage games for years, and love their rubber games with it, but his work becomes a part of their life in the strangest way when her new rubber suit becomes a semi-permanent encasement. (AUTHOR: Bill Lemieux) Description yet to be added **** NOT FULLY DESCRIBED)

THE CHALLENGE ------------------------- 1,248 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 1.75 Pages
This is a set up that the submissive cannot win, in any way. The punishments for failure are intrusive, and fierce, leading towards a never-ending repetition. In effect, it leads to a life long term of constant discipline(AUTHOR: Hilary Mariadubh nicSeamus)

THE MASK -------------------------------- 1,829 Words/20Oct99 ----------------------- 2.15 Pages
A plain-featured woman, still a virgin, is offered the chance to have astounding beauty if she will wear a full mask and helmet. She leaps at the opportunity for bliss, then finds that her body also has become beautiful. Soon her first sexual encounter occurs and she is transported. The original owner of the mask returns and Angela soon pays the price of desire. (AUTHOR: Doll Master)

THE OUTFIT ------------------------------ 6,867 Words/01Oct99 ---------------------- 6.75 Pages
An ancient, but advanced civilization leaves behind some enigmatic garments, made of an incredible, indestructible material: a corset, shoulder gloves and thigh high stiletto boots. The woman who discovers them tries them on and finds that there is a mechanism to keep them locked in place. Eventually, the garments decide to imprison her. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

THE SUIT ------------------------------- 51,171 Words/29Nov01 --------------------- 51.50 Pages
A strange dream begins the journey when Sharon, a young career woman, awakens one morning to find herself sealed into a strange metallic bathing suit, and there is no way to for her to get out of it Both her sex and breasts were no longer available to her A series of dreams and returns to reality follow, and the restraint and control of her body and mind grows deeper and stronger until she desperately needs and wants to become the fully owned property of the one who has control. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

WENDY'S WOES ----------------------- 10,486 Words/30Nov01 --------------------- 11.10 Pages
Wendy and her husband become interested in acquiring custom fitted chastity equipment for her and soon act on their desires. She is soon locked into her new garments but bad things happen one night and her newest toys become permanent parts of her anatomy. Unable to escape, and with her husband unable to extricate her, she eventually learns to accept her fate then to revel in her looks and astounding encasements. Her husband, at first shocked and distressed at what has happened is soon participating fully, and Wendy ends up leashed and increasingly restrained. (AUTHOR: Unknown)