I suppose the stories in this section could be called the ravings of a fevered mind, or a 'stream of conscious' collection of all the weird scenarios I've conceived over the years, but they've served to keep me sane ... for the most part :-). If you would like to obtain any of them (hard copy only), they are available for purchase on a private basis. Contact me at: JC-GREEN@TELUS.NET

Stories are listed alphabetically, not by date of publication or publisher


AWAKENING ------------------------------ 339 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 0.50 Pages
She awakens in her chains, fastened to the bed, feeling her nipple rings being gently tugged at while she struggles to escape her bondage.

BONDAGE BED --------------------------- 3,947 Words/12Oct03 ---------------------- 4.30 Pages
Her first encounter with the bed she will sleep on from this point forward, strapped to it and utterly secure. In a dream while fastened on the bed she meets The Dragon, who feasts upon the screams of Maidens in distress.

BREAKING TO HARNESS --------------- 10,081 Words/04Jan04 --------------------- 10.80 Pages
Marriage, then submission. The emplacement and fitting of training and control equipment to a soon-to-be Horse Woman. This is soon followed by her first but not last session on her new training tread mill in a special basement room.

CHASTITY BELT DISCIPLINE ---------- 13,435 Words/07Jan04 --------------------- 14.80 Pages
She is required to wear a Chastity Belt then deliver herself to a trainer for an intense educational experience of bondage and control. That really though is only the beginning of her journey into slavery.

CONTROLLING CHRISTINE: PART 1 --- 53,448 Words/02Oct99 --------------------- 63.50 Pages
Christine, a slave girl to her husband, descends ever deeper into a situation in which she is totally controlled by an incredible arrangement of restraints, but she has no way of stopping her descent. She soon finds herself involved in every sort of situation she can possibly imagine, and a lot of things she hadn't even considered as being in the realm of possibility, or that it would happen to her. (NOW COMBINED WITH PART TWO, BELOW, AND AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

CONTROLLING CHRISTINE: PART 2 --- 46,641 Words/22Dec00 --------------------- 51.90 Pages
Christine's tale continues after her session in bondage while SCUBA diving, then there's a short interlude in a C&W bar that keeps her interested in her costume and restraints. Upon their return to the house, her Master reveals more of his plans for her future training. Soon she finds herself being attended to by a very special 'butler' whose implacable demands for compliance are reinforced with electrical encouragement when she fails to meet the standards set for her. Special exercises and schooling are employed frequently and more additions are made to her Slave 'Uniform'. A walk in the park does not have quite the normal connotations for her, then she is taught the meaning of being a 'cow girl'. Her schooling continues, and requires a new uniform, but this isn't quite what she had in mind. (NOW COMBINED WITH PART ONE, ABOVE AND AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

CONTROLLING CHRISTINE: PART 3 -- 51,471 Words/09Feb01 ---------------------- 59.10 Pages
Life just keeps getting more interesting while her 'schooling continues by absentee electronic teachers. All however is not doom and gloom for her Master tells her that, finally, it's time to get married. The wedding plans go ahead, but THIS is not going to be a 'normal' wedding, in any respect! Soon she is fitted for her exotic wedding ensemble then at last the deed is done. Marriage doesn't change things though and further doctor's appointments are attended for additions to her intimate jewellery, to say nothing of her hand restraints and the mask and helmet she is to be confined in. Even her vision is to be controlled! (NOW COMBINED WITH PART FOUR, BELOW, AND AVBAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

CONTROLLING CHRISTINE: PART 4 --- 37,564 Words/20Aug01 --------------------- 42.05 Pages
Christine's life continues with the addition of new ballet-type boots to her ensemble, over and above all the other devices and restraints she's already equipped with. Anew role is set for her and soon she finds herself dressed in an inescapable Nun's Habit, then taken for 'worship'. Returned to the control of her Master, she finds she has not escaped her vows and more visits to the clinic follow. Her life continues down its extraordinary path. (NOW COMBINED WITH PART THREE, ABOVE, AND AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

CORSET SURVEILLANCE -------------- 29,244 Words/01Jan04 ---------------------- 32.80 Pages
In this country, all mature females are required, by law, to wear and multiple restraint and control rings mounted in their flesh. If The Law isn't followed to the letter, they soon find that their government has fearful remedies for their lack of attention! And so begins the tale of the descent into slavery of a young woman who has been caught evading the law's dictates, and she finds that her actions have FAR worse consequences than she could possibly have imagined.

