Corsets and their employment as both figure-training and disciplinary devices/garments have always been a great interest of mine. I own a 25" waisted, long black leather corset, created by BR Creations of Mountain View, CA, but sadly, it no longer fits. Although the stories below have been drawn primarily from the LISA site, others have come from all over the web. Synopses will be added as soon as I can get around to it.

A BOY'S EXPERIENCE WITH CORSETS - 1,368 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 1.90 Pages
He's taken to be fitted with his new school uniform, but quickly discovers that it entails considerably more in the way of control than he could have imagined. (AUTHOR: Ben)

A WHOLE NEW WORLD ----------------- 1,376 Words/15Jun05) ---------------------- 1.60 Pages
A man of the future writes of his new life as a totally Mistress-controlled being. A full body corset and suit must be worn by every male; this capable of instant discipline. (AUTHOR: EMS)

AND SO TO BED: UPDATED VERSION -- 4,037 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 5.60 Pages
A perhaps fanciful description of how a young, fashion-conscious woman of the 1880's is prepared for her nightly rest under the stern eye of her mother and with the willing assistance of a strong maid. There is no escape from the rigours of attaining a good figure and all sorts of inimical devices are employed to ensure compliance. (AUTHOR: Mike)

BOTTIERS ON BONDAGE -------------- 32,293 Words/Unknown --------------------- 34.20 Pages
Both Mr and Mrs Bottier describe their interests in detail, and these are wide ranging indeed. Happily, they also share their feelings as well as some letters, and the topics cover everything from predicament bondage to corsets, single gloves,gags, high heels and even written records from them both while bound and restricted in their assorted garments. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

BOUND IN LEATHER ------------------- 37,335 Words/Unknown --------------------- 45.20 Pages
A long and well-told story, somewhat dated, of a man who meets a lady who is intriguingly dressed in leather garments that obviously restrict and control her. He soon meets her parents and finds their life style to his liking and inevitably, a bizarre marriage follows. Fifi, the French Lady's Maid (what other name COULD she have?) assists with her Mistress's restraints as well as having her own applied at all times she is not needed to restrain her Mistress. The story is drawn from a long ago published story and, thank God, I have excellent copies of the original material.(AUTHOR: Irving Klaw & Illustrated by Stanton) Original and illustrated story avail at: http://www.retroxotique.com/stories/BoundInLeather/BIL-Intro.html

BRAZILIAN BEAUTIES ------------------- 4,432 Words/Unknown -----------------------5.60 Pages
What! Corset, bondage and assorted mayhem in SOuth America? Fear not, for the the young lady in this story, Floriella Deoporto Norvona de Santa Cruxes soon discovers the terrors that await her as a high society lady in Brazil. Her travails are quite incredible and she soon has to conform to the standards set for her by her future mother-in-law. Soon, though she is completely involved and finds that it's a comforting and protective existence. (AUTHOR: Mike)

CORA IN CORSETS ----------------------- 2,482 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 3.80 Pages
Cora wants to be corsetted ... everywhere: her arms, legs, neck, body, and whatever else may be available for constriction or control and so engages a craftsman to bring her dreams to fruition. What results is an incredibly restrictive costume that cannot be escaped without assistance ... precisely what she had aimed for. (AUTHOR: Mike)

CORSET FANTASIES ---------------------- 1,352 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 1.60 Pages
A dream of what should be required before and after her wedding day. Strenuous corsetting over sever latex undergarments is a requirement, in combination with other physical restraints; these all to be worn both day and night. As time progresses after being married, she is kept in garments and footwear of increasing severity and a full-time, laced on leather helmet becomes a part of her wardrobe. (AUTHOR: Mike)

CORSET VOYAGES ----------------------- 9,298 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 9.75 Pages
He remembers his now deceased wife and the life he'd lived observing his sisters in their corsetted imprisonment, before meeting her, then their happy times with her as his severely corsetted and firmly controlled companion. She had at first balked at the constant control of her clothing, but eventually had become infatuated with it and being without children, accepted a six month long treatment of severe psychological and surgical modification.(AUTHOR: Corset Superstar)

CORSETS, COLLARS AND CHAINS ------ 9,874 Words/Unknown --------------------- 12.50 Pages
A dissertation on the various forms of 'garment discipline' employed in the past dealing with topics such as tight lacing standards, figure training, preventative disciple, night restraints, and masks. The author goes on to describe the practices of yesteryear when such things as bound arms and single gloves were used, then follows with a couple of articles of various of these practices coming to the public's notice and finally other interesting tidbits about corsets. (AUTHOR:John Francis Trelawny) See: http://www.castlekeys.com/library/Pages/ccc1.html

