Below, you'll find scenarios that I've actually gone ahead and done. There's some duplication in the scenario set-ups, but one does what makes one happy and I don't worry too much about it. A few words of caution are warranted though ... I thought long and hard to enact the scenes described, pre-planning them in great detail before playing. Do NOT try to duplicate any of these situations.

A SESSION IN THE CREATURE (LITE) -- 3,313 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 3.50 Pages
A solitary play session in the coils of the 'lite' version of The Creature.

AN EXPERIMENT WITH TC-LITE -------- 6,257 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 7.30Pages
A true experience in the potential of solitary bondage. How does it feel to be totally bound and unable to escape when there's NOBODY to get you out? Eight hours of intense stimulation and some terror.

CHASTITY BELT -------------------------- 2,217 Words/21Jun04 ---------------------- 2.40 Pages
Techno-bondage in a modern day version of a chastity belt, complete with the addition of intimate e-stim that cannot be stopped or avoided.

FIT OF IDIOCY -------------------------- 9,614 Words/20Feb03 ---------------------- 17.90 Pages
This is not truly a story; but is, in actual fact, the conventions and protocols that the I've established to be used for a session of self-bondage, then the following Evaluation and Corrective Discipline processes to be enacted. THIS version of self-bondage will be inescapable until the tormentress arrives. If she's feeling kindly towards him after the session is completed, he may be released, but that is NOT a certainty. If he survives the experience with all his faculties still intact, a written account of the session, detailing the feelings and sensations experienced, will be written. (RE-WRITE IN PROGRESS)

OVER-NIGHTER -------------------------- 4,022 Words/22Jun04 ----------------------- 4.30 Pages
The true account of the Author’s meeting with a Mistress and his first, full, over night experience chained down to her bed. He ends up a prisoner within a full rubber helmet, locked deeply within a Chastity Belt, Collar, and Bondage Mitts, complete with hands and feet chained securely. Leashed at neck and ankles to the bed, no escape is permitted. (PUBLISHED BY: SECRET MAGAZINE - ISSUE 16)

REQUESTED BONDAGE ----------------- 8,359 Words/21Jun04 ------------------------ 9.40 Pages
A true experience of the Author’s intense playtime with a Mistress that shows no mercy once she has him in her control. From the so-ordinary beginning of the day to it’s mind-bending climax, he suffers her attentions within the confines of his Discipline harness, suspended, blinded, deafened, and chained helplessly while the electrical impulses zip with terrifying and unstoppable frequency through his most intimate erogenous zones, this is a short story not to be passed by. (PUBLISHED BY: SECRET MAGAZINE - ISSUE 17 & 18)

RUBBER ENCLOSURE ------------------- 4,413 Words/21Jun04 ------------------------ 4.75 Pages
A true tale of the Author’s adventures in a double layered rubber enclosure, then self bondage and enforced stimulation that takes the reader down more paths of a definitely bent mind. The Author makes no bones about being a sensualist who like to ‘push the envelope’ and the reader will understand that this is a journey he must make, to both satisfy his own curiosity and to engage in play that few have the courage or desire to try for themselves. (PUBLISHED AS 'EXPERIMENT WITH 'THE CREATURE' BY: SECRET MAGAZINE - ISSUE 21)

SELF-BONDAGE ------------------------- 6,274 Words/21Jun04 ------------------------ 6.75 Pages
A true experience in the potential of solitary bondage. How does it feel to be totally bound and unable to escape when there's NOBODY to get you out? Eight hours of intense stimulation and some terror.


The two stories immediately below were initially written in much shorter versions by Ronsa, a dear friend but now departed, and freely given to me. I've expanded and re-written these stories in depth, always with respect for Ronsa's desire for believable and functional detail. He and I worked closely together to enable his dream of becoming a 'published author' when I assisted him in the editing of his story, 'THE CONSIGNMENT' and its eventual publication by House Of Gord.

CELINE’S SEDUCTION TO RUBBER --- 65,025 Words/11Dec02 ---------------------- 72.00 Pages
THIS IS A JG-L & VON RONSA COLLABORATION STORY. Celine, a young German girl, is twice caught indulging in exploratory sex. Her father engages a strict, English Governess to ensure that Celine strays no further, and suddenly, the young woman is forced to discover a world of rubber bondage and discipline. At first it is a bearable transition, but immediately it blossoms into a captivity and deep enslavement that cannot be escaped. Celine soon finds herself transformed into the rubberized pet of a wealthy industrialist, never to be freed. (NOW AVAILABLE FROM tHE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

CHRYSTAL’S NEW UNIFORM ---------- 43,749 Words/11Dec02 ---------------------- 49.80 Pages
THIS IS A JG-L & VON RONSA COLLABORATION STORY. Chrystal, a 17 year old woman living with her stepmother Lady Arlen Groombridge, sinks into a world of rubber, tricked into donning a Uniform of incredible restriction, enclosure, and control. At first she is unaware that her new ‘Uniform’ is a permanent one, even during her restricted studying and forced exercise! She finds herself given to Baron von Albrecht, then transported to his secluded estate deep in the Black Forest, to live out the rest of her life in strict bondage as his personal pet and toy, subject to all of the disciplines and forced sexual arousal that can be imagined.(NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

THE CONSIGNMENT ------------------- 65,584 Words/22Nov02 ---------------------- 67.40 Pages
A two sisters are abducted by white slavers and taken to their training centre in Germany. Only the oldest was to be taken, having insulted a wealthy Oriental businessman who now wants a horrendous revenge, but the other sister has considerable market value to an Arabian purchaser. Both young women are prepared, then placed in the costumes required by their new owners, with no detail of freedom permitted to either. The sister destined to the Orient is slowly and methodically imprisoned in a metal suit that contains an incredible array of diabolical and distressing elements that will ensure she suffers the revenge her new owner is determined to exact. The other sister is trained then dressed in a horrific harness and head piece that totally controls her and hides her face from the world ... for the rest of her life as a pet of a fabulously wealthy Oil Prince. (THIS STORY IS AVAILABLE FROM GORD BOOKS AND IS FULLY ILLUSTRATED).

THE CONSIGNMENT - PT. TWO --------- 9,872 Words/25Aug99 ---------------------- 10.20 Pages
During the latter stages of of the original story, a German financier's bitchy wife is acquired and soon falls into the generally accepted fate of the slaver's female captives, then accompanies the original team to the Middle East, to inspect the Oil Princes estates and the harem of slave women he keeps as pets. Some interesting scenes are revealed as the story progresses. Unfortunately, RONSA passed away before the story could be developed any further.


The two stories below are ones that have been edited for inclusion on the Seriousbondage web site, and in my view are absolute gems.

BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED ------------ 26,992 Words/02 Apr05 -------------------- 29.75 Pages

AN UNORTHODOX LIFE --------------- 12,228 Words/06 Mar05 --------------------- 14.50 Pages