This is the story of a young woman who begins to explore the sensations of her body. Feeling guilty, she tells her parents, and soon finds herself imprisoned in an Anti-Temptation System, sent to the local parochial school, and eventually forced into becoming a Nun in the Sisterhood Of Eternal Penitence. Once there she quickly is absorbed into a life long commitment of punishment, constant control, and becomes subject to their vows of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience, and Silence. (AVAILABLE FROM PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS )

DANCING IN HARNESS ----------------- 8,114 Words/15Jan04 ------------------------ 8.60 Pages
After checking into the hotel, with VainGlorious' full bondage hidden beneath her cape the happily owned Horse Woman is used as a demonstrator/model for her harnessing, then off to the Boutique area on the ends of her reins. A late afternoon rest follows, securely bound to her bed, then that evening she's taken for dinner while fully captive in her harness beneath her everyday clothing. Later in the evening, comes a visit to the home of a Master, to again be displayed in all her glory.

DESIRED DEEP SLAVERY -------------- 58,549 Words/25Jan04 ---------------------- 62.70 Pages
Joanna, an orphan, is taken in by her rich aunt, Alexandra von Strassen. Joanna's latent lesbian tendencies soon come to full flower and she falls head over heels in love with Alexandra, wanting to become hers in all conceivable ways. What follows is the tale of Joanna's evolution into full on slavery in costumes she never dreamt were possible, much less that she would have to wear them, and be utterly unable to escape from. Rubber, steel, chains, and deep imprisonment soon become the norm in Joanna's circumscribed life, as surely as night follows day. Exotic piercings, permanent bondage appliances, and then a horrid work regime become additional norm's and soon Joanna finds that Alexandra's acquisitiveness is not for her alone, for she is the first member of a harem, The tale takes us from Joanna at age 23 until the end of the story, at age 35. perhaps she's still there. (PREVIOUS TITLE: PUNISHMENT TRANSPORTATION. AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK).

DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY - PART I----- 79,542 Words/16Jun04 ---------------------- 85.00 Pages
The story of an 18 year old girl from the Middle East, who during her education in the West, is caught indulging in wild sex, drinking, and drugs, by her Father’s spies. She is abducted and taken to a hospital for the addition of specialized ‘jewellery’, then returned home to face the wrath of her Father. Delilah Mahjalis is soon imprisoned in the household’s secret dungeon, there to suffer incredible punishments and solitary, secret confinement for the remainder of her life. A frightening tale of Middle-Eastern parental punishment. (NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY - PART II --- 66,131 Words/15Mar04 ---------------------- 70.80 Pages
Kelly, the airline agent who glimpsed Delilah’s predicament, cannot get her out of his mind. His curiosity unleashes forces of which he has no comprehension, and he soon finds himself duplicating the voyage of Delilah. Not only does he duplicate it, but he is eventually transformed into a vision of himself that defies description. Eventually, he finds himself as the subject of sexual modifications, and then shipped off to become the play thing, demonstrator, and a Discipline slave of Sheikh Al-Marish. There is no escape. (NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

DISCIPLINE SUIT ---------------------- 20,349 Words/17Mar04 --------------------- 21.80 Pages
She submits to being encased, then sealed within her Special Suit. What follows for her is a searing experience of total submission to its demands. Suddenly it's no longer fun and games for the garment she now wears has become, permanently, her very own personal chamber of discipline. This is the commencement of an existence she cannot escape no matter how much she may wish to.

EQUIPMENT FITTING ------------------- 8,586 Words/11Jun05 ---------------------- 10.20 Pages
Kept always in her permanent restraints ensemble, his wife relaxes in a hot bath after a session of lovemaking. Soon her new day begins with the fitting of her normal accoutrements for exercising. However, this time, she will be milked at the same time she performs her onerous work on the Rowing Machine! After being dressed, she's fed then taken to the Rowing Machine. Once seated, restrained her Master fits her with a full helmet and gas mask, to leave her blinded, deafened and forced to breathe. Her exercise begins and so too, soon after her milking. And so her day begins.

HOBBLE BARS --------------------------- 1,685 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 1.90 Pages
She has gradually become accustomed to her harness and Chastity Belt only to find that he has now added an even more inimical device to her training ensemble!