D - CLAIRE'S TALE --------------------- 28,273 Words/Unknown --------------------- 34.50 Pages
The authoress, 'd', assures her readers that she does indeed exist, living in the north of England, and that she is married to a Master she calls The Bear. Her tale of Claire is one of feminine restriction within cloying, oppressive and concealing garments in the style of the 1870's and 1880's, to say nothing of her constant, on-going punishment. Claire is the graduate of a harsh, girl's training school by the name of St Sybil's and upon release from this prison, she returns to her home, only to find that her life will continue as a fully-controlled female for the foreseeable future. This state enforced by a cruel governess and other cohorts while Claire is kept in subjugation then she discovers that she is to be wed to a man who whole-heartedly endorses her regime of bondage, isolation and concealment, and fully intends to maintain her in the same extreme manner for the rest of her life. (AUTHOR: 'd')

D - LIFE IN 1873 ----------------------- 10,219 Words/01Feb00 --------------------- 11,75 Pages
'D' and her Master enact a scenario in which she is transported back in time approximately 130 years and has become a Sybilienne, kept confined in her special suite of rooms within their home. Her costuming is heavy, restricting, and very oppressive, but she must accept it, for she has agreed to the scene and with no safe words. During her week long escape from reality into what many would consider a Hell on Earth, 'd' maintains a diary and so we discover all of her travails. (AUTHOR: 'd')

D - TRAVELLING IN BONDAGE --------- 4,716 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 5.50 Pages
D describes her bondage and how she is taken on a trip to Portugal in public, but concealed bondage. She is the creator of nearly all of her own bondage garments, created to the specifications of The Bear and her life has evolved now so that whenever taken out of her home, she is always fully harnessed and bound under her long, concealing garments. Her next excursion comes when she is fully bound, boxed, then shipped in a crate by railroad to Oxford. Further trips are planned with her being shipped as freight, perhaps by air the next time. (AUTHOR:'d')

D - WALKING IN SILENCE ------------- 31,731 Words/Unknown --------------------- 38.75 Pages
A Governess is employed to supervise the education of two orphaned sisters at a remote mansion, where they are under the guardianship of distant relations. Her pupils are kept subdued and concealed within cloying garments, and she discovers also are kept in restraint at all times. She has to wear her own restricting clothing and suffers the rigours of a grim existence, then discovers the sisters are heiresses to a vast fortune and being held incommunicado until they can be cheated out of it. Soon, she is imprisoned in much the same manner. (AUTHOR: 'd')

DAUGHTERS OF DEUTERONOMY ------- 2,181 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 3.60 Pages
In the future, a strange religious sect has come into being in which young women are taken as religious vessels to be fitted with lifetime corsets in a special ceremony (AUTHOR: Tes Staylace)

DUALITIES ---------------------------------7,294 Words/Egghead ------------------------ 8.30 Pages
His wife is always corsetted, booted, gagged and bound, much to her continuing delight, and during this story, describes how she would envision the future where men have total and utter control of their females, and they, being the adventurous creatures they are, compete for the best bondage they can manage. However, she returns to the present to find herself still helplessly bound. (CONTACT: dualities@hotmail.com)

EDUCATIONAL SCHOOL CAMP -------- 11,727 Words/Unknown --------------------- 15.20 Words
A rebellious young woman orphan is sent to a special camp and immediately fitted with her new school uniform. Leashed and controlled by her clothing, she is then subjected to a litany of stern measures designed to bring her into line. Severe corsetting and gagging are only a couple of the many tactics employed, and then she is pierced for further control and discipline. (AUTHOR: Henrietta - CONTACT: playfulbeauty@mail.austria.com)

FIGURE TRAINING ---------------------- 7,882 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 9.50 Pages
A couple decides to try a new process that involve rubber mummification, severe corsetting and remotely controlled orgasms and orgasm denial. The technology develops to incredible proportions and they find themselves transported to even further and stranger delights. (AUTHOR: Ultraprene)

HH: CHRISTKIND ---------------------- 18,726 Words/Unknown --------------------- 21.75 Pages
An old German Christmas tradition, that if the Christkind, is one to the central themes of this story of corsets and restriction. A beautiful young woman finds herself in training to become one of these angelic women, but getting there is definitely not half the fun. Her training is rigourous and unforgiving, but in the end, worth all of her efforts, (AUTHOR: Dave Potter - CONTACT: davepotter77@yahoo.co.uk -SEE: LISA Web site)

HH: GABRIEL VANHESSEL -------------- 9,898 Words/23Feb05 ---------------------- 13.90 Pages
The story of a young man who returns to Amsterdam from Batavia, sometime in the late 1700's. As an employee of the Dutch East India Company, he is looking for a wife to take back with him, and soon finds precisely the young woman he wants. She, an orphan, is under the guardianship of a strict uncle, but one who has used every device of feminine restraint and control that can be imagined, and before releasing her for marriage, insists that she continue to be kept this way after the fact. (AUTHOR: Dave Potter - CONTACT: davepotter77@yahoo.co.uk - SEE: LISA Web site)

HH: PRINCESS ------------------------- 19,549 Words/12Apr05 ---------------------- 22.30 Pages
A woman's existence in India, was not an easy one, especially if a member of one of the more repressive religions of the area. A beautiful, young, but poorly situated woman is selected by royalty to become a consort in the kings harem. When her time comes, she is taken away to the palace and there discovers that wealth, position and privilege have a very steep price indeed. The bondage, restraints and her life are far from what she ever imaged, and they are , now, inescapable. (AUTHOR: Dave Potter - CONTACT: davepotter77@yahoo.co.uk - SEE: LISA Web site)

