Obviously, the content of the stories in this category revolve primarily around the employment of chastity belts and devices, these quite naturally in combination with other forms of restraint, in all sorts of situations. They've been drawn from a wide array of sources, but the Altairboy web site has been the primary resource area.

AGI'S FULL CHASTITY SUIT ------------ 5,875 Words/13May04 ---------------------- 7.60 Pages
Agi decides to try a full body metal suit, this complete with all the goodies one can imagine. It proves to be considerably more than she'd initially bargained for, but she soon finds that she likes what has happened to her and leaps into her newest life with abandon, much to the delight of her husband. (AUTHOR: Anne Dee)

ANNE'S NIGHT OUT --------------------- 6,635 Words/02Jun04 ----------------------- 7.80 Pages
Anne receives her clothes for the evening, but must first be laced into her corset, then put on her chastity belt. She waits with nervousness and arousal while her final jewellery is added and locked on, then it's off for an interesting evening. (AUTHOR: Tony Kidson)

CB TRAP --------------------------------- 3,765 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 5.40 Pages
Curiosity leads him to some intriguing underwear in his wife's closet. Having an until now hidden interesting in TV-ism, he tries the clothing on, only to find that it locks onto his body. Not only that, but beneath the secure metal coverings, his body begins to be modified. Next up is a dice game with his wife and he quickly sinks into a life of bondage and enforced chastity. (AUTHOR: cbShackle)

CHANGE OF HEART ---------------------- 8,081 Words/Unknown ---------------------- 8.90 Pages
Claire awakens to find that she has been fitted with a set of strange, metallic undergarments and jewellery, and she can't get any of them off. Over the following days she tries everything, even while her body is modified to an unknown standard, but her attitude slowly changes until she desperately wants to meet and love her hidden Master.

ERICA'S STORY ------------------------- 4,080 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 4.90 Pages
Erica has to go to her aunt's home to clean up after her death, and there, she discovers an interesting tale about ancient practices. Soon she is in the jungles of South America, and eventually reaches a secret cave within which she finds a full set of strange, golden restraints. Without thinking, she puts them on herself, but then cannot remove them. She returns home, a captive of her newest jewellery and underwear

FUTURE SHOCK ------------------------- 11,463 Words/28Jun05 -------------------- 12.50 Pages
He's catapulted 400 years into the future confined within a NeoSteel chastity belt. After acclimatizing to his new life and attaining vast wealth, he has a full-body restraint and chastity harness created for himself from a material that cannot be cut or destroyed. Once the body lattice is installed, it's a permanent fixture and can be used to control and discipline by remote control. (AUTHOR: Lucky ... This story has been heavily edited and is not the original version. Apologies to Lucky.)

JUSTINE AND CANDY ------------------- 26,594 Words/28Jun05 -------------------- 32.40 Pages
Justine and Candy are arrested and transported to The Centre. Candy is sent to prison, but Justine is turned over to Custodians who take care of her until she is sentenced, but she might just as well have been sent to prison. Cuffs, chains, straight jackets, and constant gagging are a part of her restraint regime. Her fiance is enthralled and will keep her in restraints even after their marriage. Eventually, The Big Day arrives and Justine is taken, fully restrained to be married. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

SANDRA'S CHASTITY BELT ------------ 27,059 Words/Unknown -------------------- 41.60 Pages
Sandra always had a strong interest in enforced chastity, but doesn't want to have it done by a man. She takes advantage of a new corporate offer to ensure she remains chaste, for an initial 5 year term, and as soon as she signs up, is fully locked into the equipment. As time passes, more and more control devices are added to her ensemble to ensure compliance with the contract's conditions. Romance enters her life, but in a strange form, and yet still she remains a total captive.(AUTHOR: Unknown)

SARAH'S FANTASY -------------------- 11,222 Words/Unknown --------------------- 12.25 Pages
Sarah had always had a strong interest in chastity and the equipment associated with being kept that way and so contracts with a craftsman to have one made for her. A test piece is made first and this soon evolves into a full-on device that is utterly secure, but there is more to it than first meets the eye, as is ALWAYS the case. Not only is she imprisoned in her belt, but the other conditions soon become apparent. She becomes the animated pawn in an internet game that ensures she stays in her belt and subject to remoter discipline. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

SHARON'S LUCK ---------------- 3,676 Words/Scott ----------------------------------- 5.50 Pages
Sharon gets framed and soon finds herself locked into a horrendous, state-sanctioned restraint ensemble, and with each day finds herself having committed further 'crimes. thus entailing an eve-r longer sentence of public humiliation and punishment. (AUTHOR: Unknown)

TEXAS CHASTITY BELT ----------------- 4,201 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 5.50 Pages
A Texan travels to the UK to meet an unpleasant client and gets to meet his wife; a beautiful but shy lady, whom he discovers wears a chastity belt all the time. One thing leads to another after the original husband dies, and eventually the Texan and the beauty are married. She happily remains locked up. (AUTHOR: Butler Roberts)

THE BET --------------------------------- 4,623 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 5.20 Pages
An incurable gambler makes a bet with an old girl friend. He brags that he'll be able to escape any chastity belt she fits him with. Being an engineer, she creates a device that is truly inescapable, unless he wishes to lose the family jewels. He concedes and suffers for a year as her 'belted slave, suffering even more as the year progresses. At the end of the first year, he agrees to double-or-nothing bet, and is promptly fitted with an even more punitive and controlling chastity belt. Again, after he discovers only a small part of its capabilities, he concedes defeat ... but this time, his sentence is for 10 years as her remotely-controlled toy. (AUTHOR: Ctrl-Alt-Delete)

THE EXPERIMENT ----------------- 7,923 Words/25jUN05 ----------------------------- 5.50 Pages
After receiving her legacy from her uncle, she uses his remote summer home to enact a long-held fantasy of bondage, forced stimulation, and automatic punishment if she fails to keep moving. Once satisfied that all is ready, she begins her journey early in the day, but rather than reaching her goal for release, she's back where she started, all the while suffering and orgasming. Finally she makes it to her area of salvation, but by now has become a mind washed machine desiring only pleasure. FInally, late that night, she finds freedom. (AUTHOR: cf)

THE HIGHEST BIDDER -------------- 8,774 Words/Unknown) ------------------------ 10.75 Pages
THIS chastity belt is special. However, the owner has no further use of it and so auctions it off on e-bay. The woman who buys it cannot wait to try it on, but neglects to read all of the accompanying paperwork, discovering that there are no keys available for it. The ones that are, are soon up for auction on ebay, and to her horror, they are soon purchased by an oil prince. She NEEDS to escape the belt, but must go to see the new owner of the keys. A JG-L written Part Two is in progress. (AUTHOR: Dave Potter - CONTACT: davepotter77@yahoo.co.uk - SEE: LISA Web site )

WEEKEND CHASTITY BONDAGE -------- 2,064 Words/Unknown ----------------------- 2.50 Pages
A lady engages in weekend, solo-bondage, employing a chastity belt and vibrating egg; this set to go off at varying times and for varying durations. An ankle spreader bar and a yoke soon follow, then she waits until the light goes off. She is alone in the darkness, utterly helpless and then the vibrating egg to begin its evil work. (AUTHOR: Muffy Steele)

XI ---------------------------------------- 6,491 Words/15Jun05 ------------------------ 7.90 Pages
Xi discovers a strange, hi-tech chastity belt and collar in an old trunk, eventually finding how they open, then quickly becomes addicted to wearing them and experiencing the intense sensations they generate. Soon, she decides to try a full week in her belt, taking measures to ensure compliance, and so the tale unfolds. (AUTHOR: Nerbus)