HORSE-MEN ----------------------------- 7,534 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 9.20 Pages
Yes, they'd written their fantasies and acted them out with their ladies; but now the tables have been turned. For a joke, they put on the male versions of the Harnesses, only to find themselves transported to a REAL Discipline Establishment with no hope of escape from their fate. (NOW PUBLISHED TOGETHER WITH 'THE SECOND OPTION', BY PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

HORSE-WOMAN ----------------------- 20,827 Words/21Jun04 ---------------------- 22.60 Pages
Successful, yet unfulfilled, she eventually meets the man who can and DOES make her deepest dreams come true. The transformation into a Horse Woman is rapidly completed, to her dismay and now, terror. She soon becomes precisely what she wanted to be; but in a much more pervasive manner than she ever felt was possible. She is indeed a horse woman now; but with a thoroughness that is absolute, final, and terrorizing. (PUBLISHED BY: EQUUS EROTICUS MAGAZINE - ISSUE 1 & 2)

KRISTAL'S CHANGED LIFE ------------------ 59,647/19Jan09 ----------------------- 60.00 Pages
This is the story of Kristel Strang, the young woman that Celine (CELINE'S SEDUCTION TO RUBBER, ABOVE) meets prior to herself sinking into a morass of rubber slavery. It details how Kristel came to be the thing that Celine sees, the meeting between them and her life after. It's a tale of forcible confinement, intense rubber encasement and reduction in status from that of a cherished daughter to nothing more than a pet and possession; one fitted with the most horrific of non-removable 'jewellery' and kept in a locked-on 'Correction Suit', with a terrible fate yet to be enacted. (NOW AVAILABLE FROM PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS)

LAURA'S EVOLUTION ------------------ 57,146 Words/26Aug04 -------------------- 57.50 Pages
Laura, a FULLY epliated wife is required to wear fully concealing clothing, then her journey into total bondage begins. The first step is to become fully pierced, then a plethora of permanent 'jewellery is locked into her flesh. Over the next days, she is equipped with her cuffs and collar, then comes a full 'chastity harness' and head restraint device. Laura is next fitted with fearsome dental restraints, then returned to her home and the tender mercies of a Governess. Laura soon is enveloped in a life of labour, unstoppable sexual arousal and inescapable sexual arousal ... but not fulfillment. If possible, her situation worsens, believe it or not.(NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

LIPIZANNERS -------------------------- 32,373 Words/02Oct99 ---------------------- 34.75 Pages
This story evolved from the original stories, The Contract, Part One and The Contract, Part Two. In this one, the training, harnessing and life of a woman placed in this special section of a Horse Woman Herd is explored - this being the Lipizanner. As with the real Lipizanner's of Vienna, these horse women are required to perform evolutions that none of the regular horse women can manage. Their training is harsh, exacting, and continual and once placed in the Lipizanner squadron, it is a life sentence.

OWNED OBJECT ----------------------- 13,492 Words/20Jun06 ---------------------- 19.66 Pages
She'd agreed to marry him on one condition... that she would, quite literally, be treated as His Owned Object. He agreed, and today, three years later, now in the middle of a 12 week long period of Strict Regime, she is to labour in her Work Station yet again. Later, although she isn't aware of it, she'll be released from her constantly-worn chastity arrangements and permitted an interlude of sexual pleasure, while kept fully restrained, then as per usual, she will be returned to her full Uniform and put down for the night, to be rested for the next period of unavoidable, tightly-supervised labour. (STORY APPEARS ON THIS WEB SITE, THIS SECTION: PAGES 26 & 27)

PIERCING THE LADY -------------------- 3,906 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 4.25 Pages
Lady Susan is taken to be pierced then fitted with a full set of jewellery that has a far greater impact on her life than she'd ever thought possible. Her new jewellery, though for the most part hidden from public view makes her realize that her status as the property of her Master has been utterly confirmed in the most intimate manner possible.

PONY-GIRL ----------------------------- 3,048 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 4.10 Pages
Extra money for a week-end's easy work, she was told. She'd only have to wear a special costume and look pretty in it. An easy and fun time for minimal effort. So she thought.

POSSESSION -------------------------- 20,310 Words/21Jun04 ---------------------- 22.50 Pages
She meets her friend and long missed Rein Master, and accepts his gifts of a Chastity Belt, a nose ting and her cuffs with equanimity. As time moves along she begins to fall deeper and deeper under his spell and bondage equipment, often showing herself and her state of enslavement off in public. Eventually she becomes a resident slave girl/Horse Woman in his home, as she has always wished; but not under these conditions!