HI-TECH CORSETS ------------------------ 819 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 1.40 Pages
A fanciful look at what could happen in the field of corsetry and although they may not have been created yet, the technology is certainly available. (AUTHOR: Samuel Deniss)

MEMOIRS OF A CORTSETTIERRE ------- 8,728 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 9.80 Pages
As the title indicates, these are the interesting recollections of a corsettiere, telling of some of his devices and the situations, designs and people he created garments for. His clientele ranged everywhere from a merchant banker kept in permanent chastity and control corsets, to southern ladies, whose supposedly bratty off-spring needed to be subdued. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

MY FANTASY COMES TRUE ------------ 10,000 Words/Unknown --------------------- 12.40 Pages
The married lady decides it's time to reveal some of her inner longings to her husband and to her delight, he jumps in with both feet. She soon finds that not only is she corsetted, required to wear a collar, cuffs, and other restrictive gear, but that she must wear them in public also. At home, her situation and bondage become increasingly restrictive, and she, for the most part, loves her new state in life. (AUTHOR: Peter Scott)

MY LIFE IN CORSETS ------------------- 3,928 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 4.40 Pages
A young woman is introduced to corsetting and tight lacing in her early teenage years by her mother, and the process of being encased, quite literally, grows upon her as time progresses, until soon she finds herself completely entombed in the Rubber Maiden. (AUTHOR: Danny) See: http://www.castlekeys.com/library/Pages/life.html

ONCE UPON A SO-AND-SO ----------- 18,437 Words/Unknown --------------------- 20.75 Pages
The long-lived author describes the garments and restrictive clothing his wife is required to wear in a Mid-East setting, and we discover that she likes and prefers the concealment and restriction that is imposed. We learn how they met and how their life evolves while they pursue their mutual interests. (AUTHOR: Kiv Katz)

REFORMATORY FOR WAYWARD GIRLS - 2,515 Words/01Oct99 ---------------------- 2.70 Pages
She ends up in an old fashioned reformatory where the measures used to obtain obedience are Medieval, but combined with modern security technologies. Near the end of her sentence, she becomes a trustee and makes a startling discovery. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE ------------ 4,639 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 6.60 Pages
A wife decides to experiment with corsetting, and finds it to be a wonderful way to enhance both her figure and her husband's flagging interest. He too soon gets sucked into the vortex and quickly finds himself fitted with his own but much more severe control garments and restraints, much to his wife's delight. (AUTHOR:Pat D’Artagnan patdartagnan@hotmail.com)

THE ACADEMY --------------------------- 5,625 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 7.25 Pages
A lawyer, representing parents with an out of control teen-aged daughter, interviews the lady owner of The Academy; an institution that specializes in the reformation of young women. She is accompanied by two of her students and proceeds to demonstrate the effectiveness of her methods, equipment, and term of training. Obviously impressed, the wild young woman is acquired by The Academy. Five years later, she has become a model citizen, and along the way, the lawyer has had his fondest of secret dreams come true. (AUTHOR: Barrie Johnstone)

THE DARK TWENTY --------------------- 2,928 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 3.50 Pages
Richard's continual back pain problems are resolved when Magda purchases a special corset and presents it to him, together with the ultimatum that he either wear it or lose her. Soon, other more fearsome additions follow, and he quickly discovers that constant restraint, bondage and training have become the norm of his existence. (AUTHOR: Samuel Deniss, see: http://backzippers.deepestfetish.com/fiction/the_dark_twenty.html )

THE PIT ---------------------------------- 1,738 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 1.90 Pages
Nia is in strict bondage, most of it concealed by the heavy 'sleep sack'; this having been replaced with a severe figure training device, then all of her senses are removed with the application of a helmet and air mask before she is lowered into the pi to begin her 'therapy'.(AUTHOR: Patty)

THE TAXABLE BODY ------------------- 12,646 Words/Unknown --------------------- 15.30 Pages
Alice works for a corsettiere who creates extreme corsets for a select group of clients. Alice is approached by one with a proposal to become a model, but this comes with special provisos involving a 3 month long training period, piercings, and a long time away. She and her husband accept and Alice is soon enveloped in the whirlwind, finding it to be both challenging and arousing. Far away from home she slowly settles into a new life of being constantly corsetted, bound securely and cared for. (AUTHOR: Peter Scott)

THE RELUCTANT HEIRESS ------------- 26,265 Words/Unknown --------------------- 28.90 Pages
He meets an interesting older couple, and then, their daughter. The young lady appears to be somewhat of a recluse, but he quickly discovers she is controlled and restricted by her garments, and these become more and more bizarre as their acquaintanceship deepens. Despite her initial resistance he becomes a deeper and deeper part of her life, acting to increase her bound and disciplined situation. (Located at: http://backzippers.deepestfetish.com/fiction/the_reluctant_heiress_chap1.html AUTHOR: Art Forster)