RESCUED TO SLAVERY ----------------- 50,090 Words/02OCT99 --------------------- 51.80 Pages
World War III has happened. A few stunned survivors manage to escape the radioactive hells of their ravaged cities, but the deadly clouds soon expand until it's apparent they'll die. Rescue from their certain fate miraculously at the last minute and they're whisked off to what turns out to be an Alien space ship. This salvation is not as benign as it appears, for the true intent of their rescue soon becomes plain. The human survivors are deemed to be dangerous animals, and quickly find themselves bound and imprisoned in interstellar Zoos, permitted only to breed under controlled conditions. Females in particular are regarded as exceedingly dangerous and thus are controlled with much more secure measures. (RE-WRITE IN PROGRESS)

SABRINA’S BIOGRAPHY -------------- 197,262 Words/21Apr05 ------------------- 239.20 Pages
This is the biography of a young German woman, perhaps true, as developed from various web sites and correspondence exchanged between the author and Sabrina, and the author and her jailers, over a period of 3 and ½ years. Sabrina had always had fantasies of deep confinement and total, perhaps unending imprisonments, all the while tethered by chain leashes and kept constantly in inescapable steel restraints. At age 26, she meets the man who can and does begin to fulfil her dreams, but the situation she has placed herself in soon spins completely out of her control. Sabrina’s fantasies begin to indeed come true, and now are the stuff of her worst nightmares. She finds that she HAS been imprisoned and there is NO way out. (NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

SECRET FANTASIES FULFILLED ---------------------- 85,822 Words/28June2013 ---------------------- 93.25 Pages
Alex reveals his deepest and darkest fantasy to his until now ‘vanilla’ wife, Marlene, in hopes that she will help him to achieve it. Her acceptance surprises him and she quickly assumes control of their relationship in a variety of ways that both intrigue and frighten him, adding even more to his dream world. Soon though, she progresses from being a facilitator to a full time Domme, having come to enjoy the exercise of her new found power over her husband. Within a month, Alexander has been embarked on an unwilling journey into total slavery, severe bondage and enforced chastity that he is unable to escape from.

SENTENCED TO THE SARCOPHAGUS - 27,690 Words/21Jan04 ---------------------- 31.10 Pages
She's been found guilty on a trumped up charge in a third world country and her government has washed it’s hands. Facing a certain long sentence of hard labour she opts for what she thinks is an easy way out, only to find that what she has chosen is infinitely more terrifying than just ordinary imprisonment, and too, that she will never be released from this new bondage, despite the promise of the court!

THE BALLROOM/OFFICE/NIPPLE RINGS -2,084 Words/12Oct03 --------------------- 2.50 Pages
A mixed bag of short scribblings.

THE BEACH ------------------------------ 7,846 Words/21Jan04 ------------------------ 8.50 Pages
Her unique, steel bikini and wrist, neck, and ankle bands are an eye-catchers at the beach; but their display is only the beginning of an erotic adventure that will bring her back to the sea's shore. Her evening culminates in an over-water, suspended whipping scene with an incredible impact for her and her lover. (APPEARS ON: WWW.SERIOUSBONDAGE.COM)

THE BRIDLE ------------------------------ 1,757 Words/21Jun04 ---------------------- 1.90 Pages
VainGlorious is bridled with her custom made halter and then experiences wearing a fully controlling bit for the first time; but not the last.

THE COLLAR ------------------------------- 420 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 0.50 Pages
How does she feel, being taken into a restaurant, then revealing her steel collar for all to see? What observers DON'T know is that she also wears a steel chastity belt under her fashionable dress.

THE CONTRACT: PART ONE ------------ 42,763 Words/02oct99 ---------------------- 46.00 Pages
Susan Henderson is a bored young woman looking for some spice in her life. Upon reading of an advertisement in an up-scale woman's magazine she is enticed into a world of ever-increasing, inescapable bondage, then soon held deep in the fastness of a Middle Eastern Palace. Here she learns her true place in life, discovering a world within her own mind that also cannot be escaped or evaded. ( OUT OF PRINT.  PUBLISHED ORIGINALLY BY GORD BOOKS.)



THE CONTRACT: PART TWO ----------- 89,728 Words/02Oct99 ---------------------- 98.25 Pages
Susan Henderson's voyage continues when she is inducted into the Cow Girl program. Much to her distress she soon discovers what it is like to be a domestic animal and spends a substantial length of time in this role, then is eventually freed to be taken on a shopping expedition in the real world, controlled thoroughly at all times. Next, she becomes a human equine, undergoing intense training as first a Horse Woman, then as a four legged, ridden Pony Girl, and finally, as one of the Sheik's famous Lipizanner Mares. At last she is freed of her Contract and permitted to return to the outer world, one she finds lacking the sparkle and intense sensations she had enjoyed as a captive. The story closes when she calls to renew her Contract. (OUT OF PRINT.  PUBLISHED ORIGINALLY BY GORD BOOKS. - SEE ABOVE)

The above two books have now been combined into one volume, complete with all the original illustrations, plus 10 of my own and an additional 40,000 words added, and new cover art.  It is now available from The Erotic Book Network .

THE FITTING ---------------------------- 3,486 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 3.80 Pages
Christine is fitted with her collar, cuffs, rings and a rubber helmet, then chained to their bed for the night, but she is not to be left in peace, for soon tantalizing caresses cover her body. She is kept helpless to avoid being aroused, and revels in her situation.

THE GALLERY ---------------------------- 5,719 Words/13Jun05 ---------------------- 6.20 Pages
Susan is dressed in her newest restraint ensemble by her Master, before being taken to a local art gallery for his first showing. Of course she hadn't realized that her bondage ensemble was to be quite so controlling, but as usual, there is no choice for her and she must accept what is presented to her in the way of costuming. All of the usual elements of a JG-L story are described in detail.

THE GARDEN ---------------------------- 5,197 Words/21Jun04 ------------------------ 5.50 Pages
Techno-bondage and suspended discipline in the back garden while gagged and locked into her favourite equipment.

THE HIGHEST BIDDER: PART 2 ------ 15,340 Words/17Jun05) ---------------------- 16.10 Pages
This a JG-L written part and is in progress. (ORIGINAL AUTHOR, PART ONE: Dave Potter - CONTACT: davepotter77@yahoo.co.uk - SEE: LISA Web site ) Description yet to be added

THE INHIBITOR BAR -------------------- 1,534 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 1.80 Pages
A short discourse on the history, development, options and uses of this most intimate and restricting of feminine bondage appliances.

THE MEETING ---------------------------- 1,476 Words/21Jun04 ----------------------- 1.75 Pages
She meets her 'Rein Master' at the airport, dressed conservatively on the outside, but confined within her tight corset. It's a happy reunion although she must accept an immediate sign of his possession right there at the airport. What lies ahead has her both worried and aroused.

THE SECOND OPTION --------------- - 42,532 Words/20JUL09 ----------------------- 48.0 Pages
The story takes place in the near future when many areas of science come together to create a silicon slave or Goddess, depending on what you want out of life. You are taken on a terrifying journey of what might soon be available, if you have the courage to go there. Will the glorified PDA be your slave ... or your Goddess? (NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK: CLICK ON THIS LINK)

THE TOTALLY CONTROLLED WOMAN -- 7,802 Words/02Jun05 ----------------------- 8.25 Pages
This is a sequel to BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, by HH and deals with the situation, two years later. (IN PROGRESS)

THE TREADMILL ------------------------- 5,556 Words/26Dec08 ----------------------- 6.00 Pages
Always harnessed, bridled and leashed, even while alone at home, Angela's quiet afternoon changes in a heartbeat when her Master decides it's high time she got some fresh air exercise. AN hour later, she's removed from the Hot Walker and taken to the basement exercising chamber to run on her treadmill for another period of harsh physical exertion that cannot be escaped.

THE WISH ------------------------------- 9,918 Words/02Oct99 ---------------------- 11.25 Pages
She wants a secret desire fulfilled and that wish is about to granted in spades. A rubber Discipline Suit, then public suspension and electrical discipline bring her to the very brink of her endurance; but this is only the beginning.

TOTAL CHASTITY TOY --------------- 80,704 Words/02Jun05 ----------------------- 93.0 Pages

This is the story of a man’s life-long fascination with medical body and limb braces, as well as restrictive female undergarments and increasing transvestism. His wife has no issues with his interests and eventually, when they have made their fortunes, they decide that he will pursue his interests in full measure, but only under her surprisingly severe rules. Within months, ‘Charli’ has been changed completely. All of his dreams are realized, but then too, so are many of his wife’s ... now his fully fledged Mistress. To his increasing horror he finds that what used to be his life, has spun rapidly and violently out of his control, and there’s NO going back. Strict bondage of the most intense kind, torturing e-stim and eventual full entombment in a stainless steel statue become his fate. (Story published by the Erotic Book Network (http://eroticbooknetwork.com) and is available only from them.)